Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/19/2015 – Wayne Federman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/19/2015 – Wayne Federman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Wayne Federman

Recorded 10-18-2015 – Release Date 10-19-2015

Production Number #1683

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Adam welcomes BB back to the show, he was at his High School reunion over the weekend and the show started late as just flew in, Wayne Federman is in studio making his 2nd appearance on the show.

He was last on ACS #978 Live from the Hollywood Improv, available in the official archive via the show page link above.

Wayne is getting some plugs, Adam is asking him what he prefers to be called and Adam jokes about his Mattress line, the models and actresses of Hollywood.


Gina coins ‘Cockter” for Comedian/actor

Adam is now playing a clip from Wayne’s first CD release, spanning 3 decades of comedy, Adam is setting up the clip, it’s of red turn arrows and honking through other motorists.

Adam is now riffing about red turn arrows and Wayne is in the mix along with BB.


Adam talks about the guys he knows who are successful and comments on Drew and Mark Geragos practically running out of the studio and texting while on the way to their Porsches.

Adam talks about the leader of the pack of cars at a red turn arrow, Adam is commenting on how people who are holding you up are actually being rude, nice sidewalk analogy.

Adam is talking about taking the kids to dinner and they walked to the restaurant, his daughter was talking about coyotes the whole meal and then freaked herself out and didn’t want to walk home.


Adam tried to tell her he would fight the wild dogs to the death to protect her, her reply was “prove it kill yourself” (So Prove It… Kill yourself) as also discussed on the most recent For Crying Out Loud.

Adam explains why he wasn’t mad, it was just his daughter using mean kid logic and he talks about his daughter wanting to ride on his shoulders, Wayne asks the cutoff on the age for that, Adam has a killer pubic hair one liner that Wayne reacts to nicely.

Adam is realistic about his own aging and her growing body, he says maybe 6 months of shoulder rides left, sadly.


Adam is now setting up another clip from ‘The Chronicles of Federman’


Adam and Matt are doing an Uber Live Read

BB uses Uber edition, you cannot rent a car at the airport warning signage edition


Adam shares how a fan tweeted him about ‘The Hammer’ airing on Cinemax on Tuesday, he is using this as a window into his own psyche.

Wayne is incredibly well versed in the history of the movie, he has seen it 3 times and they talk about the premier at Tribeca and the Cinefamily event hosted by Illeana Douglas, Adam jokes about the rotten movie festival.

Adam is now explaining how he learned his movie was airing at 435am ET and was listed as two stars and a drama.


Adam jokes about the sad audience that could possibly see his movie, he mocks the violence claim for the r rating, it was really the two f bombs but now the one f bomb rule has changed to two thanks to ‘The Martian’ and the MPAA sneaking stuff through.

Adam jokes about following through with his daughter’s plan to kill himself, Adam is now joking about ‘Mannequin’ airing in primetime and he brings up ‘Taken 3’ and he mocks Gunter’s outgoing message with the 555 area code added in post-production.

BB talks about methods for addressing the fake phone numbers, Adam mocks Liam Neeson’s brand new hair with a weathered tome of a face, and it’s jarring.


Adam thinks cops on the edge have no time for hair coloring.

Wayne has some funny lines and is asking him about the rest of the movie which Adam didn’t watch apparently.

Wayne thinks the whole franchise is based on the one trailer moment of his daughter being kidnapped.


Wayne brings up David Carradine and ‘Kung Fu’ the TV series and now Adam is riffing about pan flute music and says if you’re white and you hear that music to take off immediately, hilarious riff!

Adam is crushing this thanks to Wayne, Adam talks about the saloon of bodies Caine was always leaving behind.

Adam and Wayne are riffing up a storm, Adam is talking about an old Howard Stern interview where David claimed he could hold his own with Mike Tyson in the right venue, and Adam is mocking the idea of him buying into his TV character.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Invoice to Go


Adam is asking Wayne about his upcoming movie roles and booking on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ and he’s going over the rest of his schedule.

