Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2014 – Camilla Luddington

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/23/2014 – Camilla Luddington

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Camilla Luddington

Recorded 10-20-2014 – Release Date 10-23-2014

Production Number #1437

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Adam is opening the show to a ‘Gypsy Queen of New Orleans’ intro from Dawson, Adam reacts to the latest #TopDrop request of Dawson doing the ‘Lump’ humor from last week.

Adam is welcoming Camilla to the show and complimenting the music used on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ he’s now asking her about her upbringing and her fandom of ‘Windy City Heat’ she shares what she loves about it.

Adam asks BB and Alison about it and they’ve both seen it, Camilla didn’t know that Adam was part of it and he’s now explaining how he did, Adam jokes about everyone imaging that Adam played the piano.


Adam says it would be the opposite for him, instead of wanting him to and having to encourage him to play one song at the party, you would have to hide it as he would never stop playing even 28 songs into the evening.

She’s sharing how much of a fan she is and how deep her fandom goes, Adam is sharing the weird element of having to be flexible while making it, because they didn’t know how he was going to react.

Adam is now explaining the multiple year sting/ruse going on between Perry Caravello and Jimmy’s pals, Alison wants to know if it’s appropriate to feel sorry for him, Adam says not if you knew him and this was the only way he would ever be in a feature film.


Camilla wants to know if he knows that it’s fake, Adam says when you’re a little bit off, it’s like being 9 years old and talking about Santa, hilarious explanation.

Adam is now bringing up air travel and plane crash humor, how adults don’t fuck around with certain things and the in between zone we are often operating in, that he seems to live in.

Camilla says she saw him and met him while exiting a ‘Bank of America’ he was sporting a ‘Windy city Heat’ shirt and Adam jokes about his leather fanny pack.


Adam jokes about the “Black Leather Fanny Pack” gift party and the hilarious fake reactions, man I wish I could see these.

Alison says this should be a whole series, I wonder if she is aware of the ‘Big 3’ podcast formerly of Carolla Digital that was basically the audio version of this exact thing.

Camilla is sharing her knowledge of the royal family and her work in a movie, Adam is joking about the Japanese and how they go off and when they do, they go big.

He’s contrasting and comparing that to the huge discrepancy and range among the British people, he is joking about their culture of digging through Kate Middleton’s garbage looking for a maxipad in contrast to their traditional uptight perception.


Adam shares the picture his stripper ex-girlfriend brought it to her strip club and her cheeky sense of humor, explaining the concept of cheeky to Alison and BB.

BB compares Camilla’s looks to some other actresses.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.


Just Me or Everyone?

1st JMOE – From JMOE’s and BOBO’s angered by people who waive you on t a 4 way stop, Adam describes his real life scene straight out of the show ‘Portlandia’ and describes crossing the shaft/long part of the T to his old home.

Adam describes the Mexican standoff of the tards, Lynette was immediately on board and Adam finishes the story and how Lynette was right, he was compelled to drive first.

Camilla has some great reactions to the “arms race” between Adam and the man he was defying, Alison remembers the story and thinks he was a hipster type, BB asks why Adam didn’t use his patented finger point move, Adam jokes about licking his finger and penetrating the other driver’s asshole, gold!


Adam is now explaining how it didn’t trigger his finger and point early enough in the encounter, Adam says it works better on women than it does on hipster dudes, solid Asian women joke.


2nd JMOE – Ketchup ruins dishes and makes it all taste like ketchup.

Adam is bringing up Jeff Fox who likes to smother his cheesesteak in ketchup and Adam jokes about “everyone’s retarded in Philadelphia.

Alison reveals that Matt Fondiler is a ketchup traitor and Adam wants to know who in the studio likes ketchup on their hotdogs.


Alison can’t get behind sauerkraut and Adam has a killer “as a Jew? Oh wait” that somehow happens as BB plays the reveal/revelations sound drop, its flawless blending of what both guys do.

Camilla is standing up for ketchup on her tube meat food options, Alison is joking about it with Adam and he’s further quizzing them, Alison says she likes both, and dips separately Camilla likes them at the same bite.

Caelan likes ketchup, mustard and relish, Adam allows it and Dawson jokes about a hotdog research trip to follow up the coffee situation from the episode recorded immediately before this one.


Camilla likes ketchup on steak and BB likes mustard on his French fries, he plays the sound effect a moment too late but makes it even funnier with his “hold on” request.

Alison is really participating and is sharing her take on eggs with too much ketchup looking like the mashed up sludge of two kinds of ice cream, Adam says you could never mix those ones she’s referencing from high school, they were too frozen.


3rd JMOE – Ray Morgan says his body does an Axl Rose swaying hip dance in response.

Camilla is requesting an example, they suggest Dawson can do it and he might be doing it for them right now, they react and Adam says they don’t need videos of it as they watch one.

Adam describes the piss shivers and explaining them to Alison and Camilla, BB says he’s a mid-shift pisser and Adam jokes about Caelan’s range in response to his info.

Adam has a funny pussy joke and they wrap the segment.


Adam is doing a Lifelock live read with Alison of course.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Raul, he spotted some Vagisil in the bathroom of a gal he’s dating and wants to know if she could keep pursuing it, should he ask her.

Adam has a killer joke about it tasting better on a cheesesteak than Jeff’s ketchup and Raul has crud unfunny joke.

