Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2012 – Lake Bell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/15/2012 – Lake Bell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/14/2012 – Release Date 10/15/2012


Lake is making her debut on the ACS, if you would like to hear more of her on air with Adam, make sure to check out her visit to Carcast from last month.


Adam is opening the show explaining that Sonny is in studio with him and they spent the day watching football at Kimmel’s theater, Adam now has Sonny on mic to explain his favorite part of the day and his hit ringtone. Adam is now explaining how he does voice over work and will always do multiple takes with different cadence and affect.


Sonny is now doing variations on his ringtone, he even throws in a “Who!?” hilarious, nice work Sonny!




Adam is now recounting an embarrassing moment while performing on stage in Joliet here in Illinois last Friday. Adam was closing out the show when he asked the crowd if they were excited for the Bears game this weekend, they were shouting back that it was their “Bye week” and Adam couldn’t figure it out.


He’s now explaining how bizarre it is that airlines use “aft” when labeling the emergency exits, he’s got a great riff about it. Alison is chiming and adding some good comments. Adam is now describing his flight back from Philadelphia earlier in the day and how there were no monitors nor even headphone jacks, even in 1st class.


Adam is telling the gang how he was forced to peak through the crack in the seat in front of him and read the news off the woman’s laptop sitting there, he’s telling the gang about the bizarre dental website she visited and how disturbed he was by it. Adam is now sharing how he asked the flight attendant if he were to watch porn on his laptop if there would be an issue with that, in an effort to prove a point about the site the woman was visiting and it being offensive.


Alison and Bryan are chiming in and asking questions, Adam is going even more in depth on the content found on this website and the woman who was viewing it on the flight, great quotes from Adam. He’s now breaking down what must be wrong with him that he couldn’t stop staring at the images from the woman’s website instead of staring out the window.




Adam is now explaining that he caught a new ESPN “30 for 30” documentary that featured the “Deacon Jones” head slap clip, but they cut out the most important line, the control room fires up the clip and Adam is explaining how he delighted Sonny by forcing everyone at Kimmel’s theater to watch it.


Sonny is now on mic, Adam is riffing with him. Alison is asking what Kimmel’s theater is like, Adam is explaining that it’s at the theater where Jimmy films his show and they watch the games in the back offices.


Adam is teasing Lake Bell’s arrival and asking the control room to fire up a clip that aired over the weekend of “Hulk Hogan” appearing on Piers Morgan, Adam is doing some live commentary and now riffing on everything said in the clip, Bryan is chiming in with some comments. Adam is now doing an impression of Piers and making fun of his questions.


Bryan is now filling Adam in on attending Loveline Engineer Anderson’s wedding, Natalya has joined them in studio and Adam is getting her on mic, she’s now modeling her new boots for Adam and the gang. Adam is asking her what she’s going to be for Halloween, he’s now having fun with her about changing her mind on costumes.


Bryan is now further explaining the wedding to Adam and Alison, Bryan is explaining how there was a mistake with the hotel and he thinks Adam is rubbing off on him based on his reaction.




Adam decides to take a phone call, Junior is on the line. He now has a job where he’s a supervisor and is having difficulties with the current generation of  young people, Adam is explaining it’s due to entitlement. Alison is sharing an anecdote about running during gym class.


Adam is now explaining how people turn most issues into a personal attack, he’s giving some good analogies and Bryan is chiming in to back him up. Bryan just dropped some good brain tumor comments, Adam is picking up on it and joining him, good stuff!




Adam is welcoming Lake back to the studio, he’s asking her to share her history with automobiles with the audience. Adam is quizzing her on how her father was able to buy a race track with the approval of her mother. Adam is sharing what a fun experience it is to be a kid in a fast car, Lake agrees and is sharing a story about the topic.


Adam is asking Lake about her work doing test drives, she’s explaining how much she learns about cars doing the gig. Adam is hinting about the new Jaguar he’s getting to test thanks to his Carcast co-host.


Adam is now explaining how he never knew quite how biased and inaccurate the media is, Adam is now playing a clip of a recent race he was in where they said someone else’s name and got the winning car wrong too.




Alison’s News, Her top story is about the upcoming presidential debate. Adam agrees with Alison that he doesn’t like how they keep changing formats, Adam would like the debates done as a surprise to get the honest reactions from the candidates.


Adam missed the vice presidential debate, Alison and Lake are giving their reactions to it. They’re now going over the various arguments for each candidate. Adam is pondering if this election is bigger than most years or if he’s just getting older and it seems that way.


Bryan sets Adam off on a stripper DJ bit with a nice twist.




Alison’s 2nd story is about the death of Arlen Specter, she has a great joke and cracks Adam up. Adam is now sharing his experience visiting “Dealey Plaza” he’s sharing all the minute details and about the odd feeling it gave him. Adam’s now riffing on conspiracy theorists and how they operate, hilarious!


Adam is now riffing on the JFK memorial, he thinks it’s a very dated structure and is now recounting their tour of it, Bryan jumps in with some good one liners about Matt Fondiler. Adam is back on the topic of the black guys hanging around the memorial and the money they’re given by people to simply go away or shut up.




Alison’s 3rd story is the list of celebrities appearing on the “Celebrity Apprentice” all stars with Donald Trump.


Alison’s 4th story is about Dane Cook’s new NBC sitcom being cancelled before it even premiered, Alison explains the premise of the show and why NBC cancelled the show. Adam won’t make fun of Dane as he’s had a number of failed pilots himself. Adam is explaining how he once interviewed Dane for “Too Late” and got one of the all time greatest douche answers.




Alison’s 5th story is about a giant eyeball rolling ashore in Florida. Alison is disturbed by the photo and more that scientists don’t immediately know what it’s from. Adam is riffing on squid and their eyes. Lake is jumping in with comments about the website Adam was discussing at the top of the show, he’s warning people not to go there.


Alison’s 6th story is about the guy who broke the record for the longest balloon jump, she’s giving all the details of the dangers he faced. Adam is giving his take on it, he thinks if he were to get Ray drunk he could push him out of the capsule and get him to break the record. Adam is now on a riff about going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, some great quotes and now he’s doing and improv with Lake.




Alison’s 7th story is about Mike Tyson being banned from New Zealand, Alison and Adam are updating Lake on Mike’s criminal record. Alison makes a great point about Australia’s entry process and a great joke about what Mike was travelling to New Zealand for.


Adam just remembered how Mike recently lost one of his kids, Adam and Bryan are trying to recall what happened. Alison has a killer one liner! The control room bring up the news story about Mike’s daughter and Adam makes an interesting point about Bill Cosby.


Alison wraps the news and Adam jumps in with a live read. Adam reports that the new DAG ringtone is available and Bryan plays it for Lake.