Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/12/2015 – Colin Hanks

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/12/2015 – Colin Hanks

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Colin Hanks

Recorded 10-11-2015 – Release Date 10-12-2015

Production Number #1678

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Adam opens the show to a #TopDrop from ‘Anchorman’ regarding the intense heat, Adam is glad he brought it up and quickly mentions upcoming guest Colin Hanks and his documentary film about Tower Records.

Adam explains his mom came over to visit and he watched her pull her sun blasted Volvo up the driveway, Adam is talking about the damage that the sun does to everything including humans.

Adam says “Let’s not be here” in regards to his mother in her 80’s with a walker, hunched over, waiting on a new home being built where his childhood home once stood.


Adam is talking about the house he grew up in, the one his mom lived in with the service porch.

Adam is talking about a garage, BB notes that Adam said “happy people” and observes that his mom is not going into the new place once it’s finished, he explains that his mom is now in his grandma’s former home.

Adam is talking about the lack of garages and carports, he comments on the sun blasted Volvo’s of his youth, Adam is sharing how he only uses his cellphone for taking pictures of things that piss him off.


Adam is always suckering you into something if he’s kindly asking to take a photo with or of you or your dog on a plane, Adam doesn’t have any pics of his kids or things he liked and takes pride in, just shit that pisses him off.

Adam is talking about bringing his kids over to Phil Rosenthal’s house this past weekend to watch ‘Steve Jobs’ and Adam says he brought Sonny with him but not Natalia, but according to Lynette events unfolded a bit differently last week when they saw ‘The Martian’.

If you want the play by play of Adam’s lost Sunday not brought up last week on Friday’s show nor today, check out FCOL ‘Mama Needs A Tutor Too’.


Adam is trying to describe the sun blasting on his mom’s car, Gina is reacting to it and mentions his mother’s lack of foresight about the dangers of the sun.

Adam is explaining the white vs. Brown rule his mom had for food, hilarious “fight the power/Pumpernickel” one liner from Adam that Gina seems to appreciate.

Adam is now riffing about ‘Billy Jack’ and the broad portrayals of racism and inequality in 1970’s filmmaking.


Adam is riffing about Baskin Robin’s ice cream locations verbally abusing ethnic minorities, Adam comments on his mom being “Hazel Petty” the mother of Tom, Meredith Baxter Petty if you will.

Adam is sharing his idea for a white privilege/scared straight program for his son, Adam is back to his mom finally off to her 2nd piece of shit home.

Adam comments on her new carport, a table that goes over her car.


Adam is commenting on her car being cooked all day and the negative health of a plastic and synthetic material car in the heat outgasses and decomposing while you’re home, Adam says it was like driving around in a skillet.

Adam says the ambient temperature is 108 and the pipe dream of 130 degrees on your car roof.

Adam is explaining how he suggested they build a carport over the last 25 years, he explains how he would bring it up every 2 years, it was something so his mom was defaulting to “I’m out” and Gina weighs in to try and understand his mom’s reaction to “something” and BB wisely adds on, familiar with the Carolla mindset that Adam’s spiraling away from with his own life.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Adam likes it when fans send in photos of them pouring their new engine oil edition


Adam talks about making some real “non-Carolla” money and wanting to get his family up to speed with civilization.

Adam is asking Gary about the pictures Maxipada might/should have of Adam’s childhood driveway.

Adam is talking about driveways devolving into dirt roads, Adam explains he was willing to pay for his mom’s new driveway, he just needed her to get 3 estimates and explains how easy of a job it would have been for her to accomplish.

Adam shares his mom’s excuse of being too busy which led to the infamous “I don’t Like Your tone” incident, Adam is now sharing the photos of his mom’s fucked up driveway.

BB reminds people that if Adam wants a photo of you or something you’re doing, be suspicious.

Gina has a funny reaction to the dead lawn meeting the crumbling driveway, Gina calls it post-apocalyptic.


“It’s your ass and it’s not my fault” – Adam’s rule of thumb regarding asphalt and his mom, Gina comments on the balls Adam’s mom’s possessed to remark on his tone when being offered nearly 10k in new driveway.

Adam is commenting on being a contractor who then got rich, yet his mom still cannot have him help her, Adam mocks the nobility in her denying herself these simple solutions to improve her quality of life.

Adam remarks on how weird it is that you can’t get people to agree to do nothing and get out of their own way when you’re trying to give them exactly what they need and want.


BB takes it back to the house, he’s trying to figure out if she sold it or not.

Gina comments on the leftover energy in his mom’s old house, Adam is now riffing as a shaman detecting a lazy poltergeist.

Adam is riffing up a storm as this Chief Thunderbear ‘esque character.


Adam is now riffing on ‘The Amityville Horror’ with James Brolin and jokes about a super-efficient female attorney moving in and growing very lazy and depressed, hilarious “freak out” comedy from Adam and Dawson, very funny.

