Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2014 – JL Cauvin and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2014 – JL Cauvin and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest JL Cauvin and Matt Atchity

Recorded 10-01-2014 – Release Date 10-02-2014

Production Number #1423

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity in studio and a solid “Attack Crows” intro about the white house intruder, Adam thanks the fans for keeping the pirate ship afloat and plugs the new Mangria 3 pack with shipping included.

BB has a Carl Weathers #TopDrop from the 2008 KLSX ACS, Adam is asking BB if he recalls the context of the drop.

Matt brings up the role Carl played in ‘Happy Gilmore’ and Adam brings up the fake hand he wore in the film, BB is correcting him and telling that the joke in the movie was an extra layer.


BB says it’s Adam Sandler’s 2nd movie and one of his best, Adam is still questioning the gag and Alison has a killer one liner about it being astute meta comedy.

Adam doesn’t feel like it was part of the gag of the movie, BB cites Adam Sandler’s early absurdist comedy and the loss off his comedic fastball.

Adam asks if he lost his fastball or did he just set the ball down, he says Mel Brooks feels like he lost his fast ball, Adam feels like he just put the ball down and stopped, he chose to go with the flow.


Adam and Matt are talking about the “paid vacations” Sandler describes his movies as, Adam is now arguing about ‘Jack and Jolene’ (Jack and Jill) and saying that it’s almost as hard to make a shitty romantic comedy as it is to make a good one and explains it’s not the easy part.

Adam says it’s difficult to film these things, he calls ‘Battlefield Earth’ quite a calorie burner and then brings up its Rotten Tomatoes score.

Adam reports that ‘Jules Dash’ submitted the Paul Newman doc to the Sundance film festival and explains the main man over there made his way to Tribeca so perhaps Adam won’t be discriminated against by the person in charge of making film selections over made up personal politics.


BB explains that they could do a live show from Sundance, telling them of a fan who has offered a room for them, Adam says they have the doc burned to a Blu-ray and sent into the festival.

BB brings up the movie ‘Official Rejection’ and Adam says he never saw it but will be experiencing in person.

BB brings up the irony of ‘The Hammer’ making it into Tribeca and how that festival is now run by the guy who kept that movie out of Sundance.


Adam is now bringing up the revenge of the nerds future we now live in where every nerd is running a festival or event and it’s now time to punish the ex-jocks.

Adam reports that Redford’s people have reached out to them for a copy of the doc too, Adam is now explaining how the nerds can’t stand when a clod like him (he uses some French) proves he can make a doc just like them if not better, he doesn’t have cool frames or any nerd cred.

Alison is explaining the promise of the 1980’s that all jocks would fail at life and all nerds would get their day in the sun after high school ended.
Adam mocks the perception of him that he attracts likeminded morons to listen to his podcast by tricking them with horribly inflammatory and racist topics and words.

Alison is now asking if Adam doesn’t know he’s not just the average knucklehead clod and can do a lot, Adam is explaining that making documentaries are fairly easy and says a romantic comedy isn’t that hard either, more tricky than a doc but still not difficult.

Adam now asks how many certified fresh movies that were rejected by Sundance, Matt pledges to go the festival if Adam’s documentary makes it in.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie Bed

He jokes about Allison and Skip from ‘Catch a Contractor” visiting and trying out the bed, BB takes it to the sexual and Adam rolls with it and tops him with the inclusion of his son underneath them like a pile of visitors coats.


Q and Ace

1st Caller – Jamie, she wants to know if Adam grew up in Kansas if his career would have had the same trajectory, Adam says if he lived somewhere else he feels like there would have been a family business that kept him local.

Adam is telling her about how living in L.A. didn’t really help him and how if he moved from Kansas he would have had a plan or his nose to the grindstone, he references ‘Hungry Heart’ and cites his buddies and life in L.A. that slowed him down.

Adam is mocking the unmotivated turds when hung out with who only wanted one thing from life, to drink and “stick their cock somewhere gushy” and jokes about their reactions to his Improv classes and the cost.


BB is now shitting on hypothetical Adam’s plan for moving from Kansas to Los Angeles and BB recalls his time as roommates with Rich DeMuro and now Adam is telling Jaimie about Hollywood Florida and has a great “I Disagree, I disagree!” follow up and Adam is now asking her the nature of the question, she doesn’t want to move out west.

Adam is joking about Molly Ringwald now being able to say “she grew up next to Adam Carolla” instead of her being the most famous one of their group.

Adam is now saying that north Hollywood couldn’t be further form actual Hollywood, now it’s more like Mexico than anything else.


