Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/12/2016 – Tim Matheson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/12/2016 – Tim Matheson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Tim Matheson

Recorded 10-11-2016 – Release Date 10-12-2016

Production Number #1924

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Adam opens the show to a “forget it, he’s rolling” intro and BB has a #TopDrop from Sonny as he brags about beating him in the fantasy leagues.

Adam is now bringing the movie ‘Frank McKlusky, C.I.’ and how he was cast as a cop opposite George Lopez, Adam says Dave Sheridan was being setup to be the next Jim Carrey.

Adam is now connecting this to Sonny who donned goggles while going in the hot tub, just playing it safe, reminding him of the movie where the lead was super into safety.


Adam is being fair to Sonny who went into the pool and went under water in the tub too, even though it’s a super safe ecofriendly salt water variety of hot tub.

Adam shares another anecdote of Natalia asking him if he thought she would ever break another bone, Adam says he would hope so and explains why, excluding her breaking a hip in her 80’s and being put into a home 63 years after Adam is dead.

“that’ll just mean you’re trying” – Adam on kids getting injured and living life, going for it.


Gina reacts to Adam being in a movie with Dolly Parton who played his mom in the movie, BB compliments Dave Sheridan’s work in ‘Scary Movie’ he was destined to be the next Jim Carrey and then “something happened” as things often do.

Adam recalls George Lopez telling him about working on the script with his acting coach, Adam says he was doing morning radio, but it was 2002 and it must have been something else distracting him from preparing…

BB and the gang comment on ‘A Very Brady Sequel’ that features today’s guest Tim Matheson and they have some confusion over his role in ‘Animal House’ and move on.


Adam brought in some Gruyere cheese for them to try, he says it’s his favorite and BB talks with some food in the back of his mouth or throat, it sounds awful.

BB compliments the cheese, a good red wine cheese he says pretentiously.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Declan, he wants to know if Adam and the gang would prefer a nose for a penis or a penis for a nose, Adam brings up Rob Schneider and how there are scenes in movies that do or don’t work, he cites ‘Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby’ and the “formula one” joke as a counterpoint.

Adam is mocking the notion of writer’s block and tells the story of the time Rob canceled on LoveLine so he could write the 2nd Deuce Bigalow movie which featured a jizzing cock nose woman.

Adam is talking about table reads and how they can iron out such things, BB asks if the organs would function like they’re supposed to.


BB takes the nose down below, Adam asks Declan how the rest of his hypothetical life his treating him, Adam asks him what he’s doing post-graduation, he’s looking for a gig in Sarasota Springs.


2nd Caller Julio, he bartends Downton in Reno and wants to know what the gang think about dudes trying Pina Colada’s when in Reno, Dawson gets on mic to address the Pina Colada story, Adam jokes about posters for beverages and Adam thinks they use the posters to lure you in, it’s a trap.

Dawson says his Pina Colada was terrible, he added 27min to Adam and August’s order by asking for such an exotic drink.

Adam is riffing about the bartender using a nuclear launch book from the 1960’s to find the recipe.


Dawson presumed some kind of Pina Colada readiness and Julio is bringing up fruity drinks, Adam is sharing his take on fruity drinks in general, he says he hates process and fake version of things, he likes the real flavor.

Adam hates fake cheese, fake Colada flavoring and corn syrup etc.

Adam is driven nuts by neon colored beverages, Adam thinks real fruit beverages are delightful and you don’t get the baggage of chemicals and empty calories.


BB says it’s generic sweetness, not defined flavor and he brings up fake margarita mix and how different is than a true real margarita.

Adam says it should not be glowing, the drink should be a normal shade from the rainbow.


Smart Mouth


3rd Caller Adam he’s calling about Adam bitching about Obama spending time playing golf, he wants Adam’s take on Hillary and how she won’t be playing golf presumably, Adam says it’s a plus, he doesn’t care what she does instead as long as it’s not golf, the game of leisure.

Adam thinks it sends a bad message, he says all the presidents do it and it’s weird disconnect that president’s give speeches about belt tightening while golfing all day.

Adam the caller brings p Hillary’s makeup and hair time, Adam says that is time she can get things done and doesn’t take the bait.


Hipster Walking

Dylan in Portland edition

1st Q Do you know both teams that played in the last super bowl?

They all make their guesses and the hipster is surprising knowledgeable about the NFL.


2nd Q Who hosted the Emmy’s this year?

Adam hears ‘Aqualung’ in the background and they play the clip back, Dawson confirms the lyrics wow!

Adam is talking about his nature and how he always picks up on these songs in the background.


3rd Q Who stars in the HBO series ‘Ballers’?


4th Q Could you name the three Kardashian sisters?

Adam is going over the deep psychology and says this guy will claim he doesn’t know even though he probably does, BB mocks his “I have no idea” reply and Adam says that’s how you know he’s lying.


5th Q Name one of the three artists who played at the Super Bowl this year.

Adam shares his distaste for the Bruno Mars song, Gary says it drove Adam out of Matt’s wedding and Adam says even Jimmy Kimmel agrees with him about ‘Uptown Funk’ and how it’s a just a series of riffs ripped off form other songs, it’s lacking its own identity.


