Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 180

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 180

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 09-30-2014 – Release Date 10-02-2014

Production Number #180 – Show Me the Bodies

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The boys are reunited and Adam welcomes everyone to the show with a thanks for the click through on the Amazon Banner.

Adam is now asking for a PayPal plug, he says he likes the PayPal, Amazon is great but PayPal is “a little more direct” and now Adam is telling Drew about his “not really civil disobedience” stance on running red turn arrows.

Adam now cites the arrows, no cigarettes and beer on the beach and Adam says it’s weirdly tyrannical and Adam says it will eventually make criminals out of all of us.


Adam is telling Drew about sitting in the edit bay putting together the opening sequence of his movie ‘Road Hard’ and he’s explaining how it takes a day to go through 8 minutes of footage at a time.

Adam is now bringing up how the WGA won’t let them share credit, Adam and Kevin Hench and Adam is now asking about being forced into a union he doesn’t want any part of.

Adam is now bringing up how if the union paid for his car insurance it would be an extra 1k per month, he’s making perfect logical sense about the insurance he has to pay for vs. the notion of not paying or your Owen healthcare.


Adam is now explaining how his agent negotiates all of his rates, Adam cites ‘Nintendo’ and a rent commercial job, Adam voicing a turtle? What?

Adam is now explaining how he was told he can’t say ‘Produced, Written and Directed’ for his movie, he replied “fuck them!’ like he did with the two f words in ‘The Hammer’ and he further explains his right to not dance to the retarded piper anymore, Adam tells the union to fuck themselves.

Drew brings up the news story from the paper today about a guy who kicked a cat and was uploaded to YouTube, he’s now going to prison.


Adam is now bringing up a video of kicking a cat vs. ISIS most people (women) would side with ISIS over the cat kicking, if they cut it right before the sword made contact.

Adam is now asking for people to show him the bodies, he brings up the racist and sexist accusations and Drew takes it all the way back to McCarthyism and communist blackballing.

Adam is now letting Drew explain they both advocate animal rights, Adam tells Drew about telling Molly “It’s ok to go!” last night and references spending 50k, Adam wants to know why they have to even preface these statements, why do they have to preface for people who might get upset by jumping to retarded conclusions.


Adam is bringing up his advocating gay rights and discussion of what superior people and citizens they are by and large, Adam is now citing his first book ‘In 50 Years We’ll All be Chicks’ and the bit on Santa Monica and Western being practically Tijuana, while down the road a gay community revolutionized a neighborhood in a very short time, improving property values and the quality of life for them all of their neighbors virtually overnight.

Adam mocks Drew launching about little girls selling Chiclets in Los Angeles on the street in 10 years, he now lists the changes that have arrived in the last 10 years.

Adam thinks Gay people should let government kickbacks for not utilizing all of the same services as straight people.


Gary is now reading the excerpt from the book and doing a decent job.

Drew thanks all of the fill in hosts, unaware that Adam already did it last week, Drew then forgets that Jim Jeffries was part of the guest host group.

Adam is now asking about immigrants and relevant trouble, he says he doesn’t get trouble for talking about Jewish people, he only gets in hot water for bringing up black and Mexican people.


Adam is now painting Drew into a verbal corner and trying to explain to him that the reason he is uncomfortable is because he’s condescending.

Adam says don’t help him, he’s got a pirate ship.

Adam is now saying fuck people and their comfort level, he mocks the notion of being uncomfortable.


Drew is accusing Adam of getting angrier in the month they haven’t been in the same room together, Adam says he isn’t listened to as he’s perceived to be on the right.

Drew gets him to clarify that he’s more libertarian, but Adam doesn’t care nor want to clarify, he wants to rub it in the faces of the judgmental and prejudiced left who are by and large hypocritical, he’s saying fuck you and only cares about listeners of the podcast.


Adam is now further making his point about loving animals and how it’s nobody’s business how or if he loves animals, he gets to have an opinion.

Drew cites the recent NFL controversy and Adrian Peterson beating his son until his anus and genitals bled, yet he’s a free man and the guy who kicked a cat is facing a prison sentence, he’s making a point about priorities among humans in our society and how warped they’ve become.

“The problem is no one is listening to me and everyone is a scared bitch” – Adam


Adam is now asking for one brave person to step out from the moral outrage posse and how they would be fired for trying to reason with emotional people reacting to man on cat violence.

