Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/11/2016 – Phoebe Robinson

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/11/2016 – Phoebe Robinson

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Phoebe Robinson

Recorded 10-10-2016 – Release Date 10-11-2016

Production Number #1923

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Adam opens the show to a funny “just locker room talk” intro from Dawson and Lynch, he welcomes the gang to the show and BB has a funny Huell Howser #TopDrop.

BB says it’s another night of no sleep for him and Adam jokes about what a good job he did with the news over the weekend, she’s lucky that Adam isn’t a “Scalp man” or she might have to go looking for a new gig.

If you would like to hear the Bald One crush it as newsgirl check out ACS #1921 and ACS #1922 both available PodcastOne Premium, along with all future live shows.


BB tells Gina it was harder job than one would think and compliments Gina, he explains he’s filled in before but never with any lead time to prepare for it.

Adam is talking about the short window between the show time and the arrival at the hotel, Adam says his bowels are changing the rules on him in reaction to the travel.

Adam is sharing his policy on travel, he says that anything under 2.3-3 hours he doesn’t care where he sits on the plane, he is travelling to get paid but everything is an expense while on the road.


Adam is now going over his pre-flight conversation with Matt Fondiler about where he was sitting on Jet Blue, it was supposedly ‘Economy Plus’ which actually belongs to another carrier, Adam explains he was trying to ask the flight attendant about the premium seating he was supposedly getting.

The premium service was a free checked bag, Adam is going over the confusion where the airport agent out Mike August’d Mike august and he had to double back.

Adam is saying that one day a clever fan will open their butt cheeks to trick him into plugging the headphones into their anus, holy shit.


Adam is going over trying to shove the little 3.5mm headphone dick into any available slot, like a dog with a boner trying to hump things.

Adam is sharing a photo of the blacked out screen that didn’t display the information about the orientation of the ports.

Dawson looked at the guy next to him, Adam was checking the arm over and over, unaware it no longer plugs in there on Jet Blue metal.


Adam says he cheated and looked at other people like when he copied of the Cynthia Nagatani in Spanish class.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Chris he recommends the live shows and enjoyed the Foxwoods one, he is reacting to the photo BB posted of Adam wearing two pairs of glasses and another photo of him sans shoes.

Adam says he has to wear glasses to find headphone jacks in airplanes now, it’s god punishing him, BB is mocking him.

Adam clarifies his stance on taking your shoes off on a flight, BB brags about taking his shoes off during the limousine ride between cities while Adam and August were with Mike Lynch.


Adam says he had modest first class, not real first class and he jokes about the blue collar guy sitting next to him who could easily afford the seat.


Smart Mouth

Next time you’re out doing whatever Doug Benson was doing edition


2nd Caller Paxton, he works in a car wash and always makes sure to reset/snap the floor mats in place and reposition the seats for the customers.

Adam says he had the valet tag stuck on his windshield again recently, it was a first world nightmare.

Paxton wants Adam’s take on Coach Kennedy who would pray with the team, Adam says back in the day they would always take a knee and say a prayer before a game, BB shares how they would pray before the games at his catholic high school.


Gary has all of the information and Adam says he’s angry now as he’s a parent now and he gives even less of a shit now, he doesn’t’ worry about dogs or allergies nor does he want to quiz other parents, he presumes upon safety and responsibility in his community.

Adam says that if someone was reporting a sexual assault you gotta be all ears but if someone is reporting someone for quietly praying, that’s none of your business.

Adam says as a parent and atheist he doesn’t give a shit about any of this.

Gina has the details on her public school that had Christian students who would congregate the flag pole to pray each morning, Adam says in a world where he can’t find a headphone jack why must he hear about this.

Dawson has some wisdom about the nature of prayer.


3rd Caller Wayne, he makes a funny joke about the pronunciation of his name and he’s working on his 1991 Convertible fox body mustang and deiced to call in.

Adam says he feels bad for his security detail that was walking him around the Foxwoods Casino and they commiserated about both working at McDonalds when they were younger.

The guy bragged about his Chevy Cobalt and Adam jokes about people renting these cars, unaware they could be purchased, funny riff and Adam says that he was a sweet guy.


Wayne wants to know about Adam broadcasting this show on a tape delay on radio, he as a long commute and Adam says radio guys are set in their ways and he imagines eventually there will be some turnover.