2nd Caller John, he brings up the early prank call Adam made into Classic Loveline from before he started on the show, Adam is now sharing his long history of listening to Loveline before he worked on the show.

They reference Poorman and Rikki Ranchman and goes in depth on how he would answer the questions in his head before the hosts did, Adam says it reminded him of his early childhood athleticism and BB has a great “wow that’s so cool” drop that Adam replies to with a specific acting trick, pretending to be ignorant of it being a drop with another meta layer on top of that.

Adam is now talking about the show ‘Wonderama’ with Bob McAllister the host from 67 – 77 and Adam is about to do a rendition of the song, the exercise song from the show, instead he busts out a few bars of a Jonathan Davis impression from KoRn, Gold!

Ace Awards 2014 material, nice reaction from A-Rose.


Adam explains he would do the exercise to the show and try to outlast the kids, much the same way he would try to answer the callers questions better than Rikki Ranchman.

Adam has a great one liner reply to the notion of them finding the guy who could take the calls better than him, he mocks the slide in rating and syndication and clears up the post Adam co-host order for Loveline.


3rd Caller Josh, he works all the time and so does his wife, they’re noticing that all of their friends are extreme losers and he gives some vague examples while asking for Adam’s advice.

Adam says you give these guys a couple opportunities to do what’s best and after a few of those chances and offers of help you need to move on.

Adam is now talking about the number of fuck ups around us, surrounding us and jokes about waiting for cheese to show up, he says he would wait for a hard Italian cheese to be delivered.


Adam wants to know how one finds themselves in a position with lots of kids but not job, Adam says the best yardstick for being a loser is a lack of work and an abundance of kids.

Adam is now bringing up the guy who looks like he’s 67 and has a shitty job, Adam wants to know what happened and how this is going to work, he mocks the “leaves in a stream floating towards a sewer of death” way of life many people he knows seem to be trapped in.

Adam says when his mom locked herself in her room and yelled “Freak Out” over and over is when he first learned of the chinks in her armor, Alison is now getting him to elaborate on that incident.


Adam is saying that move was very intentional, it was designed to be left alone, Adam is now explaining how his parents let people get the message they weren’t dependable nor worth it to include them in your lives.

“All the things they didn’t have to do, they didn’t do, but then they didn’t have a relationship with you” (paraphrased) – Adam on people who resist doing things for others and end up in their own sad mausoleum they call a life.

BB is now taking it back to the caller and asking about weeding out the fuck up friends vs. the motivated ones, he cites Ray wanting to do bits on the KLSX ACS and how asking him to write down ten ideas would make him vanish for 2 years.


Adam is making a point about the social contract signed with invisible ink that many of your friends don’t hold up their ends of, he is now reversing the arguments and asking them why they don’t have a job, instead of why they want his job or a cush job from him.

They wrap up the calls.


Rotten or Fresh – The Fresh or Rotten Movie Game with Matt Atchity of

Adam is now asking Gary to thin out his promo read for ‘catch a Contractor” and now Gary is on mic to defend his “beats” that mistakenly included “and be sure to watch” and “all new” and now Adam is telling Gary to stop pouting and he says he’s not, Adam says he’s not aware when he does.

Adam is now saying it’s a weird thing, it’s less work required from them, just give 5 beats, not more, just 5 beats.


Adam once again protests the use of “all new” and Adam is plugging the new spike app.

Adam tells them about squeegeeing gallons of sweat off a guy’s head in the season premier.


Ben Affleck Movies Edition

1st Movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ (1997)

Adam is asking about the controversy surrounding this movie and it’s screenplay, the long held rumors about Kevin Smith’s polish on it and how weird it is that the guys haven’t wrote more since winning the Academy Award for this script.

Matt jokes about Ben Affleck not having time to write while he was with Jenifer Lopez, Adam is now asking J-Lo to wrap up the ass related music videos, he’s asking about her status as an “artist” and critiquing the song and video for ‘Booty ft. Iggy Azalea’ and joking about J-Lo essentially marketing her asshole.

They’re now playing the video/song and Adam is joking about Ben Folds doing this stuff and how the world may never know how wonderful his ass is.


Adam is joking about Helen Reddy making this kind of music, Alison wants to know why cloth between cheeks is so attractive, many, many reasons.

Adam is now joking about like assholes and not being a prude, BB laughs after the comments indicating he got the drop “I like (love) assholes” from Adam.

