Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2012 – David Alan Grier

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/02/2012 – David Alan Grier

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/01/2012 – Release Date 10/02/2012

DAG is returning to the podcast, he might have the most total guest appearances out of anyone on Adam’s various projects and never disappoints.

Adam is opening the show with a quick comment about the episode with Andrew from yesterday and then an anecdote about Carson Daly. Adam just guested on his show again and was asking him about his efforts to build a pool in his backyard.

Adam is going off on the people who make it impossible to build in California, Carson is having similar problems to the ones Joel McHale complained to Adam about. Adam is now switching topics to his “Mangria“, he’s explaining the legal nonsense he has to endure in order to sell it and relaying an anecdote about wanting to ship it to a fan.

Adam is giving an analogy comparing his Mangria difficulties to the original title for “Crank Yankers”. Mike Lynch is now getting on mic to go further in depth on who is regulating Adam’s bottle, Mike is now reading the letters Adam has been sent in response.

Adam is recounting the “Man Show” bit featuring a woman thinking of her husband while holding a potato and how he was able to get it aired. Lynch is now further explaining the series of events and edits that have been made to get the design approved. Adam and Bryan are now riffing on the idea of the first labels being limited editions worth more for collectors.


DAG is now in studio, Adam is explaining an ice cube tray offense that happened off air. David is now joking about Adam’s Mangria and Adam doing 30 minutes of the show not focused on comedy. David is now drinking some Mangria and Adam is getting his initial reaction live on air.

Adam is asking David about the first alcohol he drank, DAG is reminiscing about it. Adam is now riffing on the idea of finding someone who is older than you cool because of their car or ability to buy booze. Adam is talking to David about Yale, Adam visited the campus and Dag went to school there.

Dag is snoring over Adam’s stories and now Adam is having him simulate his lovemaking. Dag is explaining how it’s changed over the years since he used to simulate it on Loveline and now he’s doing it, hilarious! Adam is further explaining the Indian Casino gig and an encounter between Mike August and the parking lot attendant.

DAG is now doing an impression of the attendant but he’s using his devil voice, very funny. David is now on a tangent about Clint Eastwood at the RNC and Adam is on his own tangent about old guys not allowing people to adjust their hair.


Adam just told DAG he has a caller from Kirkland Washington on the line, my hometown. Caller Jason wants to know David’s favorite recurring “In Living Color” character to perform. David is giving a James Brown anecdote. The control room fire up the sketch, David and Adam are doing live commentary as they watch it for a minute.

Adam and Dag are now riffing on the hairstyles of black men, Dag has some great quotes and is really seeming to enjoy the Mangria. Dag is jumping in on the live reads and derailing them, hilarious! Adam is asking David about spending time in San Diego and David is making some hilarious noises.

Caller JJ wants David’s take on Bernie Mac, David is explaining how he knew him and what he thought of Bernie’s comedic abilities. DAG is riffing on being drunk, Adam is asking him questions and getting drunken nonsense replies from David, so funny.


Alison’s News, Dag interrupts the theme song to imrpov his own new theme song. Adam asks David about “Peanut” and she shows up. Dag is in character and Adam seems to be loving it, they’re in the middle of a great improv about “her” ruining the show. DAG is getting Alison to reveal the most disgusting  move a guy has pulled at her place, Adam is now explaining Dr. Drew’s story of this roommate in college peeing on the turntable.

Dag and Adam are now discussing Drew and David is praising his “Rehab” show, Alison is giving another anecdote and Dag is getting even drunker, hilarious! Adam is now telling them about the time he woke up and smoked crack in their apartment kitchen, he’s telling Alison and Dag what it was like, great quotes from Adam.

David is telling Adam and the gang about hiring a guy to replace all of his light bulbs, Adam has a very dark tangent in reply.


Alison’s 1st story is about “Carmageddon 2” in L.A., how the project finished ahead of time. Adam is now on a jag about the freeway being fixed 6 months ahead of time after the 1994 quake, how adding financial incentives to get things done always results in things being done ahead of time.

Alison’s 2nd story is about Seth MacFarlane being tapped to host the Oscars, Dag is now on a drunken “Peanut” riff. Adam and Dag are talking about David’s performance in “Race” and the time Adam went to see the play.

Alison’s 3rd story is about Sarah Silverman’s new political video about voter identification laws, the control room play it for the gang. Dag is asking Adam about his black friends from childhood, Adam has the control room fire up a photo of him and the Boyd brothers. Adam is asking David about his parents splitting up and his father.

Alison’s 4th story is about Tyler Perry signing a deal with Oprah’s Television network, Adam is now on a tangent about Tyler Perry’s movies. Adam and Dag are now going over what the white comedic equivalent would be and further breaking down Tyler’s movies.

Adam is having Dag break into his black mother voice and read the “morning after pill” ingredients in character as her children’s names, David initially protests doing it but Adam convinces him. Alison wraps the news and Adam wraps the show with some quick final riffs.