Adam says it’s akin to the spread being listed on sports programming, it was once considered taboo but is not very common.



Chris Maxipada stands on a skateboard in what should be Adam’s office edition

They’ll take the desk back for a refund but they insist you leave up all of your family photos and personal effects, he’s not sure why but they insist edition


Phoebe Robinson is now making her ACS debut, they didn’t head to break not return, she’s just there after the read, how unusual.

Adam welcomes her to the show, he plugs her new book and compliments her standup on a recent episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Phoebe tells Adam about getting into standup via classes at Caroline’s in NYC, she’s very honest about her early ambitions to be a writer and her self-pretention.


Adam shares how unusual it is to hear that standups took classes, she says you just learn how to stand on stage and figure out the practical stuff like mic technique.

Phoebe name drops Jim Gaffigan and she says she was begrudgingly going to the class, so her story isn’t that different than the story of the model who only went to the casting session to tag along with a friend.

Adam is asking her about her empire, Adam jokes about his pronunciation of 2 Dope Queens her hit show, BB keeps playing the drop to further mock Adam.


Adam brings up a classic news report he saw with Dan Rather reporting on 2 Live Crew and their song ‘Me So Horny’ and impersonates the clip before asking Phoebe about her journey of temp work before ascending into the entertainment industry.

Adam is now lamenting veggie chips, he doesn’t want yams or other potatoes as chips like served on Jet Blue, Adam says he would blow someone for some BBQ chips on a flight, let alone chips with the name of the BBQ sauce on the bag.

Phoebe says she would win awards for her short stories on her interest in her gym teacher, she says she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 24, she says she was trying to give it away and didn’t have any swag, she jokes about buying plan B on the reg.


Phoebe is telling them about her breakup while she was writing the book, Adam says he had a rough move out and a rough move in, he brings up the woman he was dating for 3-4 weeks.

Adam is explaining the details of the relationship, BB asks if this is the eye thing, he means the herpetic lesion of the face, it wasn’t his eye.

Adam reveals this was Cynthia, he explains how her apartment was destroyed by the 94 quake, he is getting to every detail of the story.


Cynthia had no job, place to live and her mom was on the way to stay with Adam and the guys in this horrible living situation.

Adam says he was broken out with this horrible disease, ulcers on his face, sweating and he was being judged by her mother who was in no mood and Adam wasn’t in a mood for it either, about as bad as it ever got.

Adam was set to turn 30 and was lamenting what happened, Adam jokes about it not jeopardizing his commercial work, he sat home and sweated all night.


Adam asks her who brought up the idea to move out, Adam asks about the appropriate amount to pushback against someone leaving, helping them back is perhaps not the best indicator.

Phoebe says she was a bit concerned as he is a white guy, she says he and her ex are both racially open people and Adam asks who he dates next and cites the guys he knows who only date Asian women.

Adam says that when he finds out someone strictly dates Asian women you find out they’re not that cool to hang with.


Adam brings up his buddy in high school Tom, he was a brother and he won best physique at High school, he only liked Asian gals.

Adam is explaining how they had those kinds of awards in school, BB confirms it and Adam further describes Tom, BB shares he got best hair as he was losing his hair, he was balding, he got the joke though.

Adam says that Tom was so focused on Asian gals he reduced his pool of possible partners by a great margin, Adam says he would try and convince him to expand his horizons.


Phoebe says she wants to date a man with a job and a headboard, Adam says he is as he seems on air, he likes a sense of humor in a partner but doesn’t need it.

BB suggests Vinnie as a possible dating partner for Phoebe, Adam says she’s beautiful with a new vagina smell, he comments on her losing her virginity at 24.

She asks the gang about their virginity and first sexual experience, Adam comments on his take on “trying not to get fired” in the bedroom, BB has some nice drop work.


Adam brings up Nate from the other shop, he brings up the funny Gary got a haircut anecdote and adds another beat to it, Nate was in a hellacious poker tournament he needed to return to Gardenia to finish.

Adam has BB lay in the drop of him saying 2 Dope Queens and he gives out even more plugs, Phoebe is thanked for coming in and she leaves, odd she must have had a tight schedule?

They head to break; she was a great guest I hope she comes back on.


They’re back from break with a great definitely not a Jew.


3rd Caller Autumn, his mother wanted a girl and named him with the girl’s name regardless, Adam says he wanted a Mazda pickup truck. He didn’t put the logo on another brand and try to pass it off.

