Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/01/2012 – Guest Andrew McCarthy and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/01/2012 – Guest Andrew McCarthy and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 09/30/2012 – Release Date 10/01/2012

Adam and Alison open the show with a quick chat about how excited they are for Andrew to come on the show. Adam is now recounting his travel experience from the live shows over the the weekend.

Adam is getting very detailed in his description of the events of his outbound flight. Adam has a new theory on flying, in regards to not taking a crappy airline on the way out and then a nice one for the return.

Adam is now explaining their experience at the rental car facility after a quick riff on “King of Queens”, Alison and Bryan jump in on the riff and add to it. Mike Lynch is now getting on mic to help confirm Adam’s take on what happened with the drive to the venue.


Adam is now recounting the drive and how confusing it was to find the venue, according to him it was like something out of a horror movie, with pouring rain, pitch black darkness and creepy town folk. Adam is saying he wasn’t even sure he was fit to go on stage by the time they got there.

Adam and Lynch are describing Mike August working his ass off to get someone on staff at the venue to do their job and give them proper directions, hilarious! Adam is now explaining the per diem that the venue provided so they could get food, he’s now describing a super confusing scenario where fans bought him some drinks and his efforts to find them and buy them drinks instead.

Adam is explaining the elevator ride up to this room where he was trying to avoid drunk casino patrons stopping him, Lynch gets on mic to drop some quotes from the creepy guy that ended up in the elevator with them. Bryan is now chiming in with his own casino elevator story.

Adam is now explaining another elevator encounter he had when they were leaving the venue to return the rental car the next morning.


Adam welcomes Matt Atchity to the show, he tells him that Matt Fondiler saw “Looper” and they discuss the score it received on Rotten Tomatoes, Matt is telling Adam what to expect from the movie. Adam is asking Matt about “End Of Watch” which he loves and is emphatically recommending to Adam.

They’re now talking about “Dredd 3D” Matt loved it but the movie didn’t do very well. They’re now discussing “Hotel Transylvania” and Adam jumps in with a funny observation about the cast. Adam is giving an example of “The Flintstones” and famous actors doing voice over work.

Adam is now giving some behind the scenes details about Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” and FOX. Adam is asking Matt about “The Master”, Bryan is chiming in with his thoughts on the movie. The gang are all now discussing “Punch Drunk Love”, Bryan loves it, Alison and Adam think it’s overrated.

Adam is telling Alison how he uses Rotten Tomatoes, his opinion on which reviews matter most, the people or the critics. Matt is now praising “Pitch Perfect” and telling Adam and Alison to go see it.

During the live read for Ting, Adam is telling the gang how he took Mike August’s phone and gave it to Lynch to finally change his ringtone because he couldn’t take it anymore. They’re now all getting excited for Andrew to come on the show, Adam is teasing that he was at the “Pretty In Pink” premier and party, MTV actually aired the party as a TV special btw.


Andrew joins the show, Adam is joking about how Andrew probably doesn’t like cars. Andrew reveals he owned one car in his life and is telling Adam about it. Andrew is now telling Adam about his kids and personal life. Adam declares Andrew is an unlikely leading man, Andrew is kind of taking it in the spirit it’s intended and now filling them in on how he got into acting.

Adam and Andrew are discussing the “Pretty In Pink” premier and the party, they both have vivid memories of the night. Andrew is explaining the difficulty he has watching himself on screen and how he gets the appeal of his 80’s work but isn’t sure the level of acting is up to snuff.

Adam is asking Andrew about his work as a travel writer, they’re now riffing about the Amazon. Alison is asking Andrew about his episode of “Amazing Stories”.

Adam is now talking to Andrew about the movie “St. Elmo’s Fire”, Adam is explaining his “what would be more embarrassing” scenario of having footage of you either playing the saxophone in the 80’s or gay porn. Andrew is revealing some behind the scenes details about the movie.

Adam is now going further in depth asking Andrew about how he is perceived as reclusive and if it’s accurate, Andrew is giving a very insightful reply. Adam is telling him about the recent security guard story from the hospital where his dad is staying.


Alison’s News, Adam jumps in to bond with Alison over the fact he just recorded some episodes of “Facts Of Life” on his DVR, they’re discussing the episodes he watched in depth, Alison seems to dig it and is asking follow up questions, good stuff. Andrew is explaining how he got kicked out of college and they’re discussing his career.

Adam is now going further in depth on the term “Latch Key Kid” and the Hollywood version depicted in the “Facts Of Life” episode Adam recorded.

Alison’s top story is about FOX news airing a man’s suicide live on TV after a high speed car chase, the whole gang are weighing in and Adam is adamant that he doesn’t want to see the footage.

Adam is explaining how he hates the “we did everything we could do” angle people use when they mess up, how it’s a bad tactic, Adam has a couple great quotes. Adam is now explaining the impulse of people who gather around the TV to watch a high speed chase.

They’re now discussing Shepard Smith’s other on air flubs, Adam remembers the “Jenny From The Block” one, Bryan remembers another incident. The control room fire up the clip Adam was talking about and Alison brings up another local NYC news flub, the control room play that one too.

Alison chimes in with Adam’s “lineman dykes” bit on the Tonight Show, Adam is now explaining the situation to Andrew.


Alison’s 2nd story is about Danny Bonaduce being attacked by a crazed fan at a public appearance. Adam and Andrew are discussing “The Brady Bunch”, Alison is chiming in. Adam is asking Bryan that after working with Bonaduce if he believes this could have been a publicity stunt, Bryan is giving his expertise.


Alison’s 3rd story is about Justin Bieber vomiting on stage during a recent performance. Adam is explaining that the show must go on and the pressure of having to perform regardless of you being sick, he’s giving insight into his own experiences with the pressure to perform.


Alison’s 4th story is about Governor Brown passing a bill to give underage murderers serving life sentences a chance at a reduced sentence. Adam is explaining the “nothing to lose” outlook of a young person, giving his own point of view from his days of poverty and the way he feels about life now. Adam is explaining that he’s of two minds about this, he’s now on a riff about getting a degree while in prison being the ultimate trump card.

Adam is telling the gang he had a “coke related conversation” with John Popper and he was a little bumped to learn John’s story was fairly recent.


Alison’s 5th story is about Taco Bell now serving a Mountain Dew with Orange Juice concoction , Adam is on a riff about soda being the worst thing for people, in particular kids. Adam is using both Bryan and Lynch as examples. Andrew chimes in with what’s going on in New York with Mayor Bloomberg trying to eliminate soda in schools.

Adam is now on a riff about how bizarre the concept of schools selling and providing soda is to him, he’s now recounting a conversation he had while flying recently where the guy next to him gave him some insight about the New York city ban on large sugary drinks. The guy told him how it was effecting his friend who owns several “Dunkin’ Donuts” and another friend who owns “Honest Tea” and just purchased a bottling facility.


Alison’s final story is about “Toys R Us” unveiling a new $150 tablet computer for children, Alison is explaining how mystifying it is to see children adept at using ipads and phones. Bryan chimes in with a joke and some drop work inspired by the name of the tablet. Andrew is not a fan of kids being so immersed in technology and how he thinks it limits creativity.

Adam is describing a recent news story he saw about children needing “grit” and to earn praise based on success as opposed to participation. Adam is giving his point of view as a father and Alison is chiming and getting Adam to go more in depth.

Adam is now telling the gang a story about his twins and a car seat. Andrew is giving his own anecdote regarding his son.