Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/14/2014 – David Choe

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/14/2014 – David Choe

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Choe

Recorded 10-12-2014 – Release Date 10-14-2014

Production Number #1431

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Adam is now opening the show with a funny hangover from Canadian thanksgiving intro, Adam is thanking the fans for spreading the good word and asking if they have experienced standing in a random place and hearing from people “I’m listening to you right now” and BB shares his own recent experience.

They’re talking about Bay City, some sandwich place and Alison has a killer Primanti Bros. Restaurants joke that BB of course follows up with the Dameshek drops.

Alison and BB have a killer sexual assault riff in response to Alison’s vague anecdote, BB plays the ‘Hey, Hey Hey!” drop from Ace as the #TopDrop


BB is now giving an update on his medical condition after his lovely explanation of the #TopDrop today and kind words for a fan going through some rough times and showing amazing spirit to survive.

BB references cancer and Alison, probably one of her parents or something that’s not talked about on air, she classily keeps other people’s business private and gives a general answer.

BB is telling them about his tumor and the medication Avastin that saved his life, just approved within a month of BB’s diagnosis.


Alison wants to know if another doctor would have meant a different outcome for a good old Bald Bryan, he tells her how solid of a question it is and has a super thoughtful non-canned reply about the nature of his doctor and the somewhat aggressive way they approached this.

Adam brings up how the last producer who repped his movie, ‘The Hammer’ and how he declared it a “Tweener” before it was even done shooting, he is making a larger point about positivity and a can do attitude and how far it goes in life.

Adam is now arguing against managing exaptation and commending BB’s doc, BB has a new drop he won’t grab about sucking his doctor’s dick.


Alison says doctors make you feel like “are they going to make it” is an inappropriate question when that’s all you need to know, Adam is now further asking about hope vs. managed expectations and how it reflects after death and in the worst possible scenario.

BB has a “glass half full” real-world example of the EQ part of life as Adam is getting at, Adam brings up the “Not as much as the old radio show” Compisults he gets about the podcast, Alison shares her ”I didn’t like you at the beginning” ones she gets.

Adam is now bringing up the origins of his passion fruit rants and how if you blink your eyes it’s in everything, he’s mow listing all the things that are permeated with it, not the full list.


BB is back to the treatments and now he gets the medicine only once every 8 weeks, he is very practical and explains how lucky he is to respond to the medicine how he has.

BB asks his doctor about the latest research and cool developments in his field and how hopeful and exciting it is to work with someone so motivated and interested in their expertise.

Adam plugs the upcoming live shows.


Adam is doing a live read for Ship Station


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he congrats BB for his 5 years and tells him about his 9 years, Adam jokes about Matt having a prison sentence, killer one liner.

Matt is now telling them about his solo ballsack and wants to ask them about “monetizing” the podcast, Adam refuses to ever do that, he has since day one and won’t ever cave.

Matt is kind but doesn’t understand the podcast, they have a premium subscription option through Libsyn and BB pitches another archive, already being done douche!


Adam is now sharing is idea for motivational material, something that helps people achieve for a subscription, ala Prager University?

Adam is explaining he’s just wrapping up his TV show and 2 Movies and the behind the scenes details of everything involved, BB says there is “no definitive end” and Adam says he will do a premium subscription for something motivational.

Matt is now telling Adam to instead charge for the show and guesses he had “1 million” downloads last month, hahahahahha.


Adam is now clarifying his rough idea and how he’s always thought about another project for a premium subscription, motivation instead of comedy or news.

Adam says this show will always be for free, BB pitches the title “Get of your ace” and Adam says he already thought up “Grab a Knee”.


2nd Caller Michael, he wants to know what Adam thinks about ‘Pink Floyd’ and has a very spirited tone and hello for everyone.

Adam explains that their not on his soundtrack of life, he says he’s a lightweight and needs a hook in a song, he says he likes ‘Comfortably Numb’ but hates ‘Money’ and how Lynette also hates it.

Alison cites ‘Hocus Pocus’ by ‘Focus’ and Alison that ‘Pink Floyd’ makes her feel cold and alone, Adam says it sounds like weird scary English people yelling stuff at us.


Adam says Bryan’s right, it’s more film score music than something for a road trip, Michael says you must hear it all for it to make sense, Adam says that’s like saying he must sample everything on the menu to have a good meal or enjoy his food at a restaurant.

Alison brings up Annie Lennox and her bone structure and Adam’s feelings on it, he then asks for someone better looking that nobody wants to have sex with.