Adam is now asking how the studio got built, Drew says Adam was lucky to have his skill and he throws that right back in his face, its hard work and experience, expertise.

Adam thanks the fans for supporting him to make the Pirate Ship float, he says he cannot be fired and makes a point about when you sign up for an advertiser, you made a deal to represent a company, while he thinks you have a right to free speech he also understands the corporate side and uses beer sponsorship to make his point.


Drew brought up Rob Schneider losing his job, Adam blames people freaking out on the internet and demanding his head.

Adam is now citing the sweet commercial gigs and asks about Adrian Peterson doing hypothetical commercials for ‘All State’ and argues that Rob’s decree could cost more lives, being an anti-vaccine advocate could do more harm.

Adam and Drew both explore the roads physical violence can take.


Adam now shares the “if you could save your dog or a stranger who would you save” survey question and shocking yet still predictable results.

Adam is saying he doesn’t know anyone who is any of these negative things we paint in the media, they’re now watching the video of the cat being kicked.

Adam is now asking why the guy kicked the cat, he explains how he’s seen cats climb off of roofs and jump off of trees, Adam asks if the cat is fine, it is.

Adam is worried about this guy and his kids, due to his impulse control issues.


Chris is now on mic in defense of cats and the reaction form emotional people who can’t rationalize when they’re stirred up.

Adam uses the Pool danger vs. the fruit wash concern his wife had for the kids, Adam’s brain isn’t wired that way, he’s not fucked up, he says how much Lynette loves the kids.

Adam is now bringing up how chicks are wired that way, the pool and the fruit wash is the same danger or almost, he says he loves his wife and how much she loves the kids, he says that wiring his great for nurturing and taking care of kids, but that doesn’t work for cats vs. ISIS.


Drew is now arguing that evolution evolves the perfect instrument and Adam says when did dudes start to become women, we need a counterbalance to the way his wife reasons.

Adam is now lamenting everyone discounting his role in his kid’s life, providing everything which is fucking huge.

Adam is now saying that at a recent point in history we decided that women have a much more evolved point of you and we should all head in that direction, Adam blames Drew for marching headfirst and leading the rest of us towards the feminine way of thinking.


Adam says we need both, a balance and the seesaw is now heading in the wrong direction, Adam now brings up how bad it can be in the other direction and what he wouldn’t to see.

Hilarious description of Lynette possessed working on her car and neglecting the kids.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back form break.

Adam is doing a live read for

1st Caller Jim, he’s asking why Bill Simmons can get suspended for making comments about Roger Goodell and he asks why Bill wasn’t punished for his “Jizz” themed episode from 2010.

Adam finally spells it out and says he was banned from the doing the podcast for a long time.

Jim wants Adam to call the NFL pussies and Adam brings up the lack of hockey players on Loveline and how sensitive the leagues are and how they overcompensate with their rules.


Adam is praising the UFC for not making any bones about their sport, Adam is now saying that porn is just porn and knows it.

He now works alcohol commercials into the analogy.


2nd Caller Matthew, calling from Texas, he cites Classic Loveline and notes how Adam is still getting pissed at Drew for the same poor radio technique 20 years in.

Once again nobody mentions me when discussing the show I’m responsible for existing.

Matthew is now asking if he’s right to feel angry at a woman he knows who is cheating on her husband and Drew is figuring out if he’s angry about her behavior and cheating on her spouse while trying to discern if it’s sexist or just has some hang-up with female sexuality.


Adam is now bringing up his “turn offs” he experiences as a result of other people’s behaviors.

Adam cites people who stiff the waitress, spit their gum out, litter out their windows etc.

Drew says sometimes people are just out of it and tries to give a caveat for douchey behavior, Adam and Drew are now talking about the “pass” we’ve given women on cheating that they are driven to it by their partner not effectively meeting their needs.

Adam is now back to the merging of the genders and how women will now be cheating for the same motivations of men.

Adam tries to connect the changing tide of female cheating to increased testosterone among women, Drew seems to think it’s a possible factor and they wrap up the show as Adam jokes about Mangria pulling their sponsorship away from the show for his comments.


“You don’t want us being careful what we say, we don’t want to be careful with what we say, so let’s go kick some cats” – Adam