Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/05/2015 – Teressa Strasser, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/05/2015 – Teressa Strasser, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Teresa Strasser, Live from Stand Up Live in Phoenix

Recorded 10-02-2015 – Release Date 10-05-2015

Production Number #1673

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Adam opens the show with a pre-recorded intro done earlier in the day before they flew out to Phoenix, Adam does some live reads and gets the business out of the way.

For New Listeners, Teresa Strasser was the 2nd Fulltime “Newsgirl” on the KLSX Adam Carolla Show, she tried out for the job after the first woman didn’t work out, and Teresa won everyone’s hearts and performed the best which landed her the gig.

The 2006 KLSX show was akin to the Howard Stern radio format, there are far too many legendary bits, moments and “incidents” to list, she quickly shifted the role from “Newsgirl” to cohost in 2007 when they were forced to deal with Danny Bonaduce’s hiring.


The 2008/09 KLSX ACS is the format that this podcast emulates/evolved from, Teresa even came along for the podcast whenever she was needed while pregnant and working other gigs, her and Bryan were featured every Tuesday and then in 2010 when the show morphed into the ACS format fulltime she was a regular.

Gina and Teresa were good pals while at KLSX, this is their first time on stage together, very interesting!


Adam opens the show with Teresa Strasser on stage, one of our dearest and oldest friends who Adam says is “just getting better with age” and immediately goes into a hypothetical question about a douchebag he hates.

Adam talks about getting dropped off at the airport by Caelan and how he told them about how it’s illegal to smoke in the city of Los Angeles, Adam has a funny “Matt Damon” riff.

Adam is talking about the person who does the fake cough when they see you smoking on the street, fuck that person.


Adam hates that guy, Teresa is right in the mix and her delightful laugh is already getting peppered in.

Adam jokes about Brock Lesner and Chuck Liddell walking down the street fake coughing, Adam brings up the “shut the fuck up pussy” reply he gave to a guy outside a CBS radio station in 1999.

Teresa says Adam is now advocating people call everyone a pussy, BB, T and Gina all weigh in and get Adam riffing on “Pussy Elbow” which Gina seems to coin and then Teresa has a funny one liner in reply which tips her MLB knowledge.


Adam is going over Teresa’s move to Arizona and her quickly growing young boys, Adam asks her about searching for schools.

Teresa has a killer “melanoma” one liner and BB marvels at her not losing a step, agreed!

Teresa is right in the mix with Adam, he’s talking about the roundtable meeting his wife was forced to attend about his son’s possible “wood chipper” future, Teresa is really matching Adam’s energy and flow and making this even funnier, citing young Sonny and his resemblance to a Buttplug.


Adam talks about his lack of an education along with his wife’s short time with a junior College, Teresa talks about her google news alert, asking if Adam has been moving as much as it seems.

Adam talks about his kids Cotillion and she tells Adam this is the whitest thing he’s ever done in his life, holy shit that’s great.

Adam talks about “the fork you stab your sister” while mocking his families lack of knowledge of salad forks, Adam is talking about kids at the Cotillion and his son’s inability to tie his own necktie knot.


Adam is talking about his wife’s late night massage, unaware Adam was originally schedule to get one with her but she cancelled it last minute as revealed on For Crying Out Loud.

Adam was unaware of the love between T and Gina, Teresa says Gina is her favorite of the “News Jews” and Adam is bringing up the cardboard vagina for his hotel room key, sleeve if you must.

Adam is mocking the check in/check out times for hotels and how they keep creeping in opposite directions.


Teresa brings up ‘Road Hard’ and the pain of the hotel key card, Adam is talking about a guy told him about using his room key to “activate” the power to the room while staying in fancy places.

Adam thanks Jalen, the only human being to ever give him the heads up to put his key in the slot.

Adam talks about his trek to NYC and mentions the platter of cheese that was brought to the Mangria event, he tried to get everyone to eat cheese.


Adam realized he had never seen a Japanese woman eat cheese, Adam is now riffing about him and Donald Trump shaking the country like an ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ and Teresa has some practical lactose factoids and Gina brings up the Japanese “Butter Stinker” slur they have for us lovers of dairy/round eyes.

Adam ordered the Japanese woman to eat cheese, Adam jokes about her passing away on Wednesday and the guy who died in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square Square has nothing on this gal.

Teresa brings up her father moving into a Trailer Park called ‘The Riviera’ after citing Adam’s riff about pieces of shit locations with beautiful and misleading names/tittles. BB has a funny one liner, Teresa comments on her dad’s missing teeth and resistance to smiling.


Teresa talks about the interior of a trailer and how her husband’s head hits the ceiling, Teresa asks about Adam’s dad.

Adam takes it back to Teresa’s father and is now bringing up his kids and how his daughter has a motor and wants to be an attorney like Mark Geragos.

Adam talks about his “what happened here” tour for his son, to motivate him, he wants Teresa’s dad’s trailer to be on the tour.


Q and Ace

1st Q from Erika, from Buffalo Grove. She wants some advice on naming her son, Adam has a great riff about masculine names for girls and feminine names for boys.

Adam talks about Rosie as a boy’s name, Adam talks about the lack of children named after female civil rights heroes, Teresa brings up suffragettes, hilarious!

Erika shares their “Webb” choice, they were keeping it secret and Adam talks about their daughter Rory, she shares that her husband wants the name ‘Jeter’ and he gets on mic to weigh in.


Adam has a funny “Diego Caitlyn Jenner” suggestion so their son could get into an Ivy League school with a 1.8 GPA.

Hilarious Chi-Chi or Chee Chee name suggestion.


