Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/05/2012 – Jay Mohr

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/05/2012 – Jay Mohr

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/04/2012 – Release Date 10/05/2012

Adam is opening the show with an update on his dad and a riff on visiting the hospital, Bryan is jumping in and they’re doing a quick improv. Adam is now getting into the concept of trying to get around anonymously and how the human brain processes all kinds of extra information in addition to someones appearance.

Adam is going more in depth on Jim’s condition, he’s describing their conversation and a very funny scenario with his dad leaving a “present” for the nurses. Adam is having the control room fire up some information for fans to buy Mangria while the ACS website is having issues.


Adam’s Favorite Tweets, Adam is explaining all the ideas he has has that have become reality, he’s commenting how it’s usually the most bizarre of his ideas that come to pass. Adam has the control room fire up a news clip about a crow that has joined a family which is one step closer to Adam’s “Attack Crow” idea. Adam has some killer commentary over the clip, hilarious!

Adam and Bryan are on a riff comparing expensive trained attack dogs to crows, their riff on the financial savings on dog food alone is amazing. Adam is doing a great “Girl from Ipanema” riff during the evoice live read.

Caller Jeremiah, He’s buying a house with his wife and considering letting his sister in law move in. Adam is grilling him on the dynamic between the women to see if it sounds like trouble. Bryan sets up a “stripper DJ” riff which leads to Adam revealing that a fan tweeted him he was a strip club where the DJ actually did call for Jade and instructed her to make it to the stage.

Adam is explaining how this living situation could go bad, he’s got some great insight about how people end up angry and envious of paying rent when you own the place they’re living in, Adam tells Jeremiah to say no unless he absolutely needs the money.


Jay is making his 2nd visit to the podcast, he guested on the KLSX radio show and has two very unique Loveline episodes as well. Adam is responding to a listener voicemail about Nissan bringing back the “Datsun” brand, Adam explains why it’s not a big deal.

Adam is complimenting Jay’s comedic abilities, Jay is digging it and now quoting something from a David Mamet book. Jay is explaining that a woman had a heart attack during one of his stand up gigs and now he’s on a hilarious sing song tangent about the cast of the ACS, great back and forth with Bryan.

Adam is riffing on school bus drivers and kids hassling them, Jay is asking Adam if his kids take the bus. Jay is questioning if he’s becoming a libertarian and they’re now on a tangent about distracted driving.

Adam is now going off on the guy who picked him and the Mikes up in Toronto, how he lost his crazy accent once the fare was due. Jay is complimenting Adam on the time he was goofing on Mike August and his eating prowess. Adam is now telling Jay about the per diem they received at the most recent live show and is explaining what August did with his allotment.

Adam and Mike Lynch are filling Jay in on some other encounters at the Casino, Adam has now transitioned to Jay’s writing. Jay is explaining what happened with his 1st book “Gasping for Airtime” which is great btw. Adam and Jay are discussing giving credit on the book to your co writer vs. paying extra money.

Alison keeps dropping gold, Mike Lynch is now on mic weighing in, Bald Bryan is cracking Jay up with his drops of “Adam’s typing”. Jay is quizzing Adam about his family, their response to his books and the New York Times bestseller status.

The gang are all discussing trying to change the behavior of family, spouses and parents. Jay is giving an anecdote about his dad and their relationship.


Jay has now transitioned to “What Can’t Adam Complain About” and how mind blowing he finds it, he’s giving an example of the coffee jag he went on last year. Adam is explaining to Jay why he’s not tortured, Adam is attributing it to his lack of self esteem and years of therapy, he’s citing his woodworking, building and car work as other good things in his life.

Adam is telling Jay how he does feel removed from the comedy community but likes it that way, Jay is asking Adam if he tests out material. Adam is asking Jay about his relationship with his wife, Jay’s explaining their dynamic using Adam’s hypothetical “Tonight Show” scenario. Adam gets Jay to bust out his “Tracy Morgan” and “Colin Quinn”.

The gang are all riffing on “Giada De Laurentiis” of the Food Network, Jay and Alison are really gelling. Adam is getting Jay to chime in on the live read in character as “Norm MacDonald” good stuff!


 Alison’s News, Her top story is about the 1st presidential debate. Jay wants to know who Adam thinks won the debate, Adam is giving his take and making an analogy about telling someone to F off.

The gang are all going in depth on Mitt Romney, Adam saw a documentary about him and Jay is jumping in with some Villaretardo comments. Adam is now explaining he was surprised by the reaction of the left, in particular Al Gore.  They’re all weighing in on the reactions to Mitt and Obama.

Adam and Jay are now discussing Kevin Nealon speaking in front of city council on behalf of an elephant, the control room fire up the clip of Kevin speaking. Adam is doing live commentary and Jay has some good one liners once the clip wraps.

Adam and Jay are in the middle of a improv about a comedian being instructed to prepare a minute of comedy, Jay is explaining his own experiences with zoos and animal trainers. Jay is giving an anecdote of feeding a rhino with his son, Adam is jumping in with his thoughts on Romney once again.

Adam wraps the show.