Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/21/2014 – Tom Cotter

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/21/2014 – Tom Cotter

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tom Cotter

Recorded 10-20-2014 – Release Date 10-21-2014

Production Number #1436

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Adam has a decent Ebola/downtime intro from Dawson and Lynch, Alison’s “Soul mate Yay” drop is of course the #TopDrop and Adam welcomes Tom Cotter to the show.

Adam is trying to explain the essence of comedy and how positive comments don’t fly when trying to get a laugh.

Alison explains that Howie asked her about her marriage off air and she wasn’t enthusiastic enough so he deiced her marriage was jeopardy.


They further explore the idea and Aliso explains how cool Daniel is, the only part he doesn’t like is the pity tweets like people write to Adam about the success of his former partners and how he must be bummed out.

Adam is now asking about Piers Morgan and how his name gets him most of his publicity and access, Adam is bringing up the notion of him taking over Larry King and his “who is this guy” status, Adam compares that to someone taking over Derek Jeter that nobody’s ever heard of.

Adam shares some good news from the Carolla house, it was “Crazy Hair Day” at school and Jokes with Alison about every day being that for her while she was in elementary school.


Adam walked in on his dad watching football highlights while sharing how participating in a crazy hair day doesn’t “move the needle” and just a waste of his time, Adam was so proud and everyone has great reactions to pragmatism.

Adam is talking about people who leave messages on windshields, he has done this and is conveniently not bringing it up, but he did have different circumstances, was cool in his note and gave the guy tons of chances.

Classic Loveline #1351 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2000 – GUEST: JIMMY KIMMEL • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Adam leaves a note on a guy’s car and he calls into the show.


Adam is now bringing up the idea of “room for cream” at coffee places and how they save 2 inches of coffee for every time you say yes to it.

Adam explains how it could fool at least 25% of the customers just by the wording, despite there always being a little room in the top of the cup

BB is now arguing against Adam saying it’s statistically insignificant, fans have actually done the math, it’s millions of dollars of saving per year, once again BB doesn’t believe companies reduce products and servings to keep costs lower than normal.

Dawson shares how he asks for a medium coffee in a large cup, saying you often get more coffee that way and allowing you to mix in crème.


BB is once again asking about coffee places and thinking this isn’t a thing, trying to shit on his boss.

Alison explains her reasoning for pulling the same move Dawson does, she can’t keep from spilling.

Alison is asking for Caelan’s expertise as a former expert barista at ‘Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’ and now Dawson is sharing how he was told about this tip by a Starbucks Barista and he started doing this in 2006, when it was just Dawson and the girl employee back in the KLSX ACS days.


BB asks Caelan about what gets thrown it out, he says tons of decaf.

“Why do I feel like I’m talking to a retarded trashcan” –Adam

Alison agrees with Adam and Adam is continuing to hammer BB who objects, Adam is trying to do the sheer math of locations and customers, Dawson is now asking for his own order to prove Adam’s point.

Adam is telling everyone to let the smart person try, Alison now explains the two orders needed and how they need to send two people to ensure the data isn’t compromised.


Adam is now telling Dawson to go back to the lab, joking about his experiment of trying not to smoke weed for 3 days… hilarious drop form BB.

Adam begs him to say Medium and Large and not the Starbucks terminology, Alison asks for a cup of the coffee once it arrives.

Gary is now on mic sharing his order and Adam is snapping at him and they both shit on Dawson’s order and idea.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read with the traitor


Adam is sharing a super cute and sad scene he stumbled on of his dog Molly staring at the doggy door with an inflatable collar over her neck blocking her exit.

Adam is now asking Tom about his dog act that he lost to on national television.

Adam is now asking about ‘America’s got Talent’ and the commitment to performing in Vegas that’s in the contract, they both compliment the rise in comedy on that show and credit it to Howard Stern’s arrival as a judge.

Tom is sharing his experience with the show and the venue of ‘radio City Music Hall’ and they discuss how their recent trip to San Antonio had a similar effect in the venue.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Mike, he shares that his father just disowned him and Adam jokes about him just looking for an excuse not to hang out with him.

Adam has a weird “I-iiiikkkk” click noise like something from ‘The Last of Us’ Get That Drop!

Adam is arguing about baptizing a kid just to do it and make others happy, it’s not anything to worry about and jokes about Penn Jillette’s kid being the only one that couldn’t, gold.


Adam is back to others and their irrational demands and actions and how you shouldn’t internalize it, they give him some insightful advice, Alison and Adam especially.

Adam says he feels like everyone is nuts these days and how people are only getting nuttier as they grow older.

Adam says everything gets worse, bad hips at 30 need to be replaced in your 50’s and then it’s take it to the grave time.


