Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2015 – Dana Gould and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2015 – Dana Gould and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dana Gould and Matt Atchity

Recorded 10-21-2015 – Release Date 10-22-2015

Production Number #1686

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Adam has an enthused “deputizing all of you” intro, Adam has a funny laugh in reaction to the Mike Dawson #TopDrop.

Adam welcomes Matt Atchity to the show and he explains that Dawson is going on ahead early to Detroit, he addresses Dawson being sick earlier in the week and his email thanking Adam for letting him go early.

Adam is now talking about being sick in the modern world and how doing our easy office jobs is not like trying to work sick in a coal mine.


Adam says he just notes things and Gary is now quoting some of Dawson’s emails and BB is playing some key Dawson drops in response, BB doesn’t think Dawson invoices for shows he doesn’t work on.

Gary confirms that and now Adam is talking about gaining strength through exposure.

Adam is now talking about the two way racist street, he was skipping rope and thinking of Lamar Odom and the lack of judgment about him basically choking himself out in a whorehouse.


Adam has a funny Mia Hamm alternate for this scenario and how people would react to that vs. how mellow and considerate people are for Lamar.

Adam says people would want to know what the hell Mia Hamm was doing in the whore house, he talks about the quiet racism that allows for black people to commit various vices without it seeming out of character, which is a racist assumption.

Adam has a Michael Phelps and Gronk alternative as well, he still thinks there would be some questions about the whores.


Matt wants to know what goes on for 4 days, Adam jokes about the black Amex card for visiting the Bunny Ranch.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Uber

Matt gets on mic to talk about running some customers and making money.


Adam talks about how densely populated Los Angeles is and how he uses Waze for navigating while doing east coast radio tour interviews.

Adam and Gina re recreating how it would go down, they have a funny 4min reenactment as Adam covers how he would work in words and confuses himself.


Adam says Waze now has a silent mode feature since he complained about it, Adam is talking about the theme to today’s Rotten Tomatoes Game.

Adam talks about pulling his ‘At The Movies’ review off one of the DVR’s and how this one of the few highlights of making a film, they’re now playing the great review of ‘The Hammer’.

Adam is talking about the various networks using their own scoring system and asks why they don’t just use the actual Rotten Tomatoes data for their own system if not actually use it like DirecTV does.


Adam is wondering why they shoot themselves in the foot and try to get people not watch with scores that don’t match reality.

Adam says you will never know how fucked up everything is until you start reading about you.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Devin, he ran a red turn arrow in front of a cop, Adam asks him about Mia Hamm in a whorehouse like Lamar, he gives a real answer.

Adam, Devin and Waze are now doing a funny riff together, it works.

There is some debris in the road of Devin’s brain, Adam compliments Devin and Gina talks about a super colossal pussy who screamed asshole at her for running a red turn arrow.


Adam asks what is going to happen in their head, hilarious!

Adam is joking about what they could possibly do after revealing they’re onto you and your traffic misbehaving.


2nd Caller Tom, he wants Adam’s biggest sports gripe and he mentions kickers missing despite only having that one job, Adam is more forgiving and he talks about three point shots, Adam is shocked these guys are able to be so regular with their skillset.

Adam says its insane people make foul shots with the crowd noise and movement alone.


3rd Caller Dustin is calling about the turkey patties he eats on campus being replaced with spinach and cherry infused variants.

Adam is now asking if people can’t get what they ordered, we don’t need flower of paradise in turkey patties or cranberries in oatmeal cookies.

Adam wants to infuse his asshole into the person who came up with infused cuisine.


Adam says you can add a new alternate turkey patty, you just can’t replace it as the sole patty offered.


4th Caller Adam calling from Hawaii, he says they’re trying to come up with a name for their 2nd kid.

He wants to know how Adam came up with his kids names, Adam is now riffing about Memphis Raines in the ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ remake and he jokes about their scene trying to make car terms and part names sexual.

Adam says his wife wants Lisa, his wife named Sonny after ‘The Godfather’ and Adam chose Natalya based on MTV Loveline guest Natalia Cigliuti.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Costars who were dating while filming edition with Dana Gould!


1st Movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’ (1990)

Adam and Dana both weigh in on the film and its reception.

Adam comments on Dianne Wiest being in the movie, “Hi Gary!”


Adam explains to Dana how he just got 5 points removed from his score for being dead nuts on.


2nd Movie ‘Innerspace’ (1987)

BB talks about loving this movie as a kid, he’s got a funny question about Martin Short’s work in the movie and Dana has a killer reply.

Dana sings the praises of the movie ‘Matinee’ and the work for Joe Dante.


3rd Movie ‘Far and Away’ (1993)

Adam doesn’t want to see Tom Cruise make out, is there a leading man we don’t want to make out more than him.

