Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/11/2012 – TJ Miller

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/11/2012 – TJ Miller

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/10/2012 – Release Date 10/11/2012


Bryan opens the show with one of Adam’s classic drops from yesterday, Adam plays along with some quick improv. Adam just announced he saw “Taken 2” with Bill Simmons earlier in the day.


Adam is now explaining they haven’t really covered the skyrocketing gas prices in California, Adam is telling a quick story about owning his old BMW M3 and trying to find replacement parts and how it’s a great analogy for California where everything is costlier.


Bryan and Alison are jumping in with some quick comments, Adam is now elaborating on his take about the gas prices. Adam is explaining what it was like living though the gas embargo of the 1970’s with his parents to boot. He’s now making a great point about the dependency on foreign oil using an arcade analogy, Alison just chimed in with some hilarious gold!


Adam is sharing some anecdotes about the guests he has on Carcast who sing the praises of Natural Gas, Adam is now giving a bipartisan analysis of the lying that everyone does about things they don’t like or want.


Adam is pondering how long it would take for the worlds greatest minds to come up with a solution to the foreign oil dilemma if they could all join forces and work together in the interest of the people of earth, Adam is explaining that all attempts to extract fuel from the earth have there inherent dangers but some are smarter and less risky than others.


Alison is chiming and adding to Adam’s points in a very creative way, nice work. Adam is further explaining his argument on this topic, Alison just jumped in with a brilliant call back to the last episode where she quoted Adam who was quoting Dr. Drew, awesome! Adam’s on a quick Al gore riff with Bald Bryan, good stuff!




Adam welcomes Jay back to the show, he’s sipping on the Mangria and digging it. They’re discussing the Lance Armstrong drama, Adam is giving his take that if everyone is cheating then nobody is cheating. Jay is explaining why the NFL is so strict on steroids now, because it doesn’t give players much of a choice if anyone is using them.


Jay agrees with Adam that after all these years it’s ridiculous to keep chasing Lance down, regardless of what he did or what kind of person he actually is. Adam is explaining the “NFL Gimp” concept he created with Rich Eisen to Jay, Jay seems to be digging it right off the bat, lots of good replies, Bryan is laying in a awesome music bed.


They’re further discussing the human error factor of professional sports and why the organizations don’t further embrace the technology and put extra scrutiny on important plays. They just stumbled onto a tangent about the bizarre specialty stadium nights, like seat cushion night. Adam and Jay both touched on “Disco Demolition” marking the 2nd time this past month where Adam was unknowingly discussing one of Chicago area radio legend “Steve Dahl’s” creations, the last time it was his “Ayatollah” parody song.




Adam is giving his take on what life would be like if birds were larger, his classic “birds are flying dinosaurs that hate you” concept. Jay is sharing a description of a viral video he saw on a recent episode of “Tosh.0”. The control room have now fired it up and Adam is doing live commentary on it.


Jay brought up that his girlfriend revealed to him that she was frightened of “Chucky” from the “Child’s Play” movies as a kid, Jay and Adam are riffing on it now. “Trilogy of Terror” was just brought up and now they’re really getting into the concept of evil dolls from old horror films. Jay is not having it, Adam and Alison are arguing the point that the source of power bringing these dolls to life makes them scary despite their diminutive stature.


Adam has a killer honey badger line and even funnier reply to Jay, Alison is backing him up, comedy GOLD! Jay has a decent reply too, good stuff.


Adam is now riffing on the ghosts in horror films, in particular the young girl ghosts looking for their dollies. Adam is now explaining his version of a scary ghost, he’s killing it. Jay just brought up the little girl from “The Ring” Adam is now threatening to tell Jay about his own terrifying experience caused by “The Ring”.


Adam is telling the classic story but with more emphasis and excitement than previous iterations, he’s singing an awesome child’s toy theme song from the commercials that I won’t spoil, so good!


Adam is doing a live read, Jay is joking about what is in his Mangria, wondering if he will pass his drug test in the morning. Bryan just chimed in that he should do a “Basic Cable Commentary” with Adam for “The Program” because it’s such a bizarre college football movie.




They come back from break with Bryan laying in a classic KLSX morning show drop from Ozzy, when he was doing his review of “Iron Man” in 2008, Adam is still mystified by the clip and Alison is also perplexed, very funny reactions.


