Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 181

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 181

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 09-30-2014 – Release Date 10-09-2014

Production Number #181 – Sneaking Out of Bed in the Morning

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Adam and Drew open hour number 2 with some thanks for supporting the pirate ship, Adam plugs Mangria and explains the show will be Thursday only for the next few weeks, Drew once again thanks the guest hosts for filling in.

Drew asks Adam about his housewarming party, Drew missed it, he was out of town, Adam figured as much.

Adam is now telling everyone to do themselves a favor by throwing a party at their home and picking someone you care about from the airport once per year, you’ll get your shit in order, clean up your car, and clean the leaves off the roof and the skylights.


Adam is now waxing poetic on cleaning the landscape of your life, going in depth about the cleaning lengths he went to, including getting scuffs of the wall with the scratchy part of the sponge.

Adam has a conversation with Lynette about how she “hates this part” the part where you have to get everything ready and actually do something, Adam told her not to hate it and to remove the dread from those actions.

Adam is now using exercise and doing 50 push-ups to make his point about dread and how it bogs you down, Drew says he finds working out enjoyable and Adam is now listing other activities that are enjoyable, Adam says this is accomplishment, it transcends enjoyable.


Adam says show him the person who views working out as a burden vs. the person who gets nourished by it in their underwear and you can tell which person is which.

Adam is back on how we need to do away with happy and joy, instead focus on nourishment and accomplishments.

Drew brings up the movie ‘Chef’ and the post credit sequence with Jon Favreau making a cheese sandwich under instruction from the chef.

Adam brags about seeing the movie at Phil Rosenthal’s house.



Drew is asking Adam if Jon is passionate about eating and food, Adam asks if he’s looked at him and then explains that it’s clearly a passion project and not something a big studio wanted to make.

Adam says 13/16ths of life is this, he now uses Robert Redford requesting the Paul Newman documentary before they submit to Sundance.

Adam is now explaining how brutal his day can be, citing the filming of the doc and going from Stern to lime rock Connecticut and running off of fumes to even stay awake.


Adam is asking for Matt to get on mic and give his take on what happened that day, during that trip to NYC with the delayed flight, Matt brings up the guy trying to rally the passengers into a mutiny/boycott.

Adam says that everyone was like “fuck you douche” and wanted him to fuck off, Adam jokes about the sentiment “sit down hippy” and mocks the notion of every 24yr old thinking they’re Norma Rae now and trying to demand things they’re not entitled to.

Adam is back to Robert Redford contacting them and when they get into Sundance being the reward for all of the hard work, that’s what feels good.


Adam is doing a live read

Adam is now mocking the notion of credit, bad credit is bad, good credit just takes you back to 0.

Adam says in life don’t work the feel good route, go for feeling satisfied, Drew is back to “a good life” instead of “the good life” and how that’s the most rewarding part of life.


1st Caller – Nick, he’s 31 and just started drinking coffee and feels a difference in his daily output, he wishes someone told him earlier.

Adam says that someone really needs to tell him about coffee with the popularity of places like Starbucks?

Nick is now explaining why he took so long to jump onboard, he wants to know how dependent Adam and Drew are on Coffee, Adam says he’s dependent on it but when he goes out of town he doesn’t need it nor does he smoke, he doesn’t think about it hwne removed from his routine.


Drew says he doesn’t know any bad risks of coffee and he lists of the benefits they’ve now found while trying to find something negative, Drew starts ranting about people accusing him of being paid off by anything compliments or tells the truth about.

Adam is now asking about visceral reactions and cites what commercials with prime rib do to him, makes him salivate.

Adam is now asking about the foods and beverages we all have visceral attractions too, then making a point about narcotics like Cocaine.


Drew explains the scarcity of substances for early man, how we almost scavenge and gorge when we find food and drinks.

Drew is now talking about the medium chain triglycerides in his coffee, Caveman coffee being the most legit version.

Drew is unaware of how much he has in common with Joe Rogan.


Adam does live read for E-voice.

They’re heading to break


They’re back from break


2nd Caller – Danny, Drew brings up the dumb music from ‘T-Rex’ and Adam shuts him down saying this has nothing to do with his ‘Get It On’ and he cites the band ‘Chase’ and leaves out his real favorite ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ Finally!

Danny is now asking about prostate infections/inflammation, he wants to know about the likelihood of getting prostate cancer after this.

Drew is now addressing how people have been asking why Drew doesn’t talk about chemotherapy for prostate cancer, he explains it.


3rd Caller – Devin, Adam calls him DevON and gets corrected, he wants to know about getting out of bed and leaving his gal undisturbed, Drew has to do the same thing, and Adam has to as well.

Adam tries to say goodbye and gets a freak out reaction, Drew says his wife sets booby traps every night and then complains about him waking her up.

Adam says he is done feeling sorry for those that sleep while he attempts to go to work,  Adam is now mocking the “once I wake up, I can’t get back to sleep” and how that might be a sign it’s time to start your day.


4th Caller – Chris he is calling about some trauma, he can pinpoint what caused it, he tells them about being accuses of molesting his baby brother and sent him to a facility where they abused him.

His stepmother has Münchausen syndrome by proxy and framed him, they are digging into the past for more details.

Adam is bringing up his old AV guy, before AV Ed, Adam talks about the guy freaking out about Molly due to childhood trauma with a dog, Adam is explaining how sweet Molly is and how hesitant this guy was.


Adam apologizes for stereotyping dogs, Adam says the guy explained to him his trauma and Adam says that instead of kowtowing around these people’s fears, we need to make them snap out of it.

Drew says it’s unnecessary to walk around the world like that today, they have treatments to help you.

Adam thinks Chris can get over this and tells him to stop walking around thinking he’s broken, Adam recalls his own teenage years and how he used to think of things in a “Weird Science” kind of way, talking about his loser status and how he figured nobody liked him and it was never going to work out, from agers 14-30.


Adam shares his loser mindset and how crippling it was for him, he contrasts that to the ‘I can do whatever I want” method of living and thinking about life.

Adam is now sharing how someone just sent him a tweet confirming his take on walking to alleviate depression, he references ones on family and raising children, Purell use increasing viruses and illness.

Adam says he appreciates people alerting him to all of this but they need not send anymore, he says this stuff because he already knows it’s true, he knows everything because he knows nothing.


“I know everything because I know nothing” – Drew suggests Adam’s words be his new book title, for Book number 4.


Adam and Drew do a live read


They’re back to Chris, he enjoys entertaining people and wants to get away from the negative thoughts, Adam tells him to stop making these proclamations, and he says there are people much worse off than him.

Chris takes the tough love and agrees with it, he tells them about his YouTube channel where he does commentary over video game footage.

Chris wants to know at some point if it stops making him happy what he should do, Adam is now telling him to beat it and explaining that happiness is not the goal.


There are points where Adam is not compensated or undercompensated but it all moves forward, Adam explains how Jimmy Kimmel keeps progressing regardless of happiness, and he does what he does.

Adam tells everyone to stop the “if it’s not making you happy…” sentiments, Drew says that happiness is not constant joy, its satisfaction.

Adam says that happy feels like cotton candy to his accomplishment that feels like Kobe beef, everything hands down he’ll take that beef.


Adam is now wrapping up the show.