Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/08/2015 – Mac & Gaydos, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/08/2015 – Mac & Gaydos, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mac & Gaydos, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

Recorded 10-03-2015 – Release Date 10-08-2015

Production Number #1676

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Adam has his final pre-recorded intro for this live tour, Adam teases the show and gets into some live reads and plugs.

SimpliSafe Live Read

Ralph Nader on Take a Knee

The Great Love Debate

Onnit Live Read

Dr. Drew the snobby chick edition


Adam announces that the Toronto show has been postponed, nothing personal, it will be rescheduled soon.


Adam opens the 4th show from Phoenix with Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos, Adam talks about phoning into their show and thanks them for the opportunity.

Adam is talking about “steak salad” and taco salads, the salad with more caloric weight than the entire appetizer menu.




Q and Ace

1st Q from a guy who put her up to it and Adam is riffing about the Rancho city she hails from as the guy gets on mic to ask the actual question.

Adam interrupts, he’s talking about flying back from NYC and how inconveniently placed the headphone jacks are on aircraft, and they need a universal rule much like the knobs/dials in hotel showers.

Adam has a solid rant about the headphone jacks and how embarrassing it is for him to be looking for the jack while buzzed.


The guy wants to know about Adam’s HOV sticker on his jag, Adam is instead ranting about the bonus features he wants out of commuting for his annual tax contributions.

Adam talks about his mom being an endless drain of nickels on society, he then switches gears and shares how much he loves her.

Adam is talking about using the visor to disguise his open passenger seat while he’s illegally using the carpool lane.

Adam says he did send


2nd Q from Kelali? BB has Gina help him as he tried to say her name before when he was interrupted and then they asked a dude’s question instead?

Adam is asking her about where she’s from, Adam asks if she’s a legal Mexican and Adam jokes about her “anchor daddy” and she reveals her husband is actually a border patrol agent.

Adam is now doing a funny stripper DJ riff with a BB sound bed of Cherry Pie of course.


Adam is asking her husband about his raptor truck used for border patrolling, Adam is riffing about little girls selling Vicodin near the border in Tijuana, instead of Chiclets.

Adam talks about the churro hut he takes his son to, he likes the cream filled one and Adam jokes about watching his son taking a rusty load of white goo in the eye, the guests object with groans as Adam riffs up a storm.

Adam talks about churro flavored cereal, Gina is amazed it’s real and Adam jokes about using churro’s to stretch across the globe.


Adam is sharing his nougat/balsam discovery regarding candy and shampoo fillers.

Gina asks about the orange pinwheels sold near the border, she doesn’t know what they are.

Adam is talking about Horchata, he explains it sounds discussing but it’s delicious.


3rd Q from Rob, Adam talks about how people eat salads.

Rob asks about Adam’s buck slip and wants to know what’s on his most recent one, Adam talks about the hole in one Mike August sank while golfing, only to lose his sense of esteem and pride after a young blonde gal shared she’s hit a hole in one as well.

Adam doesn’t have his slip and wraps up the question.

Adam is talking about Mike August and his lack of sock use, one of the guest’s objects to the idea of August being raped by a tube sock.


4th Q from Derrick, he wants to know about Skip from ‘Catch a Contractor’ and someone calls him gay and Adam explains he is not but boy would that community like to have him, he’s killing it while riffing about how much of a top Skip would be.

Derrick asks about him being called “The Show Pony” and Adam is now explaining how his wife makes him steel cut oats every morning with fresh fruit and gives him a ball bearing massage rubdown each morning.

Adam is explaining how she gave Adam a backrub and how it led to his discovery of her travel massage gloves for when they’re staying in hotels.


Adam is talking about what he gets from his wife for attempting to flush the toilet after bunching up a towel to deaden the noise, hilarious counter example to Skip’s lifestyle with his awesome wife Alison Bedell.

Adam is now explaining what it was like dating his rich sorority girlfriend with the lawyer father Gordon, how she would react to him waking her up while he was getting ready for work at 6am as she had nothing scheduled all day, she did have that idea for a children’s book.

