Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/25/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 284

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/25/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 284

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Diora Baird

Recorded 10-15-2015 – Release Date 10-25-2015

Production Number #284 – Diora Baird

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Adam opens the second hour with Diora in studio, Adam gets her name correct and Adam compliments her work in ‘Wedding Crashers’ and talks about how comedies like that are underrated and don’t get the awards love despite people in showbiz acknowledging the greater difficulty of comedy compared to drama.

Diora is talking about her new show that Dr. Drew knows all about, he just accidentally “outed” a relationship between Mike Carano and one of Diora’s costars, Mike just refers to her as a “friend” and has never discussed it on air for various reasons, with one sentence Drew destroys that, oops.

Drew is talking about seeing Mike’s gf splattered on the main page of Hulu, Drew has seen the first few episodes and Adam has Diora adjust her mic.


Drew is breaking down the plot of the show, Adam says god bless Hulu and says they’re doing what the Japanese car manufacturers did to the failing and crappy American companies.

Diora is telling them about getting paid for film and TV work, Adam talks about the bygone era of marginal radio talents making way above their market rate.

Adam says this is the true free market and some people will get rich and some people will be making half what they made in 2005.


Adam has a killer point about Suzanne Somers and her contract demands on ‘Three’s Company’ and how time didn’t show her to be a great thespian, he says he likes her and she is successful but today someone wouldn’t even get work if they made demands like that.

Diora is telling them about a series pilot she did called ‘Cocked’ and explains how the voting system works for these online distribution models, from Amazon to Hulu.

Adam is trying to recall Jay Chandrasekhar, Gary mentions Bryan Cranston who was doing something similar, but I think Adam was thinking of ACS #1408 where they really got in depth on how this all works.

Bryan did discuss a similar thing on ACS #1636 so it could be that episode but Gary is uncertain as well, Adam is trying to convince him.


Drew is doing an Onnit Live Read

Drew promises to do Rogan’s podcast

Adam says we need to get the Indians back on the Buffalo, they’ve lost the buffalo way

You can’t go from the Buffalo to the Buffet – Adam


Drew is telling them about a Loveline caller and mentions a tribal name, Adam is joking about having no idea about the vast amount of tribes of Native Americans.

Drew is asking about the character in the show who has a very expensive house, Drew tells them about a patient who told him she gets married for work/money.

Adam is talking about the 50/50 divorce policy in California, Drew is arguing the counter point.

Adam says if you hate the guy for taking a woman’s money in that scenario you have to hate the woman too, Diora agrees with a point about actual equality and feminism.


Adam is talking about putting a realistic baseline number for child support, Drew the narrator of ‘Divorce Corp.’ is now suddenly arguing against himself and Adam, see ADS #108.

Adam and Drew apologize for having a fight in front of their guest, she says she loves it, awesome!

Adam is now talking about setting minimums and caps for child support, they’re talking about the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce.


Adam says none of us know a person raised on 34k per month, Adam is asking Diora where she grew up and she talks about the strange artificial reality of Los Angeles and Drew talks about his million dollar education that he appreciates.

Adam says his kids will be going to college remotely from a dungeon, Adam talks about being as homespun genius and education not being some people’s path.

Adam talks about his kids being fine once they get through school, Adam has a great point about his potential as a singer songwriter, and he could be at best a c- minus at an open mic.


Drew would be at best a poor to midland mechanical engineer and maybe it’s not the best use of his talents to waste his time going after being average when he can excel as he does now.


Drew talks about the insane academic backgrounds of many people, Adam jokes about the “no duh” nature of that statement and Drew’s surprise.

Adam talks about going to Space X.


1st Caller Dave, his girlfriend wants to be friends after she just broke up with him.

He wants to know his best course, Adam predicts he has 5 women in his past and Adam talks about women always having that option to have someone back in their life.

Diora is very honest and giving her take, Dave explains his confusion and Drew has a hardline bit of advice for 6 months no contact.


Adam talks about women liking attention they don’t want to follow through on, consummate.

Adam talks about what he would do if he was a hot young woman, if he has opportunities to avoid lames parts of life and have fun because of his beauty and how attractive he was to the opposite sex.

Adam talks about installing closets in women’s houses that had no interest in him and how that will only lead to you washing their car.


Drew talks about the modern dude who ends up stalking his ex after his first major relationships, Drew is asking Diora about her single years and if she had this dating app technology.

Adam predicts David Spade was one of the guys who contacted her publicist for a date, Drew is asking her some follow ups.

Diora talks about the Cosby thing and says it’s common, Adam is trying to figure out if drugging is just Cosby’s game, and she brings up Polanski.


Diora has some great points about Cosby and Adam brings up the Hollywood pass that Polanski gets, re: Academy Awards.

Diora has some wisdom about Cosby in comparison to the Polanski case.

Adam is telling her to hold up on her own story of attempted sexual grooming from a Hollywood type.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock


Diora is now not using any names thanks to Dr. Drew, Adam is bummed out.

Diora is sharing a true story it’s not BS, though it might be about a B.S.

Diora says she was 17 and this guy was grooming her, he gave her a contract offer and talks about his open marriage. This same guy was discussed on Riki Lindholme’s ‘Making It’ podcast, I think Dr. Drew’s cohost on Loveline’s wife was also made the same offer.


Diora talks about filming a ‘Man Show’ bit and mentions Jimmy Kimmel, then she says “producer writer” as saying Jimmy further gives away the identity of the guy Dr. Drew greatly respects.

Diora is so honest about what happened and how the guy lingered in her life, she was bad with boundaries and she says that happened to a lot of the young women she knew.

She’s shocked that they’re so shocked by this reality.


Diora has a story about meeting a guy who drove the tractor in an ‘Aerosmith’ video.

Adam asks why culture and nature should be asked to change so greatly in such a short amount of time, Adam brings up the fact of powerful men always taking advantage of power dynamics.

Diora has a story of working at a restaurant and Adam says this only confirms his theory, Adam talks about the slight evolution since the ‘Mad Men’ era where Adam would be smoking while beating his wife.

Drew wants to think society is beyond this already.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Zip Recruiter


Diora asks Drew about his schedule.


Dr. Drew is doing a Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.

Diora was a very solid guest, she had a lot to say and had very unique takes on the issues brought up, I hope she comes back on and does the ACS too.