Adam saw ‘Steve Jobs’ and says it was basically a play, Phil Rosenthal leaned over and observed that, BB also saw it and they comment on the movie.


Adam is doing an Live Read

Don’t be a pussy and use the little plastic cup, take a hit off the bottle of Nyquil edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he just got done tweeting at Adam, he thinks Adam needs to put out a comedy special, an HBO style.

Matt says Adam is a genius and Adam tells him we only have 25min left to talk to him, Adam says he is going to do a special and Matt tries to take credit for it, Adam credits Mike August.

Matt just saw a YouTube video of Anthony Griffith and talks about him performing through his daughter’s cancer treatments and death.


Matt wants to know if Adam could still do comedy if he was in a similar situation, Adam says it’s not that different than any other profession.

Adam comments on the bad days over the past 20 years and how he’s been able to shut out the negativity and go on, he talks about doing construction, a house up in Simi Valley with Tom in his Dooley Truck.

Adam talks about a commuter train that nearly cleaned them out, it was on a rural road without any signs or protection for motorists.


Adam talks about doing ‘Laughs For Bald Bryan’ the day after his grandmother passed away, Adam talks about his grandmother being a world class ball buster but also essentially raising him and his sister, wow he’s about to get to some heavy shit… nope Matt is telling Adam how his comedy abilities work, essentially summing up what Adam and BB both just said about Adam’s compartmentalization abilities.

Adam says you just shut off that part of your brain, Adam jokes about BB joining Granny in 4 ½ months.

Adam gives out some plugs for the upcoming live shows in Michigan and Chicago.

Adam plugs Promescent

They head to break


They’re back from break with a clip of Ralph Nader on ‘Take a Knee’

Colin Hanks is making his debut, he’s never guested on Classic Loveline nor the KLSX ACS, and it’s his first time ever on air with Adam Carolla.

Colin’s fellow cast members from ‘Roswell’ were Loveline staples in the 2000 era, some of the best episodes in the show’s history and his long ago ex Busy Philipps guested on Loveline possibly while still involved with him.


Adam is asking Colin about his documentary ‘All Things Must Pass’ and the feeling of Tower records being “your store” and Colin explains his long history with Tower, he says he was living in Sacramento as a kid and that’s where the company began.


Colin shares his experience with other people thinking their Tower was the first Tower, Adam says that internet has done a lot of good but it also got rid of places like Tower.

Colin talks about the social element of Tower Records, how it was a hangout spot for some people.

Adam comments on the “people” element of Tower and it sounds corny but it’s the element you don’t think about it, Colin explains how the founder was able to bring the tight knit group of people together to found the corporation.


Adam asks him if he has another documentary chambered, something on Sacramento Kings perhaps?

Colin explains his frustrations with acting led to him making this documentary, it took 7 years and they made a documentary short for ’30 For 30’ on ESPN.

Colin talks about the long process of making this thing, he explains how it was to build this movie over the years, Adam talks about his documentary and how John Lassiter wanted to be involved and how he financed his own involvement in the movie.


Adam and Colin talk about Dave Grohl making ‘Sonic Highways’ in 4 months and Colin explains why he got the people he got for the movie.

Adam asks him how he ran down Elton John, Gina asks if he tweeted him and he says no but he did get some ‘Rolling Stones’ songs in the movie via twitter.

Adam jokes about Elton John hanging out at the West L.A. lens crafters, Adam is now asking Colin about the music clearance for the movie.


Colin explains how they got the rights to the music from George Harrison’s widow and Colin explains how venting over twitter led to him getting the song he needed for the movie.

Colin mentions previous guest Brett Morgan on ACS #1633 and now Adam is talking about the argument for only wanting to buy a single track and how you are depriving yourself from the B sides and other tracks you will end up preferring.

Adam says he likes ‘So Lonely’ a lot more than ‘Roxanne’ and wouldn’t have heard it had he bought a single and not the full album.

Adam enthusiastically recommends and endorses ‘All Things Must Pass’ and asks him what his dad and Rita thought of it, he says he ran it by them and comments on his movie and his dad’s new movie opening on the same day.


Adam talks about Tom Hanks doing the Capt. Sully movie set during “the early years” and they joke about it, BB chimes in and Adam asks Colin about where he currently resides.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the successful surgery for the Paris train attack hero who was stabbed 3 times in Sacramento on Thursday morning.

Adam is now asking about the train heroes, Adam thinks the guy who was stabbed was the one who was supposed to be attending the college in Oregon that was just the scene of a mass shooting.

Adam gets the info on which guy is which and jokes about them staying off the quad runner for the next few months.


Gary has the details on the guy who was stabbed, Adam is now deconstructing the coincide element and has a “girlfriend’s pussy stunk” example for this guy rushing into danger.