Those Who Can’t on TruTV

Adam gets Adam Cayton-Holland on the 2nd try edition


They head to break


They’re back form break with a ‘Toga, Toga, Toga’ Nicaraguan Name That Movie from the movie ‘Animal House’ and Adam welcomes Tim to the show, making his ACS debut.

Adam says he watched ‘Killing Reagan’ and he says it was an extreme contrast from the current debates, Adam is giving some great examples and Tim further comments on playing the man.

Tim brings up the sniffling from Trump and how he would have been accused of being a cocaine addict had he done the same thing, Adam says it’s about having the extra weight on one’s frame.


Nobody suspects the fat guy of being a cokehead, they cite Chris Farley and Tim’s work in ‘Black Sheep’ with the man.

Adam is now asking Tim about how he got the accent and performance correct, he says it’s not a political movie and he says he even found sympathy for Hinckley as did Adam.

Adam says you can’t help but feel sympathy and he comments on how people lead up to these horrific acts, BB says he doesn’t recall the attempted assassination of Reagan and Adam is recalling what it was like for him, he says it was pretty quickly they heard the president was out of surgery and doing fine.


Adam shares his mother’s outrage that Reagan demanded Mikhail Gorbachev tear down the wall, Adam says thank god someone piped up when he did, he thinks Reagan’s legacy grows with each failed or lame duck presidential term after.

Gina asks about the love story between Ronald Regan and his wife Nancy.

Adam has a theory that perhaps they spent too much time focused on each other and the kids were stuck looking in on a unit that excluded them.


Draft Kings

Gary is hurting from some losses edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the massive Indian IRS scam, Adam jokes about American cops filling out their uniforms unlike the police forces of other nations, we fill out our gear over here!

DFG got called by this scam, BB changes the subject and throws Adam for a loop and Gina says she was also called by the fake IRS scam that was pulling about 150k per day.

Gina has a video of someone recording their interaction with the scammer, Adam thought the novelty accent was a joke and didn’t know this was so obvious.


Adam is now asking for a photo of the Pakistani police dept.

Gina brings up the dark turn at the end of the call from the video she was showing them, she quotes the scammer bragging about 9/11.


2nd Story is on Ken Bone’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, Adam jokes about him being in law enforcement as he can really fill out a sweater.

Gary has the details on his profession and they move on.


3rd Story is on Kim Kardashian being reunited with one of the pieces of jewelry, the cheapest item out of everything they stole.

Adam thinks the French have the right size for their police uniforms, coming into their own, wearing them well!

Dawson has an interesting conspiracy theory answer to make sense of the dropped item, Adam jokes about Kim’s new security guard he dubs “Krav McGraw” he can play a tune or drag your lifeless corpse to a dumpster, you make the decision.


4th Story is an update on Tiger Woods possible return to the PGA, Adam is now riffing about Tiger’s father talking to the Williams sister’s dad joking about how things worked out.

Tim asks who uses the term “vulnerable” when discussing their ability, Adam says it is weird that one can just fall off like Tiger did.


5th Story is on a recent survey showing the delayed adulthood effecting Americans, she has all of the details and Adam thinks it’s a pleasure seeking mode we’re all stuck in.

Adam says nobody wants to pay their dues and move ahead, he brings up Coachella and he figures that at least half of the attendees to that concert and to Burning Man aren’t employed but somehow carve out time and money for these events.

Adam makes a lot of great points.


6th Story is on working hours for Japanese people, she brings up the scary figure of 80hr weeks that risk killing employees.

Adam is now riffing about the anti-suicide nets outside the Foxconn building in China that assembles iPhones.


7th Story is on the Ruth’s Chris steakhouse that has to honor the price discount of the recent Rutgers vs. Michigan game, Gina says they are capping it at 50% and won’t go along with the 78% discount, Adam asks if you can do that.

Adam says he’s never been to one of their steakhouses, Tim asks why that name and Gina says her boyfriend was explaining it to her but she can’t recall what he was saying, she was tuning him out.

Adam is asking Tim about his upbringing in Burbank, he says they played against Glendale and Adam tells him about being a North Hollywood man.


Adam brings up Dr. Drew and his local street knowledge that predates freeway construction and he shares the story of the time Dr. Drew bought condoms in Chinatown, he asks Tim about locating outside of the Valley.

Tim loved shooting ‘Heart of Dixie’ locally and Adam laments that there is never a “local boy makes good” story when you are from Hollywood and achieve success in the same city.

Adam says it struck home when he was watching American Idol about 6 years ago, Katharine McPhee vs. Taylor Hicks, BB fails the test and makes a joke about having the knowledge of that specific season.

Adam is waxing poetic about the extreme reaction and reception Katharine experience upon going back home to her small town.


Adam is talking to Tim about perp routes and how he got suckered into the biggest sucker move of all time, folding newspapers and helping your buddy without any money for your hard work.

Adam has Gina wrap the news and he goes into a live read.



Gone are the days of the big block engines, the oil must work harder in today’s compressed engine world edition

BB hits the Three times drop and BB announces what car he’s racing in Austin, he gives out some live date plugs and wraps up the show.