Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2014 – Joe Perry, Judith Owen, Dave Dameshek and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/22/2014 – Joe Perry, Judith Owen, Dave Dameshek and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Joe Perry, Judith Owen, Dave Dameshek and David Wild

Recorded 10-21-2014 – Release Date 10-22-2014

Production Number #1438

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Adam opens the show to a “Room for Cream” intro from Dawson, Adam welcomes Judith Owen to the show, he explains how he loves her already due to her love of and for cars, David Wild is also in studio and Dave Dameshek is now on the line.

Dave sounds very distant and mocks the “some people like him!” line Adam uses when introducing him, Adam gives him a Molotov for his show he was watching with his children.

Adam is sharing that Dave is from Pittsburgh and he’s doing he’s plugging the arrival of Mangria there.


Dave explains how the Philadelphia Flyers embrace their bad boys of the NHL perception and try to encourage it.

Adam is now asking about Detroit throwing an octopus out on the ice, Adam is asking Dave to start a new one, a “puke trick” gross.

Adam tries to plug Dave’s stuff and he does it all classy.


BB is now arguing against Dave’s comment about the bad boys in sports, waiting until he was off the line, Adam defends him and takes the show back to Judith and says she’s much more than a musician.

Adam is bringing up her marriage to Harry Shearer, she plugs his new series on YouTube and Adam says he’s on his Mount Rushmore of comedy with guys like Phil Hartman.

They’re looking at a picture of Harry as Richard Nixon and asking her about her work in music, she is telling them how she first met Harry.


Judith shares her love for the movie ‘This is Spinal Tap’ and Adam is explaining how great the movie truly is and why the guys perhaps don’t get enough attention and appreciate for the movie.

Judith reveals the guys aren’t that into the movie, in that they don’t watch it often.

David has two solid anecdotes about the movie and background, this is really interesting, I’ve heard the in character commentary track and out of character one on both copies of the DVD’s and didn’t know this stuff, won’t spoilt it.


They’re all explaining why a sequel could only be a lateral move, it was a 10 and you can’t do better.

David brings up an UnCabaret show Judith played at and totally blows her mind, she’s seemingly in awe and he’s dropping tons of info, he’s rattling off names like the scene in Spinal Tap, Adam is joking about it and everyone seems to love it.

They start the song but immediately pot it down, David didn’t get to play his song choice yet,
and Adam is doing some vocal guitar licks with Judith and some humming while talking about a specific song.


Judith explains how she pursued Harry and wanted him to marry her, she explains the green card fringe benefit of the marriage but how it was true love.

Judith is talking over some of her music with Adam and David admiring it, David is dropping names lightning fast and Adam is telling her how this version is very different from the original ‘In The Summertime’ by Ray Dorset.

You can Buy Judith’s latest project via the Carolla Amazon link Ebb & Flow by Judith Owen.

David is telling them about interviewing James Taylor for a making of piece on his new album, David explains how he’s no longer nutty, Adam says he’s not accepting that and David is being very honest and sharing his history.

Adam is classifying him as “a little too smart” and David brings up how interesting it must have been for Carly Simon and James Taylor and how they must have had extreme conflict due to their unique personalities and affect(s).

Adam is saying he’s glad that James made it out the other side and Judith is waxing poetic on the mental illness among musicians and artists, Alison reacts for a rare moment of sound from her this episode.


David is sharing his first interview with Cat Stevens after he fully converted to Islam and Adam is now sharing his take on artists not needing to evolve, he wants artists to evolve like he want’s ‘In and Out’ burger to evolve or change in any way.

They’re all going in depth on James Taylor and Adam is asking if David could lure Cat Stevens and James Taylor into a twitter war, David shares a rare Carly Simon tidbit about one of her songs and its secret meaning.


Adam is now doing a live read for Reverie Bed.

Someone is laughing, Judith reaction to Adam’s read, David says something like “I know”, weird.


They’re all talking about Richard Thompson and David drops a few tidbits about the man and his work, he promises to bring his music in next visit.

David shares how his son was in the poster being used in ‘Road Hard’ and Adam plugs her album once again, use that link above.

Adam wraps up with Judith and tells her to feel free and hang out, she plugs the upcoming Christmas show at ‘The Largo’ Adam says he would love to perform there.
“I’m a Jew, I hate Christmas” –David

“Yeah and it hates you!” – Adam


They take a break I hope David sticks around for the rest of the show, he has to right, with Joe?


They’re back from break with Joe Perry joining them in studio making his ACS debut, Adam is calling his book substantial and tells him that he heard him on Stern and boned up on what’s going on.

Adam is now reading the details of Joe’s incredible history with the band ‘Aerosmith’ and Adam shares his two favorite tracks of theirs ‘Toys in the Attic’ and ‘Rats in the Cellar’ and they’re now playing some of Rats.

Joe shares his love for the song and playing it live, Adam is asking how someone could speed that song up even more than it already is.


Adam is asking Joe about the recording method they used for the song and album, Joe is giving his take on what a rock band is trying to capture for their recorded material.

Adam is now having BB play some of this other favorite Toys,

Adam is now telling Joe about he’s done with the robot music and wants art that’s captured, not something made in the lab and he now brings up the guys who compose all of their own music and play every instrument.

Alison has a point about it being very clinical and Adam is going off on Autotune and calls it “spell check for your voice” and Joe is now explaining his take on what you can record and where, citing the 2nd Led Zeppelin record.

