Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/26/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 185

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/26/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 185

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 10-21-2014 – Release Date 10-26-2014

Production Number #185 – Cigarettes vs Soda

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Adam opens the show to another Mangria plug and explains the reverse osmosis involved in the brandy used in the beverage.

Drew’s phone goes off and Adam mocks him for having it, Chris defends him not aware that Adam doesn’t care if Drew is a doctor or not.


1st Caller John, he wants to know about soda vs. cigarettes and how his daughter was told by her dentist that he would rather her smoke than consume soda.

Adam is now trying to figure out Drew’s mason Dixon line on cigarettes vs, soda.

Adam is now asking Drew what’s worse a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper per day or 1 cigarette, Drew is unwilling to budge towards Adam’s argument so he takes him through the ringer on it.


Adam is now asking Jon what he would prefer a fat kid or a smoker, Adam is now bringing up the various arguments and science and Drew says the concerns and claims about obesity are overblown, citing his overweight and obese elderly patients.

Adam is calling himself the sensible and honest one in the room.


2nd Caller Tara – Tie goes to the runner variant on name.

She tells Adam about asking them questions during one of their live shows, the Newport one where they were pouring large tumblers of Mangria.

Adam is aksing what goes on in life, he is explaining he invented Mangria and it didn’t formerly exist until he made it up, why not serve it the way he tells them?

Adam is now going off on the time he arrived at a venue where the bar tender was making his own variant on the Mangria, with crushed sprigs and shit.


Adam is explaining his “everybody is fucking stupid and are horrible at their jobs” and how he tells his wife and August they need to get between stupid and what they do, stop stupid before it’s too late.

Adam is now setting up something about the fake movie poster from ‘Road Hard’ and how someone went off in their own direction, Adam asks Chris and Adam why people must always interfere and get in the way of him pulling off what he’s trying to do.

Adam explains the coffee mug fuck up, rental mugs for their set instead of custom made ones for the fake show Jay Mohr was supposedly hosting in the movie.


Drew mentions “ATP” while talking about the energy Adam expended while dealing with this guy on set who fucked up the mugs, Chris must have run over to the other warehouse and grabbed both examples.

Adam is bringing up the scene from his movie called ‘Close Quarters’ and how the great artist they hired for the poster made it confusing before they digitally adjusted it.

Drew says “your poor kids” and now Adam is walking them through the two versions of the poster.


Adam brings up the “Marina” joke he loves from the script that nobody will notice and the misinterpretation of the mother character by the artist.

Adam is asking Drew why he always rounds down for everything, Adam wants to know why he miscounts down and he claims to normally exaggerate.

They’re both screaming at each other.


Adam is now asking for some actually crappy sitcom posters from real TV shows, anything from ABC, he’s now yelling at Gary to find what he was shooting for.

They’re now back to Tara, Adam is still ranting at Gary and telling him it could be 10 years old and saying that Chris could intervene, Adam brings up how he chose ‘Selfie’ as it was the most recent shitty sitcom they discussed, last week.

Gary corrects Adam that he brought it up last week, not Gary as Adam claims and he apologizes while doing his job correctly.


Tara is telling them about the research she’s doing for an assignment at her nursing school, she reads the sentence from the book.

Drew is now reacting to the wording about addiction and opiate use, Drew is educating us on why opiates are misused when it comes to long term pain management and not acute pain, Adam brings up back surgeries and how most of them seem unnecessary.

They’re going in depth on the truth behind the high prescription rates of opiates and back surgeries that might be unnecessary in some cases.


They’re now doing a live read for


3rd Caller Jim, he has to recommend a book to Drew ‘The Other Wes Moore’ and explains the premise after Adam has him clarify the title and explains what he’s learned only 50 pages in.

Adam is mocking the notion that this subject and topic is up for debate, he brings up Elizabeth Warren and other politicians, career politicians who sit around and ask “who’s in charge here” when they are in the exact position to effect the change they go on about.

Adam is arguing against retarded Huffpo and the dumb notion that focusing on the key principles of raising children is something we need to debate and figure out.


Adam is now asking for the Huffpo interview with the “school to prison pipeline” and the super condescending laugh he was met with when telling them about these simple solutions to the problems of life, they’re not complex answers.

Drew asks Adam about where he learned about these key aspects of upbringing of life, if it came from his time at Loveline or before he began working on the show.

Adam is now explaining why he won’t be reading the book and shares his luxury of attending his insane school that blended such a diverse base of students and how he observed the intact structures of all of their Jewish peers unlike his core buddies and all of their broken homes.


They’re now playing the bullish Huffpo clip where Adam destroys the sing songy cunt with perfect logic instead of buzzwords, excuses and condescending racism.

Adam addresses her “not for my kids” hypocrisy when the issue is truly pressed, Adam is bringing up her question about the drug war and how inappropriate it was and clearly a flailing attempt to corner him.

Adam wants to know how hard she was fighting him and Drew says very hard.


4th Caller Jackie, Adam interrupts him and takes it back to the clip and the lack of answers provided by many of the talking points and people who express them on the left.

Jackie is telling them about his scrotal deformation and draining procedure, Drew is telling him not to drain it himself and he claims to listen to Adam.

Drew explains what this is and tells him to get the surgery, Adam is now joking about the “cock and balls” pipeline and mocking the reporter from Huffington Post some more.

Adam asks if she knows what she’s saying and how his solution is the only one to interrupt her hypothetical and somewhat fictional pipeline.


Adam says the problem with college is it makes people think they’re smart and gives them the illusion they can win arguments.

Drew’s old quote “College teaches you how to think” should have a “… like an asshole” following it.

Adam wraps up the show with Drew.