TJ Miller is returning to the show for his 3rd visit, he was on ACS #138 and #318 oddly enough, too bad this isn’t episode 813 for all the numerology fans in the Carolla audience. You can obtain his first two episodes by signing up for the official archive.




Adam is welcoming TJ back to the show, Adam noticed a mark on TJ’s neck, he says he cut himself shaving. Adam is plugging TJ’s upcoming work. Adam is telling TJ he wouldn’t mind if “Cloverfield” aired on cable more often, he’s recounting the time the KLSX gang all went to go see an early screening, TJ also first met Adam when guesting to promote that movie.


Adam and Bryan are commenting on some of his other movies and telling TJ they really enjoy them, Adam just watched “Yogi Bear” with his kids and enjoyed it, they’re now watching his fake audition for the movie. Adam is telling TJ that he thinks about him a lot, Adam is explaining he thinks of TJ as a hard worker and that he’s destined for the top of the comedy world.


Adam is asking him if he was a good student and about his journey. TJ is game and is filling them in on his past. Bryan interrupts Adam trying to get to Alison’s news. Bryan has Alison explain her childhood nightmare so they can lay in a song from “Rich Banks”, classic Banks, so damn funny.


TJ and the gang all seem to love the song, Adam reveals that Mike Lynch assisted with the song, nice wok Lynch!




Alison’s News, her top is about Alex Karras passing away, Adam is explaining his legacy to the gang and audience. Adam is on a tangent about not knowing the first names of adults when he was kid, inspired by an observation from Bryan about the sitcom “Webster”.


They’re now on another tangent about reverence in society, Alison is chiming in with her thoughts as a woman on men opening doors and doing chivalrous things, Adam is giving his old Loveline explanation of women and children having a similar need for security. Alison doesn’t even think Adam’s security argument is at all misogynistic, proving once again if Adam has a proper forum many of his “controversial” opinions can be seen as rational and true.


TJ is making a very good point about gender roles in relationships, the gang are all weighing in.




Alison’s 2nd story is about the PBS creative team behind “Sesame Street” being upset with the Obama campaign over a youtube ad that mentions “Big Bird” and mocks Mitt Romney’s position on PBS. Adam is explaining that he likes the ad and that it almost seems too funny to be from a presidential campaign. Adam is now making a great analogy comparing PBS to the ACLU.




Alison’s 3rd story, Guy Fieri’s personal appearance fee and security team that flanks him, Adam is having a great reaction to Guy as a human being, TJ totally agrees and adds to Adam’s point. Adam is explaining he would like to see Guy in his high school yearbook photo, Adam is making a great carrot top analogy that has an amazing twist where instead of insulting Carrot, he insults himself.


The control room fire up an image of Guy from his high school days, TJ has a killer observation and Adam has a reply that levels the whole room. They’re still breaking down Guy’s persona and various projects, Adam is making it clear he has no problem with guy or his shows, but it’s still hilarious.




Alison’s 4th story it tangentially related to their earlier discussion about the loss of reverence in society, Hallmark has had to close a processing plant as the greeting card industry is being negatively effected by social media. Adam is explaining that somebody made him some cards that he really liked, he requested an adjustable greeting card that could be used in a “MacGyver” like fashion for any occasion.


Alison is polling the room on whether they still send cards to people, Bryan is the only one who claims to still do it, Adam is having a fun back and forth imrov with BB, good stuff.




Alison’s 5th story, 1 in 5 Americans are not affiliated with any religion. She’s reading the statistics, in the past 5 years that amount has grown by a record breaking 25%. Alison is reading the breakdowns from the poll. Adam is giving his take as an atheist, Alison chimes in with a great reply, Adam is explaining that with the absence of religion comes some new obsession that is even more annoying.


Recumbent bike riders were brought up and now Adam and TJ are riffing on the type of guy who rides that bike, Bryan is jumping in with some comments and Alison is enjoying the riff.


TJ has some observations about the human mind always seeking meaning in the world, Adam is explaining how he used to imagine a utopia of atheists solving the worlds problems, but now sees the absence of religion leaving a hole in most people and just amplifying the problems.


Alison wraps the news, Adam is now having TJ play the “Recumbent bike guy” while he plays the guy who likes to rummage the beach with his metal detector, Bryan plays their mutual friend who introduces them, hilarious! Bryan is killing it, Adam has some great quick comments and TJ is making it gold!


Adam wraps the show, great episode!