Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/10/2014 – Gilbert Gottfried, Skip Bedell, and Alison Bedell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/10/2014 – Gilbert Gottfried, Skip Bedell, and Alison Bedell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Gilbert Gottfried, Skip Bedell, and Alison Bedell

Recorded 10-09-2014 – Release Date 10-10-2014

Production Number #1429

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Adam is opening the show to a slick and timely North Korea intro, Adam welcomes Alison and BB to the show, BB plays the newer “They snatched my box” #TopDrop and Adam explains the confusion with Gilbert Gottfried’s late arrival.

Adam says some words were exchanged and an attempt to blame Mike August was employed but didn’t stick as he showed up after 7pm, well after when they normally tape.

Adam is now saying that Gilbert is up there with Norm MacDonald for the funniest guy who doesn’t drive himself around.


BB thought Adam was speaking metaphorically about being creatively driven and Adam is saying he would rather be hobbled by Kathy Bates from ‘Misery’ than not drive himself around L.A. and now Adam is questioning if he does or doesn’t drive himself.

BB says that Gilbert is his top comedian when it comes to amount of speaking to laughs generated, Adam is vastly superior, what the fuck.

Adam says that Gilbert is superiorly funny to Tim Allen but he won’t “drive” so he never gets the success of someone like Tim, it slows down their trajectory but they’ll always work and make a living.


Adam is now sharing a conversation he had with James ‘Babydoll’ Dixon about his super motivated clients like Carson Daly, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam is now talking about Carson’s schedule and misspeaks and says he travels and commutes to NYC to tape “Good Day L.A.” and BB corrects him.

Adam is saying he was doing some ADR work for the movie ‘Road Hard’ and Babydoll Dixon showed up right as Larry Miller was doing his Automated dialogue replacement, Dawson gets on mic and calls it automatic.


Adam is now explaining the process and how it’s like trying to put your own words in your own mouth while watching footage of you, Adam makes a point about how you can’t quite improve some things, you can ratchet it up a little bit, but the timing is everything.

Adam is sharing the “beep, beep. Beep” intro’s they do, to lead you into the scene.

Adam is breaking down the nature of speech and how hard it is to match and replace the dialogue, Adam says that “we’re all lip readers” and has a self-satisfied sniff.


Alison brings up audio and video out of sync and how she notices it, she’s probably talking about a weak satellite signal or bad cable company box, it could be her sound system too, it’s not the ADR, and she should give AV Ed a call.

Adam explains how weird it was for Babydoll to watch Larry Miller essentially play a version of him.


Gilbert is now joining the show via the phone, Adam apologizes and now Gilbert is explaining what happened when he showed up about 4hrs too late.

Gilbert admits he doesn’t even know how to drive and someone drives him, he lists this as another of the stupid things he’s done in his life.

Adam is taking this away from the no-show booking, he just means in life, driving would make Gilbert’s life so much easier, he agrees whole heartedly.


Adam offered to teach Norm MacDonald to drive and is now extending the offer to Gilbert, Gilbert pitches this as a reality show where Adam teaches Norm and Gilbert to drive.

Gilbert says he would be open to this, Adam is asking him if he’s more idiosyncratic than Norm and now he’s referencing the infamous KLSX ACS episode where Norm told them about fucking his buddies’ wife in the ass while said buddy was mowing the lawn outside.

Gilbert says he can’t beat that story and now Adam and him are talking about musicians and bands who say that drugs are responsible for their creativity and now they are arguing both sides of that point, how often times the musician now sober is making shittier music despite their own beliefs.


Adam is now connecting that to the idea of Gilbert losing his creative edge if he begins driving, much like a musician who kicks the drugs.

Adam is now bringing up the way comedians can lose their edge and fastball.

Adam is asking Gilbert about his marital status and he’s telling them who his wife is and how they relate, Adam interrupts to plug Gilbert’s live dates.


Adam is now asking Gilbert about performing live stand-up if he still feels the passion for it, he turns the question around on Adam and he’s now waxing poetic on the sold out theaters in Seattle vs. the multiple shows in Addison Texas.

Adam has a hypothetical “would you like to never exercise again” and he replies “yes, yes and where do I suck your dick?”

Adam is explaining it probably is good for us to sweat and discipline ourselves and pushing and grunting, the making yourself do it, much like forcing yourself on stage to perform.


