Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/04/2012 – Hoobastank

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/04/2012 – Hoobastank

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/03/2012 – Release Date 10/04/2012

The show opens with a great new spot for “The Warner Archive” where Adam goes specific on selected titles, brings us one step closer to a “Bad Ronald” commentary.

Adam is teasing a personal dilemma he’s going to ask the gang about, Adam is now talking about today’s guest Hoobastank and their 4 loveline visits. Adam loves their song “The Reason”, he’s asking Alison and Bryan why he responds to that song but not similar music from lesser bands.

Adam is joking about not bringing this up when the band come in, as not to accidentally offend them, like the Andrew McCarthy opening question from the other day.


Adam is asking the gang what to do with Gary, not Gary Patrick Smith “GPS” but the Gary who works around the shop and was featured on the Adam Carolla Project on TLC. Gary caused some damage to the wall at the warehouse and studio, Adam is recounting how he first noticed it and commenting on his “Hyper Vigilance”.

Bryan and Alison are weighing in on what Adam should do with Gary, Adam is explaining his love for Gary and why he keeps him around.

Adam is now telling the guys a quick recap of the Kevin Nealon wine story, Bryan reminded Adam of the incident. Adam has a great one liner related to the story during the live read, hilarious!

They’re now back to the Gary dilemma, Adam has some great quotes in regards to what it’s like to work with his construction guys.


Adam and the gang are now discussing the debates, Adam declares both candidates are cute. Adam is giving his take on Jim Lehrer as a moderator, he’s now expressing how he would like a moderator with a little more going on. Adam’s now doing an impression of Dave Dameshek as moderator for the presidential debates.

Adam and Bryan are doing a quick improv as two guys arguing about one being drunk, great work Bryan, hilarious!

Adam and Alison are going further in depth on the debates and how they could be improved, Adam is of the opinion that the debates don’t sway any votes, just reinforce what people have already decided.

Adam is having the control room fire up a clip of the President from the debate, the gang are all now talking about text books. Adam is explaining that the problem with the schools is not the teachers or books, it’s chaos in the home.

Adam and Bryan are now doing a great improv about our society being the worlds worst scientists, great quotes from both guys. Adam is riffing on “Latch Key” kids and truant officers.


Hoobastank join the show, Adam is asking them about the business model of the record business nowadays, they’re confirming a lot of his thoughts and ideas. Adam is asking the band where they all live now. Adam and the band are joking about recording studios and the “Radiohead” sales model.

The band are now playing live in studio, a very rare thing for the ACS, this also might be the first full song performance in the new studio for the show as well. The band are now telling Adam about a corporate event they played for Jose Cuervo on a private island.

Alison just jumped in and they’re all now discussing vomiting from drinking, Adam is telling them about Drew’s take on it. Adam is explaining how difficult Loveline made all the wrap parties for his various other projects, Adam is explaining the levels of drunkenness that take place over the course of a party.


Alison’s News, Adam interrupts to reveal that he watched another “Facts Of Life” episode, Alison just revealed she’s recording them too so they can sync up episodes and bond. Adam is giving a quick recap of the episode he most recently watched and making some great comments about what the Mangria has driven him into doing.

Alison’s top story is about something Romney said during the debate about PBS and the parody twitter accounts created in response, Alison is being tweeted that Romney winning the election would mean the end of Huell Howser’s show that Adam loves to mock.

Alison wants to know if Adam thinks Mitt’s comment about Big Bird was an improv or something his people had prepped him for. Adam thinks this stuff never changes, he’s making a very sound point about something he said 4 years ago on the morning show.


Alison’s 2nd story is about ABC news conducting an investigation of TSA theft, Alison is playing the clips from their news story. Hilarious replies from Adam. The band are jumping in and everyone is discussing the types of people who are attracted to security jobs and why.

The band are filling Adam and Alison in on the different security they’ve encountered at venues over the years, Adam has some great quotes and ideas about guards not rocking out during shows. Adam is now further riffing on the TSA story and what to say when presented with a camera crew at your door.

Adam is joking about his “To Catch A Predator” idea, Alison is jumping in and adding a new twist to Adam’s idea.


Alison’s 3rd story is that 1 out of 3 people admit to answering the phone during sex, Alison is giving a personal anecdote about her phone use. Adam and Alison are discussing the dynamics of trying to look at someone in public without alerting them, Alison is giving an anecdote about a recent example of this. Adam has a great reply about how drunken guys handle it.


Alison’s 4th story is that IKEA has vowed to only sell LED lights by 2016, Adam loves LED and is explaining why this is a good thing. Adam is explaining his thoughts on LED lights and the band are jumping in to add to it. Adam is now on a tangent about technology getting better and cheaper each year.

Alison is speculating on their claim to get this done by 2016 and how it seems kinda hollow as a promise, Adam is now on a riff inspired by her point, hilarious!


Alison’s 5th story is about Ellen DeGeneres being honored with the “Mark Twain prize for humor”, Adam is now discussing how you can tell if a celebrity is difficult or mean based on the behavior of their staff. He’s telling the gang about his experience guesting on her show. Adam is giving his honest in depth take on Ellen as a comedian and a person. Oddly enough Ellen and Anne Heche were huge MTV Loveline fans. Adam is on a riff about Portia de Rossi.

Adam is doing a live read and on a great “Powers Booth” riff, Adam gives out some plugs including one for Bald Bryan and the brain tumor walk he is the chairperson for. Adam wraps the show.