Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/14/2015 – The Sklar Brothers

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/14/2015 – The Sklar Brothers

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest The Sklar Brothers

Recorded 10-13-2015 – Release Date 10-14-2015

Production Number #1680

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Adam opens the show with the Randy and Jason Sklar making their 3rd appearance on the ACS, they were first on in 2012 for ACS #840 and then again in 2014 for ACS #1316 with Dana Gould, both available in the archive via the show page link above.

Adam infamously guested on their fantastic podcast Sklarbro Country but somehow the engineer “forgot” to hit record on the correct mics/boards for the first time ever and then they had to address their upset audience about having Adam on, who didn’t swear nor say anything controversial at all, it was PG Ace.

The Sklars didn’t appear on Classic Loveline nor the KLSX morning show or even ‘Too Late With Adam Carolla’ however if memory serves they may have had at least one appearance on the MTV variant of Loveline, Adam always talks with fondness in his voice when mentioning them much like he does when he brings up other infrequent but solid guest Paul F. Tompkins.


BB has a classic 2012 #TopDrop of the Sklars, Adam is asking them about their new HOWL exclusive show and the premise behind it, how they find material about the cities they visit, Randy or Jason just complimented ‘Road Hard’ and they commiserate about being on the road.

They talk about Rick James and his alleged kidnapping, which was actually dispelled on CLL #537 – 10-20-1997 – Monday Night Show – Guest Rick James which was just recently discovered, transferred and shared online after being lost for 17 years.

Adam is riffing about Rick keeping people captive, Adam thought it took place in California, they tell him it was Buffalo and Adam is riffing about Rick James trying to do his thing in such close proximity to wholesome things.


Randy and Jason are telling Adam about their schedule when flying into a city, they explain how the bookings go and the morning radio bookings for promoting.

Adam is alerted it was in the Hollywood Hills, the Rick James house from the alleged kidnapping.

Adam takes full credit, he’s riffing about meeting a guy named Sludge while doing morning radio on the road.


Randy and Jason explain why they try out the local material on the radio show the morning of the show, Adam has a killer “I’ll eat your pussy but I’m not going to cum” one liner.

Adam is now having the Sklars breakdown the clip they’re sharing from their new show on HOWL.

Adam chuckles at it.


Adam is responding to the idea of the regional pride of other cities’, Adam likes the lack of that element of Los Angeles and The Sklars mention the likelihood of 3 California based NFL teams.

The Sklars are telling the guys about the experience of being male cheerleaders in the NFL.

Adam is talking about the lack of Seahawks bars in Philadelphia while making a point about Los Angeles and how everyone finds a little fiefdom revolving around their team instead of following a local team.


Adam is asking about the Barkley and Shaq impressions the guys do, that I’m shocked their audience hasn’t proclaimed as “problematic” already, Adam is joking about removing the L from flag football and his son asking him to go watch his practice.


Adam is doing a Castrol GTX live read


The Sklars are busting out their impressions and alternating between straight men and impression vs. impression, hilarious!

Adam is cracking up at their funny back and forth, they’re riffing bits.

Adam jokes about Balls Deep cover and cites the incident from CLL #94 – Heidi Fleiss 02/07/1996 Classic Loveline where Heidi named names of the cops who were doing coke and fucking prostitutes, legend has it you can still hear their names on the recording if re-amplified in post.


Randy and Jason are riffing about the movie cliché of having to admit you’re a cop, Adam is riffing about being on the vice unit during the Fleiss era.

Adam jokes about “evidence blow” making his dick not work, Hilarious preferred duty for cops improv riff with BB, Adam talks about a six shooter marijuana pipe.

Adam is killing it asking about his attire while BB as the traffic cop is earnestly talking about his body armor, Adam is asking him to fluff up his cock for his elite vice duties, and BB might not come back from his shift after all.


