Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/13/2015 – Kevin Weeks

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/13/2015 – Kevin Weeks

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kevin Weeks

Recorded 10-12-2015 – Release Date 10-13-2015

Production Number #1679

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Adam opens the show to a “Bieber’s Dick Pics” intro, BB is on his way to the show with ‘Steve Jobs’ fresh in his head, Adam is going to give his fuller review of the movie after mentioning it last night, he says he was able to “stay awake” this time, which seems like he’s hinting about the screening for ‘The Martian’ that was talked about on FCOL ‘Mama Needs A Tutor Too’.

That Episode of FCOL has become quite the controversial topic, IMO Adam like everyone deserves to be able to really cut loose, once a decade is too much for the guy who pays everyone and entertains everyone?

Adam says ‘Steve Jobs’ is well made, it’s like a 3 act play but well made, Adam is talking about how jacked Michael Fassbender is compared to the late Steve Jobs and his rather svelte physique.


Adam talks about Jonah Hill looking like he toils away in a garage, I think he means Seth Rogen.

Adam is talking about celebrities playing war heroes vs. computer guys.

Adam says he could feel a bit of the accent poking through, he says it’s weird when you’re critiquing a guy for speaking 10 languages and having a great body.


Adam is telling Gary to find a non-cancer death bed photo of Michael as Steve, Adam is correcting himself about Seth Rogen.

Adam says he Seth was good, he loved the first act, liked the 2nd and was tepid for the final act of the film.

Adam talks about meeting Steve Wozniak and explains how he met him as Kathy Griffin’s “friend” Steve at Jimmy Kimmel’s football Sunday, Adam explains how he tried to blow Steve off. Adam comments on Jeff Daniels and his role in this movie vs. what he was doing in ‘Dumb and Dumber To’.


Gina brings up ‘The Martian’ and Jeff’s role in that and Adam cites his “I WOKE UP IN PHOENIX!” reasoning for the events that unfolded on the day of the screening, Adam doesn’t recall him in that movie.

Adam is talking about seeing his seats next to the car they belong in, Adam wanted to recondition the seats before bolting them down in the car.

Adam explains how his guys wanted to pop the seats out again before reconditioning them and then putting them back in.
Adam is talking about hourly wages and how communication is key, Adam is asking about Gary and their trip back to the airport.

Adam is talking about the “Uber Mom” driver who picked him up, Adam asked her about right on red in Arizona, the woman told him they’re legal unless a sign is  displayed prohibiting it.

Adam and Gina have a funny improv back and forth, it’s nice hearing them on air without anyone else, Gina gets more room to play back up fiddle, and she’s doing well.


Gina is quoting the woman, she was in the car and Adam is going over the events again, doing one more lap, Adam is dumfounded by how difficult it seems to be for other people to communicate to other adult humans.

Adam talks about the radio tours he does when the shows didn’t get a chance to see his movies beforehand due to a screener mix-up.

Adam explains how Steve Jobs was the ultimate example of someone who experiences these scenarios and tries to remedy them, by any means necessary.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Adam stands by his pledge to double whatever Dawson and Gary give him for his wedding.

Adam prohibits kickbacks to Gary and explains how they might try and cheat him and Matt says he’s not revealing his plot.


Adam says that Sorkin’s 2nd best film is still worth your time, Adam says this was a very artistic approach to a man’s life.

Gina asks if she must see this in the theater, Adam explains why all films are better in theaters.

BB just walked in and Adam is talking about the amount of people who watch a film without pausing it once while viewing it at home, Adam says BB is hardcore and Gina says he wears a diaper.


BB can’t believe the show is 22min in already.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB almost says Phil Rosenthal and Adam brings up Kate Winslet and her chameleon like role in the movie, BB didn’t realize it until this moment.

BB says that Phil’s words were ringing through his head, this is a play.

BB talks about the less than a dozen or so set pieces.


Gina asks about the amount of “Bollywood Dancing” and cites the indolent of director Danny Boyle, BB is now bringing up the melodramatic element to the conversations that need to be had before each of Steve’s legendary presentations.

BB says this movie won’t be remembered that fondly, Adam says that Fassbender was too chiseled and built, he looked like he was working out and going low carb.

