Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/18/2013 – Tom Rhodes

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/18/2013 – Tom Rhodes

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tom Rhodes

Recorded 10-17-2013 – Release Date 10-18-2013

Production Number #1188

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Adam has a very spirited intro after a short absence from recording in studio, he’s announcing the “Pussy Lips” ringtone/text message alert.

Adam’s got a tease for some of the upcoming guests and BB is now giving a plug for his upcoming Brain Tumor walk.

Adam is now sharing the story of August and the mistaken SD card akin to the past “Sonny-Gate” incident, Adam is playing some video of the Portland “booze blimp hangar” much like the Binny’s location I drove Adam to in downtown Chicago.


Adam is further describing Mike’s video, to give a hint of the sheer amount of fans who showed up, BB is even in agreement.

Adam is explaining the straggler effect, the last minute people who show up and still get face time, sometimes more and don’t have to wait in line for more than a minute or two, Adam doesn’t want to recommend this, as it’s what he would do but will also encourage bad turn outs.

Adam is now explaining how they hired a photographer as always encouraged by us fans, yet like this often proves to work out, things went wrong.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote about their driver and the attempt to get to their scheduled locations on time, I feel so badly I wasn’t there to drive them like I did in 2011.

Adam is doing a great one man recreation of the interaction of the misunderstanding between him and the driver, he’s now calling for a hidden camera show featuring just these types of interactions.

Adam has a great “Perfect Strangers” reference while describing their arrival at “Main Brew”, sounds like someone finally did it right, I’ve never had anyone volunteer parking information let alone have it all worked out for us when on the road with Adam, good job!


Gary is now on mic to give his view of the events and conversation with the photographer, Once again it’s Gary as the key witness, although he admits “Sonnygate” was more “good radio” than actual belief in his guilt.

Adam is now mocking key rings, how they meant success to him as kid, like one a janitor wears and now Alison is reading Adam’s mind by bringing up the change belt as another one of these “nifty” things.

They’re now further discussing the chain of events that lead to the missing SD card.


I’m guessing the photographer mistook some random fan or person for Mike August, Adam is predicting they’ll never see it if the driver was the one to find it.

Adam is now bringing up the controversy from Portland fans who are upset about their missing photos and Adam is explaining he’s just as let down as he wasted a good amount of time.

Adam and Alison have some funny comedy about the Seattle photos being available, Gary is now quoting Mike August and his words do sound like the man.


Chris has a killer K.D. Lang joke that Gary shares on mic, Adam is now jumping into a live read.

Adam is now bringing up this new thing he’s been noticing “adults wishing things could be the way they want”, Adam is now listing all of the difficulties presented to Mike August on the road as he’s responsible for nearly all the busywork.

Alison is now making a point about the card turning up if it was indeed in his clothes and Adam is now asking anyone listening to do the right thing if they found the card.


Adam is now sharing his experience in Bellevue, the closes he’s been to my hometown since 2010, He’s sharing the “no signing bottles” corporate policy of “BevMo” and Adam is calling for a crab combing of all the laws and rules in society.

Adam is now sharing why BevMo has this policy to protect their interests, he’s sharing the original “Prank Puppets” name for “Crank Yankers” and the battle with Comedy Central over using it.

BB and Alison are chiming in on how this has become a form of self-censorship with business scared shitless of the government, Adam has some killer quotes here that might be usable for his next book “President Me”.


Adam is now sharing how the manager of the BevMo, mad with power was prohibiting Adam from even signing his own books at their business.

Adam is sharing the lengths they’ve now had to go to with pre-signed sticker labels and Adam is citing this as another step towards this self-created prison of a society.

Adam is now joking about people beating themselves with their own flip flops and has a great “Outer Limits” esque scenario involving an alien planet, comedy gold!


Adam is sharing the story of “Pete” the well off, Porsche driving fan from Bellevue, he bought a case and Adam discussed him in depth on the most recent Adam and Drew show #87.

Adam is further making Mike August sound like a political hero, refusing to follow dumb policies and BB has a killer in joke about the name Pete, nice!

