Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2014 – David Alan Grier, Dave Attell, and Chris Kluwe

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2014 – David Alan Grier, Dave Attell, and Chris Kluwe

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Alan Grier, Dave Attell, and Chris Kluwe

Recorded 10-13-2014 – Release Date 10-15-2014

Production Number #1432

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Adam opens the show to a “Two Dave’s” intro and Pat O’Brien #TopDrop, Adam explains Dag is in studio and was doing some looping work for the movie ‘Road Hard’ and he gets right to Alison’s dream topic.

DAG is now recreating it as he imagines, Adam is now telling the story as he recalls it and Adam mocks Dag’s snack food for recording.

DAG is joking about sucking on Alison’s dream titties, Adam is telling her to recall the details and Adam jokes about her spending many showers thinking about it.


Adam is telling BB to add a classy music bed instead of the porn soundtrack, Alison is now trying to recall additional details as the ‘Turn off the Lights’ by Teddy Pendergrass plays.

DAG is asking her about shaving her legs and douching, he prefers the natural pussy funk, he is now asking her how lubricated she was, she doesn’t recall but promises to check her pussy journal.

Alison reveals she is perhaps “over-trimmed” and DAG is sharing his plans.

“So you’d like go Bo Derek on her pussy?” – Adam


Dag is sharing the sign that let him know a relationship was past its expiration, his ex was opening her clogged pubic hairs and crying to an episode of Oprah.

Alison is explaining the cuckold role her husband played.

DAG is now explaining how this is going to go down and what they’ll have to contend with, her family, husband etc.


Alison is doing another lap on the dream and how happy she was to be about to get it on with Dag, her butthole puckered up and she reveal that’s the first thing that puckers on her, so many creepy dudes are gonna beat off to this segment.

DAG is asking her if she has ever masturbated to the memory of that dream, she won’t reveal it and says she’s thought a lot about it, an emotional masturbation as it were.

Dag is now asking about emotional affairs vs. physical ones and how women often see them as crueler and more meaningful.
“An affair in the mind is worse than an affair in the behind” –DAG

“Now my Butt’s puckering” –Alison


Adam is now asking Alison would she rather her husband have a one night stand affair or 8 months of flirting with no physical contact.

Alison has some very thoughtful replies and Adam is now breaking down the emotional cheating vs. a one-time physical encounter.

Dag is telling Alison they should just fuck and get it out in the open, she demands it be on air and now Adam is asking him for some examples of his techniques, he wants him to make his sex noises but he’s not biting on the obvious bait.


Dag is asking Alison about sex toys and her experiences with them, Adam says yes does mean yes and quotes Jerry Brown and Dag is further describing their hypothetical sex night.

He is threatening to fingerbang her real hard and now doing his sex noises and Adam is joking about sitting for this for another 40min exposing Alison to this and now Dag wraps up the noises, far too soon.

Adam is now interrupting Dag once again trying to the sex noises as Adam was asking for, instead he’s doing the Atlanta Special Teams coach he did on the last visit.


Dag is now busting out the impression and they’re all enjoying it.

He’s now calling Adam into the impression, Adam says it’s Bryan Cox and he’s busting out another of his favorite characters in football Herman Edwards, “Think it, don’t tweet it!” and Adam is once again backing him up, but this other guy, he’s slipping back into Coach Cox and Dag is swapping seamlessly between the two impressions.

Adam is the same version of himself from both Improv riffs? Adam is killing it leading Coach Cox and riffing about “not knowing how to make it rain properly” and Adam is telling him to put out his cigar.


Adam and Dag are having Alison explains if it was more than one dream or just the one, Dag clarifies that they’re friendly and she takes his comedy better than anyone who’s ever partnered with Adam on air.


Adam is now asking what she likes about Dag, she says he’s funny, Adam says Patton Oswalt is funny too, why not him, she says it’s the attention and Adam along with Dag coin “Tip of the Kangol” and Dag further jokes about the scabs he’ll fuck on/into Alison’s pussy.

Make sure to check out his food blog Chocolate Glutton.

