Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/12/2012 – Chris Elliot

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/12/2012 – Chris Elliot

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/10/2012 – Release Date 10/11/2012


Chris Elliot is making his first appearance on the ACS, for a very special one on one with the Aceman!


Adam is opening the show with Chris in studio, Adam is explaining to Chris why he thinks it must be nice to be in his shoes. Adam is dropping great one liners about Chris and his persona. Chris seems to be enjoying it and is agreeing with Adam’s points.


They’re now going back and forth with a great exchange about accepting limitations. Adam is asking Chris if he can relate to the idea of his wife having a super hot friend and how it makes you behave differently. Adam is now sharing an anecdote about skipping rope at his house while farting.


Adam is now on a riff about grey being the go to color for workout apparel, he’s now explaining how he formed a visage of Mickey Mouse on his chest just by sweating.




Adam and Chris are now discussing the pressure upon men when it comes to grooming and where it came from, Adam’s theory is that it all came from porn, Chris is sharing some anecdotes of his own. Adam is sharing his porn name with Chris, he seems to love it and is agreeing with Adam.


They’re now discussing fashions and men’s clothing of their youth, the conversation has now switched to denim and Adam comes up with a great idea.


Adam has segued back to the book and is asking Chris what it’s about, Chris is explaining the premise and just mentioned how he originally met David Letterman. Adam is now asking Chris about Letterman and if he is as Adam has always assumed, Adam references Wagner and Woody Allen, oddly enough it immediately strikes a chord with Chris.


Chris is telling Adam how he witnessed the evolution of David Letterman and Adam is following up with some great points about the perils of success, both Adam and Chris agree that Jimmy Kimmel is equally talented but has a much more welcoming way about him. Adam is now recounting the first time he was booked on Letterman in 1999 and how Daniel Kellison was unsure about approaching Letterman to say hi, he adds a great new quote to sum up Daniel’s personality. Chris really seems to enjoy the quote.


They’re now discussing the similar leadership qualities of Kimmel and Letterman and how they both instill a deep sense of loyalty in their staff. Chris is sharing details with Adam about the few times he got into fights with Letterman and how painful it was for him.


Adam is asking Chris about the early days at Late Night, Chris is sharing some great anecdotes of the early days. They’re now discussing “Hal Gurnee” and his work on Late Night as well as his work on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Chis is sharing more anecdotes about the early days at Late Night, He’s explaining to Adam that those were the best years of his life.




Adam is doing a live read, Chris is jumping in and busting his balls, hilarious! Adam is back from break and plugging some upcoming live gigs.


Adam is telling Chris about Mangria, Chris is actually requesting some now. Adam is bringing it back to the early days of Late Night and how Chris was first brought onto the writing staff. Chris is explaining that while he was getting all these great opportunities early on, he was aware of how special it was and really appreciative.


Adam is explaining that guys like Kimmel and Letterman have a great radar for talent and hard workers, he’s giving advice to young people to show up early and often and they will notice you, even if you’re not aware you’re being observed.


Chris Laxamana just brought in a glass of Mangria for Chris, he seems to enjoy it and is glad it has the extra alcohol content as he’s heading to Jimmy’s show after the podcast wraps.




They’re back to discussing the early days of Late Night, Adam is asking Chris if he ever got nervous, Chris is telling another anecdote about how he first learned his role on Late Night. Chris is now telling Adam how drunk he feels after barely sipping the Mangria.


Chris is explaining how long he was on Late Night with David Letterman and how he was allowed to keep an office even after he left to work on his classic  sitcom “Get A Life”. Chris is explaining that the location where Late Night was produced was even a huge deal for him, that it allowed him to feel like he was following in his father’s footsteps.


Chris is taking more sips of Mangria and really emphatic about how strong it is, he’s claiming it has a kick similar to grain alcohol. Adam is asking Chris about his dad and his reaction to Late Night, Adam is now sharing his own anecdote about taking his step grandfather Lotzi to one of his improv shows and his less than enthused reaction.


Adam and Chris are now discussing the nature of improv comedy, Chris feels it’s simply an acting exercise and not suitable for a paying audience despite his own history with it. Chris is now telling Adam about going to see his daughters improv shows and his reaction to them.


Adam and Chris are now bonding over how they both find live improv and sketch to be uncomfortable to watch, Chris is agreeing with Adam’s take and almost sounds surprised that they are so similar. Chris is lamenting the constant need to perform and how he enjoys his time off, Adam is agreeing with some well timed grunts and noises, they’re simpatico.


Adam is having Chris tell him some of the names of his old improv troupes, Adam is sharing one of his own. They’re both going super in depth about group improv and how it’s painful for them to watch it. Adam is explaining how he doesn’t care for people who have the need to perform every day and how he isn’t sure it’s the best way to create art.




Chris is now reading some improv troupe names from his book, Adam is telling Chris about the name of the comedy traffic school he worked for. Chris is explaining how he was against “The Comedy Channel” when it first started, Adam is replying with a great concept for a different channel for them to start up, Chris loves it.


Chris is explaining the tour of the white house he took as a kid and how Nixon had film reels of “Bryan’s Song” Adam has a killer reply, Chris takes a moment to pick up on it but then loses his shit, hilarious!


Chris is explaining that he hates being negative about these things but he hates comedy festivals, Adam is bothered that we’ve made comedy so precious in society. Chris has the idea that comedy is far superior when it comes out of the blue.


Adam is telling Chris his theory on why Mexico can’t make good desserts, Chris is digging it. Adam has Chris sip some more Mangria as he does another live read. Chris is jumping in with some great reactions, so funny!


Chis and Adam are having a quick back and forth where they’re calling back some earlier conversations, Chris is jumping in on another live read, he’s messing with Mike Dawson who’s trying to read the fine print, Dawson is rolling with it, this is Hilarious!


Adam wraps the show, Chris chimes in with a great reaction to close it out.