Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2015 – Phil Rosenthal and John DiResta

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2015 – Phil Rosenthal and John DiResta

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Phil Rosenthal and John DiResta

Recorded 10-01-2015 – Release Date 10-02-2015

Production Number #1672

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Adam opens the show thanking the fans commenting on the newbies who’ve only been listening for a month, where the hell have you been!? Welcome!

John DiResta is making his 2nd appearance on the ACS after crushing it on AOTH and during his last visit to the ACS.

ACS #1652 and AOTH – You Ride We Hide

Adam says they’re going to be bringing him back for a regular segment ‘Da Rest of the Story’ and plugs his woodworking business.


Adam is bringing up the first class lounge soup offered at JFK ‘Butternut Squash and Green Apple’ and Adam says it’s not the soup challenge, why do anything different than barely and beef.

Who wants hot apple soup, who has a hankering for hot apples in their soup – Adam

Adam threatens an explosive vest moment while joking about taking a head count of people in the 1st class lounge who are hankering for apple water.


Adam is talking about the lie of plywood measurements and how manufactures use the shavings of wood for savings in costs.

Adam is crushing this rant about picturing the most out of shape idiot you know trying to attempt a high dive without a splash, much like him the “chefs” in charge of the gate gourmet and other providers aren’t skilled enough to work in goat based cheeses.

Adam is now riffing about jizzing in hair and non-swallowed loads, Gina has an anecdote and Adam talks about ornamental fruit and what that means for it.


John is talking about Green Apples and works Down syndrome into it, Adam says this is another book after his previous joke a few moments ago.

Adam is now talking about the Dave Dameshek power rankings for fruit, Adam dropped the mic with the “fruit salad leftovers” argument.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop Live Read

Adam and the podcast might be on the Shark Tank spin off.


#LOTJ – Lord Of The Jungle – Winner Mike

Gary is calling the guy who bought some piston accessories and Gina shares something she learned today, Adam is talking about Corvette guys and trying to work up an image of the winner.

Adam is talking about the master and slave cylinders and how that terminology could be offensive in 2015, if Huffpo knew anything about cars this would’ve been brought up a long time ago, Adam suggest a pussy and pussy whipped cylinder.

Chris gets on mic and Adam is further breaking down the master and slave cylinder relationship.


Adam talks about being able to spot former military and cops and how he looks to them to take the lead in case something goes down.

Adam wraps up with Mike and further talks about pistons and the rings that go around them, Adam is explaining the process and BB is once again playing the “Don’t Care” drop from Gina.

Adam is sharing the picture that the last #LOTJ winner the NFL sideline photographer.


Da Rest of the Story

1st DROTS The Pope’s visit to the States, Adam is riffing about him never having sex and why people listen to someone who has never gotten laid.

Adam is one fire with this riff, he has a killer hypothetical and John is busting out his pope impression.

Adam says that the one chick that fucked the pope before he took the vow of celibacy must be offended by it, Adam has a funny smelly pussy line.


Gina says she’s never been proposed to, John offers and says his wife is out in the car waiting.

Adam is calling for Gary, BB is trying to recall if they’ve had proposals, Adam remembers the back to back ones in Chicago, there have been a couple more.

Adam is now suggesting everyone propose to Gina, she selects the best pitch.


Adam is doing a live read for Seat Geek with an assist from BB


2nd DROTS Donald Trump the crowd work comedian, John is explaining how he finds Trump to be really funny and Adam brings up the way a sense of humor can attract others despite the physicality of the host of said humor sense.

John is further arguing for Trump being funny, he taps out after Adam goes nuts on a tangential riff, very funny.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Phil Rosenthal making his 6th appearance to a funny ‘Definitely Not a Jew’ and Adam plugs his new series, calling it inspiring ‘I’ll have what Phil’s having’ on PBS.

Adam talks about ‘Exporting Raymond’ and has some funny memories of some interactions in the movie.

Adam wants a scene from ‘Talladega Nights’ and Adam is talking about the pizza they were eating in NYC, Adam is arguing for thin crust superior NYC style pizza as served in WA and NYC.


Phil is bringing up “Pizza Casserole” served in the Midwest also known as “deep dish” and Phil explains why this place and their cheese slices are best, you never have to eat a reheated slice.

Adam is now mocking Mike August’s pizza consumption, he’s describing how he doused it with parmesan and asked why they provide it if they don’t want you to use it.

Phil says its fine to add a tiny bit on top, even the spicy stuff, just not a ton and then he does his own Foley work impression of shaking parmesan.


Adam is now having Gary play the clip from ‘Talladega Nights’ and they talk about it.

Adam and Phil are riffing about Mike August and his ripped up feet and Oliver Twist esque experience, Adam is joking about him and his triage for his feet.

Gina wants to know if Phil and Adam were embarrassed about Mike and his Pizza order, Adam shares Mike August’s actual last name and how he’s full blooded Italian.