BB is crushing this improv, The Sklars are helping and Adam is complaining about “Ferrari Knee” from having to get into the impounded Testarossa he’s using for fucking prostitutes.

Adam wraps up the scene.


The Sklars are riffing about Marv Albert after Randy explains he went to the dentist today, he bit into a giant date and broke his tooth.

Randy has a killer ‘Grizzly Man’ one liner, BB and Adam both marvel at the deep pull and Adam is almost giddy about the bear eating the guy’s “girlfriend” too.

Adam is talking about the 50/50 fruit to pit ratio of a date, Adam does a funny Middle Eastern accent while impersonating a date.


Randy is explaining how he was driving a loaner Corvette and ended up shirtless and toothless, funny riff between the Sklars.

Adam is talking about the coin toss of a hard pit or cream cheese, “the softest substance known to man other than Gina’s titties” and Gina has a killer thank you reply, awesome subtle delivery.


Adam is doing a Nature Box Live Read

Adam’s catfish staff keep eating all of his grub

Adam’s assistant got Daniel Kellison some Nature Box.


Adam almost goes to news but instead takes a call.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Jeremy, he’s calling about the 5 year suspension for Nick Diaz by the Nevada Fighting commission, Adam is defending Nick and so are the Sklars.

Jeremy is plugging the petition to get the white house to comment on this decision and he plugs the website, BB asks if they’re giving out plugs now?

Adam says why not and the Sklars talk about weed stores in Seattle and how civilized it is, they feel like it makes neighborhoods safer.


Adam quotes Jimmy Kimmel’s observation about weed stores and cupcake stores popping up in society at the same time.

Adam jokes about trying to eat a giant cupcake and ending up with frosting bukake and ants in his ears.


2nd Caller Matt, he wants to know if Adam ever left his kids in the car while he ran into a store, Adam is talking about the pure statistics he makes choices based on, he explains how he did leave his kids in the car, the safer option.

The Sklars are talking about their dad selling real estate while they would hang out in the Monte Carlo waiting for him.

Adam jokes about not buying booze on the way home and that being another solution, he brings up the modern take on smoking around kids or leaving a small dog in a car when it’s cool out, he says society is more concerned with those things than the guy who abandons his kids.


Gina cites an episode of Oprah about a mother who left her kid in the car, how that might have altered history and caused this newfound wave of super panic.


3rd Caller Dylan, Adam asks him how the legal weed in Seattle is treating him, he tells them about the lame store names.

He wants Adam’s advice on his options for buying some new property, he shares the two options after the guys riff on a #HashTag pot store idea.

Adam is asking about the income contributions from each person and once Dylan talks about his dad the handyman helping rebuild, he asks if Dylan’s wife can stand him and could tolerate him being in such close proximity for so long.


Adam jokes about Dylan telling his wife’s best friend he won’t beat off her for some time if she will encourage his wife to side with his idea for the better property choice.

Jason has a smart point about being prepared to be a landlord and now Adam is talking about the two options you have for tenants, either come replace my lightbulb or now contact in two years with foil up on the windows.


The Sklars are riffing up a storm and Adam is rolling with it, this is hilarious.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Adam is sharing the story of moving into a neighborhood that’s too good and shares the story of the neighbors leaving a basket of goodies for the family.

Adam is breaking down the beats of the story, he explains how he went to the door and asked who was there.


Adam jokes about him and Olga looking through the windows, he has a killer line about her pulling a machete from the small of her back, Adam has a killer riff about what she yelled, gold!

Gina’s reaction is wonderful, the Sklars are in the mix, and this episode is perfection!

Adam is doing another lap on yelling at the neighbor kids which led to him ordering a doorbell.


Adam explains they were “booed” by the neighbors and it’s a thing that goes on among the privileged elite in safe neighborhoods.

Adam asks what he was supposed to and Gina weighs in, Adam has a killer dates callback.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a Florida woman who broadcasted herself driving drunk on Periscope, Gina has the details and shares a clip from the livestream.

