Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2012 – Matthew Lillard

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2012 – Matthew Lillard

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/08/2012 – Release Date 10/09/2012

Matthew Lillard a frequent and favorite guest from Adam’s Loveline days is making his ACS debut on today’s episode.

Adam is opening the show with a quick tease of all the stuff he has to talk about, Bryan is chiming in to explain that Matthew Lillard was one of the first guests to ever speak to him when he started at Loveline and Adam just explained he probably hasn’t spoken to Matthew since Loveline.

Adam is now recounting spending time with Sonny for his “Tiger Scout” event over the weekend, Adam actually enjoyed the event. Adam is critiquing the scout leader wearing slip on vans and how there is no distinction between children and adults when it comes to clothing, Alison and Bryan are jumping in and adding to his idea.

Adam is on a quick N word riff, oddly not using the word and just hinting around it, good comedy! Adam is now on a riff about what happens when he sees a container of mixed nuts, great Brian Posehn analogy. Adam is telling the gang an anecdote about DAG eating mixed nuts at his house back when they used to box and train with each other during the Loveline era.


Adam just announced the DAG ringtone is coming soon, Adam is now explaining the “Peterson Museum” event he attended. He’s describing an encounter with the head of Pixar where he pitched himself as voice over talent for one of their upcoming projects. Bryan is laying in some heavy drop work highlighting DAG’s ringtone clip.

Adam is now on an extended Pixar jag, about how great it is to work there. He’s talked about this in the past a bit, it sounds very similar to what the Family Guy studio is like.

Adam is back to the Peterson event, he’s explaining how Lynette and he have been “ruined” by Mangria, he’s explaining how he ordered Chris and Jeff to smuggle some containers of Mangria into the event so they could all get a buzz going, despite the free wine and beer flowing at the event.

Adam is now explaining how he’s not sure what’s expected of him at these events and it’s always unclear until it’s time to hit the stage, he’s explaining the order of events over the weekend. Adam is now breaking down his trip to the Home Depot Center to accept another award for his work with the Big Brother charity organization over the years.

Adam is on a very touching and considerate jag about the event and the work the people do for the organization, he’s now on a riff about people asking for one more photo at public appearances. Adam is sharing an anecdote about a “little sister” with a great name and what he told her.

Adam is explaining the process of how they link kids up with volunteers to Alison. Adam is telling Alison and Bryan about how his weekend of awards and charity events ended with him stuck in traffic, Bryan was too, apparently it was because the presidents motorcade was out. Adam is sharing an idea he had while guesting on Bill O’Reilly’s show of the president to have his fundraisers in a much more interesting location.


Bryan is sharing a “Don Henley” anecdote from a wedding he attended over the weekend, Alison has a great reply to Adam, great riff. Adam is now making a great point about people’s taste changing as they mature and how musicians like Don don’t seem to have that ability.

Adam is on a great extended Don Henley jag, he’s explaining what he would have done if he was attending the wedding with Bryan, hilarious!

Adam is explaining his thoughts on luck, how he was asked to participate in Dennis Prager’s “Prager U”, the control room fire up the clip. Adam is explaining his further thoughts on the stuff covered in the clip, Bryan chimes in and gets him to elaborate even further.

Adam is explaining his ideas on life, how it comes down to just a few pivotal moments, he’s covering his initial call in to the “Kevin and Bean” show and the impromptu Loveline audition he did with Dr. Drew. Adam is now explaining how one can apply this advice to their own life.


Adam welcomes Matthew to the podcast after responding to a listener voicemail. Adam and Matthew are discussing 1st class travel, how they get tickets bought for them but don’t like to buy them. Adam is explaining his cutoff for paying extra when it’s coming out of his pocket.

Adam is having Matthew explain his directorial debut, Matthew is explaining how he first got involved with the source material and how long it took to secure financing. He’s now explaining to Adam what camera they shot the movie with and all the difficulties involved with producing it.

They’re now breaking down the casting process which has inspired a quick and hilarious Tom Cruise riff, Adam is giving his take on how and why many actors turn down these smaller roles.


Alison’s News, Her top story is an announcement about Teresa giving birth to her 2nd child, very classy Alison! Adam has a great reply to the announcement. Alison’s 2nd story is about Mila Kunis being voted Esquire magazine’s sexiest woman of the year, Matthew agrees and Adam disagrees, Adam is now explaining his take on cute vs. sexiest person alive.

Adam and Matthew are further discussing what men like in women, Adam has a couple great quotes and riffs, awesome line delivery when replying to Matthew in regards to men liking all women.


Alison’s 3rd story is about Delray Beach Florida prohibiting hiring employees who smoke, Adam immediately has a response. Adam is now explaining how his grandpa was a smoker and gave up the cigarettes but ended up costing the state more money by living an extra 20 years.

Alison declares she has a tangent, she’s explaining how she helped her elderly neighbor woman move some furniture. Adam is now ranting that we live in a society where deadbeat dads are now morally superior to smokers, Matthew is jumping in to weigh in on how polarized our society is. Alison makes a  great call back, which has now lead to a great tangent from Adam riffing on the “Blossom” catch phrase pitch sessions.


Alison’s 4th story is about Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito separating after 30 years as a couple. Adam, Alison and Matthew are all weighing in on why people break up and get divorced after 20+ years together. Adam is now explaining how fans tweet him relevant items about the things he brings up on air.

Adam is explaining that someone keeps tweeting him that people are boarding flights in a wheelchair and leave walking off the plane, using the wheelchair to avoid the security and boarding hassles. Adam is explaining his new theory on what qualifies you as handicapped.

Alison is asking the guys if they’ve ever used Viagra, Matthew reveals he has a pill standing by he uses to threaten his wife, Adam has a great riff in response. Bryan reveals some interesting personal medical details, nice work Bryan!


Alison’s 5th story is about a new study from Japan which states that looking at cute animal photos and videos actually increases employee productivity, Alison is losing it over some footage the control room fired up, Matthew is perplexed on the shifting topics.

Bryan is jumping in on Adam’s “Clint Howard” riff, Alison is now asking the gang what they think the cutest baby animals are. Alison wraps the news and Adam is doing a live read.

Adam wraps the show.