2nd Q’s from Chris and Becca, Adam gets BB to play a “Hi Gary” drop of Dianne Wiest from ‘Parenthood’ and Becca asks about getting married in Europe.

Adam has some practical “you’re not going to get a good day” bit of advice regarding the weather, Adam suggests a ‘Medieval Times’ wedding and the lack of tournament in most modern weddings.

Adam jokes about someone being a “barrister” and that being the only UK job we know of in the states, Becca’s reveals her dad is American.


Adam is asking if she has any goals for remodeling or some other costly expense, Adam tells her to get married in the states in exchange for a new bathroom.

Adam has a killer line that Teresa tops with a one word reply, wow.

Teresa plugs ‘Catch a Contractor’ on Spike.


Teresa forgot about the premise of ‘Ass-kiss Rodeo’ which might have been dead by the time she started on the ACS, though I vaguely remember some crossover.

The bit was where guest would try and kiss Adam’s ass as he bucked and juked around trying to lose them with his crazy opinions and shifting arguments.

Teresa misunderstood the bit and wrote a poem, what!?

She Says she has all kinds of great things to say about him and misses him, she’s greatly missed by all of us in the CarollaVerse too.


Teresa is setting up her ‘Prose vs. Verse’ after Adam jokes about ‘Pros vs. Joes’ and she keeps trying to intro the poem.

She has a great John Hiatt reference and even plugs his books and movies in it, holy shit T is a sweetheart always.

Adam tells T she loves her and compliments her writing, Adam hopes he’s been encouraging to her the entire time he’s known her.


BB debuts a new Rich Banks song about Teresa Strasser, hilarious details from the 2006 KLSX ACS, She was Carolla’s Newsgirl, T has some kind words for Rich Banks and Adam goes into a live read.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

Can you feel the fall weather in AZ Edition

Look at your car in Phoenix and it bursts into flames edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is on a woman with “body integrity identity disorder” and Gina has the horrific details of the drain cleaner blinding the woman underwent to fulfill her believed destiny.

BB has a harsh one liner that T objects to, Adam has a killer “I think a pigeon shit on this” one liner while talking about this story and T’s dad Nelson’s trailer park lifestyle.

Adam talks about identifying as a snowman, Adam takes the pressure of BB with a “whole hog” one liner and a great “well” response while riffing an improv scene with T, half a reenactment.


“Now I’m going to take her to hear Ray” – Adam in response to T’s excellent setup of mentioning the biopic ‘Ray’ and Adam is now riffing about midlevel donkey respect levels.

Hilarious piñata humor from Ace.


2nd Story is on Peeple the new app for rating human beings

Adam is riffing on the bride to be in the audience bulking up with a bacon cheeseburger, so the wedding photos aren’t a letdown in comparison to how she looks several years into the marriage.

Adam talks about the mobile sofa used at airports, Adam wants to know how people are so soft they now must be drive to an airport gate.

Adam is asking about the pantheon of professional drivers, Fighter Jet pilot and F1 Drivers vs. the overweight black guy at the airport ferreting overweight passengers to and from their gates to make southwest airlines flights.


Adam is now engaged with a heckler, Adam is talking about the people mover that was broken at the Phoenix airport.

Gina has the details on the app and Adam is back to airport riffing, he wants to know about the people so fucked up they need the mobile airport couch.

Adam is talking about the “add a leaf” move on the Southwest flight, Adam argues that fat guy is not going anywhere during turbulence.

The “I’ll have one too” story, Adam is saying he would offer a line of belts for overweight people that transforms into a seatbelt extension, to save them from humiliation at 35000 feet, well more humiliation.


3rd Story is on a bill received by a woman for no-showing at a Wedding.

Adam is talking about the “by the head” cost for scheduling a wedding, Gina asks if this isn’t very cheap and Adam predicts some history between the women.

Adam is sharing how he walked in on his kids and wife watching the Jimmy Kimmel wedding toast from their wedding and he shares a funny line from Jimmy about what Adam said upon first seeing Lynette.


4th Story is on Teresa ordering a “Land, Sea and Air Burger” from McDonalds, Adam is now riffing about secret menus and how he’s in the dark about animal style and Caitlyn  Jenner’s dick and balls.

Adam has a funny “comes with nude pictures of your high school girlfriend” one liner and Adam is talking about his years of wanting egg McMuffins after 11am and now it’s 24/7 breakfast and now this too?

Adam talks about his signature Big Mac’s and how he would always toast his buns wrong and now T is bringing up Adam’s two fast food job applications.

Adam is explaining he was rejected by Taco Bell, he never served.


Adam is talking about his ‘National Treasure’ like experience of entering a McDonald’s basement to watch his training video with a newfangled VCR.

Adam is talking about the takeover scenario presented in the video, Adam shares his “no problem” reaction to the idea of not intervening.

“My cuticles smell like I finger blasted Mrs. McCheese” – Adam on his McDonalds employment experience.

Gina wraps the news and Adam realizes they missed the proposal for this show.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Drunken Lady objects to The Rams and Adam’s NFL talk edition

Adam and BB are now talking about the teams The Rams will beat and lose against.

Adam thanks the fans and he plugs Teresa’s excellent book on her 1st pregnancy and memoir of sorts ‘Exploiting My Baby: A Memoir of Pregnancy & Childbirth’ and Adam mentions its perfect 5 star score on Amazon. Carolla Click Through link applied!

Adam thanks the Great Teresa Strasser and wraps up the show, you can hear the affection in his voice, she is a huge part of the ACS and helped shape it into what we have today, nice work T!

This was an excellent episode, I only wish they made more treks to AZ or T would come by the studio a few times a Year in Los Angeles, more Teresa guest spots would be very fun.