Adam is sharing how he brushed his teeth with Vagisil, Alison is now looking it up and explaining what it’s for, Camilla is reacting and Alison says the bottle is better than the tube, it’s a body wash.


Adam asks him about what he does and Alison reads about the other possible odor control actions this wash could have, Adam is now asking about the pumpkin spice tampons.

Adam shares his reluctance to share it as he suspected it as made up and Alison says “tampons don’t come in any scent other than disgusting.”


2nd Caller Pete, he says that every since Alison shared the DAG dream he’s wanted to be cuckolded by his wife, Alison says her dream wasn’t about that and Adam explains who DAG is to Camilla.

He wants to know if he needs therapy, Adam says it’s a bonus question and BB plays a series of DAG drops, Adam explains that his time on Loveline allows him to spot a bogus call a mile away and how there are never any real questions.

BB calls them early humblebrags, not sure that’s accurate, Adam passes over it and Alison is silent, she must know if it does or doesn’t qualify truly, I can’t remember the rule.

BB does another lap to hammer home his humblebrag misstep.


Alison is asking about the real world interest in cuckold fantasies, Adam is going super in depth on where that comes from and the spectrum from idea to action.

Alison reveals it was her first boyfriend that asked if she ever slept with a black man, she had brought up that question and the thinking of guys who ask it on this show and on her show, but never revealed that to my recollection.

Adam is sharing the intimacy component that plays into this and Alison shares a 3rd hand anecdote about a couple who arranged such a scenario over Craigslist.


Adam is really going in depth on human intimacy and how issues can sabotage even the greatest relationship, Adam is giving a stolen car analogy that’s also pretty solid.


Alison’s News

Adam is doing a Live Read.

1st Story Is on the absence of any platinum selling single artists or bands in 2014, Adam is now asking about Lorde and her reluctant to performing.

Adam compares her to Kristin Stewart, Adam says he would never want to sleep with her due to that disinterested affect and look she always have.

Alison asks if she’s possibly misinterpreted and BB is reeling from the news that Adam finds Kristin attractive, Adam says she has a very pretty face and finds her very attractive.


“She looks uncomfortable everywhere” – Adam on Kristin Stewart

BB defends Adam’s take, saying she was disheveled and angry on a recent awards show appearance, Adam jokes about her being never let out of the panic room.

Camilla is in defense of Kristin looking upset in tabloid shots taken by paparazzi, she asks Adam about his experience with it and how he chose a different sushi restaurant location to avoid the photographers.

A Tale of Two Katsuyas


BB has a perfectly times “flap steak fuck you” Teddy Pendergrass drop from DAG, Adam reveals how the paparazzi get the flight manifest.

Adam explains how the fans knew he was arriving in Minneapolis and Adam explains these guys are having Adam sign stuff to sell online, Adam has talked to Jimmy Kimmel about this many times, he’s explaining how it happens.


2nd Story is on the return of Bethenny Frankel returning to ‘The Real Housewives of New York’ and Adam asks about women you just want to tag and monitor as they age, keeping up our supply of crazy old people.

Adam explains the “We Don’t want Sheila coming” structure of that reality show to Camilla, Alison and BB are sharing their take on the show and Camilla reveals she knows the show well, she’s going in depth and explaining the differences between the locations and variants of the show.


3rd Story is on a survey about the amount of people who have claimed to have sex inside of an airport, not the airplane.

Alison can’t think of a less sexy location and Adam is now explaining that someone coined ‘Mile High Club’ and now people feel compelled to keep the idea despite its real world creepiness.

BB reveals some masturbation info, Gary is more than forthcoming and hilarious somehow while doing it completely deadpan without hesitation.

Alison and Camilla are surprised how many people have beat off on planes and in the bathroom before a flight, nice reactions from A-Rose!


Camilla is horrified but demanding more information, Adam says he’s never beat off in a plane and Gary tells them about beating off in a 1st class pod, holy shit!

Adam is killing a reenactment of a flight attendant walking in on him, Gary shares he was in one of these emirates pods heading to London with his family 4 years ago.

Adam jokes about Gary’s ¾ birthday coming up and the eVite and Alison continues to be stunned by the information about his parents being in nearby pods, he is killing it.


Adam is now angling that Gary had the flight attendant dispose of his Jizz rag, he shares he did it himself in the bathroom.

Dawson admits to beating off on a return flight from Vegas, Adam jokes about how short the flight is and Alison has some funny comments, this is a very funny show.

“Chris has beat off on a bus with 22 other dudes on it” – Adam on Chris Maxipada.


Adam now quizzes the rest of the staff about beating off on planes, it’s 50/50 for those who have and have not, and BB says 48%.

Adam says that women have the relationship to men and beating off that we have to them and their bowel movements.

“I always have the dignity to beat off in the town car on the way to the airport” – Adam


Alison wants to know what compels someone to beat off while in the air, Adam wants them to see how scary that is and guys are, Adam is creeping the young ladies out and says that if guys found out that 50% of women masturbated on flights they would beat off to that idea.

Alison is sharing her series of reactions and isn’t exactly disgusted, Dawson defends his midflight release of his “throbbing full bag” so he could land the flight, hilarious reactions from the booth.

Alison closes the news to her “jerkoff on this plane” drop.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Live read.

A Mike is super-duper lame variant of the read.

Adam plugs the live shows and getting back to zero, he plugs Camilla’s show and BB plays her “I have a huge dick what do I do with it?” drop from the ‘Humblebrag’ point part of the show.