Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/01/2015 – George Foreman, Erik Conway, and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/01/2015 – George Foreman, Erik Conway, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest George Foreman, Erik Conway, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 09-30-2015 – Release Date 10-01-2015

Production Number #1671

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Adam is opening the show with a funny intro, he riffs on it and he thanks the fans for the upcoming 7th year of employment solely due to them/us.

BB has a solid #TopDrop and Adam welcomes George Foreman to the show, he tells him he’s a big fan and is explaining how not enough is made of him coming back and winning the title with a decade between bouts.

Adam says he brings up George Foreman and Audi as the two best brand reinventions, mentioning his mean mugging and persona vs. how he’s seen as somewhat avuncular and kind now, he mentions how Audi went from a shitbox you would kill your friend to stop them from buying to the luxury sedan of today.


George plugs his new project, Adam talks about the 100 million units of his grill that were sold and Adam mentions his upbringing and how far he came.

Adam is talking about what people presumed about George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali, Adam is asking him about hanging up his gloves and George has a great “Yeah I remember!” reply, very funny.

Adam talks about the heavy handed guys of the day in George’s division and now Adam is talking about the post-fight interview and the harsh expectations we place on fighters when it comes to speaking after doing battle.


Adam is talking about George finally getting into the beef industry after years of making machines to cook it, Adam has some funny comments that almost head towards a cow genocide.

George is telling them about his new product and Adam asks about his son playing ball in College in Washington.

Adam is talking about his bout with Michael Moorer and brings up Tommy Morrison saying the perfect biopic is waiting to be made about that guy.


George has some kind words for the late Tommy Morrison and goes in depth on his last fights, Adam wants to know about his knockout power and if it had changed between retirement(s) and Adam further says what a huge fan he is of the man, this seems to the first time they’ve ever spoken on air.

Adam asks if anyone will ever regain a tittle 20 years later, like George did.


Adam is doing a Seat Geek Live Read


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

The Cast of ‘The Martian’ let’s talk fast/Matt has a hard out edition


1st Movie ‘The Departed’ (2006)

Adam thinks this movie hasn’t yet claimed it spot in the annals of film history and Scorsese’s body of work.

Adam is saying it’s unfair for them to grade Scorsese against himself and his previous work.


2nd Movie ‘The Help’ (2011)

Gina has some of the details and Adam is going high presuming the critics liked it, Adam asks BB other than his hatred of black people why he didn’t like the movie.


3rd Movie ‘Shooter’ (2007)

Adam is breaking down the plot of the film, he saw it in the theater and mocks the idea of someone being “the best” and Matt brings up Ned Beatty in his role in the movie being exactly what people picture when talking about evil rich old white guys.

BB brings up ‘Assassins’ and Matt brings up ‘The Big Hit’ and they move on as Adam suggests they stop making every movie about killing people if Hollywood really cared about gun violence.


4th Movie ‘G.I. Jane’ (1997)

Adam has never seen the full movie but sums up its existence and worth pretty well.


5th Movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’ (1994)

Adam says this could go other way, he saw it at a preview screening with some agents at William Morris.

Adam nails it dead nuts on with 66% and tries to get a 10 point deduction but of course BB catches him.

Adam takes the win.

Adam wraps up with Matt and gives out the plugs, Matt says the Martian was good and he liked it a lot.


Adam is doing a Drop Stop Live Read

Adam and Gina swears by it edition

Adam is talking about the show and the product being featured on ‘Beyond the Tank’


Adam is talking about traveling to NYC with Mike August and choosing to walk over cab ride across the city.

Adam talks about Obama, Putin and the entire UN staying at the red roof inn while they were in the city.

Adam is sharing how he doesn’t get politicians being so willing to be photographed vacationing or playing golf while things are shutdown.


Adam is commenting on government officials shutting down a city and having no awareness of their effect nor any bad feelings about “being tough on your subjects.”

Adam is breaking down his conversation with Mike about him stopping by the hotel to change his clothes, he need to get some socks as his new converse were killing him.

Adam says that August then told him he thought they were going to Uber it to meet Phil, Adam is explaining the conversation with Mike about his socks, what would be the danger of him wearing socks, hilarious impression of street toughs antagonizing him.


Adam talks about going to Big Gay Ice Cream and has a funny impression of Phil pitching them on it, Adam was trying to enjoy his black gay cone, it was delectable and he walked it off on the way back, feeling badly for Mike and his feet.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Draft Kings


Adam is talking about the upcoming guest Erik Conway making his ACS debut, he explains his two books and the premises.

