Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/17/2012 – Alana Stewart.

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/17/2012 – Alana Stewart.

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Recorded 10/16/2012 – Release Date 10/17/2012


Adam is opening the show by teasing the arrival of Dameshek and Alana, he’s explaining how many people on staff are sick and how when certain staff members become ill it’s a sign that it’s serious. Adam has a killer analogy that gets a great reaction from Bryan.


The gang are now riffing on Mike August, Alison has changed the topic to the subject of Adam’s analogy. Adam is explaining he was only joking and Alison is laying in some hilarious quotes.


Adam is telling the gang how he drove out to Jay Mohr’s house to record his podcast earlier in the day, Adam got a great reaction out of Jay with a joke about Medieval Times. Adam is explaining the bit in more detail, Bryan is chiming in with some good improv.


Adam is now explaining how he forgets what it’s like to do other people’s podcasts, where there is background noise and how they’re often not recorded in a studio.




Adam is now recounting a conversation he had with assistant Jay about waste, Adam is explaining he doesn’t mind the money that he’s bothered by the lack of use, he’s citing spoiled fruit and his kids space heater as examples. Adam is now explaining some recent traffic incidents, including one from earlier in the day.


Adam wants a new awareness campaign telling motorists in older vehicles to stick to the right lane in case they breakdown, he’s citing all the other lane restrictions involved with driving. Adam is off on a rant about traffic and society, Alison and Bryan are chiming in and backing him up.


Adam saw the debate last night, he thought Obama was more animated and was very disappointed with Romney’s opening response, Adam has the control room fire up the clip. Adam is doing some commentary up top and now he’s letting the clip play out.


Adam has the control room fire up another clip of Romney, Adam is now riffing on the idea of what a crazy world we live in because 5% of the populace pay 60% of the tax collected. Adam is now going off on how most of the problems in society can be traced back to a dysfunctional family unit and how to resolve them.


Adam is now taking his rant to a comedic angle by citing “Independence Day” Bryan is jumping in and adding to the bit. Bryan is wondering why Obama doesn’t use his unique position to speak out more, Adam is explaining that Bill Cosby tried it and even he was raked over the coals for his comments.


Adam is asking the gang where they want to go next, Bryan is playing the Fred Savage drop. Adam reveals that Dameshek is too far out of range to make it this episode. Adam is now explaining that he was told by his advertising staff that their audience response to advertisers is above all other podcasts, radio and even television, wow!




Adam welcomes Alana to the show and is asking about her journey, Adam is asking some background questions about her childhood, Loveline style.


Adam and Alana are going in depth on what it’s like to grow up without a father, Adam is using his loveline expertise to explain his point about it being worse for a girl than a boy. Alana is describing her unusual protection method when she first went to NYC, Adam is getting a kick out of it.


Alana is further describing her difficult upbringing, Adam is in full Loveline mode while responding to her. Alana is now sharing details of a very traumatic crime she experienced, everyone is being respectful while letting her share her story. Adam is explaining the roles of victims and those who commit crimes against them and how it often leads back to their family of origin.


Alana is explaining how she never discussed this crime with either of her husbands and didn’t get into it until she was in therapy. Adam is switching gears and asking her about her time in NYC and her marriages. He’s explaining that he’s met both of her ex husbands, Rod was actually a loveline guest in 1998.




Adam is asking her if she has any great old stories about being married to Rod, she’s now telling a super rare story that she’s never told before about Rod Stewart and Robert Mitchum hanging out in 1st class. Adam is now comparing that experience to his most recent jaunt in 1st class. Alana is losing her shit from the description and even more from the photo. Alana just chimed in that it looked like the dog was about to fight, Adam is thrilled to fill her in.


Adam is joking about doing a “freeze” with Alana, she’s a great sport and totally game, awesome booking!


Adam and Alana are explaining the 747 layout with the bar upstairs to Alison who wasn’t aware it even existed, Alison has a great reply about the piano size. Alana is now explaining her time as a flight attendant to Adam, really funny reactions from everyone.


Alana is now going in depth on her marriage and divorce, he’s pitching her on his “pre AIDS mid Coke” theory, they just fired up the infamous photo of Rod that Larry Miller is perplexed by, Alana is even embarrassed by it. awesome!


Adam just asked her how she met Rod, if it was that creepy agent move many famous guys pull, she once again marvels at him asking a question as it pertains to what actually happened. She’s now telling a story about one of Adam’s all time favorite go to references “Swifty Lazar”.




Adam is now asking Alana about her Farrah Fawcett documentary and Farrah’s battle with cancer, Alana is now explaining how they first met on TV auditions and became friends. Alana is going super in depth about her history with Farrah.


Alison is asking if Alana ever thought Farrah might not survive her cancer battle while she was making the documentary.




Alison’s News, her top story is about TIME magazine obtaining a leaked behind the scenes document that spells out all the rules of the debates. Alison is reading some of them for Adam. Adam has a great quote where he uses Alison as an example to make his point, Alison is now doing a great improv bit with Adam, hilarious!


They’re all now breaking down the debate, Alison has some good points and Alana is giving her take. Adam is pissed off at the people asking questions not being prepared and fumbling when the spotlight is on them. Adam is explaining how most people in society don’t realize how substantial the candidates are and while you might disagree with the candidates it’s not wise to dismiss them.


Adam’s now on a riff about old guys having super white teeth, he’s using Joe Biden as an example. Adam is now recounting trying to explain the Morton Downey Jr. bathroom incident to Jay Mohr and how he went back around for a 2nd lap of “you don’t know this?” even though he hates it when people do that.




Alison’s 2nd story is about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes, Adam thinks it’s a great idea, he loves both of those women and their immense talent. He’s explaining how Tina did Loveline in 2004 and was a delight and how you never see Amy miss a beat or look like she’s trying to be funny.


Alison inspired a Nick Offerman tangent, Adam is now recounting his recent “Ace on The House” trip to Nick’s woodshop¬† which you can watch in full via that link. They’re discussing the free hat that Nick gave Adam and Adam’s momentum with hats.




Alison’s 3rd story is about Paul Shaffer possibly leaving “The Late Show” with David Letterman in 2014, he’s back to the topic of free hats now. Adam is asking Alison if perhaps Paul’s comment was telling in that perhaps David won’t be doing the show either.


Adam is now explaining how Letterman ensured Jon Stewart didn’t get the show and time slot after “The Late Show” in a calculated business move, Bryan is now explaining to Adam that he’s mentioned in “The War For Late Night”.


Alison is now getting Adam to explain the story of Natalia having an accident while they were on a walk. Adam is explaining how Olga was trying to compliment Sonny on his fine work the other day on the podcast but Natalia wasn’t having it. Adam is now explaining that he doesn’t even know the character her plays in “Wreck It Ralph”.


Adam is back to the pee story, Natalia demanded that Adam assist her while she peed. Adam is now describing how he kind of assisted in her accident. Alison and Alana are blown away that Adam didn’t take her straight home to change her pants, Adam is now explaining his take on why that was ok.


Adam is on a quick riff about Alana’s first class flight from earlier in the show, she seems to love it. Alison wraps the news.


Adam does a live read, gives some plugs and wraps the show