Alison gets Adam to add Nicole Kidman to the list, Adam is now asking Matt about the “In Her Prime” discussion and they’re all looking at a pic of Nicole.


Alison has a funny Lhasa Apso vs. Weimaraner comparison one liner, Adam is now bringing up how certain women get the nod in the sex department before others who are far more attractive in a possibly different, chiseled or cold way.


3rd Caller Audrey, she’s 22 and been with her husband for 8 years, Adam asks her to clarify the “Baby Fever” or “Boogie Fever” comment.

She explains her husband wants another kid, she was of the same mindset and then lost a bunch of weight and wants to be young for a while.

Adam is wondering if her husband wants a boy and he also gets the idea about not having a huge gap between siblings, he uses James Babydoll Dixon as an example for some with a large age gap between him and his siblings.

“Like someone with zits who lives with you” – Adam on sibling 5yrs older or more.


Her husband prefers to ride on his quad bike and doesn’t want to work out with her, possibly he’s getting scared she’s raising her value on the open market while he descends into fattitude.

Adam says that making women do things they don’t want to do won’t work out for you later on, BB jokes that Alison dislocated her jaw while nodding.

Alison explains that she tells Daniel they should never compromise as it’s better for both of them when she’s happy, funny but also possibly true and chilling, she’s like the lady from ‘Gone Girl’.

Alison has a great delay everything and wait till your older bit of advice, nice use of a hypothetical time machine, Adam pegs the husband’s insecurity about his own body and tells her to get him in shape and feeling good then reexamine the baby fever.


4th Caller Josh, he wonders if Adam has heard about the Georgia state law regarding slow drivers being ticketed for backing up traffic.

Adam shares the 90 Billion per year in traffic costs he read about via a fan on twitter today, Adam asks for everyone to image what we could for something like breast cancer with that money.

Adam is in “Pre-Dread” mode about his commute coming up for ‘Catch a Contractor’ and Alison says that Adam’s pre-bummer mode is bummer mode, Adam laments not having a chopper like Trump if only for a moment.


Adam is now asking about the laws people are unaware of that we could inform them of in order to make things move and keep them moving, he brings up people he sees entering the freeway with 4 bald tires and the large segment of Lo Angeles that must own a car but aren’t making enough money to afford one.

Adam says in a proper city they would be on a bus and it would solved, if anyone cared and focused for 10 seconds on them.

He’s ranting about nobody ever bringing up traffic in politics, he gets why they avoid his top priority issue of people only having the children they can afford to care for.


Adam says this shows a disdain for the citizens and can be solved with an education approach to teach people they can turn right on a red, where are the bumper stickers, he knows that the other stickers, human trafficking and senior abuse related ones, they do nothing to impact those statistics.

Adam is now asking about all the non-dangerous actions everyone has been ticketed for, illegal tints and he makes a point nobody ever seems to be ticketed for bald tires or blown radiators, driving unsafe automobiles and not turning right on a red.

Adam gets loud for a moment.


Adam and BB do a live read for Draft Kings


They’re now back from break with a voicemail from a gay fan and BB is joking with Adam about the one black fan.

David Choe is now making his ACS debut and references Adam’s rants on ‘Classic Loveline’ and he’s telling them about his book.

“I love the giant black dildo” – Alison


David tells Adam the book sold out, he’s bringing up how Asa Akira was on the show and tells them about sticking an AR-15 up a woman’s ass.

“And It’s a menthol” – Alison, “She’s black” – David

They are looking at more of David’s work and commenting on it. Asa was on ACS #1308


David is now telling/asking him if he can gush, Adam jokes about the man’s work making him think he’s not a morning person.

David is sharing his childhood Loveline memories and reveals himself to be one of us last generation latch key kids who was raised by Loveline and Adam Carolla.

David is sharing his preference of hosts and he accidentally lays in a Complisult about not finding Adam funny initially, David is now giving Adam retroactive credit for his prescient display of understanding human psychology.


Adam is now downplaying it and saying everyone gives people far too much credit for figuring out human’s behave, Adam uses his classic Polar Bear analogy and then switches it up to eagles.

Adam is reacting to David’s work as he further compliments him and thanks him for raising him remotely, David is awesome!

Adam is now giving his take on art and is now talking about him selling out 5k copies for a book that costs 60$, he is now explaining why he wanted that lower price point.


Adam is asking David about his Korean family, he reveals that everyone in his family has caught him beating off, he describes himself as a disaffected youth akin to a school shooter profile.

