Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/26/2015 – Paul Shull, Live from The Royal Oak Music Theatre

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/26/2015 – Paul Shull, Live from The Royal Oak Music Theatre

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Paul Shull, Live from The Royal Oak Music Theatre

Recorded 10-23-2015 – Release Date 10-26-2015

Production Number #1688

Show Page

Adam has a pre-recorded intro and some live reads.

Adam opens the show live from Detroit with a very enthusiastic crowd, Adam thanks the fans and welcomes Paul to the show for his ACS debut.

Adam teases some of the bits and brings up his ability to turn a positive into a negative, Adam shares how his son wanted him to say hello to a football player, Adam talks about the naiveté of a child and further comments on Adam seeing ‘Megatron’ at the airport upon arrival.


Adam talks about the rental car they were driving and the various billboards they saw about donating cars, he jokes about losing their deposit if they just left the Denali.

Adam says that naiveté also means his son thinks it’s likely he could be harmed via very unlikely means, like Adam feared the Hillside Strangler and the Night Stalker.

Adam talks about Mike August running late and looking for Dawson’s jacket that was left at Avis, Adam says it was a comment akin to a dead body in the desert, he didn’t ask follow ups.


Adam talks about Mike driving like a maniac and driving through living rooms and never getting a ticket until now.

Adam is commenting on the last time they were there and he asked about the soup of the day and was told it was the “Soup Du jour” which BB can’t believe and Adam says he can probably hear this right now.

Adam is now talking about the person who gave a brake check/tap in response to Mike flashing his high beams, Mike pulled ahead and got pulled over going 93mph.


Adam says don’t worry he’ll be paying for it, not Mike.

Adam is sharing how he was trying to tell Mike to lie about the show start time, to make it seem more urgent and Mike freely admitted to why he was pulled over for passing on the right.

Adam is saying he only does this with Detroit and parts of Mexico, predicting other airport strangers who will be flying on the same plane he is heading on.

Adam talks about the black guy in a leather baseball cap.


Adam is now asking Paul about his show, Adam interrupts him and talks about the nerd making any other term ok, Adam says he’s a rapist nerd.

Hilarious riff.

Adam is now asking Paul about the show and the coolest things they’ve done so far, Adam talks about the flame thrower detail in WWII.


Adam is talking about the dash of napalm in the flame thrower they use to extend the length of fire, Adam has a killer “I’m a burning Asians nerd” reply, gold!

Adam is now talking about carrying the fuel for your flame throwing machine strapped to your back.

Adam is talking about the Japanese being dug in and the good news/bad news for the commanders.


Adam and BB are riffing about only your flesh catching on fire, Adam is talking about the Tom Bradley international terminal for 26 years and how quickly they would lay a runway in WWII during the island hopping campaigns.

Paul has a lot of lost details of that campaign and Adam jokes about being a member of the NRA.

Adam is talking about the conversation he had with another man where he couldn’t quite figure out how he knew him, Adam was asking about the Coney Island Dog locations, the dueling restaurants a block apart.


The Audience s yelling at going nuts, Adam is sharing how he was trying to get their guy to give up the info about the two locations across the street from each other.

Adam is mocking the 1st class on his flight, he shares his rules of thumb for true 1st class, and Adam explains Delta’s policy and the 4hr and 37min flight that was just under the 5hrs rule.

Adam finally got in with one of his fancy rich guy cards, black card?


Adam is talking about getting your bowels on a schedule and he shares how he employs the courtesy flush while on the road and not able to keep up his normal schedule.

Adam shares how he felt a warm toilet seat and presumed it was heated and then realized it was a fat guy sitting on it minutes before.


Adam is talking about his idea for cameras to film celebrity assholes in public toilets, hilarious “smell the hand” comment from Adam.

Adam is now talking about the urine spill around the toilet and they have a funny “Hi Gary!” moment, Adam is telling Gary to put up the first photo and comments on the “internet being down.”

Adam is describing the family he saw in the 1st class lounge, everyone had their feet exposed and planted on the furniture.


Adam is asking what we’re doing not disciplining kids, he says kids want to do dumb annoying shit and it’s up to parents to tell their kids to knock it off.

Adam owns his kids, he’s their owner.

Adam is sharing how he then noticed “momma” had her feet up too, Adam is talking about sitting in chairs as they’re designed to be used and how it’s more comfortable than this strange sprawling move they’re all doing.


Adam is asking for a return to caning and brings up the guy who was convicted of graffiti in Singapore and caned in the 1990s.

Adam says he was happy that guy was caned and now he’s onto hotel room pillows and the log sized variety, why not a thin pillow for face sleepers.