Gilbert says in his earlier days he was addicted to getting up on stage, he says he no longer feels that anymore and sometimes he does have to force himself, he now shares his daydreaming of being told the show was cancelled but they pay him anyway before he goes up on occasion.

Adam is now riffing about Gilbert running marathons, he jokes about Gilbert jumping in mid marathon and making other runners kill themselves after witnessing him with leg weights, braces and groceries.

Gilbert is now riffing about how Norm MacDonald cancelled his show when his next booking was Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. Adam jokes about their next guests Skip and Alison from his reality show.


Adam is now pitching the TV pilot of Adam teaching him how to drive, Adam asks when he will next be out in Los Angeles.

Gilbert shares how he was supposed to guest on ‘Anger Management” but Charlie Sheen broke his nose jumping into a pool, that’s the story he heard and Adam jokes about it being a pool full of cocaine.

Gilbert plugs his podcast and Adam is going to hold him to teaching him how to drive, Gilbert busts out his own Norm Macdonald impression and Adam says he was too bust urinating into a mason jar to talk return Adam’s call.


Gilbert is now doing an impression of Norm as Adam plays himself and they have a funny back and forth about teaching fake Norm to drive.

Adam is now asking Norm about the anal sex story, Gilbert is rolling with it in character.

Adam now has a question for the real Gilbert, he brings up how people mistake him for Gilbert and Norm, Gilbert says he’s gotten Adam Carolla and Garry Shandling, which he doesn’t understand.

Adam thanks Gilbert and he wraps the call with some more of his Norm impression now Adam is asking for Gilbert’s Bob Dylan impression he’s doing on the fly, this is gold!


Bb jokes about Norm, Gilbert and Adam in the same car together causing the internet to explode, Adam is now for this as a pilot, he’s really sold on this idea and BB has a killer Pete Sampras one liner.

Adam is now painting a picture of the scene of them all in a car.


Adam is doing a live read


Q and Ace

1st Caller – John, he wants to know if Adam has been approached to tape an episode of “Comedians in cars getting coffee” and if he’s ever met Jerry Seinfeld.

Adam is now recalling the time he met Jerry Seinfeld while taping his sitcom pilot, Bryan confuses things and thinks Adam met Jerry while taping “The Marriage Ref” but he wasn’t present when Adam was there.

Adam jokes about BB’s remaining brain and Adam now quotes Donald Trump and his “This will be their highest rated episode they ever have” and how Adam is the exact opposite and assumes they’ll all be crushed by a lighting grid halfway into the taping.


Adam is now explaining how Jerry told Adam that his “Rich Man Poor Man” bit was his franchise bit and he should do more with it.

Adam is now saying he read a couple of tweets but so far has not been officially approached but is totally willing to do it.

John is now pitching the show, Adam has seen it, and Adam is telling John that he doesn’t deice to put himself on other shows, he had to be invited, and you need to tell them, the hosts.


2nd Caller – Skyler, he brings up his purchase on Amazon and explains how nice it was to hear back on twitter from Adam, BB and Alison joke about Adam buzzing about Skyler all day and his amazon purchases.

Adam explains why he gives fans feedback and now Skyler wants to know about the L shaped console in the studio, he says it looks crammed in the corner and gives a “different” Complisult.

They call Alison a run stopper and reference “Wilford” she only knows of Mr. Brimley, Adam is explaining his thinking behind the console and how important it is for them to have sightlines to the booth and the TV monitor.


Adam explains the sound bending material and curtain on the wall, he likes the crescent shape and the indentation for him, he wanted to be in the position like the guy who is “jack of all views, master of none” and how he could be in a position where he could take it all in (without making eye contact if he doesn’t want to).

BB brings up the cameras and Adam is standing by his console, he says it was more utilitarian instead of aesthetic, he’s bringing up his small tweaks and how they hollowed out the legs to run cables.

Adam says “F U Skyler” and takes back his kind words, Skyler is offered a plug for his show and Adam hangs up on him then brings him back up to give said plug.


Adam is doing a Ship Station live read.

Adam throws it to break.


They’re now back from break.

Skip and Alison are making their ACS debuts, finally!

Skip has done a couple episodes of “Ace on the House”, Adam jokes about the long time since they last saw each other, yesterday.