Adam says “stay away from towns that sound like salad dressings” which receives a “The More You Know” drop.


2nd Story is on Shia LaBeouf’s latest arrest for trying to cross against a “don’t walk” sign and Colin is now calling bullshit and wondering what really happened.

Adam shares his “just do it” rule of thumb for listening to cops, Colin agrees and Adam is explaining that telling people what to do and yelling at them is all cops have with their bummer gig.

“I’ll let you lick it first, I’m not a cruel man” – Adam riffing as a cop telling you to put your own index finger up your ass while smashing your face in you’re the concrete.


Adam is saying he doesn’t agree with cops doing this but it’s not a significant part of your life, if it is, you should move.

Adam wants a “do whatever the fuck cops tell you to do” day, like the opposite of ‘The Purge’ and now Adam is talking about people treating cops like there are multiple door options ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ style.

Adam is talking about his shitty childhood and how he would always scream for the contestant to go for the box, hilarious “lifetime supply of turtle wax” and ‘Z Brick’ which leads to a funny A Brick comment when asking about the Hanks household.

Adam is talking about trying to figure out some value to the bummer prize on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ like reselling the donkey on the black market.


3rd Story is an update on the Black bun burger at Burger King, it turns fecal matter green and dumb customers are putting photos of their poop on social media.

Adam tells Gary not to pull any photos up, he’s got a very hectic beat off schedule over the next few days.

Gina comments on the guys on her morning show staff trying this, Adam is now sharing his
“Beets by Ace” bracelet to remind you that you ate beets so you don’t fear you’re shitting out ass cancer chunks.


Adam talks about the ton of mileage they’re getting out of this, Adam jokes about the squid ink and ash used in the Japanese buns, Adam comments on how they’re so much harder core than we are.

Adam talks about Tower Records being alive and well in Japan, Colin says “spoiler alert” a few times, as if he’s actually not cool with that leaking, thought he himself has talked about that part of the documentary a few times, even saying exactly what Adam said and more while being interviewed on a podcast sometime in the last 6 years.

So Colin already told the world about that easy to google tidbit, the movie’s weight is not lessened with fact being shared.


Colin thinks the shit pics were built into the angus/anus plan and Gina comments on how the Japanese version had black cheese too.

Colin questions the A1 sauce being used, Adam says it could be B2 sauce.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read

Adam’s buddy Ray fought the identity thieves to try and make them keep his stolen identity

Adam riffs about trying to force money on other rich guys, funny example.


4th Story is on Harvard’s debate club losing to a group of prison inmates hilarious “fuck you whitey!” line from Adam. Colin brings up the Micro Machines guy, BB compliments his pop culture reference/pull.

Adam has yelled at both Anderson on Loveline and BB on the KLSX ACS for bringing up the Micro Machines advertisements with the speed talker.

BB comments on debating and how it’s their job to make as many points as possible, all based on rate of speech and amount of points made in a set time limit.

Gina has all of the details.


Adam is talking about the Alaska Airlines Commercials, BB says it must be the same guy from the Micro machine ads.

Adam wonders what that guy is up to, Gary has one of the micro machines spots and plays it for them.

Gina says she presumes he spent most of his car listing legalese at the end of commercials spots, Adam jokes about him trying to sweet talk a chick into a blowjob and needing to take a hit of an ether rag to get in the right mood.


5th Story is on a bistro being run out of a college student’s room, Adam is talking about his high Falutin menu and Adam praises yellow bell pepper over green.

Adam is asking about eating the wrong colors, he wants to know how feeble adults are needing this, Gina asks BB about being a “Foodie” and now Adam is giving his take on presentation and wasted effort for things that eventually become poop.

Adam couldn’t imagine rubbing his ass on someone’s art, Colin says they’re giving you the ok to turn their art into your shit, Adam concedes his point but is still troubled.


Adam talks about not wanting to bust the hymen on a fruit salad or a 7 layer dip at a gathering.

Gina has the details of a rental wedding cake and how sheet cake was served instead of the fancy cake, Adam is saying that Sheet cake is Shit, bullshit.

Gary has the details of a “to go box of cake” given to him at a recent wedding and he shares it wasn’t that good and may have been an impostor marital confection like Gina just described, Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read with BB

BB is having a good week, BB will be honest and tell you when he’s not having a good week edition


Gina references the micro machines guy, Adam gives out some plugs for his weekend activities with Mike August and the fans, he plugs the latest album released by Carolla Digital ‘Road Work Vol. 1 What Can’t Adam Complain About?’ now on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Adam gives out a closing emphatic plug for ‘All Things Must Pass’ and compliments Colin’s work making the film, Colin was a solid guest and I hope he comes back on the show again soon, the movie sounds amazing.

Adam wraps up the show.