Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/20/2015 – Dean Devlin, Nate Burleson, and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/20/2015 – Dean Devlin, Nate Burleson, and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dean Devlin, Nate Burleson, and Jo Koy

Recorded 10-19-2015 – Release Date 10-20-2015

Production Number #1684

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Adam thanks people for turning others onto the show, BB has a funny “Shut The Fuck up You Old Witch” #TopDrop and he welcomes Jo Koy back to the show for what is quickly approaching his 75th visit.

Adam comments on Dawson being out sick and prefaces he doesn’t mind smokers and BB is playing select drops of Dawson responding and apologizing.

Adam is talking about the two smokers at the studio, Jo names them and says he’s sick of it.


Adam talks about the smokers needing to blow a butt before the show starts and the timing being inconvenient, Adam is talking about talking to Dawson mid loogie hack last night.

Adam talks about having a discussion with Dawson about his spread out daisy cutters of lung butter, Jo references an old TV show with a character who put up a perimeter of imaginary lines for his space.

Jo jokes about some of Dawson’s loogie being from his asshole, it’s so deep.


Adam is explaining how he would rather be peed on then experience a throat load.

Adam is talking about the green loogie he saw sitting on the ground, he asked Dawson to change his spit spot again.

Gina is worried about Dawson’s intense cough and feared someone was being assaulted the other day, turns out Dawson was smoking and choking.


Adam is talking about the lack of a burden on the medical system from smokers who die off early, Adam just doesn’t like the loogie part but he does like the smoke and then die part.

Adam is bringing up a tweet he was sent about a clip from The Today Show about soap and skin flora and fauna.

Adam is bringing up how he’s considered gross for only using soap on his nether regions, any place peanut shells would stick to if he was to crouch in his leftover shells.


Adam is now having them play the clip and Adam is responding to the closing comments from the dumb cunt who refuses to listen to what the scientist said.


Adam is now mocking the ditzy 27yr old saying in the face of science she still knows more, Adam is mocking Al Roker and siding with the doctor.

Adam is yelling, who cares what you feel like and blames these idiots for the reason he’s judged for being dirty.

Adam says he said fuck Purell in 2008, it was earlier actually.


Adam is now talking about the dumb stuff we do in society, he minds the way people presume he’s wrong about something after being right so many times, much like credit for a home, he can’t get credit for his logic.

Gina is asking if Adam was super into facials and spa treatments, she says his skin is always glowing and pretty, Adam says that it’s all hereditary and he comments on the logic of scrubbing broken walnut shells and apricot into your acne wounds.

Gina and Jo talk about acne, Jo takes it to dentistry and how he uses salt water over Listerine now.


Adam says all of these companies focus on women and guys want to fuck so they must remove the yuck, hilarious fecal jimmies one liner from Ace and funny noise in reply form Gina!

Adam talks about chicks being into things that smell nice, Adam says he can say whatever he wants to his wife about logic and science, it feels good and smells good and she’s going to by the lotion and soaps for the kids she loves.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


They’re doing another lap on the clip of the woman on the Today show who feels that way, Adam is talking about the natural funk of things like pussy, whisky and other awesome things.

Adam is talking about a couple who figured out that the woman had fucked Jo Koy in the past, Adam says Jo was talking about women being attracted to musk and that being on this same topic.

Jo is embarrassed and they mock him for blushing, Adam talks about seeing a Japanese woman eat cheese and Jo says he’s never heard of the “butter stinker” insult for round eyes.


Adam teases the arrival of Dean Devlin, they went to high school together but he didn’t know it.

Adam is still angry about one more thing, he talks about travelling on Sundays and not being caught up on football scores and games and how he likes being caught up via highlight packages later that night.


Adam and BB are talking about how they put so much effort into these packages and then they ruin the results via the scroll at the bottom, Adam is sharing how you can physically block the screen with paper and the lengths he went to avoid being spoiled.

BB is in agreement with Adam about the way they ruin the packages, Lynette argues the counter point of people who gambled on the game and want the score, Adam is explaining he just wants the score after the end of the package, you’re telling the story!

BB is saying it’s about the narrative in the package people are paid to create, Adam asks what kind of tard is producing the show and Adam asks someone to explain it to him.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Jo offers to have Nate Burleson call in and explain in, Adam says it would be nice buy he predicts it won’t go anywhere.

Jo shares the drama of his dented door he ordered for his house, Adam is bringing up ‘The Ding King’ to show up and work the dent out.

Adam talks about the guys who are able to work a ding without pulling a panel off a car door, using their bizarre spoon like devices.


Adam is talking about the short notice he got for Seth MacFarlane’s annual party, he was praying it wouldn’t be this weekend and of course it was while Adam is out of town, this Saturday.

Jo asks Adam to forward that email.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Lawrence, he’s telling Jo about hooking his sister up with some cool benefits as they riff about Jo sleeping with her.

Lawrence is telling them about his sister admitted to him that his cousin touched her inappropriately, Adam is talking about the influence of hormones and how it results in this weird shit.

Adam is asking for the details of the assault, Jo talks about the non-blood related cousins, Lawrence wants to get revenge for his sister.


Jo references name dropping Carolla much like he did with his door company, Adam offers up some practical advice in lieu of violence.


