Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 184

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 184

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 10-21-2014 – Release Date 10-23-2014

Production Number #184 – Air-istotle

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Adam cracks Drew up with a “gotta be honest with you, Drew’s a big shot” intro, Drew wants to know if Adam ever gets to spend time while on tour, especially in Seattle, my dream!

Drew is now giving Adam his intense schedule between Portland and Seattle, Adam likes the drive and tells Drew about the 4 shows, two signings and how in theory he could hang out on Sunday, he gets interrupted and praises the drive between Spokane and Seattle along the Columbia River.

Adam is explaining how he was able to work on the book during the drive, Adam is bringing up Spike TV and how they approached him for some network event, team building or some such thing.


Drew mixes up Skip Bedell’s name with Spike, Drew mentions his NYC apartment and how Drew could stay there if he just asked when it’s available, why not.

Adam is now giving his take on travelling to NYC for one event, 3,000 miles to eat breakfast.

Adam demanded a 1st class ticket on a real fucking airline and gives his “real definition” of the type of 1st class he wants.


Adam is differentiating 1st class on some carries vs. real carries, he’s bringing up modified Airbus A-319’s and A-320’s along with 737’s, Drew guesses lie flat seats, Adam says you have to turn left, not right, that’s the rule.

Adam mocks Drew for disagreeing, Drew says that is not often that great, Drew recommends American and the A-321 and 1st class pod, Adam references Gary jacking off in pods.

As Discussed in ACS #1437 and Adam is clarifying his lesser criteria than Drew is harping on, Adam is telling Drew he’s been in those pods and lie flat seats, he is talking about the regular 1st class.


They’re now screaming at each other, Adam says “listen dickhead” and now Adam is demanding Matt come in the studio, he does find out he is flying American to JFK.

Drew says they can fight about anything, Adam calls him dickhead 3 or 4 times now, gold!

Adam is now lamenting passenger shitting up 1st class hubris among coach passengers and how the velvet rope doesn’t work nor the magnetic curtain, he describes the casual move the coach passenger uses, as if it’s not meant for them, akin to security


Adam is arguing the wiring, the left leaning wiring of “why do you get to!?” and how the erosion of society is happening before our eyes.

Adam is now asking why its Dr. Drew’s fault that this person gets to override the rules, Adam says that Drew and the other 1st class passengers need to tell the flight attendant to do their jobs.

Adam is now working a deep “bears coming into town” analogy for these passengers, after extrapolating his metaphor into all aspects of our modern society.


Adam is citing his 7am “roll out” time for showing up at work on the construction site, Drew is saying that we all need a “Mike” Adam’s drug addled Vietnam vet foreman.

Adam is making a lot of sense, nice use of “quiet!” mid-rant, he’s getting very quick with that.

Adam has a killer draught metaphor he’s working in addition to the bears and park ranger one he just knocked out of the park, you don’t blame the bears.

Adam is saying people are going to do whatever they desire and are driven to do until forces come down and guide their behavior.

Drew is now breaking down the “I’m a fool if I don’t” line of thinking Adam brought up about the people in line who don’t immediately use the wrong bathroom until they see enough other people do it.

Adam says that’s character, it has nothing to do with what you can get away with, Drew mentions Aristotle and Adam suggests it as a new airline Air-Istotle and they’re now riffing, Adam can’t speak in Greek and they have a rare “do-over” and now Drew is finishing the quote from Aristotle.


Adam is now bringing up his theory on hairspray and women’s use of hydrocarbons, Drew reminds people they dissolve the frontal lobe of the brain, very dangerous.

Adam wants to know why leaf blowers and Aqua net are ok but second hand smoke isn’t, Adam is sharing the “doesn’t move the needle” explanation he was given from Sonny about why he wasn’t participcating in “Crazy Hair Day” and Adam is describing how insanely pragmatic he is due to growing up around Adam.

Adam is asking if that’s pure parenting, he thinks it’s more his wiring and breaks down Sonny’s feelings about the day, Adam says it’s wiring but of course it’s parenting, Adam is now breaking down how he’s been looking forward to being captive on the plane so he can get shit done.


Drew shares his childhood fantasy about being able to travel with his home shrunken down and able to be squirted back out of a gun wherever he arrived.

Adam is explaining he has a couple audiobooks he wants to catch up on and some other things he has to get done that he can’t do when he’s home.

Adam said 6 hours on a flight is a mini version of his “6 months in prison to really get shit done” fantasy about a short stint in a white collar minimum security facility, Chris has a funny “taking meetings” one liner as Adam jokes about the networking going on behind those imitation bars.


Adam is doing a live read for



1st Caller Matthew thanks them for Loveline and is telling them about his addiction to Marijuana and the boys immediately jump into mocking the marijuana addiction deniers.

Drew thinks his symptoms sound more alcohol related and asks him if he’s less able to get high from the pot, he says yes absolutely and Drew explains how people always lose their ability to get the euphoria from the drug eventually with habitual use.

Drew says it sounds like the pot now, Adam is arguing for moderation and Drew is going in-depth on his changing take on that form of treatment and Adam is once again reminding him that he was pitching these ideas years before any programs existed.

They’re really going in depth with Matthew and he wants to know how come off the Xanax he’s been using to handle the side effects of his weed and booze use.


2nd Caller Alissa, Drew is explaining why he her name and how a double consonant changes the sound of the pronunciation.

Adam is joking about passive aggressive cunts who spell their names like hers but pronounce it the other way.

She has severe anxiety and wants to cut all substances out without starting a prescription drug, Drew brings up how the therapy helped him get over his anxiety.


Alissa is now sharing her abuse history and they are peeling her onion, Adam cites Drew’s more chick than dude persona and Chris also mocks him off mic, Drew orders them both to shut up.

Adam is now arguing about feelings vs. fact and how his sister would report on their father in court, Adam has a hilarious example of this and Adam is now asking her what the parents actually did.

Adam has an epic use of “yeah but still” and jokes about Gary jacking off in his 1st class Emirates Pod, gold!


Adam and Drew are telling her about her mother and her most likely abuse in the same fashion, they are breaking it down for her and telling her to not let her off the hook but she’s probably also a victim of similar abuse.

They tell her that Therapy is her key to serenity and Adam tells her to go to work, Drew says it’s like someone broke your legs and you refuse to go to physical rehab.

Adam has a bottle of “Aqua net” and he’s trying to light it on fire, he mocks the “no stabbing it with a knife” warning on the can, Adam says his wife has the old school shit and screams “point made!” while explaining the other type of spray.


Adam asks about e-Cigarettes vs. hairspray, Drew brings up the new strategy of accusing nicotine of being unhealthy, Drew is sharing the science from both sides and Adam plugs the re-release of Mangria.

Adam is wrapping up the show.