Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/16/2015 – Adam Ray and John Demko

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/16/2015 – Adam Ray and John Demko

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Ray and John Demko

Recorded 10-15-2015 – Release Date 10-16-2015

Production Number #1682

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Adam opens the show to a funny “shocking” intro and John Demko is in studio making his ACS debut, BB plays a fan quoting Adam about fingering prostitutes.

Adam is asking John about changing his oil, instead of telling him the facts he’s telling him his emotional choice based on how he was raised, yikes.

Adam is asking where the oil comes from, he asks about synthetics.


John is telling them about creating new intelligent molecules, funny party howl noise from BB, Adam is talking about the pizza truck over at the other warehouse and he mocks the tomato topped slices he saw Caelan trucking over.

Adam is mocking tomato as a pizza topping, he refused to eat the stuff until they get some real toppings.

Adam is asking John about the real next fuel for the vehicles for 20 years from now, john talks about the fuel economy targets for this country and the vehicles sold here in the next 20 years.


Adam is asking John about cars that make café/fleet regulations and he talks about the Ford Dooley being offset by the Fiestas and rental car mobiles.

John is telling them about the fines that have been dished out since the inception of the café standards.

Adam talks about little not always meaning safe, John has a mini vs. Hummer comparisons and Adam asks him how he got into this field.


Adam is asking him about preparing kids for their future, he brings up Dr. Drew as the only example he knows of someone who knew where they were going to end up.

Adam is bringing up the ‘Knott’s Scary Farm’ commercials and how horrific they’re getting, he brings up the Lasagna rule he has for content safe for prime time network TV.

Adam is asking John about his kids and if they use synthetic lubrications in their cars, Adam jokes about his kids lashing out with their multi-grades.


Adam is now sharing the commercial with the teeth being pulled with plyers, Gina has a funny extra gaze comment.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Castrol GTX Magnatec

Adam is going full Bill Murray in ‘Caddyshack’ on the ants at his house


Adam asks what is pure dinosaur oil vs. mixed new fake shit in 2015 automotive oil.

John has some facts about conventional oils and café standards, Adam is now using a wooden spoon to make an analogy about cooking from scratch.

Adam is talking about Gina stirring some fudge brownie mix under her arm, Adam is talking about how the synthetic oil keeps the system turning easier.


BB asks about motor oil in electric cars like Tesla, Adam is now mocking BB for his blunder and jokes about him not being a friend nor speaking for the staff.

Adam talks about the grease used in the wheels and bearings for the Tesla, John is telling them about making grease for the mars rover.

John explains how they work alongside NASA and use their data to create their specialty grease for outer space uses.


Adam is welcoming Adam Ray to the show for his 8th appearance, he brings up his upcoming live podcast and now Adam is talking to him about it and what it’s like to be unsure of what you’ll be donning on stage.

Adam Ray is telling them about his recent trip on a ‘New Kids on the Block’ cruise, Adam is asking about the band and how many shows he played.

Adam talks about his late friend Philip the Juggler getting his dick sucked while performing on these cruise ship gigs.


Adam Ray is telling them about the events and performances, he’s going on about the parties and theme nights.

Adam says this is why the terrorists hate us, Adam is impersonating a woman from the cruise, and a drunk gal too fucked up arguing about enjoying her life.

Adam is joking about being too fucked up, he calls booze dumb juice and jokes about drunken Sean Penn only becoming slightly altered vs. dumb chicks who can’t afford to burn any extra brain cells.


Adam Ray has a funny Tony Danza PSA joke and Gina is asking him about the band being so close to their fans while on board a ship, he explains how they’re within reach while also protected from danger.

Adam talks about a guy on Dennis Prager’s show doing a cruise and how they could do their own cruise, Adam brings up the Gronk Cruise.

Adam Ray is telling them about where they set sail from and how the cruise progressed.


Adam Ray is telling them about parasailing, Adam is on a hilarious riff about the safety standards of South America and frayed ropes.

Adam says it’s funny when you have to point out dangers to people at their own jobs where they’re supposed to be experts, he brings up the police dog attack man show bit where he had to bring up his hands and the potential danger for bite wounds.

Adam further describes the bit and how the police dog has a switch, one mode, Adam has a killer “I used to be black” one liner.


Adam Ray shares his paranoia about police dogs and being busted for things he’s never done, Adam talks about turning down his radio when a CHP officer is behind him.

Adam thinks humans just need to do something, it’s a primitive fear response and attempt to control the uncontrollable.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Dawson has some peperoni pizza, Gary is in studio and Adam brings up the debates.

Adam compliments Bernie Sanders for speaking honestly even though he might disagree with some points, Adam is bringing up Hillary Clinton and her forced smiling and the hypocrisy of not being able to weigh in on communities you don’t belong to and explains how they had a black guy asks the black lives matter question and how that comes off.


Adam and the gang agree its condescending and Adam wants to know why the democrats keep playing that card, Dawson talks about the crowd eating up being pandered to in such an obvious way.

Adam has them play a clip of Jim Webb and his comments compared to Hillary’s and now Adam is talking about China and India needing to participate in climate change prevention and alter their pollution output.


Adam has a killer “god with clouds bad with plot structure” joke about El Nino meets M. Night Shyamalan joke, holy shit!

