Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/08/2012 – Susanna Hoffs and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/08/2012 – Susanna Hoffs and David Wild

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Recorded 10/01/2012 – Release Date 10/08/2012

Susanna Hoffs is making her ACS debut, she last guested on air with Adam in 1998 on Loveline, where she had two classic and very rare in studio performances.

Adam is welcoming Susanna and David to the show, he’s revealing the first time he met Susanna back in the late 80’s at Molly Ringwald’s house party, awesome and rare anecdote from Adam. Adam is now complimenting Susanna and explaining that one of her songs is on the playlist he uses while jumping rope each night.

Adam is explaining his theory on deep cuts and the songs that never became singles, how he longs for the time when he would discover new music by purchasing a full album just for one song and grow to love all the other tracks.

They’re all now on a riff about “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia“, David Wild has a great anecdote about the origin of the song. Adam is explaining that Susanna still looks like she did back at Molly’s house.


Adam is asking Susanna about the origins “The Bangles” and their journey as a band, Susanna is going super in depth on how the band formed and where they got their inspiration.

Adam just asked Susanna about her most memorable gig, She’s telling a great anecdote about opening for “Queen”. David is sharing a story of seeing a very early “Bangles” show while he was at school.

Susanna is sharing some stories of their early days on the road, Adam is recounting the time a club owner told him “Eddie Griffin” was the most difficult and demanding act to come through his venue, Adam has a new update on this too, good stuff.

They’re now discussing tour riders, Susanna suggests that someone should write a book about them and all the old myths, David gives a new answer about the “Van Halen” one featuring “M&M’s” and why they did it.


Susanna is sharing details about her upbringing and David is comparing it to Adam’s, Adam is now contrasting his building expertise to other talents and explaining how people were always reluctant to accept his comedy career.

David is asking Susanna about the most difficult aspects of being in an all female band in the 80’s, she doesn’t seem to have any resentment or grudges and says they were treated pretty well.

Adam is now getting into the topic of how concerned her parents might have been for her safety, when she was on the road in her early 20’s. Adam has a killer quote about Susanna’s stature. Adam is now recounting how Susanna didn’t want to wear her headphones, she’s now explaining why.

Adam is now on a quick “Recycler” jag, he’s referencing the middle eastern gentlemen who would have an insider at the paper and call him about his used cars and trucks before the ad was released.

David is now explaining he saw Susanna and “The Bangles” during their MTV era, he’s asking her about the younger fans they attracted after “Walk Like an Egyptian”.

Andrew Brassell is joining Susanna in studio after the break.


Andrew, Susanna’s co writer and guitarist is now in studio, Adam’s having them play a music bed for his live read. Adam is giving hilarious instructions for them to make the music more upbeat.

Andrew and Susanna are now playing live in studio for Adam Carolla, it’s been 14 years since the last time she did this on Loveline, Thanks to David Wild for setting all this up. Dawson and the studio guys did a great job setting this up too, she sounds amazing!

They’re now discussing sound checks and the differences between what Adam does on stage and what a band has to do, Adam is riffing on his microphone smelling bad at a recent show, David jumps in and sets Adam up for a killer reply.

Adam has now shifted the conversation back to his love of deep album cuts, Susanna is now riffing a “Go Go’s” song on her guitar, he remembers the song title and the control room fire it up.


Adam is now asking Susanna about Prince, he just asked her if they ever dated. Susanna is giving the back story of how he got involved in her band and explaining what he was like. Adam is giving his take on Prince to Susanna.

They’re now all discussing the writers that Susanna and the band worked with back in the 80’s and how they built a few careers.

David is now talking about Susanna’s marriage, he quickly references her Loveline appearances. Adam and Susanna briefly reminisce about her visiting the show.

Adam has Andrew grab a guitar so he can lay in a music bed under the closing live read. Susanna is holding her guitar too so Adam has her play the “Go Go’s” song from earlier in the show as he thanks everyone for today’s episode.