Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/24/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 694

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/24/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 694

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-18-2017 – Release Date 10-24-2017

Production Number #694 – Dumb Mike

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, Drew plugs his recent Dr. Drew podcast with Rob Corddry which is fantastic!

Adam is now sharing his thoughts about the names that will be popping up in the wake of this Harvey Weinstein stuff, Drew quotes Harvey saying they needed him around to fight the NRA as a last-ditch effort to barter for more time and yet another chance.

Drew critiques that hubris and hypocrisy and Adam mention up Bill Maher, he talks about the right and the left and how people on the right get called dumb but people on the left aren’t called dumb, they pain their opposite as buffoons and Adam cites Ben Carson.


Adam is bringing up Chevy Chase mocking Gerald Ford on SNL and using a single moment where he slipped to paint the president as clumsy idiot.

Adam is predicting that lots of left leaning celebrities and men will be accused of sexual harassment and assault on a greater level than the Blue-Collar Comedy guys.

Drew is now calling for Led Zeppelin to be locked up for how they abused women in the 1970’s.


Adam is now talking about the high five conversations throughout history, boning groupies and getting them to do crazy stuff was high five material a short time ago.

Adam is now talking about rock and roll and how someone can simultaneously do things that can classify you as a predator and pedophile that might also earn them a high five in celebration.

Drew says Hugh Hefner even was questioned upon his demise, his legacy and if he was a friend to progress and feminism or if he was simply exploiting women.


Adam says Hugh Hefner was to pussy what Snoop Dogg is to pot, an ambassador.

Drew has a killer secondhand self-satisfied sniff and Adam makes a great point about this being hardwired into society and Drew asks if Adam’s buddy Chris was a predator himself.

Adam is calling for a distinction of consensual sex, Adam draws the line at consent and he argues for why that’s different, guys getting pussy is a different thing.


Adam is now talking about women as the gate keeper and the power and control they have and wield that’s not discussed, women make a decision to engage or not.

Women play offense more than defense and make the decisions, Adam says the girls were always deciding who they slept with and when, Drew says maybe the issue is men thinking they can affect or change that “negotiation” and convince a woman to reconsider.

Drew asks if Adam has seen the video of Ben Affleck groping a host, he doesn’t indicate which footage he saw, one of the incidents was a bit and was planned by the host, the other was quite different.


Adam is now talking about his inability to lie and how he could have been swayed into doing things he didn’t want, when parents break you like they did Adam you lost the ability to say no and assert yourself.

Adam tells Drew about getting crappy Chinese food with Dumb Mike at the Golden Chopstick, Adam mocks Mike’s thinking as he wanted to try and talk to the chick.

Adam told him they should just eat and move on, not bug the woman. Mike then replied “more pussy for me” unaware of how he looked and his standing in life.


LifeLockThieves are lazy, Adam struggles with the word proprietary Edition


Adam is bringing up the morphine that was given to Sonny and they both recall the bygone era of not giving narcotics nor medications to kids if possible.


1st Caller Chris, he’s calling about ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ by Frank Zappa.

Chris tells Adam it’s warm festering shit posing as music, Adam laments Lou Reed and Frank Zappa being exalted as great artists.

Adam wants to get it, he can’t see how or why Lou is considered talented, he says this is why humans love sports as there are no people playing professionally who haven’t earned their spot.


Chris tells them about his CV and how it promises he will do “your best” as Drew and Chris explain what a CV is to Adam.


Chris wants to know Adam’s take on Andy Kaufman and his comedy, which Chris compares to what Frank Zappa does.

Adam says he feels like it’s interesting and unique, he doesn’t think Andy could bust out a solid 10min of straight standup so he found a workaround.


Chris recommends a Ben Folds song titled ‘Mess’ and they move on.


SimpliSafeHome and family is protected 24/7 Edition


Adam is now ranting about Lou Reed sitting in on your song, it only makes things worse.

Adam is lamenting people who argue for Lou Reed and his supposed talent that Adam can’t identify, Adam says Lou is everything that is wrong and he wants to know why we must anoint everybody.


Adam is now giving out the closing plugs and he wraps up the show.