Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/19/2012 – Wyclef Jean

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/19/2012 – Wyclef Jean

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Recorded 09/25/2012 – Release Date 10/19/2012


Adam is opening the show with trip down memory lane, he’s describing the 1996 KROQ Weenie Roast where he saw “The Fugees” perform on a revolving stage. Wyclef does remember the incident Adam is talking about, Adam is now telling Wyclef about the “Third Eye Blind” and “Green Day” incident from a following Weenie Roast.


Adam is plugging Wyclef’s book and asking him about his journey. Wyclef is now telling Adam about Haiti and what it’s really like, Adam is asking follow up questions about the tourist element.


Adam is asking Wyclef if he has seen the “Bob Marley” documentary, They’re now discussing Jamaica.




They’re back to Wyclef’s journey, he’s telling Adam about having to ride a donkey, Adam has some hilarious replies. Wyclef pronounces donkey somewhat like Dr. Bruce, too bad Alison and Bryan aren’t there to notice it.


Wyclef is sharing with Adam about living without electricity and being so hungry he ate dirt, Adam is making a great point about how the first 9 years of Wyclef’s life he might as well have been born in any era. Wyclef is telling Adam about his voodoo priest grandfather, Adam has a reply that levels Wyclef, hilarious!


Wyclef is now getting back to what it was like leaving Haiti for the first time, flying on a plane for the first time and seeing white people. Adam is having  Wyclef clarify his point and he’s doing a great job putting the listener in his shoes.


Adam and Wyclef are discussing the poverty of Haiti vs the poverty found in the United States, Adam makes a great point and Wyclef agrees.




Adam is now asking Wyclef about the early days of “The Fugees” Wyclef is telling him how they recorded “The Score” in his uncle’s basement and how his father kicked him out of their church for his musical pursuits. Wyclef is sharing some details about the early days and they’re going super in depth about their cover of “Killing Me Softly” and why it was an unlikely success.


Wyclef is discussing how he first met Lauryn Hill, Adam is getting Wyclef to share some details I’ve never heard him discuss, they’re now talking about the origin of the band’s name. Wyclef is discussing his father never seeing him perform and the lengths he had to go to in order to finally get him to a show.


Adam is working out an idea about the role of a father in the U.S. Compared to other countries, Adam is now bringing Wyclef into a bizarre hypothetical scenario, Wyclef seems to dig it but chooses to segue to cars.




Adam is now asking Wyclef about growing up without cars around, Wyclef reveals a hilarious anecdote about seeing planes while growing up in Haiti. Wyclef is telling Adam about his dad working for a car dealership and his request to visit a McLaren dealership in the mid 90’s before he had any money. They’re now discussing the dealer markup on cars and how he made a promise to come back in 3 years to buy a McLaren.


Adam is now asking Wyclef about that car, he’s talking about the decline in value of modern cars and how the McLaren is one of the few modern cars to actually go up in value.


Wyclef and Adam are talking about the way high end cars can renew your faith in human ability, how they are a good metaphor for what mankind can  achieve when everyone works together for the greater good. Adam is telling Wyclef about his visit to the Aston Martin factory.


Adam is now telling Wyclef about a visit to a Ferrari collection in Beverly Hills. Wyclef is telling Adam about his cars and if he’s going to get the new McLaren. Adam is now telling Wyclef his gripe of starlets, heiresses and reality TV stars driving super cars, Wyclef is just as offended by it as Adam. Wyclef is now telling Adam about some more vehicles from his collection.




Adam is taking it back to the early days of “The Fugees” he’s getting into the material he covers in the book about the love triangle he had with Lauryn. Adam is jumping in with some insight and getting Wyclef to elaborate on what went down, he’s keeping it light while asking tough questions.


Wyclef is now describing the ultimatum that lead to the end of “The Fugees” and saved his marriage, Wyclef is now explaining the karmic twist of Lauryn’s first child.


Adam is asking Wyclef about a Fugees reunion, he’s telling Adam how they tried to record an album after Dave Chappelle’s “Block Party” reunion and what happened. Wyclef is telling Adam about the possibilities for another reunion down the road.


Adam is making a great point the band ending so early being like a great painter dying before he can create more masterpieces, Wyclef likes that way of seeing it but presents an alternate angle to look at things and his post Fugees career.


Adam is doing a live read and working Wyclef and his McLaren into it, Adam is asking Wyclef what he hopes people get from his book, Wyclef is giving a really thoughtful reply and now he’s telling Adam how cool he is and how this was the best interview he’s done, Adam closes the show.