They all joke about him surviving explosions and various movie clichés and tropes like thin sheets of water and slow walking being effective methods of avoiding death by explosives.

Dana has a funny bit about Neil Patrick Harris in ‘Gone Girl’ and they find out it’s a rotten movie at 50%.


4th Movie ‘Scream’ (1996)

Adam thinks it was a good movie and good for the genre, they’re all weighing in and they move on.


5th Movie ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ (2005)

Adam says he did the right thing, Brad and Angelina are beautiful, and Jennifer is good looking as nothing’s wrong with her.

Dana says he saw Angelina at a party and was too scared to even approach her, Adam says that’s like him with women like Monique or the Kardashians, he doesn’t have enough equipment to operate there, and he’s not got enough towing equipment to haul them.

Dana has a killer ‘The Martian’ reference about the impossibility of sleeping with Angelina or flying into space without a windshield.

Everyone is now weighing in, Adam is wondering if BB was able to pull this one out.

Dana Gould is the clear winner, awesome!

Adam sings the praises of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and now Matt is talking about the plotting of the movie, Dana brings up ‘Star Wars’ and the scene with them waiting for parts before moving further.

Matt is now leaving and Adam goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Don’t think about stealing Dawson’s bong or ferrets Kodo and Podo, from ‘Beastmaster’ the most homoerotic movie on earth.

Adam says the biggest closeted homophobe republican religious type dreams of ‘Beastmaster’ and now Dana is riffing with Adam and they get into a plug.


Dana is telling them about the Live Action horror compilation Dana is promoting, Adam is confused about the structure and Dana’s role and Matt and Gary get on mic to help clarify.

They’re watching some ‘Beastmaster’ and Adam is doing some hilarious live commentary over it, Dana says they might have to bring Huell back from the dead and do a ‘Beastmaster’ Basic Cable Commentary.

Dana as Huell is now riffing about the leather daddy in ‘Road Warrior’ and they’re joking about Parker Posey’s hands, Dana now interrupts Huell and shares how he feels bad for his living relatives.

Basic Cable Commentary: Showgirls [Explicit] – Adam Carolla & Dana Gould

Adam wants the Baghdad café footage of Huell Howser interviewing a guy over the phone off mic, hilarious!


Adam is now describing the footage and the Kid Rock playing a drug dealer in a movie look of the guy Huell is interviewing.

Adam and Dana are peppering in live commentary and Dana is busting out the Huell impression, Adam says this is your tax dollars at work people.

Adam is now playing more clips after saying this is his argument for completion and the free market.


Adam and Huell are doing and epic back and forth and wrap it up with a funny Abraham Lincoln time travel scenario.


Adam is now doing a Castrol Live Read


Gina’s News

Adam would be no good in a whorehouse, he says based on how he reacted to the paid escort at Disneyland for him and his kids, he is thinking he would be rushing things and asking if they’re on the clock while eating seven layer dip and hanging out.

Adam jokes about getting two whores to finger blast each other while he eats nachos and watches ESPN.


1st Story is an update on the Khloe and Lamar situation, they cancelled their divorce proceedings and Adam is now asking about being James Harden and coming back to the country to this news.

Adam and BB are now riffing a hilarious recreation of this scene Adam just made up.

Adam is now asking Gary to find a picture of Lamar’s father who signed up to sign off on the organ donation stuff, he was wearing a full ice cream truck driver uniform.


Adam is mocking his shirt choice for the hospital, it’s a weird choice for a goodbye and Dana remarks on him being dressed like an 8 year old boy.

Gina asks about the odds of this relationship surviving.

Adam is commenting on his naïve view of love and sex and how sex tapes that he leaked to the public would united people forever.


2nd Story is an update on the Bill Cosby case, Mike August predicts that Bill will die in prison after losing a protracted court battle.

Dana has a funny point about Gloria Allred representing someone and that making them less credible, Adam asks Mike when you just kill yourself.

Adam is now listing off Bill’s horrific life and Dana is now contributing to the idea, Adam says this is what Mike said, really?


Adam thinks a Japanese comic would kill themselves, BB brings up Tamayo Otsuki and Adam asks Gary to look her up.


They play another Huell Howser clip and Gary has her name, after they mock Sam for bragging about dating a porn star before her.

They’re now playing a clip of Tamayo and her “jokes.”

Dana is now doing an impression and they move on.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam brings up an email that was written to Lynette from a family that was able to treat their dog thanks to the fans contributions to the Pet Fund in Molly Girl’s honor.

Adam talks about Sonny crying while Lynette was mid paragraph reading it to them, Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.

BB plays a clip of Dana saying “Can I just jack off in your shower” that was said during the Angelina Jolie talk, hilarious!