Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/16/2012 – Carol Polis and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/16/2012 – Carol Polis and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/15/2012 – Release Date 10/16/2012


Adam is opening the show with Ray in studio, he’s telling Ray about being backstage at “The Kimmel Center” in Philadelphia and hanging out with Dennis Prager. He’s now describing an encounter with a guy who brought up the Ray chapter of “Not Taco Bell Material” who was demanding to know more about the legendary stories.


Adam had a new series of encounters with spiders at his home, he’s explaining how Sonny reacts to things he’s afraid of. Adam is describing going shopping at a Halloween store with the kids, he’s riffing about how his parents treated the holiday. Adam’s now on a tangent about getting busted by Lynette for leaving his keys in the front door.


Adam is now explaining how he couldn’t believe he did that and how he figured out why it happened, Adam is being hilarious. Adam is now explaining a fake spider at the Halloween store that scared Sonny, he’s describing Natalia’s demeanor and how the kids fought over the spider decoration.




Adam’s second spider story is about a real spider, he’s describing how he attempted to kill the spider while walking to bed. Adam is now telling the gang how he was anticipating the cold weather and rain but returned home to over 90 degree temperatures.


Adam is explaining how he’s been doing press for Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy hosting duties and time slot change, Ray interrupts to compliment Sonny on something from Sunday afternoon. Adam is busting Ray’s balls for not making sense, he’s having him explain what he was trying to say. Adam is now back to explaining how nearly half of his interviews are about his two former partners, Dr. Drew or Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam is sharing how he filmed another episode of Bill O’Reilly’s show and brought up a topic he was talking about on stage in Joliet on Friday. Ray jumps in to explain that he saw the Space Shuttle, Adam is now telling the gang about the idea he presented on the show.


Adam is now telling the gang about visiting his dad in the hospital, he had a very bizarre discussion with him about dying and coming back to life. Very heavy subject but Adam’s making it hilarious.




Ace on The House, Adam is still amazed the tonight show played the theme song last time he guested.


1st caller, Robbie confirms Alison’s opinion that all architects are assholes. Adam is now mocking Ray using Robbie’s age and home ownership as fodder. Adam is now explaining how Ray had his pickup truck in the warehouse parking lot for 3 years and recently moved it and then abandoned it at Adam’s other warehouse.


Adam is really going off on Ray, Ray is making noises in an attempt to quiet Adam down. Back to Robbie, he shares about 30 feet of fence with his neighbor and recently replaced all the wood. His neighbor was supposed to pay half but still hasn’t come through with the cash.


Adam is now explaining the innumerable amount of people who owe him money and have never paid him, he’s using it to make a broader point. Adam is telling Robbie not to worry that he’ll always be better off than his neighbor. Adam is saying these people are liars and thieves but never see themselves that way, Alison has a great one liner and then chimes in to add some context to Adam’s point.




2nd caller, Jimmy is bummed out that he can’t get Mangria in Pennsylvania. Jimmy called in last year about an idea to cover his porch so he could smoke in the winter. Adam told him to buy a house and quit smoking, Jimmy reveals he closed on his 1st house and now wants tips on what projects he should tackle first.


Bald Bryan brought in a video of him flushing his toilet, he wants to know why it’s not filling all the way. Ray immediately calls the problem and they instruct Bryan on what to do. Bryan mentions that the video will be up at, Alison chimes in with a hilarious quip.


Adam is explaining there are only a few of the DTR party packs left, Ray just came up with a new acronym for DTR.




Adam is welcoming Carol to the show for the first time, Adam is asking Carol about her journey and how she got into boxing. Adam is now having her explain the first fight she judged.


They’re now riffing on fighter’s nicknames, Adam has some great replies to actual nicknames that Carol is mentioning. Adam is now telling a personal anecdote about Mike Weaver as they discuss the physiques of various boxers.


Adam is asking Carol about the most vicious fights she’s ever witnessed, she’s describing a street fight, Adam comments that it’s like something out of Rocky V and Carol chimes in that she was in Rocky V.


Adam is asking if anyone ever tried to bribe her, she’s explaining an FBI encounter after working with Don King. Adam is now asking Carol about a famous incident with a water bottle in the ring. Carol remembers it was Aaron Pryor Vs Alexis Arguello and Adam fills in the details.


Carol is discussing her favorite fighter, Adam jumps in to elaborate and is now telling the gang about the Roberto Duran Vs Thomas Hearns fight and has the control room fire up some clips. Carol informs Adam that both Roberto Duran and Larry Holmes are musicians.




Alison’s News, Her top story is an update on the giant eyeball that washed ashore in Florida. She also studied up on squids after the conversation they had on on the previous episode. Adam is riffing on the idea of men at sea witnessing mermaids, Bryan jumps in as a drunken sailor to help Adam improv a great mermaid bit, hilarious!


Her 2nd story is that Hulk Hogan is suing Bubba The Love Sponge over the leaked sex tape. Adam is explaining how he would hear Bubba having Hulk on his Sirius radio show and the nature of their friendship, Adam has an interesting point about why they probably even started hanging out.


Adam is explaining how he no longer accepts these controversies and lawsuits at face value and is open to the idea of people doing it to generate publicity.




Alison’s 3rd story is that Jimmy Kimmel will have David Letterman as a guest when he takes the show to NYC. Alison is asking if Adam has any inside scoop. Adam is explaining how he has seen pictures of Jimmy wearing a Letterman jacket in childhood photos and even has framed a letter from him.


Adam is explaining how he was booked on Letterman a couple years before Jimmy, Adam did the show in 1999. Adam is now telling the gang how Jimmy was bumped from the show before, he’s getting into the bumping process.


Alison is asking if it hurts being punched as a boxer, Carol is giving the explanations she’s heard from fighters. Adam is giving a first hand account of the bizarre electrical misfires your brain has when getting hit in the head.


Adam is now explaining the bit he did on his first Letterman appearance, everyone told Adam what a great idea it was and were perplexed nobody ever tried it before. The control room find the date of Jimmy’s first Letterman appearance.


Alison wraps the news with a new closing line, Adam wraps the show with a quick closing riff about Jimmy Kimmel and some date corrections for Jimmy’s Letterman appearances.