BB says the Ahston Kutcher version is not good but Ashton did a similar job of looking like Steve and perhaps a better job with the posture and mannerisms, Adam is commenting on the lack of discussion about Steve’s looks in reality and how it ended up distracting him in the movie.


Adam thinks there might be some Oscar talk for the supporting players, Adam references ‘I’ll Fly Away’ and says he loves that movie, holy shit!

Adam talks about knowing Alec Baldwin after BB brings him up, Adam talks about Alec wanting to pack on weight subconsciously to escape the handsome leading man stereotypical roles.

“Alec Why Are You Fat!?” – BB


Adam jokes about Fassbender going full ‘New Jack City’ with his build in the movie, BB talks about Fassbender in the movie ‘Frank’ and his willingness to forego vanity.

Adam says he wouldn’t tell people not to watch it, BB says he would watch it again just for the dialogue.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Saving on the shoe leather while finding male escorts edition


Adam talks about ‘Coach Platitude’ his idea that originates with the last show in Phoenix, ACS #1676 during the 2nd Blog while playing ‘Blah Blah Blog’.

Adam and BB recall Coach John McKay and how he dealt with the press.


Coach Platitude

1st Caller Brandon, he’s calling from Rhode Island and Adam jokes about it not being a road nor an island and Brandon tries to mention the cliché, Adam gives him a pass for being on an island in Rhode Island.

Brandon is telling them about his family and upcoming move, Adam mentions how familiarity breeds contempt and jokes about Brandon’s wife’s last easy day being yesterday.

Brandon explains how he has to move during October and Adam says it’s akin to kissing your sister.


Adam wants him to inform his lady that her last easy day was yesterday too, Adam is joking about a day of rest and pointing up towards the heavens after scoring.

Adam interrupts to explain that Kevin Weeks in on the blower, Adam asks Brandon to hang on.


Adam is now welcoming Kevin Weeks to the show, he’s asking him about the inaccuracies of the movie ‘Black Mass’ and Kevin explains how some of them were college graduates and not for busting pool cues in half and asking who wants some.

Kevin is telling them about his prep school and acceptance to Harvard, Adam is asking Kevin about his white collar upbringing and he clarifies it was blue collar, his neighborhood.

Adam is telling Kevin we’ll get to the murder part in a movement, Adam is asking him about getting his start in crime and the low self-esteem of bar owners who use the term zero as in three zeroes, and Kevin explains the background of that, involving three brothers.


Adam is asking him about how mob hits would go down, Kevin has some vague yet horrific details, Adam is asking about any murders he regrets, he has a story about just that thing.

Adam has a funny “nurse theme” one liner and asks him about robbing banks in the modern era, Kevin is telling them about a modern form of crime, Adam describes it as the type of stuff you learn of on ’60 Minutes’ and Adam asks him about turning himself in.

Kevin objects and explains that he never did that, Gary put that in the package for Adam after Gina said it was what happened in the movie, Kevin explains how he learned the truth about Whitey being an informant while ordering the murders of other informants.


Kevin tells Adam about getting involved in the construction industry after getting out of prison, Adam says he believes it and explains he worked with these types while swinging a hammer, Kevin has a funny one liner about digging holes, that’s extremely grim when you think about it.

Adam plugs Kevin’s book and jokingly tells him not to visit his family if he’s ever in town, Adam is back on the line with Brandon, he says he’s two tired now.

Adam is now yelling at him with some “don’t eyeball me boy” and more Coach Platitude.


Coach is now doing another lap on bird variants, he says hi to Josh his stepson.

Adam jokes about not being able to play for the kids on the field and alludes to a time he was apprehended for doing so while drunk, he’s now alluding to statuary rape and jokes about shaking the ding-a-ling of his young male players after they’re done urinating.

BB has some funny back up comments, solid riff.


“I’m not the guy who lives underneath your house masturbating to pictures of your mom… I was for a short period of time, then a family of raccoon moved in…” – Adam as Coach Platitude

Adam is telling people to anticipate the snap count and jokes about forfeit.

Adam is winding down the bit with a promise to continue the speech on the bus, NON SEQUITOR!

Adam and BB get very meta at the end, clipboard in the back of the Coach’s bike shorts, he’s crushing it up to the last moment.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Adam has a power outage edition

The best thing that ever happened to Adam, kids included edition


Adam is asking Gina about her PSA that she brought in, she explains how she heard it and found the clip.