Adam is now giving his take on how touch Korean people are and is once again citing the way they defended their businesses in Los Angeles during the riots in the early 90’s.

David admits to looting during the riots and jokes about evening it out for the races, Adam is going in depth on the riots with him and David tells them about living in Israel as a youth and how something snapped in his head after the riots.


Adam is asking David about the rest of his family, he explains the mix of emotions he had at 15 and what happened to his family’s business and how his parents ended up selling a diet supplement in multilevel marketing program.

David is now giving his take on being an Asian male, he shares that the only time he got attention was for his art skills.

Adam tells them about his buddy Tom, a well-built black men who only wanted to fuck Asian chicks, Adam was trying to tell him how he cut down his pussy potential. Adam is emphatic about what he told Tom, Alison references James Gunn.


David connects the small Asian dick myth to the obvious conclusion of small Asian vagina, Adam says he’s really never thought of that, what?

David is comparing what it’s like to get into a fight with an Asian woman in comparison to a white or black woman, he says the Asian gals will take the abuse and one day you wake up in some kind of ‘Gone Girl’ scenario.

Adam is now asking David about how he made money through Facebook shares in lieu of taking money, he is taking the serendipitous route to explain how he first got in touch with one of the founders of Napster.


“Not getting laid is the greatest non-gift you could give to your son” – Adam on how depriving males of sexual activity inspires them to achieve great things in hopes of achieving it through success and personal achievement.

A complex delayed gratification metaphor, Adam has a killer “smell” joke and shares the basic life plan of his buddies, David takes it back to his youth and Adam is now joking about David having the same childhood of Matt Fondiler.

David explains how he started tagging his art on the freeway to get eyeballs on his work, he’s back to Sean Parker first contacting him.


David is sharing the exchange with Sean about his art and how it inspired him, David is walking them through his initial reaction to Facebook.

Adam jokes about David portraying the typical Asian stereotypes after his reaction to higher education and FB’s initial college only rules for users.

Adam and David are further going in depth on art after BB brings up the Mangria logo.


David is telling them about his days as a pro gambler and he’s telling them how he doubles the amount he loses and how he uses another person as an assistant.

Adam is sharing his experience betting on football and letting it roll all the way into the Pro-Bowl.

David explaining how dedicated Mark Zuckerberg is and jokes with Adam about his payday, he explains he did their offices and mural.


Alison’s News – Let’s not but say we did edition

1st Story Just Ebola

News Over.


David is explaining how he is able to do whatever he wants when he wants, he is now making a point about how being rich didn’t give him freedom, he already had it.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote about one of the Ford heirs, Adam is now explaining how he had fun even when poor, citing his times in Vegas riding into town in a pick-up truck.

Adam is now waxing poetic about having friends and laughing.


Adam is now sharing his thought process of when he was poor, assuming upon happiness arriving when his bank hit a certain balance.

Adam says that spewing the ideas about it being “who you know” or “being lucky” are damaging to young people and only create envy and aggression.

David is telling them about approaching some black men hitting on women and asking them about their 1 out of 100 success rate, Adam jokes about fast forwarding through the first 99.


Adam and Alison are doing a Life Lock Ultimate Plus live read.


David compliments Dawson and asks Adam why he doesn’t move to a subscription based platform, none of them realizing that model is dead, everyone who tries it fails and loses their audience, Never Not Funny, The Steve Dhal Network.

David explains he stopped listening to Loveline when Adam left and eventually was turned off by the podcast when Adam was discussing Mangria, he said it felt too much like a commercial, what show is he listening to?

David is now explaining why he had to go to China to have his book printed due to 4 pages in it and the obscenity laws.


David pitches them on his friends truly open YouTube alternative, Adam asks David about drinking and he shares his family history of alcoholism and his own “Asian Flush” reaction that he’s not able to push past.

David explains how he was offered mainstream exposure if he would censor his podcast (he has a podcast or was he talking about Adam?) and his social media accounts, but that it’s not appealing to him.

Adam is now explaining the premise of F-U money and F-Me Money.


Adam is now connecting free speech to his Rich Man Poor Man idea, you can say whatever you want if you live on the street or if you’re a billionaire.

David his now once again trying to convince Adam to charge for his show, the hugest mistake possible for maintaining the listeners base.

David plugs a scavenger hunt and Adam has a killer joke, he invites David back anytime and he asks how often Adam does the show, David reveals he does have a podcast and invites Adam on his show.

BB plays a great “Nobody!” drop of Adam screaming from the traffic rant earlier.