Adam is asking him about having to “vet” his comedy set for the tonight show, Wayne is telling them about selecting his material and how they still wanted to see it live, Adam is asking at what point can you build up some good will for going through life not being a pile of shit criminal.

Adam says there is no credit and bad credit, no such thing as good credit.


Adam talks about the 30% down they wanted from him after the financial crisis of 2008, Wayne is being practical and Adam is explaining this was a few years ago.

Adam says he should be able to sign for property loans with a snot rocket he blows on the loan officer’s desk, Wayne has a funny quiet reaction and BB is chiming in with Gina.

Adam says everyone has to say they went and did something, they vetted it, and everyone has to sign off.


Adam talks about comedy being invisible and how he can be an expert in carpentry but he can’t in comedy, it’s too immaterial.

Wayne is now responding to Gina about his willingness to adapt to notes, Adam is bringing up his argument with his mother in 1993 about ‘The Simpsons’ being the best written comedy series on Television.

Adam doesn’t know why his mom’s friend Harriet gets to have an equivalently valued opinion to him the comedy improv expert who took classes at ‘The Groundlings’ and now Wayne is chiming in.


Wayne is telling Adam not to picture his mom’s face and yell at him, hilarious!

Wayne is offering up a counter point about chef’s vs. consumers and who is the expert in food there, not an equivalent scenario but he makes a point kind of.

Wayne is now asking Adam about swearing at his mother, he says he never has and the worst thing that has gone down is when he didn’t tell his mom he was getting married right away and how hurt she was to be 30th on the list of people he tells shit to.


Adam is joking about no good coming from stopping and talking with his family much like dealing with homeless people, hilarious riff.

Adam is talking about his old TiVo DVR’s and how he finally sourced all of the content off of them,


Q and Ace

1st Caller Steve

Interrupted for DVR talk.

Adam is talking about his rare TV appearances on those DVR’s and BB comments on Adam’s feelings about waste and Adam explains how hard it is to decrypt content on DVR drives.

Adam is going to play his 2005 ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ appearance, it has been played in full on the show before, Adam forgets it was uploaded onto YouTube by someone.

Wayne has a killer line about them playing Adam’s letterman booking during his podcast guest appearance, great point but Adam pushes through full steam.


Adam is talking about the efforts to get the stuff off the DVR’s, they’re now playing the clip after some initial sound problems.

Adam comments on the sound never working, much like when I didn’t hit the right slider at Kirkland in 2010 and we missed out on a David Koechner cameo live in Kirkland at Laughs Comedy Club.

The clip is now playing with virtually no commentary, still hilarious!


Wayne compliments it along with Gina and they’re now asking about Letterman bringing up the replacement gig for Howard Stern, Adam wasn’t pissed and he knows you gotta asks regardless of pre-show agreements with segment producers.

Adam comments on Letterman and his interviewing style where he claims not to have seen your project, he doesn’t dig that move.


Steve is bringing up the lack of tips he gets from black customers, Adam is now asking who does the best tipping, which group or demographic.

Adam thinks Jon Stewart’s crowd tips better than most, Adam is now asking Steve about the best tippers that come in, magically polish people like his dad’s heritage are always great, confirmation bias.

Adam says he tips extra as people might recognize him and he takes it back to Steve, he’s bringing up how difficult black customers are and Adam is now asking him how it can be always and trying to address his racial bias.


Adam talks about tipping on the tax vs. order total.

Gina shares her rule for tipping and sliding decimals, Adam is talking about Steve’s celebrity customers who tipped well.

Adam talks about Dan Hampton, Adam is now riffing about Steve adding “man” to every sentence he speaks with Black customers.


Adam is now doing a Burger King Live Read

Adam has a jalapeno margarita edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on Lamar Odom’s medical condition, Adam has a killer tipping callback from Steve in Chicago.

