Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 182

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 182

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 10-07-2014 – Release Date 10-16-2014

Production Number #182 – Two Front Doors

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro and a new “free therapy man” addition.

Drew says Adam looks rested, he tells him he’s not rested at all but he’s tan, so he has a fake healthy glow.

Adam is saying he can see the light at the end of his production schedule and tells Adam he finally met Skip and Alison and says he’s going to bring Alison on to his HLN show, awesome!


Adam shares how heat makes him miserable and how you know your poor, bases on the temperature in the place you live and if it’s hotter inside than out.

Adam is now describing the denim material tacked between the window and the wall unit air conditioner, Adam describes how their cat used to use it as a door to enter the house.

Adam is sharing his take on bed sofas and how they are the worst of both elements, he’s describing the den that also served as his step-fathers bedroom.


Adam is explaining how they acquired their cat Norman, Adam says he was essentially a tomcat, Adam is further describing the exploits and adventures of his cat Norman.

Adam is once again explaining the two front doors to his mom’s house to Dr. Drew, he says it’s a phot he’s never seen, but he has for sure seen this photo, we have audio of it happening.

Adam is now breaking down the two photos of his family for Drew, you can see both photos via the show page link above and follow along.


Adam is sharing his take on Hungarians and his grandfather specifically, Adam is describing what the Hungarian language sounds like.

Drew says the only times he’s encountered someone with a true photographic memory they were Hungarian, the half dozen or so times it’s happened.

Adam explains why his step Grandfather Lotzi would say ‘Difficult” over “hard” and choose better words when speaking English than native speakers.


Adam is explaining the setup of his stepfather’s room, he explains how small it was and is now bringing up the question he gets about his mom and stepfather sleeping in separate rooms.

Adam explains that finding out his mom met her husband in a primal scream encounter group is akin to the time Robert Schimmel forced him to watch ‘Two Girls One Cup’ and Adam shares how much he misses Robert.

Adam and Drew are describing sliding doors and pocket doors, going specific on vinyl sliding doors with strange wood grain, Drew once again laments how much the 1970’s sucked.


Adam is finally back to Norman and his method to alerting them he wanted in before the accordion of denim was added to the AC unit.

Adam says these photos remind him of the old timey picture taking methods that required posing, he says it occurs to him that in the days of film photography we weren’t that far from the previous century.

Adam is joking about how a picture of his mother doesn’t exist with her smiling, Drew misunderstands just to shit on the point he made up.


“This is a 1-2-3 Fuck You Mom!” – Adam as his mom talking to her grandma.

Adam explains how he knew his grandma alerted him to the camera and his parents chose to both put on their put upon faces, Adam is painting the picture for those too lazy or not interested enough to visit the website.

Adam is now going in depth on the “Fuck You!” that Adam’s mom was sending to his late grandmother, Drew says his grandma did deserve that and Adam says that’s correct but points out how his parents were unable to be happy or even fake it.


Drew gets on his feet to get an up close look and he points out the shitty patio furniture and the block wood table that doesn’t match.

Adam is explaining how his grandfather would like to mix and match things, Drew shares his mixed feelings after talking about this stuff and how he experiences a feeling in his gut of “being stuck” and Adam is echoing his sentiment while explaining how this doesn’t fully affect him like it did when he lived through his basketball hoop free childhood.

Adam says a basketball hoop and a dog could have given him a decent childhood, he explains how little it would’ve cost in money and time to pull that off for him.


Adam is telling Drew about finding his first ball, a football with no laces while outside, Adam says he looked out his bedroom window and Drew stops him, saying he can relate to Adam’s misery and thinks it’s epidemic of the 1970’s.

“Riker’s island would serve hot food” – Adam on his life while growing up in comparison to prisoners.

Adam says he moved from his beautiful house in the hills to a lesser house so Natalia could have a tire swing, he explains how he moved shortly after building his dream home/palace for his children’s happiness.


Adam is further explaining all of the reasons that only encouraged him to move, Drew tries to jump in and de-pussywhip his comments.

Adam explains how he bought a big house with a big yard just for his family, he is now going over what they use the yard for and sharing an anecdote of Sonny with a football tucked under his arm with a soccer ball at his feet he was kicking, he jokes about a 3rd mystery ball shoved up his ass.

Adam shares how he tells his kids about how happy he is that they are in his life and make his family complete, he tells Drew about the “how happy are you that your mommy is your mommy” and the observation from Natalia about Jimmy Kimmel having a better life, he shares Jimmy’s reaction to the same comment.


They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is now commenting on the concept of hating people who have money, he compares his life and his time with his kids to any family, and he just holds a ball and plays catch with his son.

Adam comments on the dinner that Drew brought up that made Adam gets pissed at him for shitting on his point.

Adam is now explaining why he couldn’t go to the UCLA game after their dinner and needed some “me time” and now they’re back to the photo of his parents they were talking about earlier.


Adam is saying he’s never looked at the photo from this angle and noticed his mother’s resistance to smiling and engaging.

Adam is now telling all adults about the effort they must make to at least pretend they’re stable when around their children.


1st Caller Eric, he commits the ultimate sin of saying his question is mainly for Dr. Drew, he brags about his achievements and wants to know about the positive cases of teen pregnancy, much like his own with his daughter.

Drew now spins the logic back on Eric to explain the facts, Adam is now mocking him and asking why we don’t publicize the cases where people get into auto accidents and survive, hilarious “down farm” comment.

Adam says Mangria is back with a passion and Drew jokes about it containing the mysterious fruit, Adam is now explaining how the Brose is now flowing and ready to ship.


2nd Caller Joseph, he’s been listening since 7th grade and has two kids, he has a situation where him and his wife have lost intimacy and enjoying each other’s company, they’re in therapy and are trying to work through things.

Joseph is saying he feels like the more he tries he’s met with resistance and excuses, Adam is offering up some practical advice and Drew tells him not to separate, separation leads to divorce like 90% of the time.

Adam asks about the parents waiting until the kids are 18 and making the move then, Drew explains kids only care about the family being intact, unless there is violence and horrible things going on.


Adam is now explaining how he didn’t like the stigma of his parents’ divorce as a kid, how it made him feel shame and embarrassed him, he goes through a few scenarios about the questions he got from coaches and normal intact families.


Adam is now doing an E-Voice live read.

Adam is now wrapping up the show and asks about the “Cash Creek Casino” and explains he needs things written out how they sound/the normal way.