Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/18/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 282

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/18/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 282

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 10-13-2015 – Release Date 10-18-2015

Production Number #282 – Enabling

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Adam has the standard intro, Drew comments on him adding a fine point to “supporting us” and brings up the case of mistaken identity that led to the death of the creator/inventor of ‘Promescent’ the product Adam is now invested in.

Drew got some bad non bulletproof non caveman coffee, Adam is talking about the product of Promescent and Drew confirms it really does work.

Adam has the backstory on the product and the death of the inventor, Adam plugs it and Drew says he should team up with Emily Morse from Sex with Emily.


Drew brings up the foreskin restoration movement of the 1990’s and 2000’s and how men are often too sensitive already and circumcision is only helpful. Too sensitive to last long enough to please a partner who is already vastly more sensitive than you are, once again Drew arguing from a female perspective, whatever is best for the woman is best for the man.

Adam has a funny hunger strike for Cecil the lion analogy while talking about foreskin restoration, Adam says it’s always about something else, don’t spin that bullshit with him, it doesn’t work on him.

Adam gives another plug for Promescent and talks about never having the premature problem and talks about taco’ing a tongue or having weird tongue abilities.


Adam says you shouldn’t ask Adam how to not jizz too fast any more than you should ask his buddy Chris how to move your tongue into strange folded shapes on command.







1st Caller Deanne, she has some kind words for Adam’s books and Adam says Caelan should not use Washington when referring to the state, it confuses people with the fake Washington on the other coast.

She’s asking about a friend’s deadbeat drug addict son ruining her life, Adam explains how he’s putting in reps now to have kids that love him when he’s 70 and they are excited to visit their cool dad who raised them right.

Adam is telling her to be the person who told the truth, he talks about alienating people from his life after witnessing them conduct their lives poorly or abusing children and animals for example.


Adam can’t be friends with someone he doesn’t respect, he couldn’t be around a white supremacist even for a lunch date, and he’s turned off by that stuff.

Drew is emphatic about her friend’s only options with ALANON and dealing with codependence and addiction.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus Live Read

Molly Girl used to have Life Lock, chocked up edition


2nd Caller Sandra, she’s calling about finding a proper psychiatrist, Adam is asking her about her abuse history that led her to be where she is today.

Adam talks about being rolled up in a rug as a child to empathize with Sandra as she describes how horrific it is.

Adam is talking about his knowledge of earthquakes and construction and how other people are like superstitious natives, you don’t want to be in a parking structure, but inside your house is safe.


Drew is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


They’re back to Sandra and Drew plugs #63 of his podcast and #90 with Steven Porges and he explains how the reptilian freeze response gets indoctrinated into ones central nervous system.

Adam asks her about EMDR and Sandra tries to bond with Adam over something, he kindly entertains her and they wrap up with some practical advice.


Drew is explaining his son’s plan for life, which includes the Peace Corps.

Adam is bringing up the idea that the US military dropped bombs on a doctors without borders facility intentionally.

Adam says let’s stop with the witch hunt, if the military wanted to destroy hospitals there would be none, he explains how he could see it as intentional if he heard about weapons or munitions being hidden or some high value target, but he hasn’t.


Drew is now citing his early 2000’s experience of witnessing someone get hit on a bicycle and heard another bystander claim they saw the woman hit the person on purpose, Drew is still in awe that this woman had such a bias.

Adam is talking about the crime rate of young black males and arguing about statistics and biases with Dr. Drew.

Adam says change the stats and you change the bias, Drew argues the opposite.


Adam has a point about crime rates in Jewish neighborhoods, Drew is making a larger point about regions and gets ready for a live read.


Drew is doing a Live Read

“Yeah Bitch!” – Adam


Adam is perplexed by the human reaction to intent and meaning behind actions, it doesn’t serve society to assume people are trying to get you or others, mistakes happen and accidents happen without someone trying to harm you.

Drew brings up the shit he’s been taking for using the term “African American” and Adam takes it to the Redskins argument and explains how trivial surface concerns hide the real issues we need to address and solve for the sake of everyone, but especially the group we claim to care about.

Adam is talking about Huffpo and Gavin Newsom being into jingling keys over actual work.


Adam wants to know when the last time someone with all this outrage actually showed up to help the people on the reservation and till some soil, shut the fuck up.


Drew brings up the 20$ bill sitting in the studio, from most recent guest Vinnie who wanted Adam to buy his book.

Adam talks about the devalued US currency and gives out some plugs with Dr. Drew mentioning his most recent episode with Andy Dick and Bob Forrest.

Adam wraps it up.