Adam is asking Joe for his thoughts on the band ‘UFO’ as most musicians of his era typically cite them as influences, Joe isn’t that familiar and lists his actual influences and got him into music.

Adam is commenting on the way people have decided that Ringo Starr is the joke of ‘The Beatles’ and how in addition to Joe he’s heard Lenny Kravitz comment on how Ringo was actually a technically proficient and innovative drummer.


Adam asks Joe about working with Steven and he’s explaining that Steven is more of a perfectionist that he is, he is the anarchist and explains how they can be buddies off stage even if they clash on stage or in the studio.

Adam is asking about the band dynamic and how it always seems to implode, he asks if all the things surrounding a successful band make it impossible to overcome the cliché.

Joe has some great insight and says it’s possible but he’s never seen it, Alison is now asking Joe for an example of what he was talking about and he gives a specific song and BB is playing it.

Joe is giving the story of the song where you can hear the door slam in the background and it was left in as part of the track.


Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings


Adam plugs Joe’s book again and they react to the forward written by Johnny Depp, Adam is joking about Johnny getting into a chest bumping drunken challenge with Steven Tyler’s mic stand.

Adam is calling it a good old fashioned scarf off, this is hilarious and BB is adding to it nicely.

Joe explains what a solid guitarist Johnny Depp actually is and BB shares he guested on an Oasis Album, nerd!


Joe explains how the forward came about and Adam compliments Alison on finding that as it led to great show content.

Adam is now asking Joe about the origin of ‘Aerosmith’ and how Steven had a poppy single with another band before they formed.

Joe explains he had a band at the time and Adam asks when the musical paring actually first came about, Joe explains how a drum tech led them to Steven who needed a band to back him up.


Joe reveals they made a demo using a ‘Beatles’ song and Joe tells them what a strong drummer Steven Tyler is and Adam wants to know if he’s just one of these guys who “has the music in him” a new radical if you will.

Joe explains what a great front man he is and Adam is asking him what he still wants out of the band and music, he says that live shows and recording go hand in hand and really loves the recording part in particular.

Alison asks Joe about the technology in recording to digital vs. tape and shares how some of her friends are tape holdovers.


Joe has an eloquent explanation for how he can play ‘Dream On’ live for every show, how he thinks of the audience and the person who might only see it live this one time.

Adam is asking about Steven and his perfectionism and how it plays out on stage where things can go wrong, Joe says that Steven thinks that bumping into people is cool, he’s not sure where he gets that from.

Joe says he’s had to tell him to at least let him see him coming when he does it, Joe has an anecdote of performing on the edge of the stage blinded by the lights, he almost fell into the crowd and delivered Steven a hip check from behind, he fell into the security guards instead of the audience.


BB has a funny broken teeth one liner and Joe finishes up the story.

“Is Steven Tyler the world’s Skinniest bully?” – Adam, Joe says it sounds like Adam’s already read the book, wow a tell all.

Adam is asking Joe about his ability to stand back and look at the relationship with Steven and how it’s changed his life, he explains why he came back after leaving the band and says the power of them united is stronger than anything they could’ve done apart.


Joe brings up Steven’s ’60 Minutes’ quote about carrying the band, Alison is getting him to elaborate on his feelings about the statement, he’s getting real.

Joe says that Steven has a Sister, he has to think about it but says she’s very sweet, he just never got to know her.


Adam is doing a live read for Smart Mouth, Gary is coming in with the assist.

Joe compliments Adam’s Lamborghinis and tells Adam about a rare BMW that his family acquired in 1971, he’s going in depth on it and telling him they should get his son in the studio, for Carcast that would be cool.

Adam is asking Joe about his son and his interest in racing, it began with “the sliding” (drifting) and now his son is coming in to the studio, ok.

Tony is on mic and Adam chastises himself for calling his documentary a doc, Adam is asking him about his racing experience.


Adam wants to know what he did while at Lime Rock and tells him about the driving tests they have, Adam is telling everyone about the type of car he was using and they’re now getting into the BMW 2002 and why he likes that old boxy 2002 look and performance.

Tony is telling them about their car that has a Nissan Sylvia motor now and how they completely overhauled the 1971 BMW.

Adam is trying to find some pics of the type of BMW he was racing behind at one of this historic races, Tony is telling them about getting the car street legal.


Adam is asking Joe if he does any of the wrenches, he says he likes to work on his motorcycle with his son who modified it, he says its favorite bike to ride.

Adam is now going super in depth on these cars and Adam loves that Joe Perry is on the ACS talking about cars, of all people, of all topics.

Perhaps Joe and Tony should come back for a Carcast episode.


Adam tells Tony it sounds like he’s living quite the fucking life and he has a knowing “trying” reply and now Adam is asking Joe about where he lives most of the year when not working and what he wants to get out of the next few years.

He says they’re taking some time off and how they might take up a tour in the next 1-2 years and says he’s unsure about making a traditional album in today’s industry.

Joe says he likes to ride horses in Vermont with his wife, interesting.


Adam is asking him about traveling on the road with the band and he tells them about bringing his wife with them on the road, joking about kidnapping her and taking her for the weekend and never separating, gypsies on the road ever since.


Joe is telling them about his kids coming on the road and how he was able to get space away from the band, Adam is asking him about overseas touring and how they go about that.

Adam jokes about Joe and Steven on a Southwest flight.


Adam is doing a live read for the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Adam has some funny comments, BB has some lame “rock star kind of job” comments.

Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs. “Wow David That’s Amazing” – Judith after being told of David’s son poster experience.