Adam is now joking about being an artist at 45 and how weird it would be to writing a new song about your butthole, Adam is riffing about GoPro’s up assholes and how he doesn’t connect musicianship to ass shaking.


Adam is now referencing the time Mike Lynch took Adam to see Phish and how they didn’t shake their ass enough, Adam is explaining how when someone brings their non-Phish fan to a concert and tells them about “last time…” and mentions the superior concert featuring rare songs and cameos that you’re now witnessing.

Adam is killing it mocking this notion, I wonder if he’s implying Lynch did that to him.

“Phish friends/fans don’t bring your fucking friends and explain how good the last time you saw them was” – Adam on bringing new people to a ‘Phish” show.


Adam is now weighing in on his take on ‘Good Will Hunting’ and BB straight up tells Adam he’s not a genius, whoa!

BB gets it right on exactly, but during the Robin Williams edition he had Matt leave ‘Good Will Hunting’ off the list as he knew the score, now he gets it exactly? The first use of the new “minus 5 points” rule.

ACS #1394 from Aug. 21st 2014


2nd Movie ‘Armageddon’ (1998)

Adam is now riffing about the scene with the crew tearing apart the landing/transport vehicle for the expedition and BB takes a hit on this one despite it being part of ‘The Criterion Collection’


3rd Movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ (2001)

Adam says he liked this movie, BB says it sucks but the battle is solid.


4th Movie ‘Gigli’ (2003)

Gary needs Adam and BB to give their guesses once again.


5th Movie ‘The Town’ (2010)

Adam thinks BB won the game, he also loves this movie.

BB the cheater edition?


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read

They’re heading to break, Adam messes up JL’s name a bit, BB assists with the live read.

Adam plugs the upcoming live shows, podcast and standup along with Mangria signings.


They’re back from break with JL Cauvin making his 3rd in studio appearance and 4th total, he made a phoner.

Adam explains how they stumbled on JL’s work and talks about his weight loss, he mentions his not so flattering comments about his physique after his last appearance, and he knows the pain.

Adam gets him to share how much weight he’s lost and they joke about people who have never been fit making fun of you for getting out of shape.


JL tells them about trying the Paleo diet and jokes about refusing to go full hog into the Crossfit movement and jokes about peanuts violating the caveman philosophy, good stuff.

Adam is giving his standard weigfht-loss advice and he jokes about his growing and shrinking man boobs.

Adam is now asking him about his college sports career, he is telling them about riding the bench and how just quitting might have given him many more opportunities while in college.


Adam says some of the biggest regrets you’ll have in life is never getting a chance to tell certain people to fuck off and or quitting things you should probably quit doing and jobs you should quit working.

Adam talks about quitting football after 10 years and how depressed he was as he had no other life to turn to.

“If Reese Witherspoon left Bald Bryan…” – Adam serving up a bizarre analogy about Ryan Phillippe’s reaction to the end of his marriage vs. how BB would react to the same scenario.


Adam is asking JL about sticking with football all through college, Adam only made it through high school and some light JC apparently.

JL comments on other comics complimenting his work ethic and output level, he explains how comedy is not work like he’s used to doing and cites the discipline he learned from organized sports.

Adam is now joking about the discipline of telling someone who is already fit about a weight cut they need to pull off, talking about the guys he knew who wrestled in high school and college.


Adam and JL are talking about JL’s 11 year struggle to “make it” and how he doesn’t think he’ll be able to relax if he ever does make it, whatever that means.

Adam says he doesn’t know anybody in comedy who have put in neutral and made it, JL wouldn’t have been able to climb to the bottom of the middle if he hadn’t been working so hard.

Adam explains that Jimmy Kimmel sent him 10 subtitles for his book and how despite how busy he was he was able to fire back 10 funny options in the middle of his own work.


BB shares about the blurbs he needed for his book and how Jimmy Kimmel was the first responder and the funniest, Adam is joking about a “friend of a friend” and BB’s health and implying Kimmel only wrote one out of obligation for a terminally ill man.

BB asks if some people love being asked for things and being the “pursued one” the prototypical dance of the tards, Adam says that celebrities don’t like it, he now shares his experience with Bryan Cranston.

Alison talks about the people who you have to ask for things 3 times despite them being the least busy people you know.


Adam shares his “you’re right” he uses for people who says “You don’t know what I do all day” and the do it now way of thinking and getting things done.

JL brings up the Michael Jordan hall of fame acceptance speech, much like Adam’s first David Letterman appearance in 1999, Alison recalls it and references it.

Adam now asks for the Letterman clip, we only have audio and it’s been played on air before, but nobody remembers, wow!