Adam argues against her “when I get woken up I can’t get back to sleep” and he further rants about her daddy’s apartment she lived in and her life of actual privilege connected to her family’s wealth, one of the guests asks if Adam misses her, he says some parts of her.


Adam is talking about pussy dudes, he would rather a douche than a pussy be in his presence.

Adam talks about guys trying to lay their line of bullshit on other men, about how meat or alcohol effects them, BB is running a background “pussypussypussypussypussy” series of pussy utterances as Adam responds, as if he’s Adam’s internal monologue judging the guy while Adam is replying to the BS out loud.


Blah Blah Blog

1st Blog Jenny McCarthy, Rosie O’Donnell or Sheryl Crow?

Adam riffs about his son being affected by the Ashley Madison scandal. Adam talks about getting a tour of Sheryl’s acreage once, everyone weighs in on the blog.

Adam says Mike Lynch does this to him every fucking time, Adam has a funny “I used to fuck Jim Carrey, I used to suck his dick” reply for Jenny McCarthy to use with her kids whenever they get upset by the world, holy shit.


2nd Blog Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin or Barbara Streisand?

Adam is mocking the pacing of the blog and the “we’d all like to be taller” nonsense, Adam is bringing up the “I see some new faces” speeches at his kid’s schools.

Adam is sick of the super obvious platitudes, hilarious beating the elderly with seal fur and “helmet is not a chair” riff as he says “Grab a Knee” his go to phrasing, not Take a Knee.


Adam is further giving a speech as “Coach Platitude” about the other team and how the game of football is played, hilarious blowhardy riffing about the obvious.

Adam is breaking down the different names, trying to figure out who wrote this.

One of the guests asks Adam if Michael Moore is a douche or a pussy.


3rd Blog Heidi Klum, Scarlett Johansson or Alicia Keys?

Adam is responding to this blog and saying its right up there with the 6’2 blonde model trying to tell you about their time living as a nerd and being rejected.

Adam has a funny cock/bicep one liner and he’s mocking Heidi Klum and Gina wisely picks Alicia Keys due to a key comment about her “truth” and now Adam is talking about destroying Scarlett’s career by having sex with her once, he enjoys her work so he’s not going to have sex with her, wow!

There is a 3 way tie, they’re going with the tiebreaker.


4th Blog Don Cheadle, Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp?

Adam asks if we can’t just coast on WWII a little bit, America has done enough for the globe, can’t we just sit back and relax and stay out of it.

America is the equivalent of Adam going to dinner with all of his loser friends from high school.

Adam is trying to figure out who would have wrote this.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


They get the results and wrap up the game, Adam and BB joke about them bringing that into their house and Adam says they’ll never guest on the show again.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the study that says there is no negative health effects of smoking medical marijuana.

Adam is now riffing about not being your mom or wet nurse and responsible marijuana consumption as “Coach Platitude” and Adam talks about the common sense of moderation.


2nd Story is on a dead Cat quadcopter drone, Gina has the details and now everyone is seeing the video and Adam jokes about the mouse community’s reaction to this drone.

Adam jokes about this being a guy’s fool proof plan to never get his dick sucked again.

Gina has more of the details of the other variants of animals he has drones of and Adam riffs with BB as the guy.


Adam is asking what an ostrich weighs, dry weight.

Adam and BB are further riffing this improv scene with Adam trying to make an ostrich done while BB is reluctant to sell him motors and parts.

Adam is joking about the guy visiting the pound and comping back later to get a fresh carcass.


Gina reacts to the shark drone and Adam is further riffing about flying model aircraft and explains they’re looking at a ducted fan.

Gina wraps the news.

Adam says he should have made his dead childhood pet cats into drones to properly honor them.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam makes Dawson read the legalese like he’s on a Quaalude then like he’s fleeing from a cat drone, hilarious!

Adam wraps up the show.