Gina has them play the clip “Just humans like me” for pedestrians and drivers, Adam is joking about telling people to do things that are built in.

Gina talks about the specific message of the ad and what it really spells out, hilarious and grim!


Adam explains that if we really talked about the discrepancies and issues of societies we would have an uprising.

Adam brings up a tweet he was sent of a “click it or ticket” sign behind the head coach of a collage football team, the Nebraska Coach.

Adam asks what are we doing, how does this stuff get vetted.


Adam says that ‘click it or ticket’ is right up there with something like ‘Got Milk’ when it comes to ad campaign penetration of pop culture and public consciousness.

BB and Gina are both weighing in on what this means for the impact meter, Adam jokes about the Nifty Lions and the Corn Hustlers his childhood mix-up of the two team names.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Chase Utley’s illegal slide that resulted in a broken leg for his opposing player Ruben Tejada, Adam says this is nothing different than anything in baseball history, when guys are trying to break up double plays.

BB says it’s legal but the thinks it’s dirty, Adam says it’s dirty for sure but it’s what everyone does, Gina talks about how people are reacting in her circles and Adam says its baseball not a real sport.

Adam says call him for game 7, Adam talks about the outcome of the broken leg getting the reaction for the move, 99% of the time the outcome isn’t this extreme and therefore he’s being punished for the outcome vs. the act.


Adam is talking about other scenarios and Gina has the title of the NYT headline.


2nd Story Mexico vs. The United States soccer game (Adam hijacks topic)

Adam is talking about soccer and the United States playing Mexico, Adam is mocking the idea of the woman interviewing people on the street asking them who they’re rooting for, Adam mocks the “I want them both to win” zero answers from the public.

Adam asks if we can’t just eat a bullet and end our lives now rather than waste our time.


3rd Story is on the termination of coach Steve Sarkisian, Adam is asking about the events that led to this, Gina has a clip of him hammered at a pep rally.

BB says he’s not a great coach and thinks if he was 5-0 he would still be employed and in rehab.

Gary has some details about Steve’s legendary alleged drinking.


4th Story is on Raven Symoné’s controversial comments on ‘The View’ and Gina has the clip to catch everyone up.

Adam jokes about her speaking never more, solid literary joke from the guy who probably saw it on ‘The Simpsons’ and they’re all talking about her being a weird person to be saying this, her name being a prime example.

Gina shares Raven’s apology and now Adam is asking about the idea of real talk and being honest live on air, Adam says it’s not a rehearsed awards presentation.


Adam talks about colorful language and entertainment, Adam talks about Richard Pryor and his exaggerated lifestyle and comments about shooting his car etc.

Adam says thoughtful and measured isn’t fun and Gina says it’s dishonest, everyone is afraid to open up now.

Adam likes honesty and people talking about biases, Adam says what we’re trying to do in life is a constant autocorrect, that’s why the worst person in the world is the person who names there kid Terran.


Adam talks about Hustler vs. Husker and Nittany vs. Nifty.

Adam asks what Raven’s doing anyway, Gina says she cohosts the view and is in the rotating chair.

Gary says that she’s now official the cohost and has the daytime TV scoop like a regular Cindi Rinehart.


Adam is doing a Lifelock Live Read

10% dick-count edition


5th Story is on Randy Quaid’s latest arrest while trying to cross the border from Canada into the United States, Gina has a picture of him.

Adam asks if he needs medication and Gina brings up the simulated porn movie he made and the “Hollywood Whackers” who are out to get him.

Adam is bringing up the moths that hover outside patio doors, Adam talks about whacking the moth, he went upside its head like Deacon Jones, and Adam felt it hit his palm.

Adam saw the moth hanging out there again a few hours’ later, Adam talks about what he would do as a bug, he says if he was hit by a giant object he wouldn’t return to the same spot.


Adam talks about this being a major event in the bug’s life, Gina asks if he went back for more and Adam says it made him wonder, perhaps this creature was put on this earth just to be frog food.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Castrol GTX

Adam likes motor oil and tires edition, the guy version of fashion accessories.


Adam wraps up the show and gives out some plugs for upcoming live appearances and signigngs.