Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/01/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 277

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/01/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 277

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-29-2015 – Release Date 10-01-2015

Production Number #277 – Private Jet Therapy

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Adam and Drew are opening the show with a spring in their step, pushing through and getting on through to the other side.

Adam gives out some plugs, he asks Drew how he’s been doing and is immediately asked about his latest
Howard Stern Show interview done while he was out in NYC.

Adam is telling Drew about Howard’s crack staff and how they get the research done assisting him with his highly acclaimed reviews.


Adam talks about doing small radio markets during promo tours and how not being familiar with a guest’s material might also be indicative of why someone is stuck in a small market.

Drew shares Howard Stern’s theory on podcasting with Adam, Adam talks about podcasting being Howard’s ‘Breaking Bad’ and explains how he is aware of the show but doesn’t know it and hasn’t watched it.

Adam talks about Howard preferring ‘Gotham’ over sports and how podcasting is “they’re huge in Tokyo” to him and Drew says Howard isn’t into youth oriented stuff, Adam talks about his interest in “Spiderman and Green underpants (The Green Goblin)” and Drew further compliments Howard’s abilities.


Adam and Howard think he’s better at 60 than he was at 45, he’s not lost a step he’s only gotten sharper.

Adam talks about his rise in acceptance in media and the higher profile Paul McCartney level guests he’s been able to get.

Drew talks about bring hypnotized during a podcast without being aware of it, Gary gets on mic to clarify a bit but it’s still unclear as Drew describes the events. Adam has a killer joke about a suggestion for Drew to kill himself.


Adam explains he was heading to NYC on a private jet thanks to Norm Pattiz and explains he was doing some podcasting conference of some kind.


Adam is talking about private jet flying and the enjoyable conversations you have while “defying death” at 40,000 feet.

Adam is suggesting all family counseling sessions be conducted while on a private jet, everyone has a nip and they talk out there issues.

Adam is now suggesting a simulator version for those that can’t afford the thousands just to get the plane out of the hangar.


Adam is talking about the feeling of being on your approach for landing in a private jet vs. wrapping up a therapy session and the similarity of both experiences.

Hilarious airplane tire Foley work from Ace.

Adam is talking about doing the shows for the ACS on Sunday and how he gave himself the runs by dumping way too much MCT oil into his coffee, he decided to consume the remainder of the container instead of leaving a ¾ of a serving for later.

Adam talks about his guts churning, more hilarious Foley work.


Adam is talking about the TSA experience at JFK and the lack of bins and doggy bowls, Drew explains TSA pre-check to the audience.

Adam is talking about “the golden gate of cancer” that August walked through to get some more doggy bowls for pocket contents.

Adam explains how Mike was screamed at by the rude TSA agent, he left his money clip behind and had to return it.


Adam is talking about the lack of competition leading to this and Drew jumps in with a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing an Live Read

Adam lost several pounds in a toilet edition


Adam has some production notes for Gary and then Drew mentions he didn’t throw out the hot sauce bottles as Adam presumed on Sunday.

Adam is talking about his quest to toss out empty containers and spoiled food.

Adam says people don’t need to be wired to toss out garbage or wrap up left overs, Adam says people enter into a group agreement to bus and clean up food in return for said free food.


Adam is talking about his free food utopia at work and he doesn’t think this would exist in an office environment from 15yrs ago.

Adam talks about having to clean his own studio/warehouse fridge and Adam talks about the empty Gringo Bandito bottles.

Adam says that at some point you must call a bottle empty, Adam is talking about not being pissed about the empty bottles being gone, he explains his reason and Drew mentions his podcast guest Andy Dick as Adam implies the crazies who guest on his show might be the types to steal envelopes of cash or empty bottles.

Adam busts Drew’s balls about his rancid leftover nuts.


1st Caller David, he talks about feeling disconnected and lacking feelings, Adam is trying to understand his POV and Drew is asking him some follow up questions.

Funny TSA employee question from Adam.

David tells them about an early childhood illness and then Adam and Drew discusses sociopathy and Drew describes how sociopaths manipulate people.


Adam is talking about faking it till he makes it, he works up enthusiasm for his kids and his family life even when he’s tired, he might be heading to his bathroom to beat off but he can quote ‘Parenthood’ on the way to said bathroom.

Drew is once again telling Adam about Dr. James Fallon and his research into psychopathy and they wrap up with some practical advice.


2nd Caller Dave, he wants to call and thank them, he says he called a while ago about his heroin addiction and is currently 1 day sober.

He’s telling them about his latest relationship, Drew tells him nothing will change until he gets sober and Adam says this is 21yr old behavior and to be prepared to feel like one once the drugs are out of his life and he needs to continue growing up where he left off.


Adam is talking about the upcoming ‘Take a Knee’ with Eric Stonestreet and plugs an upcoming live show with Dennis Prager.