Adam is asking about Khloé Kardashian and her new basketball playing beau, Adam jokes about the pressure in the Kardashian family to date black men exclusively.

Adam is trying to find a suitable brother for the youngest model Kardashian/Jenner.


2nd Story is on an Atlanta news radio host who faked a new interview with Donald Trump using something he recorded years ago.

Adam likes the cut of this guy’s jib.

Gina is asking about the guy’s look, he resembles Sam Simon meets Mike August.


3rd Story is on the California area Target stores that had their sound systems taken over by hardcore pornographic audio tracks.

Adam is joking about the impending lawsuits and mocks the clip.

Adam is joking about Russian actors and Wayne is now asking Adam how this happens and Adam says its angry nerds who install all of this stuff.


Adam says nerds and the former criminals who come into your house are the creepiest sort, you wouldn’t mind your attorney or other employees coming over but the ones already designated to are the panty drawer creeps.

Gina has a great noise for the audience and BB to have fun with.


4th Story Adam brings up the mother son team who assaulted opposing players at a Dodgers game, Adam says fuck the team and the fans, and we’re turning into animals.

Adam is mocking the idea of needing more cops, Adam asks if L.A is sliding into the fucking ocean.

Gina and Wayne are both chiming in and Adam is now asking what we must do, drug the Dodger dogs and add saltpeter to inhibit violence.



5th Story is on the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame votes, BB says this multiple votes from the same people when Adam reacts to the sheer numbers that rival presidential elections.

Adam is talking about the half of L.A that are felons and the smaller voting pool, Adam wants to know the total number of votes of the past fewer elections.

Wayne brings up Ronald Regan getting 54 million votes in 1984.


Adam comments on the Steve Miller song he was in the middle of ‘Take the Money and Run’ and brings up the Fleetwood Mac that came on next and they play that too.

Adam found a 3rd song that he enjoyed, ‘The Offspring’ with ‘Self Esteem’ and he shares how he rocked out with his kids.

Adam likes the lyrics to the song and mocks Steve Miller, Gina has the update on the fan votes that weigh in this year.


Gina mentions ‘Deep Purple’ and other nominees, Adam asks what it all means when Steve gets as many votes as you, Adam is mocking the lyrics of ‘The Cars’ and she mentions the band ‘Chicago’ which Adam does approve of.

BB says he’s heard more Chicago than any other band in his life, Adam is mocking Lou Reed and Joan Jett and talks about Lou being like a special teams NFL player in the hall of fame with very limited actual game time.

Dawson is on mic and they’re talking about Chicago and their numbered album titles.

Adam is riffing up a storm with Wayne, hilarious Taboo porn series mention.


Adam is doing a Castrol GTX Live Read


Adam jokes about an all-star reunion from the cast of ‘Taboo’ and Adam talks about doing ‘Dave’s Old Porn’ and what it was like taping the show.

Adam jokes about this being like Dave’s “Getting Doug with High” and explains who the elderly guest was on his episode, an 84yr old woman chugging cock for 8 dollars.

Wayne is now asking what Adam would’ve liked to have gone over, he talks about the rape leading to consent notion of the ‘Taboo’ series.


Adam is joking about Matt getting blown by his sister, hilarious riff.

Adam is asking Gina how she was react to Wayne reaching for her crotch, break on through protesting and Taboo, the loose premise of every porn from the 1970’s and 80’s.

Adam is commenting on the baggage of the family in the movie, why not just have attractive people fuck.


Adam jokes about the most duplicated series in porn being based on rape and incest, he explores the bizarre notion of this being our reality.


Adam says incest is a little weird and further talks about doing ‘Dave’s Old Porn’ and Adam jokes about tossing salad and pornstars of the bygone eras wearing a lot of hats and jizz, thanks to Gina’s funny setup.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, make sure to listen to Wayne and Erin McGathy’s great ‘Human Conversation’ podcast too.