2nd Caller Mike, he has a bad phone line but is trying to tell Adam about the findings regarding exposing allergic kids to peanuts to rid the world of their allergies.

Gina says they should deputize Adam as Surgeon General, Adam is now riffing about his look and beard.

Adam would go with the Mennonite beard, full captain obvious meets Captain of a German U-Boat.


3rd Caller Mike, he’s telling them about a billboard for ‘Blue Lives Matter’ and he wants to know if that’s in response to the black lives matter movement.

Adam thinks everyone’s heart is the right place, except Proctor and Gamble and their products manipulating women and people who care about others.

Adam is talking about the overall good the Black Lives Matter movement will do for saving black children from police related deaths.


Jo got feedback from Nate, he wants to call in.

Adam wraps up with Jo.


They’re back from break with Dean Devlin making his ACS debut, Adam welcomes Nate Burleson to the show and he talks about the scores on the highlight packages.

Nate is telling them about it and explains he will put a word in just for Adam, Adam talks about raising the uprights and how it has already changed the game.

Adam plugs NFL Total Access and welcomes Nate to come guest on the show in person, awesome!


Adam is back to Dean, he’s talking to him about ‘The Librarian’ on TNT and the eclectic cast, Adam asks about John Larroquette and why he isn’t having a career like Jeff Daniels.

Adam talks about ‘Independence Day’ and the way Randy Quaid sacrifices himself much like his career, Adam is asking him about the new movie coming out next year.


Adam asks if he’s in the new Independence Day and he talks about humans united under the threat of an alien assault, hilarious Green Lives Matter line from Ace.

Dean is talking about dropping out of school the day before graduation, thanks to Mr. Deliberti, the guy that failed Adam

Adam is talking about the weird mix of all races and incomes levels of North Hollywood High, Dean tells them about walking to school, and he was living next to the 7-11.


Adam is asking Dean about his upbringing and Adam mocks the progress of metal detectors in schools.


Adam is doing a True Care Live Read


Adam is now asking him about his counselor, hilarious comparisons to his buddy Ray who had the same guy.

Adam says Dean was a senior when he was the 10th grade, Adam is now walking them through how he was failed two times.

Gina asks Adam how he got failed in Driver’s Ed.


Adam is talking about his lack of luck and he is asking Dean about the two driving teachers, dam explains how he was ordered to write a 10-20 page report and he felt like if he showed up for every class and participated the teacher would pass him even though he didn’t turn in the requested report.

Dean is telling them about gym and Adam brings up the Donkey Squad.

Dean shares how he knew more than his film school teachers and he is walking them through his journey to show business.


Dean tells them about ending up as a chauffeur and then got a role in a foreign movie which led to him meeting his production partner.

Adam is talking about guys going from college straight into Ivy League schools and becoming garbage men simultaneously, Dean tells them about another fellow student.

BB says his school was very similar and explains why.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a midflight fight between passengers that started over a reclined seat, Adam is mocking the lack of pitch on the seat reclining position on Southwest flights.

Gina has the dark details and Adam is now saying goddamn you and he says you’re going to get the booze removed from flights and ruin it for him.

Adam is mocking the short distance between SFO and LAX and is asking about her timing on the seat reclining.


Adam talks about the premature lean and how it’s like at a concert where you must stand up after those in front of you do, Adam talks about the premature lean back prevents you from leaning back until it’s allowed, Adam is not arguing for the animals on board.

Adam doesn’t like the notion that we always must turn around.


2nd Story is on Erin Andrews lawsuit against the Marriott hotel Chain, Gina has the details and explains how she wasn’t a household name before this.

Adam is explaining how you can find out who is staying where by going to a front desk, Gina asks if it was negligence or malice and the guy was working with the creep who filmed her.

Adam thinks this made her career and she should call it a wash, either way they’ll be cutting a check.


3rd Story is on a porn film that was shot at an L.A. County school, Adam is asking why we can’t vet the porn company.


4th Story is on the house where Bruce Springsteen wrote all of ‘Born to Run’ going up for sale, Adam and BB joke about his lyrics. Great “2, 3, 4” comedy.


5th Story is on a shooting in Chicago, where a man’s son killed his nephew, Adam is joking about guys who are trying to argue against being seen as a snitch.

Adam is talking about the fridges built into cabinetry and how the new big fridges like the Sub Zero and spit style we’re fucked for storing stuff on top of fridges.

Dean brings up Mini Fridges, Adam talks about mini-fridges being another great “Rich Man Poor Man” indicator.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe live read


Adam is asking him about the new ‘Independence Day’ film that takes place 20 years later.

Dean is talking about the ballpark of their budget.


6th Story is on Lindsay Lohan’s political ambitions, Adam is joking about her being in a wax museum, and Gina is telling Adam about her options for fucking rich guys for money now.

Adam says that if Hollywood stops calling you can always stop and break the emergency pussy glass, where you live in luxury without working.

Adam brings up Dean pulling his teacher’s toupee off, Dean is talking about Randy Quaid and Will Smith and how they thought the foreign grosses would be killed by having a black star.


Adam is talking about the inarguable racism of the globe and jokes about comparing olives to olives, Dean mentions ‘John Q.’ and says they had actors turn down roles in the first ‘Independence Day’ and now they’re talking about Mr. Deliberti tweeting at him once in a while.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.