Autumn brags about his masculinity, Adam jokes about “A Dad Got Sued” and BB adds “A Boy That Sued” which would be the modern version of ‘A boy Named Sue’ the kid would just get legal revenge on his parents.

Autumn is telling them about moving some marble mosaics for work and Gina is riffing with Adam, getting hot and bothered by the mosaic movement talk.


Adam is joking about Autumn and Paris Hilton being basically the same person at this point, both celebrities.

Adam talks about the former celebrity that dresses to the nines to pose like they’re doing better than they actually are at various events and parties despite not having worked in years.

Autumn says each mosaic took a semi-truck to move, they’re installed in California and he tells them about where you can see them along the highway.


Adam says he doesn’t like that we have rest areas, they’re just for no good, you could pee and or poop at any fast food restaurant.

Autumn tells him about his multiple sisters after he gets upset about the exact dimension’s question Adam had about the mosaics.


Life Lock


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the latest debate between Trump and Clinton, she has all of the details and sets up a clip of the leaked audio of Trump talking to Billy Bush about grabbing women by the pussy.

Adam says Trump was cracking up Billy Bush, he was egging him on with his courtesy laugh, he hadn’t thought of that element of the exchange before.

Adam says he wishes Gilbert Gottfried would get into trouble so he could get some work ala Alec Baldwin and this Donald Trump controversy.


Gina has a clip from SNL with Alec Baldwin, BB says Alec’s impression makes him miss Phil Hartman, Gina has a clip of Anderson Cooper addressing the comments.

Adam doesn’t want to defend Trump but we’re all such fucking pussies now, this isn’t assault.

Adam thought Donald’s reply was insane, he gives what would have been an appropriate reply.


Gina has a clip of Hillary talking about the movie ‘Lincoln’ and how he was able to use different arguments to effect change.

Adam says Hillary prepared and explains how easy this would be to prepare for, Adam says his rambling into the ISIS topic just sounded insane.

Adam says that her spin in this comment about Lincoln then also spun out, she wasn’t critiquing a movie during the speech in question, Gary has the rest of the details.


Adam says to him, Trump talking snatch with Billy Bush doesn’t matter to him but him not preparing for this reply speaks volumes.

“Don’t start weaving into ISIS and building classy walls” – Adam

BB gives his take and Adam sets up Dawson’s latest Mashup.


True Car


Dawson has the 2-minute version of the Mash-Up, it’s very funny.

Everyone compliments Dawson and Gina jokes about Trump’s comments coming off like Steve Carrell’s character ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ and Adam shares his sympathy for Billy Bush in this scenario, he was following Donald’s lead what most guys would do.

Adam says this doesn’t account for guys blowing smoke for other guys, instead of engaging in uncomfortable weird moments.


Adam says we all pretend that we would make a stink and mentions our wives and daughters, but nobody wants to the confrontation, just move past the creep and tell your wife what a douchebag he was later that night.

Adam says this is punishment enough for Billy Bush, BB says he didn’t not know that Billy was part of the Bush family until right now, is he being sarcastic? He was told this on air, many times, dating back to KLSX.


Gina has another clip of Donald claiming he’s going to have a special prosecutor look into Hillary’s emails, Adam is now going over the general consensus of the debate.

Gina has the closing clip where Hillary complimented Trump’s children and Donald complimented her work ethic.

Adam says he compliments Trump the same way and Gina has the actual stats on talk time, Adam says if he was a Hillary campaign staffer he would be eager to give Donald more mic time and Adam mocks Hillary talking about celebrating diversity.


Adam says we are diverse, we needn’t celebrate it, how can a president mandate such a thing.

Gary brings up a DAG lookalike in the audience, quite upset about the goings on, Gina brings up Ken Bone and BB teases him a bit, Adam says Ken reminds Adam of fat BB, he jokingly and says he actually reminds him of the character from ‘Wreck it Ralph’ who owns the building that Ralph wrecks, Gina informs him many other people made the observation, Adam comments on parallel thought and she wraps the news.



BB misses the 3 times drop, we’ll get it in post (probably won’t) edition

Gina has a fan question and Adam talks about black vs. blue smoke and what it can mean, BB has a new pope joke, solid!


Adam is plugging the upcoming live dates and wraps up the episode, good episode!