Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2015 – Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2015 – Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Matt Atchity

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Guest Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Matt Atchity

Recorded 10-14-2015 – Release Date 10-15-2015

Production Number #1681

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Matt Atchity is in studio, everyone is excited for Jake the Snake and BB has a funny #TopDrop from yesterday with the Sklars.

Matt comments on the decent game ran by Dawson in Phoenix, Adam is talking about the heat disturbing him, he complains about ants being like Palestinians, they’re never satisfied.

Adam wishes he could get them to leave with a cake based gift, hilarious Flintstones tiptoeing sound impression.


Adam is blaming movies for this, he brings up the sound that ants make in movies.

Adam talks about Hollywood adding sound to insects, he blames one of the shitty Ocean’s movies.

Adam is now bringing up the scene with the bed bugs from Ocean’s 13 and Matt is bringing up the Flintstones bowling tiptoeing sound.


Gina comments on Adam’s meth head like picking at himself, Adam is describing the black snowman ants attacking him.

Adam is sharing the experience of trying to find an alternate bug spray using some chemical around the house.

Adam brings up Lysol and BB mentions Easy Off which leads to the story of Estie’s kitchen, as first/best told on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2001 – GUEST: ANGELICA BRIDGES • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW.


Adam is hitting every detail, including the panty drawer hunt.

Adam is talking about the easy off removing the avocado paint on the hood vent, this is the first time Gina has heard this story, Matt too it seems.

BB has only heard it 1-2 times in addition to this, I actually requested it on one of my legendary 2008 KLSX ACS phone calls.


Adam is hitting the beat of her father coming home and then leaving without entering the house, Matt is adding to the story nicely and Gina is really pushing it along.

Adam is riffing about his buddy Chris hiding in the closet and BB points out his shortsighted choice, Adam is talking about lying to Estie’s mom about the destroyed kitchen.


BB has a ‘Flintstones’ clip to play the requested noise from Adam.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Pictures of oil changes are Adam’s porn in 2015 edition


Adam is teasing the Jake the Snake documentary and comments on his sharp rise and fall over decades of wrestling, Adam says there is nothing sadder in wrestling than the guy who is too fucked up to help the heel take a dive.

Adam talks about him pulling his dick out after refusing to participate in a sad 2007 era amateur match.

Adam, brings up his publicist Lee who attends WrestleMania every year with his mom, Adam jokes about him hiring a male stripper for himself.


Mangria Moments

Winner Craig, he used a picture of Dee Snider and a picket fence to make a “Defense” sign and now Adam is talking about watching SportsCenter and comments on how good looking Andy Dalton is, he thinks his Mr. Heatmiser red hair is holding him back.

Craig is now commenting on his local team and Adam is riffing about their ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ song choice for Bengals games.

Gina has a funny get a mop comment while looking a choice picture of Andy, Adam brings up a Jethro Tull song ‘Bungle in the Jungle’ and Dawson shares his hatred for the track.


Adam is riffing over the song as he tells Craig to bring this song to the font office for use during games, Adam is now explaining when the song could be used.

Adam is asking Craig about Tailgating with the Mangria, they’re asking him about who Dee Snider was mistaken for.

Adam is now asking him to get a picture of Dee from ‘What’s Happening’ and how he first saw that while watching a game at Kimmel’s football Sunday about 8 years ago.

Adam thinks he might have been the only person to get that joke watching the game that day.


Craig has a killer quote from Adam on 1997 Classic Loveline, about fingering a prostitute only being appropriate for police lineups.

Adam explains why Loveline never gets saved in his brain, his coworkers led him to believe he wasn’t funny and nothing was memorable so he rolls with it.

Adam explains that Dr. Drew loves the fart and poop humor, BB is shocked and incredulous.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Charles, Adam will never get phone based satisfaction.

Charles thinks that Gina has never heard the Three Mijo’s and BB has a killer one liner about Matt getting perked up about the news of Adam de la Peña making his own Hawaiian shirts.

Gina has heard this bit as she did listen to the KLSX morning show, she was a huge fan, how cool!


Adam is now explaining the Mijo stages, Gina likes it in person even more it seems.

Adam is getting to the further stages of Mijo, post death and even a year later.

Charles mentions his Road Hard merch.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Rotten or Fresh: The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Tom Hanks Movies edition

Matt Reviews ‘Bridge Of Spies’


1st Movie ‘Bachelor Party’ (1984)

Adam says it’s a very overrated comedy, Adam mocks BB’s 50% guess, hilarious comment.


2nd Movie ‘Dragnet’ (1987)

Adam says the only good part of the movie is the part when Dan Aykroyd does the verbiage thing like he did on SNL.

Gina shares her love for this movie and Adam talks about the woman he met who loved ‘Dirty Rotten Scandals’


3rd Movie ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ (1993)

Adam guesses people loved it, he forgets he did the DVD EPK material with Dr. Drew


4th Movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (1998)

Adam wants to know how you can watch this movie and not like it, he cites the “tell me I’m a good man” ending that many people hate.