It was last played on ACS #1035 from 2013.


Alison’s News

1st Story Her top story is about the Tracy Morgan lawsuit against Walmart, she reads the response from Walmart about the lack of seatbelt use, Adam says it’s interesting and now asks about the type of van they were driving in, he wants to know if it was the Mercedes version.

Adam jokes about plane crashes and JL thanks him then jokes about ‘Alive: II’ and now they’re all commenting on the feeling of not needing a seatbelt in certain situations; party vans, taxi cabs etc.

JL is now breaking out his legal expertise and how this is Walmart’s prerogative and legal necessity to bring this up and counter the charges with their own claims.


Adam says Walmart’s lawyers are trying to whittle it down from 200 million to somewhere in the mid 60’s and he further explains this is what happens when you sue someone and quotes the law about seatbelt requirements.

JL once again chimes in with some interesting tidbits and his take, Alison reads a quote from Tracy Morgan about “doing nothing wrong” and now JL is explaining that they are not saying that he’s too blame nor saying they aren’t responsible.

Adam brings up how they weren’t wearing seatbelts and Alison asks if it will go to trail, Adam doesn’t think it will and agrees with JL about these tactics and what they mean.


2nd Story is on the TV adaptation of the movie ‘Big’ and Adam mocks adult men who play video games all day.

JL praises the ‘Fargo’ TV series and he’s correct in how great it is, BB brings up the barely addressed kidnapping plot in the movie ‘Big’ and how creepy it was.

JL busts out some Teddy Pendergrass as they play the new Rich Banks song about Alison’s Dream ‘Big Black Dong’ good stuff.

Adam is now setting up his sexually charges and bizarre dream, Alison cites her dream about divorcing Kevin Rahm and shares how she finally had the talk with Daniel about the DAG dream while driving home from Adam’s housewarming party.


Alison says he claims that he absolutely doesn’t care and then complimented DAG his would be dream world cuckold.

Adam has a dream about Anna Farris and says he must have dedicated half of his REM sleep to her, Adam says he never gets to have sex with celebrities in his dream as he’s wired in such a way where he can’t even dream about good things happening to him.

Adam gets bumped by the too fantastical and jokes about the scenario of being at Pamela Anderson’s house being offered Iced Tea.


Adam says it was as sexual as it could get without any real contact, Adam says he never brings her up nor thinks about her and hasn’t seen her in a movie nor anything in quite some time.

Adam shares he Tivo’d SNL but didn’t watch it before this dream, there is no possible connection to her, he now brings up the SNL with Chris Pratt hosting and he says for the first time he’s seeing the cracks in the show.


Adam says there is a thing that can happen in comedy and JL calls it one of the worst episodes he’s ever seen, Adam says with comedy it can turn into “something evil(wicked) this way comes” and only snowballs further into chaos.

Adam is now asking about the news segment and why they didn’t keep the last chick as the host, Adam jokes about the new host of the news and how he’s no longer the hot prospect after this episode.

Adam is now in defense of Cecily Strong and not judging the performer who took over but the person who made the call and hired him.


Adam has a Chris Rock as an actor analogy and now JL and Adam are praising Chris Pratt’s quads, he says the episode seemed weird, it wasn’t hit or miss, and it was very bad, maybe the worst episode in the last decade.

Alison brings up the awful January Jones episode that really stunk, Adam is now saying they should just bring Baldwin in for the season opener, especially when it’s a changeover season with new cast and news hosts.

Alison wraps the news, JL compliments Anna Farris having a baby with Chris before he became a superstar, implying she baby-trapped him and now they play a clip of the news with Michael Che screwing everything up.


Adam is further saying they shouldn’t have hired Michael Che to read from a teleprompter, citing his own inability to read and how people like them tend to try to power through it as they’re out of their comfort zone.

JL predicts that uptight whiny internet douches will create blogs claiming that JL and Adam are shitting on Comedy’s new hot rising talent Michael Che, instead of reading this damn near transcript that shows they were being very fair and essentially on the side of Michael who is being used against his talents it seems or just had extreme nerves, which they also said is understandable.

BB brings up the work of Anna Farris and how she goes underappreciated for her acting abilities and comedy chops, Adam agrees and shares his preference for a female anchor on Weekend Update on SNL, not two dudes.

JL asks Adam about women’s calves and shares his theory on what it means when women have well defined calves.


Adam does a Simply Safe live read

He’s now wrapping the show and plugging JL’s special and joking about his preferred pronunciation for his last name.