Adam says his wife is sending a pic of ‘Crazy Hair Day” and they’re commenting on it, Alison says that Natalia looks very much like an actress from ‘Maron’ and ‘Mad Men’ Nora Zehetner.


2nd Caller Joe wants to know which construction trade leaves the worst turds in the port-o-potty’s, Adam is now saying HVAC guys and ductwork guys, it’s not just him, it’s a double blind study.

Joe says drywallers and landscapers, Adam jokes about liking guys who “lean racist” and says he loves a 10 cent solution, Adam is bringing up how he spent a lot of time in portable toilets and how he avoids pooping in there.

“You know hoe nobody should ever bury their child, nobody should take a shit and have it sound like it’s landing on a hot rock” – Adam on pooping in a portable toilet.


Adam is now asking for a different measuring device, he tells Gary to get him a big mug, a sharpie and some donuts, gold!

Adam is now bringing up the urinal addition to portable toilets and how revolutionary that 10 cent fix was, 3 feet of garden hose with half a milk jug canister.

Adam is asking Gary if he cleaned out the mug and says we’ll also need the coffee pot.

BB shares that the coffee pot itself is graduated and Adam jokes about saying that form the beginning.


Alison is narrating the experiment, describing how it looks and Adam is ordering the use of the big cup and declares he’s till drinking the coffee regardless of how many containers it enters.

Tom has a good white cup idea.


Adam is doing a Life Lock live read while Gary busts his ass and tries not to burn his hands.


Dawson is now on mic as they’re all weighing in on ‘The Room for Cream’ and Adam is now seeing Adam’s point and comparing Dawson’s order and how much more coffee is in each size.

Adam jokes about starting the day making fun of his daughter for wasting time on her hair.

Adam is plugging the Penguins game which will be serving Mangria, he tells fans to send in videos, for October 22nd.


BB says that Dawson got Lederhosed and his coffee was the least amount, his idea didn’t work out as he hoped.

From Superfan Tim @Krommsan


1″(4oz) coffee (-$0.40)

1″(4oz) 2% milk (+$0.10)



3rd Caller Caleb has to write a paper on both arguments for and against privatizing the school system, Adam interrupts him and asks what we’ve learned so far.

Adam is giving himself a warmup.

Dawson is now reacting to the coffee and Adam jokes about needing an oven mitt, he’s fucking talent man!


Dawson says he’ll still get his coffee this way every time and Adam mocks him with half of a “if ain’t broke don’t fix it” it reply.

Caleb is a mile a minute and making tons of points while getting his objective across, Adam is sharing his take and how he likes competition and cites the inner city charter schools where they get better results for less money and how the government is pissed, not elated like they should be.

Adam is back to the charter schools and how there seems to be great hypocrisy in the message and actions of the people talking about this.

Adam jokes about the ping pong ball lottery system and has some killer Asian lady asshole humor, holy shit, Ace Awards 2014!


Dawson busts out a yeah but still when Adam jokes about a world where he is the only podcast, how we wouldn’t have these high end science experiments.

“Old pedophiles with the key ring, get lost (you’re gone)” – Adam on America adopting the Japanese school structure that doesn’t include custodians.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed live read.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘The Fury’ and is finally reviewing it on air after putting the segment aside 2 or 3 times now.

BB compliments Shia LaBeouf and how great he was in the movie, Adam asks if he’s nuts and says he was solid in the first ‘Transformers’ movie and says he thinks he’s a really great actor.

Adam jokes about Joaquin Phoenix taking him under his wing as a nutty actor protégé, hilarious concept and riff with BB.


BB explains the similarities to ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and Adam is sharing his take on ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ he didn’t see it, he saw ‘Oblivion’ and jokes about him killing Hitler and time travelling, gold!

BB has a funny reaction to the question about the war scenes, Adam is joking about BB’s “ahhhhhaaaahh” noise and Alison mocks him too, this better be a drop, he has to get it, OMG!

Adam tells him to unfreeze his Jizz and destroy it as if he ever has a daughter he will give her an eating disorder.

Adam wants to know if the audience will be lower than the critics, he says it will be huge with the senior citizen crowd and Adam mocks BB’s noise again after seeing the 79% on Rotten Tomatoes.


BB tells Adam he will enjoy the accuracy and Adam compliments the “Krauts” and their ‘Tiger’ tanks and our approach in American compared to theirs, Alison names the correct tank the Panzer.

BB wraps the segment.


Adam is doing a live read for Untuck It shirts.


Adam is now wrapping up the show, the first of two recording done today, Adam plugs tom’s stuff and Mangria as well.