Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/03/2014 – Clay Tweel and Luis Lopez

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/03/2014 – Clay Tweel and Luis Lopez

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Clay Tweel and Luis Lopez

Recorded 10-02-2014 – Release Date 10-03-2014

Production Number #1424

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Adam is opening the show with BB and Alison in studio unlike last Friday.

Adam thanks the fans for supporting the pirate ship and plugs the Mangria 3 pack with included shipping.

Adam is now explaining the tip toeing around what booze does to you and even shipping costs, Adam is explaining he’s not allowed to say “shipping free or free shipping” but he can says shipping included.


Adam is now explaining the absence in logic that dictates these bizarre semantics and he calls back when he was making the label for Mangria and the controversy about the label for the white variant.

Adam says that Clay and Luis are coming in to promote their documentary, Adam was called out for using the term “doc” and fans pointed out his critiques of such people in his book, so now he will use documentary instead.

Alison calls him out for making her use the term “cans” over headphones, thinking it’s an abbreviation thing, not aware it’s an old radio thing, and it’s a sign if you’re amateur or professional.


Adam explains why he got into radio, to see the guy pointing through the glass, the moving VU meters etc.

Adam says that’s why he makes Maxipada give him the finger, the big smelly finger instead of a lazy head nod.

BB wants to know about people calling thing ep’s or sodes, I use ep all the time, it’s proper.


Adam explains his experience with these 3D printers as shown in the documentary and he explains why the adjustable wrench is more impressive than organs.

Alison wants to know what material you use for these printers, BB is now explaining it to her as well.

Adam says its ABS plastic and is explaining what was nice for him, in this case he needed a plastic, black plastic bezel switch for his Lamborghini, and so he didn’t need to paint it or cast it out of sand and get a metal version.


BB explains the impetus for the movie about trying to get consumer level 3D printers available to everyone. Adam says he likes all the stuff in the doc and the technology on display.


Q and Ace

1st Caller – Mark, he’s offering Adam something, he brings up the in-laws and dogs being brought to Thanksgiving.

Adam is now asking about common courtesy and the notion of showing up with your dog to Thanksgiving, he suggests several scenarios where it would be a huge inconvenience or a deal breaker.

Adam is joking about dying from Molly sleeping on him and Alison references ‘Cat’s Eye’ and Adam is now making a point about dogs and their digestive cycle, Alison jokes about how great it would be if Dogs did have a meter on them that indicated if they had a full or empty bladder and bowels.


2nd Caller Mark (another one?) he wants to know if Adam is disappointed with the money raised for the patent troll defense, he says no, it’s all gravy to him.

Adam cites his horrific upbringing and lack of love and support to make a point about how when people contribute today it means a lot to him, Adam is now addressing all “did you ever think?” questions about the successes in his life.


3rd Caller Tyler, he’s been a big fan since the Loveline days and compliments the Girls on trampolines from “The Man Show” he’s now asking about Adam’s situation with Kevin Smith but then drops it and is asking about Adam’s history with Ralph Garman.

Adam is now making a point about fabricating stories and how he doesn’t lie and exaggerate and especially not in order to benefit himself.

Adam is now giving the truth about Kevin Smith and the deal gone bad with Telepictures, Adam explains the process of seeing ‘Red State’ and BB jokes about Adam torrenting his movie.


Adam is now back to the TV show idea Kevin had about teaming up on a TV project as he told Adam after his first ACS podcast promoting ‘Red State’ and BB jokes about Adam being a ‘The Great Gazoo’ like character.

Adam talks about the Telepictures deal he was offered first and how he sent Kevin and email back telling him about it and giving him his phone number, BB jokes about Adam’s email being too adversarial as Kevin had claimed.

Adam is now bringing up the separate meeting they had with Kevin prior to his and the funny detail about Kevin never contacting Adam for said deal after his stoned ramblings about doing a show together.


Adam explains the waiting game for the deal to be hammered out before taking creative meetings and wasting hours.

Adam brings up the podcast for ‘Hollywood Babylon’ with Ralph “I owe my entire KROQ career to Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel’ Garman and how Kevin reneged on the deal after Adam didn’t contact him about the “Poddammit” festival that Adam was never formerly invited to and then didn’t show up for.