Adam is sharing how he acquired a “Sirloin Salad” in Portland that Mike ate en route to SeaTac with his bare hands, Adam misinformed him about food and the TSA, and as long as it’s not liquid you can indeed travel with food.


Adam is now riffing on this move where Mike was eating a beef salad in a 135k car, Adam is having a bunch of fun with Alison and BB and further bragging about his new bff Pete.

Alison closes it out with a nice comment that cracks Adam up.


Adam is now setting up a couple clips of an NFL profile on Michael Strahan, Adam is has some killer one liners about Michael’s bike story and an even lengthy response and motivational speech about the reality of negative influence and its role.

Adam is making caveats for people who react differently and now asking how you bottle whatever it is that Michael has.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joey wants to know how to proceed after finding out his parent’s blood types and realizing his father might not actually be the man he thinks based on his own blood type.

Adam is now asking how he even began the line of questioning to find out what type of blood his parents have and Adam has a killer joke about his parents both having negative blood types.

BB is jumping in to explain that he can simply google this and it’s not something to be worried about and now Alison is wisely jumping in with the actual biological rule, nice!


Adam is trying to dissuade Joey from this journey, he’s remarking on closure after break ups and hinting at his long held take on people searching for their biological parents.

Hilarious comments about reasons for break ups from the Aceman just made Alison lose it with a quick reaction, good stuff.

Alison is now further quizzing Adam on his take on this and now he’s actually addressing the biological parents theory he has on the disrespect it shows to the people who raised you.


Adam is now giving a quick history of how he got into boxing for Caller Keith.


3rd Caller Kelly, wants Adam’s take on New York and living somewhere that would require public transportation, Adam is bringing up the subway ride he took last time he was in NYC in June.

Adam is describing the anecdote of a large black man who asked him to move, a sitting man who asked the standing person to move, Adam is adding him to the list of people he secretly admires and also detests.

Adam is now remarking on people who don’t have the capabilities to size up a scenario and react appropriately, much like this large black gent who couldn’t perceive of how full the subway car was.


Adam is saying he could indeed handle living without his own car and citing his love for walking, he’s sharing how he walked from Trump tower to ground zero and back while filming “The Apprentice”.

Adam is describing a really cool walk, he watched a little league game, bought a slice and chugged along with his earbuds in.

Kelly is telling the gang about Griff, her husband who’s actually named Patrick and Adam is wisely predicting his reasoning for changing his name and has a killer “Coach” one liner that BB is now jumping in on.


Adam just said “HandBaggery” to describe what they do at “Coach” the purse company and Adam is now giving a warning for Griff as Adam intends to be Kel’s new walking buddy.

Adam is now busting out another live read, manhole cover lifting erections theme and Alison has a nice hang her coat on it comment.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote in reply to Alison’s comment on the old timey weight of heavy coats and BB is now once again playing a drop to rush Adam.


Adam is now describing the pat down that all men do, in order to make sure they’re still carrying their keys and wallet. Adam wasn’t wearing his zip up pocket adidas track pants.

Adam is now explaining that the purse fucks women up, they don’t have an equivalent pat down move and he’s now saying purses only exist to transport tampons.

Lynette replied about her special pouch for her phone and how she never loses it, then left it behind just two days later while seeing “Rush”.



Tom is back to the podcast for his 2nd appearance after guesting on ACS #555/ ACP Production Number #887 with Jeff Ross.

Tom is telling Adam about his new podcast and now sharing a story of a recent fight, Adam has a killer one liner about Tom’s wife fighting his sister with cancer.

Adam is now theorizing on the drunkest European country and Tom is explaining how there was an entire aisle of fighting repair first aid materials in the local drug store in Ireland.


Adam has a killer brass knuckle cream joke and Tom is offering a historical take on the drinking influence, Adam is referencing Dr. Drew’s heading dogs and has a great garbage disposal joke, wow!

