Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2015 – Brian Vander Ark and Jeff Abraham

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2015 – Brian Vander Ark and Jeff Abraham

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brian Vander Ark and Jeff Abraham

Recorded 10-22-2015 – Release Date 10-23-2015

Production Number #1687

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Adam opens the show thanking the fans for sharing the show and spreading the word, BB plays Adam’s “Yay” as today’s #TopDrop.

Jeff is joining them for his 3rd appearance and Adam is talking about having someone come by to give him an estimate on remodeling his new kitchen, Adam is too tired to do what he normally does.

Adam says it would like him being too tired to be blown, BB talks about Adam coming over to his house and giving him some tips on remodeling.


Adam is bringing up ‘The Verve Pipe’ and how Kevin Weatherly the Programming Director King proclaimed them the future of music.

Now they’re listening to ‘The Freshman’ their biggest hit, Adam is recalling their other single ‘Photograph’ that was also played on their Classic Loveline visit.

Adam talks about going out to dinner with the band before one of their appearances,

Classic Loveline #358 – The Verve Pipe 02-11-1997

They returned to CLL in 1999 and may have also done the MTV show at least once.


Adam wants to talk penises and he brings up Jay Leno telling him about his Newman Race Car, Adam is explaining how his car sits on a jig and is rock solid in place, Adam says there is an old timer named Darrel working on it full time.

Adam needed to get some bent metal and sheet metal, Jay Leno told Adam he doesn’t need to use a shop, and he can use his.

Adam compliments Jay Leno’s Garage, his new series.

Adam talks about watching Jay and Tim Allen race, Adam is now talking about the unnecessary censorship in television, this was on cable TV and they blurred Jay’s gesture in response to Tim’s trash talking.


Adam is watching the clip with the gang and jokes about them tiling out air, two middle aged men on cable making shapes in air has to be blurred out.

Adam explains how his use of “Bejesus” was bleeped on Jimmy Kimmel Live and promises to track down all of his old appearances and get them digitized and archived, finally!


Adam is talking about the mall and the allure of bad food, Adam says people know their sizes and does a live read.

Adam is doing a Jack Threads Live Read


Adam talks about his buddy Chris working at ‘Snacks Fifth Avenue’ and how far he would go for free food, he talks about his buddy chick who worked at TGIFriday’s and he’s going in depth on the time Chris ripped him off root beer and cookies.

Adam talks about Chris brewing on him from the front seat, Adam is now explaining how Chris invented ‘The Art of Brewing’ and he explains how he could reach the high school bathroom ceiling.

Adam says his dad’s VW rabbit was entirely filled with root beer and piss, he says the only good move the Carolla’s ever moved was buying a car with vinyl seats and rubber mats, Adam was able to hose the car down completely.


Gina only wants to hear these stories and Adam promises a new pee story every day, Adam jokes about sticking to fecal matter and semen.

Gary brings up the story of when Ray put his dick in his mom friend Cathy’s ear while she was on the phone, Adam is now asking them about the madness of this, he says people’s reactions are so off guard they can’t react immediately.

Adam brings up the chick who yelled at him for farting on her head “I don’t know you that well” and how it would be ok if she did?


Promescent Caller Tom, he’s telling the gang about the product and how it works for his PE issues, he’s very stilted in his responses.

Adam is now talking to another Promescent Caller, Don.

They’re asking him how the product is working for him, he’s been using it for 3 years.


Adam is insisting he doesn’t have PE issues, Adam says it’s his sympathetic nervous system to blame and gives an example.

People like to mock Adam for bringing this up but his nature coupled with the Thoracic Endoscopic Sympathectomy from 2004 does have reported affect and emotional side effects, Drew even quizzed Adam about it afterwards.


Adam is talking about the product and how it just works, he asks people to leave some honest reviews.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Ray, he’s not there, they get John instead and then Mike.

Mike asks about Adam’s “I know everything because I know nothing” rule for his own internal wisdom, Adam is talking about old being an insult and brings up True Religion jeans.

Gary corrects him for getting the name incorrect, Adam is saying fuck you to everyone from the rich old people, BB reveals he’s once again taking an improv class to buff up his chops.


BB has an anecdote about how his young classmates view older rich people.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


Adam wraps up with Jeff and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Brian Vander Ark making his ACS debut, he was on CLL twice and the MTV show once as well if I recall correctly.

They play some new music from ‘The Verve Pipe’ and Gary jumps in with an assist for a Mangria plug, Adam talks about last seeing him nearly 20 years ago, more like 16.

Adam recalls a party they attended where Brian’s brother was hitting on Lauren Holly, Adam is now talking about the bygone era of Tower Records and the music industry of the 1990’s.


Adam is talking about Doug Deluca showing him 2000’ish collection of 1500 mp3s, Adam jokes about music existing outside of turning parts, unware of the spinning hard drive in Doug’s computer.

Adam is talking about the new music and how they’re releasing a single every couple weeks, Brian is sharing what happened to the band after their first album’s huge success.


Brian talks about his expectations for the sales of the album and what a ridiculous failures he views it as, Adam is now talking about the ‘Road Hard’ idea of being back on the road making 15k per gig, taking a step backwards.

Adam talks about Brian achieving 99.9% of life’s highest levels of success and happiness and the part that is the rub is taking the step back despite having already done so much.