BB talks about the parts of the movie that drag a bit, Matt talks about the group of critics that don’t like Steven Spielberg’s filmmaking.

Adam talks about the part where they were waiting for the Germans to roll up, he thinks it only added to the tension.


5th Movie ‘The Green Mile’ (1999)

Adam doesn’t support urban movies, he’s the only person he knows who has seen it in full, he mocks the stuff he has seen and talks about the “theme” of the movie and how critics lie for political reasons.

Matt says the movie is a little over the top and Gina had no idea there was a supernatural element.


Adam says he went higher and screwed himself, Adam re-watched ‘Vacation’ and mocks the film, the best joke in the movie is Randy Quaid giving Chevy Chase his secondhand beer, Adam says it doesn’t hold a candle to ‘Raising Arizona’ and BB tells Adam to go back and watch ‘European Vacation’ and calls it very rough.

Adam is now talking about Chevy Chase and his horrific filmography, he doesn’t have a funny movie out of his entire repertoire.


Adam plugs


Adam is doing a Fandango Live Read

They head to break


They’re back from break with Jake the Snake making his ACS debut, they play a ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ as they come back to the show.

Adam says that Diamond Dallas Page is supposed to be in studio too but he’s passing a kidney stone, hilarious mockery from Adam asking him where his yoga is for him now.


Adam is talking about the documentary with Jake, he’s sharing the experiencing of watching the movie and says he’s lucky and blessed to be where he is now.

Adam is asking what we should do with former wrestlers, much like NFL players and post career head trauma.

Jake is telling them about working with a new federation that will re-train young wrestlers and he mentions Mick Foley which leads to a legendary drop from him.


Adam is talking about Jake and his pet snakes, Adam jokes about Arizona killing more states in the union and now BB is asking Jake about his number of snakes, he tells them about wrestling with a dead one for some time.

Adam is asking him who he liked wrestling with, he shares how you would be able to go out and riff, you didn’t need to practice nor choreograph things.


Adam talks about the extreme stunts they now do, BB asks what move or routine was the worst for him, Jake says anything off of his feet.

Jake is telling them about his father and his step mother who molested him, he shares the story of his late sister who was kidnapped and murdered for insurance money by an evil couple.

Adam is talking about how unthinkable molestation is to a father, Jake says he has 8 kids and wouldn’t let his daughter sit on his lap until last year out of fear of being triggered into an abuser like the people who victimized him and his sister.


Jake talks about being able to see the dead spots in the eyes of abused kids, much like what Bobcat and Barry Crimmins describes on their recent ACS episode.

Adam talks about not being able to find the body and how he would find people guilty regardless, Jake tells them about the limited sentence for the murder who ended up back with the man his sister was seeing.

Adam is asking Jake about making peace with his father, he shares how his father wouldn’t tell him he was proud of him his entire life.


Jake is going deep and sharing some dark moments from his past, he talks about making a deal with the devil to break off that pride in his father’s ass.

Adam is asking him why his dad didn’t reach a larger stage, Adam has a killer one liner ‘The Incest-o-nator” and BB tops it with a very dark comment, wow!

Adam is now talking about parents who withheld love and appreciation for kids as some way to motivate them, Adam talks about watching his son’s flag football practice and that the parental attention has swung too far in the other direction.

Jake is somewhat blind to the pendulum going too far in the other direction, he’s too appreciative for what he’s got and being able to spend time with his grandkids.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Adam is asking Jake about his sobriety and he’s sharing how Dallas and his support got him through his addictions and he comments on the 90 meetings in 90 days and WWE provided counseling and rehab helped him.

Jake is talking about the realities of life after rehab and how getting high is sometimes your only option.

Adam is asking how long he and Diamond Dallas Page go back, he tells them about first meeting him as a club owner in Fort Meyers Florida, he taught him how to wrestle at 35 after Rick Flair said it was too late for him.


Jake is telling them about losing a snake at Dallas’s home and explains why he transitioned from python to Cobra, Adam asks what he feeds his Cobras vs. pythons.


Adam likes the idea of an animal you feed once every 6 weeks, Adam asks about him turning over his snakes and using them up.

BB asks about other guys from Jake’s era, Jake is now giving them some anecdotes about wrestling Andre the Giant.

BB shares his own anecdote and Adam talks about seeing Jake pick up a Pepsi and it looks tiny in his hand.


Adam is doing an Invoice to Go Live Read


Adam pushes the news to tomorrow’s show, he gives out the plugs and wraps up the episode.

Another perfect episode, Jake crushed it!

4 for 4 this week.


Adam plugs the upcoming screenings of the documentary ‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake’ playing at the Culver City Arclight, Adam is telling people to show some love to DDP with his yoga program and Gina congratulates Jake on being cancer free.

BB plays a nice choice drop to close the show.