Adam is sharing Drew’s theory on addiction being passed down in cultures with historical trauma, much like the Native Americans and Europeans that faced generations of slaughter, with the good things sometimes comes a little bad.

Also Drew explains that the drinking was used as an affect management tool to survive these periods of strife.


Tom is now sharing his take on the lack of guns in Europe and how it contrasts what happens here when it comes to street fights.

Adam is now bringing up a knife he was just given as a gift and citing how much he appreciates guys who carry a knife on them, he’s saying the first thought he has his “what the fuck?” then “fantastic!.

Alison is sharing about a non-Aryan pride ex who carried a boot knife, Adam is now quizzing her about the size and she just had her equivalent “mother of pearl” moment in regards to the size of Rambo’s knife.


Alison’s News

She’s very pleased with Tom bopping along and enjoying her excellent news theme, nice work Tom!


Alison is now sharing her top story, the end of the government shutdown and Adam is getting her to clarify on the back pay and hysteria that people bought into which resulted in essentially two weeks paid vacation for these employees, Adam’s always right.

Tom is now brining up a stenographer who freaked out, Alison is now bringing up the exact details and its super compelling.

Adam has some killer stenographer comedy after the clips, Alison reads back the quotes and has some appropriate quips mocking her repetition.


Adam is now remarking on how remarkable the stenographers union must be, he’s joking about them being a bygone profession that’s kept around unlike many other comparable jobs that no longer exist.

Tom is chiming in and has a great trading card idea, Alison is in the mix too and they have a great flow.

Adam is bringing up his therapy and how he brought up the old daytime commercials for technical schools being replaced with personal injury lawsuit advertisements.


Adam is now sharing his New Year’s resolution for this year “Everyone Else Get Your Shit Together!”

Alison is asking a question about August and Laxamana pertaining to the challenge and Adam is addressing the lost supplements and Gary has a great reply summing up all of the larcenies committed against Adam in 2013.

Adam is now citing the last minute trips from the hotel to the Moore theater in Seattle, I’ve actually drive him for that exact scenario, that is not hyperbole.


2nd Story is on a story stating that Oreos might be more addictive than cocaine, Tom is immediately jumping in and giving the best possible replies.

Alison is explaining all the details and now Adam is riffing on the rats getting various gigs, the cancer cell mice vs. the cocaine/blowjob/movies testing mice.

BB is now joining Adam as another mouse discussing their jobs and Tom’s reactions are fucking priceless, comedy gold!

This improve riff keeps going and they’re killing it, BB is a perfect straight man and Alison is now asking Adam to clarify on a mid-riff one liner about compliments.

Paul Newman blue eyes on a snow white rat are Adam’s description of the pretty ones.


3rd Story is pringles Holiday Dessert Chips

She’s explaining how they launched last year and the new flavor for this season.

Adam is now bringing up Bugles after the extended discussion about them from a recent show.


Adam was given some flavored Bugles and doesn’t get people adding extra flavors to them, he’s citing Pringles as having a flavor too.

Adam is now bringing up the Churro hut at Disneyland, he’s mocking the 15 flavors of Churro and the homoerotic crème filled variety that result in a face full of goo.

Alison is bringing up the candy corn Oreos and how she didn’t get to try them as they didn’t seem to have enough stock.


Alison is now bringing up the fan who gave Adam the Bugles, Adam devoured the regular ones and finished off the sack of the inferior Jalapeno flavor while flying home.

BB is now calling Adam on smuggling food through TSA, he was totally allowed to bring them, and Adam still doesn’t think you can bring stroganoff, perhaps not, but Pizza is ok for sure!

Adam is now saying he opened and closed the bag of Bugles 28 times and is describing his hilarious attempts to sit still with a “Bugle puss” on and resist eating the remaining Bewg’s.


Adam is now getting back to Mike August’s rare midflight nap and his baseball cap being pulled down over his face, he’s contrasting the normal way of pulling down a brim vs. having the back over the top of your head.

Adam is now busting out another live read, must be 5 live reads this show?

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping another great episode, they need to rebook Tom ASAP, great guest!