Adam and Brian are talking about backyard gigs and Adam jokes about not having jokes for BBQ or dinner bookings.


Adam is telling Brian about live podcasts vs. standup gigs.

Adam is explaining that his son was listening to some ‘Pearl Jam’ last night and he explains he has been feeding his son good music and tells him about playing at The Moore Theater and they further riff about the step backwards.

Adam talks about a memory of his late buddy Phillip the Juggler and how he was bummed about never making it in Hollywood yet still having great success.


Brian talks about how self-import his band was and how large their egos were.

Brian says the “one hit wonder” label was their ultimate fear, Brian wishes he enjoyed the time he had instead of spending all that time worrying about a follow up.

BB brings up the ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ mix-up they have with the band the Verve and Brian says it’s not even a joke, some people just confuse the two and he totally gets it.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the new “pass through” charge for water customers in Los Angeles due to all of the unsold water they have reserved, they did too good with the drought conservation.

Adam is bringing up the recent episode of Reasonable Doubt where he and Mark Geragos discussed his new 1 Billion dollar lawsuit against the LAUSD, Gina has lots of details

Adam is now riffing about digging his own well and getting his own water and how the department of water and power would tax him for it too.

Adam talks about the 56 million dollar slush fund they’re hiding from tax payers, Adam is talking about the people we employee turning into criminals robbing us.

Adam shares his J Lo’s security beating J Lo analogy for the cops and government employees and how they treat us, showcasing how absurd it would be if she were to pay to be assaulted.


2nd Story is on a Donald Trump stop on Iowa where he talked about immigration, Adam jokes about Trump being like the shitty ne’er-do-well older brother Kurt to Joe Biden and his crazy hair, in a world with Trump and his stylish do Biden can never be has harshly judged as he would be in a world sans The Donald.

Gina plays the clip.

Gina jokes about Trump’s speechwriter and Adam is now riffing about his use of loser and classy, Adam talks about living in a world where every Kardashian is a millionaire.

Adam brings up Honey Boo Boo and actors becoming politicians, he’s making a point about the strange world we live in where Trump could possibly become president.


Gina brings up Kanye West and his presidential ambitions along with Lindsay Lohan’s bandwagon idea to runs in 2020.

Adam is further riffing about career politicians.


3rd Story Is on Kim Kardashian’s dumb birthday party, Gina has all of the details and Adam jokes about her only knowing “Hand Jobs” after they learn they were watch the movie ‘Steve Jobs’ and Adam jokes about how great it would have been if the projectionist had rolled the Ray Jay Sex tape and then lit the theater on fire like the ending of ‘Inglorious Basterds’.

Adam is crushing this hilarious riff, holy shit this might be Ace Awards 2015 material.


4th Story is on the highest grossing comedians of the year, Gina reads the list and Adam talks about the hilarious Russell Peters and his monumental success and super low profile, how he can go many place and not be bothered despite being on this list.


5th Story is on Sting and Ed Sheeran performing at a benefit for fighting racial discrimination, Adam riffs about Ed Sheeran experiencing stereotyping and decimation in his life.


6th Story is on the Rosie O’Donnell divorce settlement, Adam interrupts to riff about Bruce Springsteen tweaking his lyrics for this type of benefit, closing down pineapple soda factories and the price of a pack of kools, hilarious Bruce Springsteen riff and impression from Adam.

Adam asks how you could marry Rosie and not know you would be getting divorced, Adam is asking about the settlement.

Gina mentions her 17yr old daughter who left home and calls her mother a phony, Adam is saying we’re not getting so different anymore and comments on the shoeless passengers he’s tweeted photos of, all genders, races and creeds.


Adam is sharing the pictures with them and he jokes about the lack of fabric in American mass transit and how this photo must be from the UK.

Adam is talking about the pattern of the seats, like carpet at a strip club.

Adam is talking about the woman in the photo they’re looking at, Gina shares her only conceivable reason, Adam comments on the people who have no awareness or worse don’t care about people staring at them like this “cunt hag.”


Adam and BB do a Live Read for Draft Kings


Adam is talking about the gas saving feature in his car where the car shuts off at stoplights, Adam says the car shut off and his car stalled and the 4 seconds sent him into full panic mode, he was apologizing and saying sorry the whole time.


7th Story is on the “Cool Clock Ahmed’ kid’s family moving to Qatar, Gina shares the news about his hashtag and the reality of his father the alleged media manipulator.

Adam talks about kids being kicked out of school for everything today, we’re equal opportunity fuck nuts.

Adam and Brian joke about the various comedic T-shirts of their youth, ‘Fly United’ with two ducks fucking and his ‘Tijuana Pussy Posse’ shirt.


Adam has a few more and Gina shares her favorite, they’re looking at some photos of the shirts Adam is describing, these shirts were delightful to the days of young Adam and Brian.

Adam asks what happened in the school department, we’re so progressive you can have a 3rd gender but you can’t have a shirt in support of the marines nor a comedy shirt like he described.

Gina brings up a story of a kid being kicked out of school for making finger guns and the wrap the news to Gina quoting the shirt she likes.


Adam is giving out the plugs and gets in a dig about Brian vs. Bryan spelling aimed at BB, hilarious episode and great booking.

I’ve been waiting to hear him back on air with Adam for 16 years, nice to finally have that happen and I hope he comes on again.

Another very solid week of shows, at least equal to the last week of very strong episodes.