Dag says he would like to play Bryan in the movie version of his book, they wrap with Dag as he threatens to give a gentle hug, up top.


Adam does a live read for Reverie Bed.


Dave Attell is returning to the show, he’s joking about following Dag and Alison reveals Dag’s hand touched her butt.

Adam plugs Dave’s stuff and asks about his show ‘Dave’s Old Porn” and he describes his efforts to get the rights back from Showtime.

Dave is asking Adam about his episode with Georgina Spelvin and Adam is killing it describing the premise of the show and how it’s such an easy sell, instead of reality shows where you work


“Naked and afraid is every porn movie Ron Jeremy starred in from the last 4 years” – Adam

Adam is riffing on reality T.V. and they’re now to the topic of the show ‘Naked and Afraid’ and Dave is now adjusting and deciding to stand instead of sit.

Adam is riffing about cameramen on the show ‘Naked Dating’ and the wide gap in duties for camera operators, Adam is now connecting all of this to the X Games and riffing on the concept and reality of danger.


Dave is asking Adam about his history with doing stupid shit, he’s telling them about the Mulholland Club jumping activities and his own new show he came up with ‘Barefoot and Drunk’ and Dave is coming up with locations and times to film.

BB adds spring break, Dave is asking Adam about the ‘Oddball Comedy Tour’ and Adam explains he’s never done it.

Adam once again references the former ‘Godfather’s Pizza’ in Kirkland Washington (he got it right and references my 4 years of correcting him) while talking about the sweet spot of ceiling height, after Dave shares he feels he’s not an outdoor comedy guy.


Adam is explaining the thinking and real world effects of low ceilings and laughter.


Adam is doing a live read for Hulu Plus.


Adam is now heading to break and teasing the arrival of Chris Kluwe.


They’re back from break with Chris Kluwe making his ACS debut due at least in part to the many fans who had been asking for him to finally guest on the show I presume.

Hilarious ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ intro and reactions, Adam is now forcing Chris Kluwe to brag about his skills and Adam shares his love for Bud Grant and describes him as the boss character in superhero cartoons.

Adam is now riffing about the modern coaches vs. the coaches of bygone eras and how they hold their playbooks, Chris brings up the modern iPads.


Adam is now bringing up the controversy regarding Chris being let go from the team after speaking out about gay rights.

Chris is giving the full scoop and being very precise with his words, Adam agrees this is a generational issue, the fear/hatred for gay people and shares an anecdote from his daughter who wanted two mommies, as long as one was Katy Perry.

Adam is being super progressive and making a point about looking down “the historical highway” and then shares some pro separate drinking fountain ideas, he makes a good point.


The audio on this file takes a strange hit and now has an almost rhythmic damage playing, not sure if it’s the file export or the original recording, yikes.

Adam has a funny observation the NFL and how Chris is the youngest guy in the room but the only one who is retired.

Chris is sharing how you learn to control your punts in the NFL, Adam shares his effort to the get “Coffin Corner” back into the NFL and he also references his desire for Taco Bell to bring over the “Bell Beefer” and Chris gets down into the technical aspects of kicking in the NFL.


Adam is now riffing about what he would do as a specials team coach and BB satisfies himself by bringing up his time working as one.

Adam is now describing a play from a recent game and Chris is explaining the rules in the NFL vs. NCAA football.

Chris is giving Adam some real world examples about what works in college but doesn’t work in the NFL, Alison is now asking why the rules are different between the professional game and the college level.


Chris is now explaining why he doesn’t think another pro team will take him despite remaining in shape, Alison is now having him explain the events that took place after he made the comments to the media.

Chris references the “bring your playbook” move and Adam jokes about Dave turning in his whoopee Cushion.

Adam asks if punting is like fucking in that the harder you try the more you can end up screwing things up, Chris is explaining why he had a smaller gross yardage than others in the league, due to protecting his special teams at the orders of his coach.


Chris references the concept of “dicking over your punters” and Adam jokes about worrying about that at night, Chris has a killer reply.

