Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/10/2016 – Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/10/2016 – Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond

Recorded 09-27-2016 – Release Date 10-10-2016

Production Number #1912

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Adam opens the show with Jeremy, James and Richard making their ACS debut, Adam says his heroes are in studio and he explains how he first discovered ‘Top Gear’ in the same manner of the coverage on Speed Channel showcasing the ‘Goodwood Festival of Speed’.

The guys are immediately riffing on their chemistry and what attracts viewers to their antics, Adam busts out some French and tries to compliment them further about how their dynamic is not easily re-creatable, and they can’t simply just cast people into their roles.

They are talking about Richard’s accident and the irrational presumption that the cameras filming the vents will somehow protect you from disaster behind the wheel, Adam cites the recent Hemi under Glass accident with Jay Leno.


Jeremy is telling them about the time they drove in the north pole and Adam is riffing about the life hammer and other products he’s bought up from the ‘Sky mall’ catalog.

Adam shares his lamentation that it would be in his trunk if he bought one and pulled a Chappaquiddick.

Adam recalls the time they were filming the NBC ‘Top Gear’ USA pilot, he says Jeremy was very complimentary and he goes over the stunt they were filming where Adam had to step in and assist on, like nobody thought of the danger.


Jeremy is talking about the danger of the old version of ‘Top Gear’ and Adam says his most satisfying argument is the argument and settlement with The Stig.

Adam has a killer “I love that guy Joey who was on Friends” joke after Jeremy ribs him for picking the Stig as his favorite cast member, the one who doesn’t speak, hidden behind masks.

Adam is mentioning his off air conversation with James about how much of the show has been filmed so far, he says the studio stuff is now being done to compliment the films they have already finished.


Jeremy is now giving Adam the full history of the show, the gang try and come up with how many years they’ve been on air together.

Adam asks how they all feel about the BBC and what happened with the punch controversy, Jeremy moves on and doesn’t get to the details.

Adam is just giving his two cents, they are adamant they have a good relationship with The BBC and Jeremy goes over his thought process post firing and how they got to the point where they reinvented their show and chemistry.


Adam says the show was a Chicken burrito and now it’s a steak burrito, Adam explains burritos to Jeremy and he tells Adam about the new elements to the show along with the winning chemistry they kept.

Adam brings up his process of creating a season of ‘The Man Show’ and how they would work through blank cork boards to come up with premises and construct episodes.

The guys are explaining their process and Adam brings up Richard’s car accident from 10 years ago,


Adam is asking the gang about Richard’s accident and Jeremy is ribbing him over his penis size, he reveals he actually has a massive dong.

Adam asks them what they like that’s out there now, car wise.

Adam brings up the new Aston Martin, Adam is telling them about a CarCast guest who sold a Ferrari LaFerrari and Jeremy brings up the lack of a capital gains tax in the U.K. and Adam tells them about his two Lamborghini SV Miura’s that he declares the best looking bone stock car, a little sportier than the rest.


Jeremy shares his love for the Pantera and Adam explains how breathed on and insane they end up looking here in the states.

Adam mixes up Aston Martin models and Jeremy says he just drove the DB11 in pre-production and it’s a great handling car, it looks great and it drives great, properly well suited for the track.

Jeremy says it does deliver and Adam shares his distaste for the DB4, 5 and 6.


Oberto Beef Jerky

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Q and Ace

1st Caller Craig, he wants to know the super car each guys prefers, he gives them some options and gets an eager response from Jeremy and James May.

Adam says cars can be ruined for him when he sees Paris Hilton behind the wheel much like James ruining cars for Jeremy, Adam shows them all a photo of Paris Hilton in a Lexus LFA.

Jeremy is disgusted, hilarious reaction.


Jeremy has a funny Bentley anecdote and Adam asks him further about the LFA, Adam shares his take on the McLaren feeling soulless to him, Jeremy says the latest model has soul.

Adam asks the other guys what they like.

Jeremy tells Adam about a Ferrari he drove that was quite special, he waxes poetic on their car and how nothing feels like it, it’s an experience at all times, never just a car.


2nd Caller Will he wants a budget 5k vintage car, the guys riff about Adam’s “Get It On” and provide some great clip opportunities.

The gang are all weighing in on cheap cars, Adam suggests the Datsun Roadster and as expected the currency conversion makes it a fruitless endeavor.

The guys are talking about the muscle car market in the states and Adam explains why sometimes we pick weird lesser vehicles to get excited about while the superior models trade and sell for much less, it doesn’t’ always make sense when it comes to American cars.


Adam suggests a good bottle of scotch and the premier of their new series, Adam has a nice closer about the gang leaving The BBC and they refuse to not take the high road, Adam jokes about media training and gets a dig in for them.

Adam gets out the plug for ‘Grand Tour’ and they tease how exciting it all is, Adam invites Jeremy over to the other shop to see the cars, he has to look at the Schedule, if only they had more time for the show and a longer tour.

You can see Jeremy tour the shop on Facebook btw, he did make it work and fit it in his Schedule!