Adam and the Sklars are riffing about drunk female audience members and their birthdays “you don’t get it” and Gina is doing some funny drunk girl impressions.

Adam says the problem is now that everything is recorded and will be indexed online, Adam jokes about her kids finding their drunken whore mother, funny riffing with the Sklars as they wrap up the topic.


2nd Story is on the California state ban on the team name “Redskins” and Gina has the details of the decisions, the Sklars suggest a potato addition to the team name and Adam is calling for a clip from his animated Birchum pilot.

The Sklars are riffing with Adam about it and they’re joking about this decision helping Native American people in anyway, The Sklars bring up the original ‘Peter Pan’ and reference Jerry Lewis and his “women aren’t funny” comments which Adam tops nicely with a funny “hey that’s me!” comment.

Adam is asking for the Mayor to focus on traffic, the Sklars ask him to sync the traffic lights.


3rd Story is on the viral video of a woman being unfairly thrown off an American Airlines flight, Adam brings up his wife’s recent experience with Southwest and Gina has some of the details of the Sklars.

Adam is mocking zero tolerance policies and how they remove people’s ability to make human decisions, Adam is now using his reverb to riff about overbooking scenarios and the lame offers given to people bumped off planes.

Adam is joking about people being so casual with their schedules and laid back about when they get where they’re going, Adam is back to his wife and her experience with Southwest illegally removing her from the flight.


The Sklars shout “no” in unison with Adam as he tells the story and as they empathize with Lynette, seeing it from her perspective.

They all riff out the idea Airplane Court: Mile high justice, BB adds the tagline, a funny daytime TV court show based around flights.

Adam is joking about airline employees becoming sea cucumbers.


4th Story is on the recent revelations about Lou Reed thanks to the interviews for his biography, he was generally considered a monster by all those who knew him.

Adam is talking about John Popper being a nice guy and the Sklars tell the gang about John drinking an entire container of orange concentrate.

Adam talks about David Wild bringing in shitty Lou Reed songs to try and convince Adam of his talent, Adam is asking if there is any chance Charles Barkely is a Lou Reed fan.

The Sklars are crushing this Barkely/Shaq double team riff.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read

Adam talks about the buying condoms scene from ‘Summer of ‘42’


5th Story is on the Ebay listing for Evil Knievel’s ‘Stratacycle’ from his movie ‘Viva Knievel’ and Adam is talking about the plot of the film.

Adam is referencing details from his 2006/07/27 KLSX ACS with Evil Knievel and the Sklars reference their beloved and acclaimed series ‘Cheap Seats’ to which Adam reveals he was a huge fan, very cool!

They’re now playing the condom scene from ‘Summer of ‘42’ and now everyone is guessing on the asking price for the motorcycle.

Adam has a funny Jew/ask one liner.


6th Story is on the merger between Anheuser-Busch and Miller beer, Adam is joking about multibillion dollar deals and BB asks about this creating a potential monopoly.

Jason talks about people liking their local beer over national brands, Gina brings up the Anheuser-Busch law school in their hometown.

Adam riffs about being able to sample the local Coors variant after the tour and how it’s only sold locally and not distributed nationally.

Gina has a WWII factoid about blonde ales becomes the standard beer in America.


Adam talks about finding some Henry Weinhard’s Brewery beer while stopped at a Circle K in Washington State, he misses that brand and used to buy it.

Adam talks about Primo beer and how people used to don their shirts.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Jack Threads

Adam mocks clothing fittings edition


Gina wraps the news


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Randy and Jason are once again perfect guests and delivered a flawless episode.

Adam plugs ‘Finding the Funny’ and the Sklars plug the app it’s found on

Adam plugs Promescent and wraps up the show.

So far it’s been a perfect week of bookings and content, I wonder if they can make it a full week with 5 perfect episodes and I hope the Sklars come back much more often.