Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10-18-2012 – Brian Posehn Live at Irvine

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10-18-2012 – Brian Posehn Live at Irvine

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 10/17/2012 – Release Date 10/18/2012


Adam opens the show with a quick explanation about the difficulties they had with the case of Mangria, turns out Bryan’s 360 sound effects machine was with the booze and both items no showed. Bryan has his own app on his ipad so he’s going to try and use that instead, this should be interesting!


Adam is now giving an update on announcer Mike Dawson, he was out sick, it turns out it’s a staph infection and he’s going to be hospitalized for two weeks. Adam is pondering how he’s going to smoke while hospitalized.


Adam is asking Brian about his remaining vices and now they’re on a tangent about beating off, Brian is sharing a personal anecdote about falling asleep mid session.




Adam and Brian have transitioned to how often they clean their bedding, Alison is jumping in with some details about her life. Adam just dropped a great quote from Lynette. Adam is talking about his maid and her duties.


Adam is now talking about his hamper and laundry usage, nobody else is admitting to doing what Adam just admitted to. Adam is now sharing the Jimmy Kimmel Clorox wipe story and his own brushing with Vagisil story. He’s now explaining the time Jimmy emptied out his toothpaste and replaced it with shaving cream.


Adam is now telling the audience about driving to the venue with Brian and how bad he felt for him, Adam has some great quotes about what Brian looked like in his car. Adam is now pitching Brian on a great scam to fly for free where he takes bribes from other passengers not to sit next to them.


Adam’s still riffing on Brian’s height, Brian is sharing the details of his post high school growth spurt and now they’re on a tangent about height measurements being charted on walls for kids.




Audience questions, the audience mic was also in the vehicle transporting Bryan’s 360 and the Mangria, so the audience members have to shout their questions. A female audience member wants to know what happened to Adam’s “Shocking!” that he would often proclaim on classic Loveline, Adam is explaining what it was and his other “Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy” quote.


Alison is asking Adam about his self satisfied sniff and why it is every 20th or so it seems like his nose isn’t working, Adam is now going super in depth on his nose.


They managed to wrangle up some Mangria for the audience, everyone sounds thrilled. Adam and Brian are now on a riff about how hot it’s been out. Adam is mocking the local news and their ridiculous attempts to educate the public about it being hot outside. They’re now discussing elderly people and their vulnerability to high temperatures and their love of high temperatures.




Adam is asking Brian if his wife buys any ridiculous items for his dog, Adam is giving the example of Molly’s elevated dog bowl. Brian is sharing what it’s like living with his basset hound. Adam just revealed he wet the bed two nights ago after too much Mangria, the next night he woke up with his toes inside Molly’s mouth which he was ok with.


They’re now sharing about how they alienate their wives with their ranting and complaints, Alison just had a great callback to an idea from earlier in the show. Adam just had a great MST3K reference and now Bryan has shifted the topic back to Adam wetting the bed, Brian Posehn agrees and Adam is explaining how it was Bryan’s fault he peed the bed.


Adam is now sharing the dream he had that caused him to wet the bed the last time this happened over 20 years ago, he describing the medieval jousting tournament on a fjord somewhere. Adam is now explaining the dynamic between him and his ex who he peed the bed with.


Adam is polling the audience about the Mangria, he’s asking Brian about drinking and vices. Brian is now explaining how he quit weed after 20 years of use. Adam is sharing how his wife will tell him he needs to get back into therapy and how he stopped going because of his dancing with the stars duty.


They’re now going super in depth on Brian’s pot use, he’s sharing about his dealer being upset that he quit and how he used to travel with pot, Adam seems to love the method he used and is quizzing him about it. Adam is asking Brian about smoking with guys who put the whole joint in their mouth after rolling it, Alison is chiming in with some observations.


Adam is about to do a live read but just noticed the Mangria is kicking in, he’s riffing on how he’s safe to drive despite the booze. He just announced mid live read that his dad Jim Carolla is finally home from the hospital.




Alison’s News, Her top story is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live where Jimmy got Honey Boo Boo to endorse Barack Obama. Adam makes an observation about what we might see her doing in 12 years, Brian is not up for the idea Adam is floating. Brian is asking Adam about the Chyna the wrestler porn tape and what he thought.


Alison is sharing a personal anecdote about a guy she used to date, Adam has connected Brian’s Sarah Silverman anecdote to Alison’s Olsen twins age countdown story. Adam is now on a great riff about companies bragging about hiring elderly people and how it’s not necessarily a good thing.


Adam is sharing how much he enjoys the new “Scared Straight”, he’s riffing on the show and explaining it to Alison. Adam is now sharing about a specific episode that both he and Bald Bryan saw where the kids mom was a prison guard and brought her son in. Adam has a great riff about the guys on the program staying in character.




Alison’s 2nd story, scientists have discovered the most annoying sound for the human ear. Adam and Brian are riffing on how this doesn’t seem like a true scientific pursuit. Adam comes up with a much more annoying sound involving the same knife and they make some hilarious and sound points about ice skating.


Adam is on a riff about the most annoying sound to him which is leading into a tangent about his mom and her different mood states.




Alison’s 3rd story is about a failed terrorist plot to blow up the federal reserve, Adam is jumping in with an impassioned rant about how futile it is for any terrorist to shutdown this country. Brian and Alison are jumping in.




Alison’s 4th story is about the topic of parents raising their children being brought up in the presidential debate right when Adam was talking about it on the last episode as they were recording during the debate and only saw the opening hour of it.


An audience member yells out “Cum on the tits” which Brian is really responding to, he’s demanding why it’s not a ringtone, an audience member lets him know that it actually is.


Alison is playing another clip from the debate, Adam is interrupting to make a point about hiring women, he’s dropping some hilarious quotes. Alison is explaining this is the 3rd debate in a row where she doesn’t agree with the media on who won. Adam is explaining that there is no down the middle anymore and you don’t win ratings with honest reporting.




Alison’s 5th story is about the president of France proposing a ban on homework, Adam loves the idea and is launching into a riff explaining why he does. Adam is now explaining the conversations he has with Lynette about the kids and their homework, he’s got a great closer on this one.


Adam is now joking about the slowed down productivity in Europe, Adam has a great riff about men taking maternity leave.




Alison’s 6th story is on famous male comedians that have landed women out of their league, the first person mentioned is Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. Adam brings the house down with a killer one liner about Jenny, Brian is jumping in with a great reaction and some follow up comments.


Brian is now telling a story about Bill Maher, he’s hesitant to share it but Adam gets him to finish the story, Alison is a little stunned by it but processes it quickly and it’s not too far off from her own experience interviewing Bill.


David Cross, Andy Dick and Howard Stern are also on the list. Adam is now sharing about David Spade texting back and forth with Julianne Hough while he was practicing for Dancing With The Stars. Adam has Alison wrap the news and he’s going to freshen up some glasses of Mangria for the audience. Adam is now explaining how he invented something that might end up killing him, Bryan interrupts to explain what a great host he is for actually refilling the drinks of the audience.


Adam is now riffing on Mangria being popular in the urban community, an audience member reveals he took a bottle of Mangria camping with him, Adam is now on a riff about black people camping and has a great practical joke idea for the next time he goes camping.


Adam does a live read and wraps the show.