They head to break.


They’re back from break.

They play a listener voicemail asking if Adam is a cry baby or brilliant, Adam says it depends on what day.

Adam is talking about Erik’s new book ‘The Merchants of Doubt’ and then takes it back to his last book ‘High Speed Dreams’ and he wants to know if it’s purely economics.


Adam talks about Erik’s mic handling abilities and how they say the scientists aren’t great on mic or stage, Adam explains how speed works along with drag and what HP is required for faster cars and then takes it to the bygone hypersonic jet travel dream.

Erik explains why old people and babies restrict the options for speed and plane capabilities, Erik brings up the Hyperloop system and the concern he has over keeping seals in a constant vacuum environment.

Adam talks about the selfish reasoning behind solar energy and renewable resources, rather than get stuck in a climate change argument or anything about mother earth, just talk about the selfish part that has positive fringe benefits.


Erik is now giving his take on climate change and Gina is asking about people who are so into shaming people despite not having the science or information on their side.

Erik talks about the people who just don’t want to believe that humans are responsible for such a thing.

Adam is talking about the fear of the government further encroaching on rights and how that fucks up things like this, Adam is sharing his solution for making energy efficient and renewable resources desirable instead of mandating rules, he’s for selling them the new rules.


Erik says he admires Elon Musk and agrees with Adam about getting these renewable technologies into place, Adam is talking about his efforts to get solar power at his old house and how the city prevented him from getting it.

Adam is remarking on the hypocrisy of Los Angeles and how they preach nothing but green but then block their citizens from trying to use it.

Erik comments on the dumb rule and Adam brings up Joel McHale’s abandoned quest to get a pool in his old house.


Adam talks about the dried up solar rebates and asks why there is 0 incentive to sway people towards it.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Smart, not Erik Smart edition


Adam plugs Erik’s latest book and asks him about his two newest projects, Gina talks about astronaut septic tank ejections being mistaken for shooting stars.

Adam has a funny series of comments about ELE objects in space, Erik is now telling them about locating and preventing impacts from giant asteroids.

Adam is asking about the diversion techniques and Adam has a killer “John Goodman we need your services!” one liner


Adam asks Erik about being able to knock these objects off their trajectory and the unknown elements.

Erik tells BB about the asteroids that killed the dinosaurs and says it’s not a cyclical phenomenon.


Adam does an Uber Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Brown University rescinding their honorary degree for Bill Cosby, Adam doesn’t like the semi-grandstandy part of this, of course everyone is against rape, just quietly remove it and don’t put out the press release.


2nd Story is on the latest Facebook hoax about them selling private data, Adam asks about the little black book that Heidi Fleiss was auctioning.

Adam says if you’re not Dancing with the Stars level famous then you’re name is worthless in a sex scandal.


3rd Story is on another federal data breach affecting 10’s of millions of finger prints, Adam asks Erik about retinal scans and Erik says this probably does affect him.

Adam asks him what he now does about it, he says it’s impossible to fix someone stealing your entire identity, Adam says that you can get fucked but you can’t get unfucked and brings up his credit score, the bogus lien they applied to his credit history.

Gina shares how a woman fell for a bitcoin scam and now Adam is explaining how he’s heard of hacker countdowns and threats of public release of material.


Adam talks about criminals being lazy, he’s breaking down the logic of stealing from the safety of one’s home.

Adam predicts more and more of this, Gina talks about hackers sending in their resumes to the Russian mob.

Adam is sharing how he would go to every country and shout at them it’s 2015! Knock it off! Where are the metallic jumpsuits!?


4th Story is on the death of Erik Roner star of ‘Nitro Circus’ during a parachute stunt, Adam is now criticizing the use of “freak accident” and what it does and does not apply to.

Adam is talking about the guy who flew through the rock formation in Switzerland and how guys involved in such extreme often lose a lot of friends.

Adam is trying to conjure the name Johnny Knoxville or Travis Pastrana and Gary mentions Travis Pastrana which leads to Adam recalling seeming him do a crazy stunt, Adam talks about machine failure and that element of these sports.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Castrol

Adam’s kids at cotillion edition

Adam is saying you can see the picture of his kids on the website, he comments on them being a million miles away from how/where he grew up.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Gina says she booked a one on one session with ADS and TAK guest Vinnie Tortorich.

Erik was a great guest, I would love to hear him on the show regulrlarly.