They’re all going in depth on the NFL and specific players, Adam is asking for the Dallas vs. Seattle game that he observed the controversial special team’s move that bumped him.

Adam is now having Alison throw it to the news.


Alison’s News

1st Story is the update on Ebola and the first case contracted in the United States.

Adam asks about the higher rate of infections and connection to antibodies, Alison is giving all of the details and the question about what to do with Thomas Eric Duncan’s remains.

She tells them about how a dog was euthanized in Spain and the reasoning why they did it, Alison observes how it’s funny that we’re no longer afraid of AIDS.

Alison wants to know if she should be scared of Ebola.

“Two drinking fountains and scared of AIDS” – Adam’s next book where he explains things to his kids about the world.


Adam does reveal he likes the zombie with the zombie dog aesthetic and Alison is further describing the realities of the illness and where it’s spread.

Adam is asking when the first celebrity or famous religious figure will make and inappropriate comment about Ebola being god’s wrath or something else equally horrible.

“Libertarian/Crazy Maybe?” – Chris on the politics of Jesse Ventura after BB brings him up as the first possible figure, possibly not aware his podcast is part of the network.


2nd Story Is on British university students who are being encouraged to pee in the shower, Chris is now telling Adam about sink peeing and Adam explains to Dave how it beckons the tall man.

Adam is having his 3rd back and forth with an off mic Gary about the punt return play he’s looking for, Chris is now describing it to him.

BB asks about players in the league playing fantasy football, Chris says spades and they all joke about him saying something racist, he’s describing the game that’s popular in the league among most of the players.


Bourré is being discussed and Adam has a killer “what about raping and stabbing?” reply that Dave unfortunately steps and won’t be able to be recovered for a drop.

Adam describes their inflight Bourré games as akin to gambling with Daniel Kellison during friendly get-togethers that quickly escalate, Chris reveals a lot about his ex-teammates and explains why the coaches put a cap on their pots for the game.

Chris is sharing how good he is at Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS and won even after warning his fellow players how good he was at the game.


Adam is

3rd Story Is on Esquire magazine labeling Penelope Cruz as the most beautiful woman in the world, Adam is now asking about why she hasn’t been working recently.

BB brings up the failed campaign to make her Mrs. Cruz/Cruise and Adam is now thinking it might have been the Bengals vs. Panthers game.

Adam shares his tiebreaker of “least amount of felonies on the field” rule that Chris rolls with and has some killer one liners to back it up, he then reveals his former team is leading the league in arrests at the moment.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read with BB.

They’re having even more fun with the word Bourré and Dave is trying to conjure the scene of Chris surrounded by his teammates learning the game.

Chris is telling them about his first experience playing Dominos and his funny reaction to winning.

Adam is riffing about other races teaching white people how to play Dominos instead of knocking them down mindlessly, Adam is now sharing his hope for racial unity via teaching our nationalities variations on gambling.


4th Story Is on ‘Game of Thrones’ paying an extra 200k for a single nude scene, Adam shares his knowledge of the scene taking place at a church and Adam says it’s weird they’re uptight in light of Jesus and his limited attire.

Adam is commenting on how nobody has ever been able to explain the modern pay cable business model to him, why do they try so hard?

Chris is sharing his take on the business model, he’s now having Gary, well Dawson in lieu of him get on mic to share all of the games that happened last Sunday.


Adam is now asking Dawson if they should relive why he was banned from watching football at Jimmy Kimmel’s house, Adam asks for the truth and not his version.

Adam is going into specifics of the “Bye week” comment and the request for jack cheese in his calzone and Adam tells Chris and Dave about the Jimmy Kimmel phoner in the KLSX radio show and Dawson tells them about his follow up email.


5th Story is on the return of ‘Twin Peaks’ and Adam wants to know if David Lynch is the kind of guy who would wear a broach.

Adam is setting up the clip for Chris and he’s giving his expert opinion on the play.

Alison wraps the news and Adam thanks Gary for solving that, it was driving him nuts.


Adam is now doing a live read for  `

Adam wraps the show to some funny Dag drops and then a great closing drop of
Chris impersonating the type of people who used to employ him.