Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/21/2015 – Anjelah Johnson and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/21/2015 – Anjelah Johnson and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Anjelah Johnson and David Wild

Recorded 10-20-2015 – Release Date 10-21-2015

Production Number #1685

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Adam is opening the show some audio comments for Dawson, Adam updates everyone on the Chicago Live Show and Mangria signings.

Adam is talking about the Detroit Royal Oak show time of 9pm and BB has a ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber #TopDrop.

David is making his 93rd appearance on the show (phoners included) and Adam is riffing about gay people not caring about ‘Star Wars’ and Adam is ranting about people being super into that universe in 2015.


Adam says be into whatever you’re doing, Adam was excited to see ‘Rush’ but he didn’t start the countdown 9 months in advance.

Adam jokes about Al Qaeda hating us for Fandango crashing under the weight of ticket demands for a movie still 2 months away.

Adam is explaining why envy leads to hatred and has a hilarious analogy for why you might hate your neighborhood with the wife with the boob job and Daiquiri machine, Adam wants to kill that guy and fill his pool with his blood and tears.


Adam has a funny is that cat shit or squirrel shit question and jokes about the noise that the Sun makes in movies.

Adam talks about sleeping in a garage with pools surrounding him, Adam talks about crawling out at 2am and lowering himself in the neighbor’s pool to cool down his core temp.

David is asking about Adam’s time at the Mulholland Club and Gina remarks on the sadness of Adam’s description of his late night pool dips.


Adam jokes about how loud everything is in someone’s backyard in the middle of the early morning hours, he says he would grow mildew on his head.

Adam is talking about sprinkler timers and he says his timer is 3 foot under the deck of his new house, Adam has to remember to crawl under there, Adam says the only good part of having a son is sending him to do these tasks.


Adam says if there was a remote and BB pitches a NEST for Sprinkler systems, David brings up an upcoming event for Environmentalism in media, Adam says they don’t give a fuck about the real stuff like turning off automatic sprinklers as its not sexy like dying polar bears.

Adam says the problem with the other apps is that you need something to physically shut it, if a remote was forced to ship with all sprinkler systems it would easily solve this waste of water.

Adam says he would just hang it from the kitchen cabinet door, Gary is on mic and he talks about rain sensing technology that can auto shutoff.


Adam is now bitching about Gavin Newsome and Tony Villar, he talks about both of them and jokes about Mexican people ruining Mexico, voting on name recognition doesn’t work out so well.

Gina has a great point from therapy, miserable familiarity.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Adam throws the box at Olga and she makes it every time, he doesn’t care, just make it!


Q and Ace

1st Caller Erin, she’s calling about her 14yr old male students and Adam is joking about her fucking them to get them to get them in line.

Adam says young guys work themselves out, Adam says she should tell them about the half of their life that will be doing stuff they don’t want to do, they need to get used to it.

Adam asks if she can discipline them and asks about the School to Prison Pipeline, Adam says 14yr old males aren’t mean to be stuck indoors all day.


Mangria Moment


Winner, Frank, he has a video moment.

Frank is telling them about Adam autographing his bottle, BB has a funny Jo Koy callback and Gina jokes about him being able to hear the show by putting his ear up to the bottle.

Gary is now playing the video, Adam compliments it.


David Wild is telling Adam its Tom Petty’s birthday and he plays ‘Straight into Darkness’ his favorite song of Tom’s and he name drops Cameron Crowe, top shelf name drop right there.

Adam is asking about the backstory on the song, David fills them in on it and adds some light commentary with Adam comparing it to ‘The Hollies’ and Adam sets up his favorite song of Tom’s and lays in some heavy commentary over it while praising the hard rocking track from his catalogue, not just the slow stuff.

Adam talks about how ubiquitous Tom Petty is on radio in comparison to a band like ‘The Jayhawks’ and he plays a bad Tom Petty song, ‘I Need To Know’ and now Adam is sharing a great boxing analogy about ending a round with a flurry of punches to win on the judges scorecard.


Adam is now playing the hard rocking ending to the song, David has an anecdote from the cocaine 80’s about Tom Petty and Stevie Knicks, Adam shits on ‘Gold dust woman’.


2nd Caller Will, he shares a potentially shittier campaign that click it or ticket, buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Adam is talking about the signs being on the freeway, a sign that tells you to click your seatbelt is far too late, you’re buzzer would have been going off for 9 minutes before you reach the freeway.

Adam jokes about David have a seizure trying to back down his own driveway with the buzzer going off, funny stuff.


David talks about the hope he had for a quality of life increase in Los Angeles by getting a good person elected as Mayor over the previous nothing.

Adam talks about the pressure to talk about things that feel good and jacking off into the wind with things like firefighter ethnicity and gender initiatives.

Adam talks about the upcoming election and goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is bringing up the bound books custom made for the people who contributed to the movie, Adam says they were sent out to a list of people and the names were sent to the wrong people, nobody bothered to match them up with the right addressees.

Adam says it’s a very nice book and says that 150 people have the wrong one with the wrong name, David Wild talks about seeing Babydoll on Kimmel.