Adam talks about bringing his own pillow on the road, he wants a lite flow day pillow and jokes about the varieties of tampons they have and has a killer reference to ‘The Shining’.


Q and Ace


1st Q Jeff from Bowling Green Ohio, Adam is getting some boos for bringing up The Buckeyes and Adam is joking about them pretending someone is upset about their name just so they can change it, make up an angle where it’s considered to be racist as it’s the name of a fictitious native American tribe you also made up.

Adam says fuck the buckeyes, a poisonous nut.


Jeff’s wife is concerned he’s become too bitter from listening to the ACS, Adam jokes about her adding a little honey before sucking his cock.

Adam is now talking about the way he only points out the negative, it’s his job to fix everything rather than enjoy things.

Adam says we have a world full of cupcake and flowers but we also have a shitty guy not taking a right on red, once he takes a right we can enjoy the cupcakes.


Adam is now asking Jeff to do an improv scene, “no I’m your wife dickhead!” and now Adam is playing his wife and trying to get Jeff to be more enthusiastic and considerate.

Adam tells Jeff his daughter has an eating disorder, Paul is chiming in and saying he would offer up some Canadian cunnilingus for her making the effort to take a trip to the ‘Trader Joe’s’ and now Adam is riffing about Paul making him jizz a little.

Adam is joking about pre-cum vs. post cum.


2nd Q John from Michigan, Adam brings up the loss last week and they go over more local sports, Adam riffs about The Spartans and speaking to one least week, “it was one of the 300 dudes, I think it was 174.”

Adam is now riffing about the tree mascot and says Colorado has the best one ever with the Buffalo, Adam is riffing about the Buffalo they take out for the games.

Adam is riffing as the Buffalo trying to tell his buddies about the experience of going to a game.


John wants to know about manscaping, Gina’s says that shaved arms are gross and Adam is now riffing about pubes that are beating your cock length, Adam says the saddest day of a man’s life is a gray pube that is longer than your cock, hilarious riff.

Adam has a “best nose job” comment and Gina has a nice “thank you” in reply.

Adam is wrapping up the segment.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the brothel where Lamar Odom had a stroke, Adam says Lamar has never had a pube longer than his cock, Adam jokes about the brothel now covered in 3x the crusty jizz.

Adam is joking about fat girls working at the brothel and how guys don’t need to go to a whorehouse to have sex with someone overweight, Gina gets quiet and asks if Adam truly doesn’t think a single guy to have sex with a voluptuous woman.

Adam jokes about fat chicks not being a mobile breed, lean out the jeep and net/dart them.


Adam is riffing about the grazing of the prostitutes waiting for a customer, Adam is now saying you rarely see whores swimming laps at the YMCA, Adam is sharing how he would encourage anorexia and bulimia to his prostitutes and enforce a strict rule regarding comped food.

Adam is joking about bringing a scale and turning it into contest.

Adam likes the street walkers because they’re on the move, lot of walking, dodging shucking and sometimes counter punching.


Adam is asking Paul if he’s right or if he’s right.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Motor City Edition

Adam is asking about the Motor City Mad Men, he brings up introducing Iggy Pop and Rage against the Machine back in the day.


2nd Story is on a study that shows fat guys make more money than skinnier men, Gina has the details and now Adam is riffing about the variety of gigs surrounding sex work.

Adam is talking about the Tai Chi in the park guy who seemingly has no job, Adam says guys who make more money eat shittier and at their desks.


3rd Story is on an orgasm inducing mushroom, Gina has the details and now Adam is talking about how to make women orgasm from Ice Cream and Cute Puppies.

Adam talks about the women who orgasm from speed bumps, Gina shares what it does to men and Gina offers to smell it on the show, she says she may have a guy.

Adam is talking about the love hate relationship humans have with Volcanoes, cockroaches and cat shit don’t get the same luxury.


4th Story is on the annual cost of drinking and hangovers, Adam is bringing up the Concorde airplane and how the great innovations of aviation came from drunks, in the Middle East they ban booze and do a lot of camel shit construction.

Adam says except for Russia a lot of great things have come countries that drink.


5th Story is on a Brooklyn restaurant that offers 30% of their restaurant if you can eat their insane menu items, Gina has the details and Adam wants to know why restaurants want to waste lots of beef and get fat guys to vomit in their restaurants.

Adam and BB are having a great back and forth riffing about this, Adam jokes about the burrito being offered and says it’s uncut.

Adam and BB riff some more and Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is now trying to get some local sports love, he can’t get any love for the Detroit Lions and he comments on Matthew Stafford having a bit of Down syndrome, Adam asks who they root for around here.

Adam says there is no place for you assholes.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam doesn’t know what a hamstring is exactly edition


Adam wraps up the news and closes out the show.