Adam explains that Skip has been on air before with him so he would like to dedicate some time to the very interesting Alison who has yet to be on a Carolla podcast of any kind.


Adam is bringing up the massage that Alison gives skip every morning and brings up the less than ideal call times and locations, Alison says they wake up at 530, sometimes earlier.

Alison tells them about the gloves she uses and Skip explains the house they live in and how the glove rests above their bed.

Adam is now asking about their ritual and Adam says they were out in “bum fuck wherever” and BB jokes about them changing the name.
Adam shares how he felt the gloves on his back and mocks his own life waking up to the sounds of Lynette whining at him.

Now Alison is telling them about her special oatmeal she makes for Skip every morning, BB plays the drop of Adam mimicking his wife whining at him, this is gold!

Alison is losing her shit, Alison B.

She’s telling them about the ingredients and mentions hazelnut creamer but Adam lets that one go without objecting.


Adam is now joking about Alison taking care of her “show pony” and he says it doesn’t hold true as Alison is also going out to earn and work but she takes care of him.

Adam says that people who work with horses get it, they understand that the horse is important for their bottom line, Alison B. says she looks at Skip like a human and loves him, she does this because she loves him.

Alison jumps in to remind Adam that Skip’s wife does this for him.


Adam shares his best recommended “yeah but still” for Skip who was lecturing his wife about her cellphone being on the floor, he was the one who put it there and Adam gave him the assist.

Adam is now asking Alison Bedell about being a probation officer and encountering the worst elements of society, she now explains how the work is rewarding when you make a difference.

Alison explains how crime does pay for some of these career criminals as Adam explains the way some people settle into a life of chaos and spend their entire time on earth trapped in it.


Adam is now bringing up the duality of illegal immigrants selling flowers on Forrest lawn drive and the officer giving the ticket to the mom in the minivan for speeding 5mph over the speed limit.

Adam is now saying that these criminals, they need worse than they’re getting when it comes to punishment.

Alison is now giving a real world view of the way society works, the lowest rungs who only know how to sell drugs and use drugs and perpetuate a negative cycle until they die.


BB suggest a job in sales, Adam is now taking it back to Skip and his depth of contracting knowledge, Adam says the “funnest” part of the show is the off air stuff where they try to figure out why someone did something the way they did, like forensic contractors inspecting the insane scenes they arrive on.

They’re now describing a guy who used the wrong kind of screws and then Adam had the mystery solved, the guy used them as he only had one tool that allowed him to be lazy.

Adam is now explaining why drywall screws are so flimsy, Skip gives a technical explanation.


Adam teases a recent dust up on set, he leaves out the details so viewers can be surprised and Skip comments on his “broken record” harping about these criminal contractors taking work away from the real talented and legit guys like him and his company.

Adam is joking about “Joe Jackoff” who comes in and underbids Skip and ruins the job, only resulting in you paying Skip after Joe fucks everything up.

Alison asks if Joe Jackoff knows he’s lying or just underestimates Adam explains that often comes up during lunch on “set” and many of the guys don’t think two days in advance, they think like animals do.


Alison and Alison both have great points about being an adult, Alison says it’s the homework of being an adult, Alison Bedell says these guys are planning ahead, their excuses for why they didn’t do what they were supposed to.

Adam is now asking Alison Bedell about the kids and animals that are left to suffer alone, Adam now critiques how Alison Rosen didn’t have her face change until she heard about the tragic neglected dogs, not the kids being left to suffer too.

Alison admits her possible bias and they all joke about it, Alison Bedell bails her out and says the kid will turn into the same type of shit his father is and the dog is just helpless.


Adam is now doing a live read

Adam is explaining that good credit means no credit, he jokes about how his history of perfect payments only results in 30% interest rates, just like me and my average credit!


Adam is now back to the wake up routine she does for Skip, she tells him all the details about his two pots of coffee and oatmeal.

Adam is now asking about Alison and if she makes herself any, Alison Rosen reveals she always makes her cup first then her husbands, the opposite of what the Bedell’s do.

Alison Rosen asks about Alison putting her hand in Skip’s pocket and they reveal they always sit on the same side of the booth, how does one find that kind of love?


Adam compliments them both and how professional they are, BB asks how Skip was discovered and Alison reveals how she got involved after the investigator they hired no showed for the “sizzle reel” and BB says he enjoyed the first season but really likes the longer format.