Adam is now back to the debates and Hillary talking about hunting for the Chinese, BB and the rest of the gang mock her cartoon like description.

Adam talks about the insult and racist way in which people talk about black people like they’re snow seals that need protection.


Adam has a clip of Bernie Sanders and the rest of the candidates repeating the same platitudes, Adam is peppering in some live commentary and talks about the family structure and the role that plays in this.

Gina asks what the problem is with Adam’s comments, Adam says they’re selling victimhood and they skip past Asian and eastern Indian, they’re trying to get votes by selling victimhood and fear.

Adam has a funny Mitt Romney and Mario Lopez balls deep on a houseboat riff, funny example.


Adam is asking Gina about her situation, funny back and forth.

Adam is now further riffing at Politician Platitude, he has another clip of Hillary talking about black lives matter.

They all discuss Hillary’s religious beliefs and Adam teases the paid family leave topic.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt needs to offer gum, maybe condoms, Adam says big league chew sacks


Adam is now playing as clip of Hillary talking about paid family leave, Adam is mocking her answer and the notion of making the wealthy pay for it.

Adam shares his own distaste for rich business criminal types, who use tax loopholes and offshore accounts to steal from the system, he’s with you on that.

Adam is now playing another clip of Hillary addressing her own 1% status, Adam says he wishes Bernie or Trump would play up the Atheist angle.


Adam is mocking Hillary’s mentions of god and what it implies about her own ego.



Lord of the Jungle

Winner Luke, he bought a 3k ‘Ghostbusters’ replica trap, Adam Ray mentions his role in the new reboot with Paul Feig, Adam says all will be forgiven if Luke can fuck this device.

Adam shares his idea for a fancy 1500 big wheel made with real parts and built to last, they all talk to Luke about his win and wrap up the bit.


Adam is asking Adam Ray about his role in the new movie and mentions the episode of ‘Take a Knee’ with Paul, Adam is bringing up how this could be a huge Jurassic Park level hit.

They’re all singing the praises of ‘Spy’ and ‘The Heat’ and Adam is asking him about where it takes place, Adam Ray tells them about his stunts and Adam is asking him about being on Paul’s rolodex.

Adam Ray is telling them about his harness and rig needed for the movie and his insane stunts.


Adam is talking about casting by committee in contrast to how Paul is able to cast his projects.

Adam is sharing the story of the song on his sitcom and how the network signed off and he was lectured about it, then the test audiences has the same comments about the son being too old.

Everyone is chiming in and enhancing the story, Adam hopes they all sitcom producers get a fist up their own ass, he says fuck you to the system and has a pirate ship.



Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Lamar Odem stroke and medical emergency, Gina has all of the details and now Adam is sharing an angle he heard about Lamar being tipped off with a “I just thought you should know” regarding some reruns of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ and wants to focus on that.

Gina talks about the reality TV show crew invading the hospital, Adam has a funny Seacrest will make the final decision on pulling the plug joke.

Adam is telling the “hey I just though you should know” people should all kill themselves which will make the world a better place.

“They’re worse than sickle cell for the black man” – Adam on the Kardashians

Adam has a killer improv scene with Adam Ray and Brad Williams and an “I just thought you should know” ending.


Gina has a comment about addiction and how sad it can be, a realistic and serious take.

Adam Ray talks about the Kardashian element and Adam says humans aren’t wired for this and nobody can take this stuff.

2 million strangers calling you a fuck stick for something you did 2 years ago while suffering through addiction, Adam says that no matter what a small group will flourish from this new world order, the cockroaches among us.

Adam says that the Kardashian flourish like nutria, hilarious one liner topper from Ace


Adam is doing an Invoice to Go Live Read


2nd Story is on Jennifer Lawrence’s blog about getting paid less than her male costars, Adam supports equal wages for men and women.

Adam is now being realistic and arguing about how status and a record of opening movies plays a role in your pay, he jokes about Adam Ray making more than Sandra Bullock, hilarious riff.

Adam is now riffing about ‘Hymen and Foreskin’ a new buddy cop series a proposed by Adam Ray after Adam talks about genitalia and wage equality.


They’re now riffing a close on the scene between Hymen and Foreskin and their chief, Adam Ray is trying to get Adam to deliver a closer, “you got moiled bitch”

Adam jokes about the foreskin-less men who negotiate for Jennifer and Adam is being realistic about when they casted up for that movie and how you’re never the first choice for a movie and how you can blow you chances by asking for too much.


Adam is being very realistic about movie salaries and he says whatever you think about misogyny in our society, that’s all true but it take a huge back seat to money.

Adam is now asking about what she got paid vs. her costars, Adam says he’s not attracted to Jennifer at all and Gary says it’s all about backend points 7 vs. 9 for her male costars.

Adam is trying to discern her age and says he thinks he know what bothers him about her look, Gina wraps the news with a funny drop of Adam shouting ‘off the stage fag” from the cruise ship discussion when he mentioned the one hosted by Gronk.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam is asking BB who the actress Jennifer reminds him of, Juliette Lewis

Adam’s not into that, Adam is gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.

5 for 5, a perfect week of podcasts, thanks gang and guests!

Adam compliments Adam Ray on getting funnier with each visit and surpassing his own career with each incremental step he makes in the film world.