Adam got the hint that Kevin wanted to do the pilot with Ralph and how he took 500k out of Adam’s pocket and Adam brings up Jay Mohr who came into film the 2nd pilot with Kevin after the first one didn’t go with Ralph.


Adam is now explaining the third detail and the podcast festival, Adam says Telepictures is fucking horrible and everything got everything they wanted except Adam.

Adam says he doesn’t have anything against Ralph, he says they get along fine and that probably means he hasn’t spoken to Ralph in some time, Ralph has a different story on his podcast about their current state of friendship.

Adam explains the apology that would’ve gotten Kevin to undo the whole line of bullshit he put into play to sever Adam from 500k, Adam is now lamenting Kevin’s phone etiquette.


Adam is now doing a live read for Reverie Bed.


4th Caller Matt he wants to know when Adam will be on ‘Getting Doug with High’ and how he often he smokes nowadays.

Adam explains that he has a healthy relationship with pot now, he only smokes with his friends and brings up the people who brag about their weak inferior wiring and use that as an excuse to avoid getting high, Adam mocks the people who use that for coffee and weed consumption and suggests therapy instead.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with a great “what not to watch” segment.

Adam is welcoming Clay and Luis about their documentary about 3D printers and why it was chosen, they explain the history and original thoughts about the doc, and how it was going to be about Apple and were inspired by the Steve Jobs biography.

Adam asks if the 3D printer will be making its way into everyone’s home, he’s asking for some practical utilizations for one.

“My Dishwasher is a Guatemalan lady” – Adam


Adam is now taking this to his “99 cents items of life” theory on buying 10 of everything under 10 bucks, so you never lose anything and if you do you always have toenail clippers.

Adam mocks his own families clean up job that went awry, they were planning for the big housewarming party and ended up just putting things in drawers.

They are telling Adam about the new metal 3D printer and they bring powered aluminum and Titanium so the laser can cure it while forming the item.


The guys suggest a “Kinkos” type place in the mall that could do this for you, Adam brings up replacement authentic doorknobs and they plug a 3rd party company that allows you to #D print things via the mail.

BB is now bringing up a scene from the documentary and the comparison between the higher priced and more expensive printers they compare it to dpi in pictures and printing the traditional paper and ink way.

Adam asks them about the movie and their deal with Netflix, he asks them if they’re tired of each other and what their plans are for their next project.


Adam only saw the first half of the doc, Adam corrects himself for saying “doc” and now they’re addressing the 3D printed guns and the guy featured in the movie.

Adam brings up the way places like Lens crafters might lose business with custom 3D printed frames and he says when you start thinking about it you think of all the industries that might fold do to this technology, he even cites the piracy angle.

BB takes it back to the idea of the world adapting to the computer and the early response asking what we all needed them for, almost rejecting them as home necessities.

“China’s Fucked” – Alison


Adam is now asking them their first “computer breakthrough moment” and he shares his first, citing the time they went to Jamaica and then a follow up year at a ‘Dude Ranch’ for the annual best of special.

Adam was amazed by Doug’s iTunes library and says it was one of his first computer related breakthrough moment.

One of the guests says being able to use AOL to get online blew his mind, OG “IM” chatting and the other guy says that downloadable guitar tabs replaced the expensive books he used to buy.


Alison tells them about 3.5 inch floppy disks being replaced by her first modem, she no longer needed to ferry her articles by disk.

BB shares a story from his life that’s ion his book, Alison asks how nobody has heard this story and he reveals it’s in his book, so none of his cohosts read his whole book?

Adam is now joking about other people’s fieldtrips and school trips compared to his own and brings up the Lawry’s seasoning plant trip, Alison brings up his ceramics and majors in high school, she had neither available to her.


Adam is now asking one of the guys about his “best band trip” and he cites Myrtle Beach right off the bat, Adam is now taking it back to his own school trips and Olvera Street.

Adam brings up the tour of McDonalds they all went on and he now works it into a “Scared Straight” riff and jokes about stealing shoes with BB.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings with BB.


Adam is now wrapping up the show and plugging the guest’s project.