Skip tells Adam how much his praise means to them and Adam says they are great on set and don’t act prideful or push back to the crew, they take input and adjust on the fly, true learning on the fly.

Adam says carpentry is the concrete example of this type of learning and adjusting, you let the experts give their input and you adapt.



Alison’s news

1st Story Her top story is on the Jason Mayhem Miller arrest today after he barricaded himself in a house with some charges of stalking.

Jason Mayhem Miller has been on the ACS 3 times, first on ACS #266 (feat. Jason Mayhem Miller) then on ACS #443 also from 2010 and finally his last appearance was on ACS #787 from 2012.

Alison tells the rest of the charges and Adam brings up Michael Bisping taking the win of Mayhem’s last fight and Alison brings up Mayhem’s church break in from a couple years back.


Alison Bedell is telling them about how she’s seen this before, Skip is now sharing some other reasons why Mayhem may have broken in, Alison reads the details and Skip has another “yeah but still” and Adam wants to know why churches aren’t open 24/7.

Adam is joking about bringing back founding fathers or better yet just people from 30 years ago and tell them about the security cameras in churches and metal detectors in schools.

Adam jokes about Mayhem Miller being missed, as if he was dead.


Adam is doing a Lifelock live read.

Alison Bedell is now chiming in and adding to the live read, taking Alison Rosen’s spot, Adam is commenting on it and getting more details about the story of a woman who used her kid’s names and social security to run up bad/fraudulent credit debt.


2nd Story Is on two new studies that have shown that voice activated handsets and displays are increasing distracted driving, not diminishing it.

Alison explains the details of the 1-5 distraction scale, Siri received the worst rating and Adam jokes about Siri going into a shame spiral and people crawling into the backseat telling Siri to drive, Alison Rosen is now riffing up a storm with Adam, she’s doing some great replies as Siri misunderstanding Adam.

Adam is now using going to bed for an example of being comfortable, he says the more the car does for you, the more it lulls you to sleep.


Adam is now bringing up how he likes things compared to glass of wine, he wants that switched to Mangria and he shares his idea to take over the game Marco Polo, as he premiered on Loveline in 2005.

“Adam’s jacking off in the Jacuzzi!” which is the new “fish out of water” is left out, he always forgets the funniest part.

Alison now shares the details of the simulator and Adam says he feels badly for the Salt Lake City neighborhood they tested this in.


Alison Rosen shares that she first saw voice to text when Dana Gould was texting his daughter, she found it to be less than ideal and required her to still use the keyboard.

Adam says he doesn’t use Siri, because he’s equal parts responsible and retarded, he does use “the WAZE” app and BB corrects him, oddly Adam is launching into a complaint about how the app pronounces Los Angeles (Los Angeleees) and why it can’t get something so simple correct.

They’re joking about the alternate voice options of Terry Crews and Ozzy Osbourne and the way the app checks if you’re the driver or passenger, Adam says it’s on the same level of kids lying about their age while trying to visit porn sites.


Alison Bedell tells them about being pulled over for using her phone while driving and Skip is amazed that her badge got the cop to walk away with a “why didn’t you say something” reply.

Adam is now joking about all of the stories, he says Skip has told him, Adam asks Bryan how he would drive if he had a magical police of metal in his pocket and could pull it out and get away.

Adam is now taking it back to Alison Rosen and how she holds her phone low to keep it out of the sight range of the cops, she pitches the rear view mirror being put on center consoles to make driving safer, she now says it would be a monitor.

Adam is now making a point about the cops being concerned with distracted driving, he jokes about her staring at the floor mats, Adam jokes about Alison Bedell speaking into a pack of cigarettes and Alison wraps the news as Alison B. has a funny comment.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings with BB.


They’re now wrapping up the show with some plugs or the live show in San Antonio I will be missing unfortunately, just my luck, I move to Texas right as they have a live show and can’t go.

Adam is now plugging the all new episodes of ‘Catch a Contractor” they were killer guests, really brought it, have them back very soon!

Adam has a funny “Alison, Alison and Alison!” one liner as he closes it out and BB plays the “Yes, Yes, Yes and where do I suck your dick” drop from Adam’s hypothetical talk with Gilbert about never having to work out again.