Adam is now bringing up Phil’s take on “goat cheese” and Adam says that provolone is 1000 times better, Phil says we’re eating products made by Monsanto in America in place of real food.


Adam and Bryan are doing a Draft Kings Live Read

“Is this sports?” – Phil Rosenthal

Adam plugs Phil’s show ‘I’ll Have What Phil’s Having’


Gina’s News

Adam talks about interviewing Ralph Nader for Take A Knee earlier in the day, he says he was super interesting and sharp with great ideas.

Adam talked about the hundreds of thousands of lives he saved with the seatbelt laws and now Adam is talking about the pot of coffee he was trying to get made before he left for the interview.

Adam talks about the different coffee makers, he says some allow you to pull them out instantly and some make you wait, Adam says “unsafe at any mug” and suggests Nader take up this cause.

Gina and Adam are talking about museums and Adam shares how he has visited the bunny museum.


1st Story is on the official ruling in the Caitlyn Jenner auto accident case, Gina reports that no charges will be filed.

Adam brings up the potential civil case and is now riffing about Caitlyn getting lower insurance rates as she’s legally a woman, Adam has a funny idea of her calling up after the accident still wanting a break on her premiums.

Adam says that everyone is ok with that part of life and that form of gender inequality, when it benefits women with lower rates.


Adam is asking if Caitlyn can have a lawsuit if she doesn’t get a lower rate and Adam is telling Gary to tell Matt that he’s now identifying as a woman to save some money.

“Female, 31, nonsmoker” – Adam telling Gary what to have him listed as.


2nd Story is on the lawsuit filed by the drowsy Yankees fan, Gina has the details of the lawsuit and she has a clip of the announcers making fun of him.

Adam is sharing how he wants to revolutionize the aquarium business by showing big screens and the 20min workout, he now wants video of fat guys napping.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


3rd Story is on the new song by ‘Honey Boo Boo’ and Adam comments on her mom the human manatee who walks around with her hand in a tub all day.

Adam asks what people get out of watching this, what schadenfreude.

Adam comments on how we enjoy misery, humiliation and suffering to make ourselves feel better.


Adam talks about the easy path to false esteem, Gina is now playing a clip of the song and Adam cuts it off.

Adam says these people need therapy not publicity, Phil says this is just sad to him and they plug his new show that’s trying to put positivity into the world.

Adam talks about the Middle East and south central L.A. and how nothing to lose leads to careless living and dangerous behavior.


Adam is now on a great jag about the calendar of life and the things you build for yourself and look forward to, he says he would love to give kids free iPads and make them excel in school, but the results don’t prove it works.

Adam talks about a marathon for an iPad and how they could have incentive to exercise and would earn their iPad through personal momentum and accomplishments.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Phil likes Nature Box Edition

Funny Mike August reveal from Adam.


4th Story is on the upcoming Trilogy of ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies.

Adam jokes about discussing the series with Ralph Nader and is now breaking down the movies while joking about it.


5th Story is on Kim Davis secret meeting with the Pope, Adam says the pope must have arranged it and Phil shares his lack uneasiness with the secretive nature of the meeting.

Phil says he likes everything this pope has done but doesn’t like this weird reveal of a possible agenda.

Adam doesn’t care, he’s an atheist and wishes everyone’s religion could be “family and thin crust pizza.”


6th Story is on the woman executed in Georgia, Gina has the details on the woman’s death and how she sung ‘Amazing Grace’ throughout the entire process.

Adam talks about the guy who actually did the stabbing being up for parole while she was put to death for simply planning it.

Adam thinks the people who do the stabbing and planning should be killed, he’s fine with it, only if we can prove it, no racist convictions of innocent black men, he’s not ok with that.


Adam is asking how they were sentenced so differently despite being found guilty in the same state.

Adam is commenting on her last meal choice and the picture he saw of the woman, Adam says he ask for ‘In and Out’ to buy himself a couple of days, he would also send out for some ‘Cut’ and the ‘Fresh Shucked Corn’ and he says he would order that due to the limited seasonal availability to buy himself even more time.

Why is Adam being executed in Texas? Patent Trolls 2029?


Adam is now going over the details of the sentencing for the woman and her lover who actually murdered her husband, Adam is arguing for universal rules and measurements, citing TSA and many other topics before connecting it back to mandatory sentences and varied age of consent laws throughout the country.

Gina comments on the 21yr old drinking age, saying it seems like far too long of a wait, Adam argues about the age to die in war and how perhaps 18 should be the drinking age.

Gina raps the news.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club Live Read


Adam gets a recommendation from Phil, Pizzeria Bianco, Adam says he knows it well and comments on his “flour lung” and says that is proof of how legit his pizza is.

Adam wraps up the show with another plug for the great Phil Rosenthal, mentioning his work in ‘Road Hard’ now on DVD and Blu Ray.