Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/10/2012 – Tom Kenny

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/10/2012 – Tom Kenny

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/09/2012 – Release Date 10/10/2012

Tom Kenny is returning to the show for his 2nd appearance, he was first on the old format ACP #212 and also has two classic Loveline appearances under his belt. If you want to hear his first visit including the live musical performance, make sure to sign up for the official archive .

Adam is opening the show with a thank you to a restaurant for bringing some ribs by the studio with Dave Dameshek in studio. Adam is explaining the visceral reaction people have to meat and sex. Alison just explained a nightmare she had as a kid and leveled the whole room, super honest and hilarious!

Adam is sharing with the gang that he found out there is now a record breaking 2,000 lbs pumpkin, he’s explaining the range of a gourd as he has previous years. Dave is trumpeting about pumpkin cheesecake to Adam.

Adam is explaining that he doesn’t care for flavoring things but does like pumpkin cheesecake, he’s no explaining all the tweet he gets from fans telling him about “passion fruit” popping up in everything from shampoo to yogurt.

Dave is launching into how job titles and terms have changed over the years, Adam is agreeing with him and explaining it’s political correctness.

Adam is explaining to Dave that he’s going to see “Taken 2” with Bill Simmons, Adam is now launching into how he’s excited to see Liam Neeson’s hair in the movie. He’s now explaining how it doesn’t make sense for guys like Liam to be dying their hair, especially when they’re playing grizzled veterans and aging tough guys.

Alison is asking Adam if he would ever die his hair, Dave is explaining he’s been forced to use the spray on bald spot cover up when he’s working on TV. Adam is explaining the old Ronco infomercials for his spray on hair product, Adam is actually quoting the ads.

Dave is referencing a recent comment from Jay Leno about Jimmy Kimmel and Kimmel’s brilliant on air response, Adam is back on the old Ronco infomercials and the bizarre products Ron Popeil would pitch on late night TV.

Dave’s #1 sports, Dave is explaining the “thriving middle class” of the NFL, the teams that are pretty good but not up to snuff to win the Super Bowl.

Adam is weighing in on what teams stand a chance to win the Super Bowl, Dave is asking Alison what her reaction would be if she were to date a guy and find out he was wearing a toupee. Adam is explaining what balding guys should do and how society excepts it.

Dave is explaining what happened the last time the Super Bowl was in New Orleans, how he got violently ill and the torment of Cousin Sal. Adam is now on BabyDoll’s “ass related difficulties” and explaining what happened on his bachelor party, Adam is still pissed that he the bachelor had to share a bed with Ray who had ringworm at the time.

Adam and Dave are now breaking down Adam’s bachelor party in great detail, perhaps the most ever discussed on the podcast. Adam is explaining that someone just got two years in prison for the type of hazing Ray has done his whole life. Dave Dameshek is now recounting the time Louis CK came on the old morning show in 2006 and explained how Ray violated him and the incident itself, Dave is giving his eye witness account.

Dave is explaining the room he had to share with Jimmy Kimmel at Adam’s bachelor party and the horrible fart stench that emerged from the room when Adam opened the door the next morning.

Creep of the week, Dave’s 1st runner up is the man who violated Alison in her nightmare, Adam has a great joke about what the guy looked like who was in the dream. Alison is confirming he is actually right with his guess. Dave’s explaining how he’s still delighted by message board comments critiquing his voice. Dave has several creeps tied for 1st place.

Adam is explaining how the term “high test” when referring to gasoline is a giveaway of a persons age, Lynch is the only one who knows the term, he gets on mic for a quick comment.

Tom Kenny joins the show, Adam is explaining they recently ran into each other at a voice over session for a project they both don’t know that much about. Adam is recounting the time he and Tom had to host a charity event at the school that Adam’s nephews attended. Tom chimes in with how David Spade bailed at the beginning of the charity raffle.

Adam is asking Tom what its like working for Tim Burton, Tom says he has never been treated better on any production and was actually directed via skype as Tim was in London. Tom is explaining how he had to teach his young costar to speak like “Peter Lorre” for the movie, Adam is jumping in trying to force Tom to reenact the scenario and do everyone’s voice.

They’re now talking about aging and the ability to pull facts and references from your brain, Adam is explaining it’s partly due to age but also due to how complicated things are nowadays. Tom is explaining his oldest son is 15 now and how he remembers how great that time of his own life was and how it ultimately lead to his career today.

Adam is now back to requesting that Tom reenact the voice over session, Bryan chimes in to back him up and Tom is now dancing for the man, hilarious! Adam is asking Tom if voice over work can be taught to anyone, Tom is weighing in on his thoughts to which degree people can be coached into doing an impression or voice.

Adam and Tom are both giving love to “The Middle” Adam claims it’s a great sitcom that seems to slide past the networks radar so it’s not monkeyed with. Adam is plugging Tom’s upcoming “Spongebob” holiday special, Tom jumps in to explain it all came about because of the “Don’t be a jerk” live in character musical performance that was done on ACP #212, apparently Nickelodeon executives saw it and came up with the idea for a holiday special.

Alison’s News, Her top story is Jerry Sandusky’s sentencing, Adam has a killer call back one liner. He’s now riffing on the idea that rich old white men are always the first to be railroaded in the court system, Alison and Tom chime in with some good replies. Tom has a killer one liner and Bryan jumps in for a quick improv with Ace, good stuff!

Adam is now in character as Sandusky, Bryan is playing a great straight man and making it even funnier. Tom has thoughts on guys like Jerry and how they seem to be able to compartmentalize their thinking in order to trick themselves into believing their innocent.

Adam is now going off on the people and nations who refuse to accept “reality on reality’s terms” quoting Dr. Drew, Adam is explaining that with the internet and modern technology there is no more room for lying, he’s making some great points. Adam is explaining that as technology is pulling one way people seem to be pulling the other and doubling down on their duplicity despite the fact it’s not up for debate.

Alison is wondering if this means there are more liars or sociopaths, Adam declares it’s sociopaths and is making a point about notes on windshields no longer being a thing people do. Alison is now weighing in on the “Reality on Reality’s terms” quote and her take on it, how her brain processes people who refuse to abide by that concept.

Adam is now recounting the incident with his son and the two 20 dollar bills in his backpack and the lie he told, Adam is using it as an example to explain the behavior of adults who seem to be trapped in adolescence.

Alison’s 2nd story is about the man from Florida who died after eating cockroaches and worms to win a contest at a pet store. Alison is explaining the mysterious circumstances of the mans death and a possible theory of what might have actually caused his demise. Tom and Adam are riffing on the guy who would volunteer for this contest, Bryan has a couple great comments, hilarious!

Adam has a great point about the photo used for the man and how he was shirtless, so funny! Adam is now riffing on the idea of being the coroner and having some fun with a new intern, hilarious!

Alison wraps the news, Tom is jumping in to explain that he and Bobcat Goldthwait climbed to the top of the old “Tower Records” to steal a painting of “Graham Parker” back in the day. Adam is doing some plugs and explaining he’s been waiting 33 years to meet Graham.

Adam is explaining how everyone is now hooked on Mangria, Tom is bummed out that he wasn’t offered any, Bryan plays the full DAG clip for Tom. Tom enjoys it so much he declares it will be his new ringtone, Adam is doing some live reads and wrapping the show, Tom is jumping in and quoting DAG, hilarious!