Adam is talking about his crazy angry dance that he does, when it comes to fuck ups like this.


Adam figured out they’re going to engrave new plates and now BB and Adam are suggesting some kind of swap.

Adam talks about Caelian doing everything correctly, the shipping company did this, Adam isn’t turning his back on his fans, and shitty tweets aren’t needed.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs for David and wrapping things up with him, nice work David!

They head to break


They’re back from break with Anjelah Johnson making her debut appearance with a ‘Great Moment in Local News’ and Adam remarks on your spouse not bringing food home to you, Anjelah is talking her guy and their culinary differences, she likes the Hispanic food and he doesn’t.

Adam says he loves rice and beans, Adam tells people to always get both/extra and he’ll always be ok with it.

Adam is asking Anjelah about her journey and she tells them about auditioning for the Raiders cheerleaders.


Adam is talking about any industry using “ette” in a tittle like Raiderette is missing a great opportunity to bring a social justice warrior argument into it and correct well-meaning people.


Anjelah talks about her impression of the Vietnamese nail salon women she gets nail treatments from, Adam talks about the chemical effects on women’s brains from the fumes.

Adam is now riffing about the language barrier between Asian people and English speaking natives.

Adam is now telling the “He Say His Name Was Bobby” Story where he got the shitty beef salad, he mistakenly uses the name Ted which lessens the comedy.

They further talk about Vietnamese accents.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Great Than/Less Than

Travis has some funny opening talk about moving, BB gets a nice reply in.

1st GTLT The Amount of gallons of gas Travis used to get to Los Angeles from Alaska vs. The Furthest distance between two different McDonalds franchises in the continental (he didn’t say contigus/continual) United States.

Adam is doing the fuel estimates and aking some follow up questions about his vehicle.


2nd GTLT Total Length in miles of the interstate highways system in the United States vs. DUI arrests in Los Angeles.

Adam is correct with the DUI guess. Adam is talking about the revenue generation that comes from these arrests and BB is amazed it’s so many.


3rd GTLT the Speed Listed on the first speeding ticket ever issued vs. the maximum number of students to ever fit in an original Volkswagen Beetle. Adam says that would never happen on a college campus today.

Adam talks about the 18-23 range for the speed limit ticket, Adam is going with the ticket.

Everyone is writing down their guesses before Travis gives the answer.


They are now watching a clip from Anjelah doing her Vietnamese impression which turned into a viral hit on YouTube just 4 months after she began working in comedy and doing standup.

They’re watching the clip with almost 0 commentary, Adam is chuckling.


Adam is talking about the 35 million views and asks who does the bikini waxing and Gina mentions anal waxing, Adam is sharing his idea for a Roby Schneider’s movie in the 1990’s, his made up movie premises for Rob are actually better than the movies he makes, like this idea ‘Pinky Cheeks’.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the viral footage of the Crumb road rage incident, hilarious “something bit my dick” excuse comedy from Adam.

They’re watching the confrontation video, Adam is talking about cyclists who slap cars and he tells them to be careful as you don’t know who you’re dealing with and what day they’re having.

Adam is talking about the swarm of angry teens that take over the streets on their fixed gear/wheel bikes, Adam is talking about the appeal of these shitty bikes.


Adam talks about speeding around them and trying to avoid them, he dares to pass this heard of nerds.

Adam says don’t take your nerd rage out on 5klb cars, Adam is talking about this incident and says you can’t prove he wasn’t bit on the dick.

Adam suggests gender reassignment surgery to evade the charges.


2nd Story is on a new study that shows men are programmed to choose Sex over Food, Adam is joking about not telling anyone how to run their brothel, he suggest Dennis Hof bring an ‘In and Out’ or legit franchise into his establishments, some terrible food after a terrible choice.

Adam is joking about the weird and demanding sexual stuff you do already while working as a whore, how much worse would serving some In And Out on a stomach strapped tray while the guy eats and fucks and watches SportsCenter.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


3rd Story is on Oscar Pistorius’s release from prison, Adam says it’s kind of refreshing to see a picture of a white guy fresh out of the joint.

They’re all commenting on his sentencing and time served, Adam comments on how good looking people get away with everything.

Adam is talking about the fine line between homicide and rock dumb imbecile.


Adam is talking about his defense of feeling literal prey, due to his fear of intruders.

Gina has all of the facts, Adam hates the “married into” wealth and opulence, he didn’t get shit from his marriage, his father in law lives in a trailer park and his mother in law is dead.

Adam talks about house arrest as a welcome alterative to African prison, Gina’s “strictly for anal waxing” drop after she wraps the news.


Adam is asking if you would mind a stray pube if you’re already into anal, BB says yes and has a funny one liner, nice “oh Bryan” reply from Gina.

Adam has a funny Everest analogy, nice “given the choice” line from Gina.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Castrol

Adam learned his son’s flag football team has no games, they just practice, wtf?


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

Adam gives out a glorious Gringo Bandito hot sauce closing plug with some kind words for Dexter from ‘The Offspring.’

BB closes the show with the “Hey Aceman, you turn your back on your fans?” drop from Adam talks about his shitty fan tweets.